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Eddie Lamb

What happened to eddie lamb.... its like he just disappeared and no one went looking for him.🤔🤔
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DISCUSSION: 'Pilot' - Season 1, Episode 1

SYNOPSIS: "Everything about the town of Beacon Heights seems perfect, from its top-tier college to its overachieving residents—but nothing in Beacon Heights is as it appears to be. When the high-stakes environment pushes the residents to a breaking point, someone snaps and kills someone. As they work together to solve the murder mystery, it soon becomes clear that behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie—and a needed alibi."[4]

Welcome to the first ever discussion for PLL spinoff 'The Perfectionists'. Share your excitement, your theories, your love for the new characters, anything!

Pilot (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists)
Pilot (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists) Pretty Little Liars Wiki
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• 3/14/2019


Hi everyone i just finish pll but i still do not understand why spencer became an A if anyone knows the answers to my question just put it in the comments
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• 3/10/2019

-A couples

Ok am I the only one that’s bothered by the ending of the series couple situation? So we have

Hanna and Caleb who we all love because let’s face it Spencer was just not right am I wrong?

We also have Emily and Alison so we all love and adore like Yes!

Then we have Aria and Ezra the two English gurus and their perfect together right !!

And then there is Spencer and Toby !!! We were all shipping them from the beginning but it bothers me because...

Hanna and Caleb got married in season 7 and so did aria and Ezra and Emily and Alison did also. Hanna had also announced she was pregnant and aria and Ezra were going to adopt. And let’s not forget the two twins that Emily and Alison have...

So back to Spoby... they are clearly together in the end but. No marriage no kids ok we need some more from these two but let’s be real Toby settled for Evon and Spencer settled for Caleb, but we all no it was never meant to be Toby and Spencer were just fate💋💋 but we need some more spoby! Like the PERFECTIONIST is coming!!!!! We all can’t wait 😊 and there needs to be more of the original cast in there so come on Marlene king we need these people in the perfectionist! And did I mention Mona should have ended up with mike btw.
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• 3/3/2019

Emison pregnancy

Is anyone else annoyed that Alison told Emily she was going to be a mother over the phone instead of in person?
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• 3/1/2019
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• 2/25/2019


hi everyone i have just seen all seasons and i think pll is awsome but i dont understand this in the end does mona locked up alex and mary drake?
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• 2/16/2019
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• 2/16/2019

Ostinato in new clip

In the new clip from The Perfectionists Alison drops a book...I took a good look and it's Ezra Fitz's book. Funny that they used that.

Post image
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• 2/15/2019

a question about addison mystery

remember the whole addison mystery thing, i dont remember the other girls names, shown in the PLL finale?, will the perfectionists touch upon that or just ignore it? Cause I was under the impression back in 2017 that addison mystery was the spin off, not this beacon heights thing.

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• 2/15/2019


I can’t wait for the perfectionists, especially the character Dylan. I’m gay and I’m so happy to see someone like me as a hero on tv
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• 2/14/2019
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• 2/12/2019

Pretty little liars

I never thought I would be so interested in this show. The show inspired me, I love this show..🌹
SPENCER Aria Hannah Mona Alison Emily twin babies
Those are the main characters. I LOVE THIS SHOW
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• 2/12/2019

something else I hope for the perfectionists

that they dont flat out give out the killer/big villian like they did with mona, charlotte and alex, what I mean is they flat out give away who A was before they were even "revealed" as A

personally I'd like for nolans killer to be a guy and someone whom most of us dont expect

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• 2/11/2019

Are you looking forward to the perfectionists?

  • Yesss!
  • Nah
  • I guess...
  • What's that?
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• 2/9/2019

Pll perfectionists

Can someone tell me if our girls return? (Spence,aria,emily,hanna?)
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• 2/6/2019


does maya have anything to do with A
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• 2/4/2019
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• 2/4/2019

do they reveal the killer of nolan in the first book of the perfectionists?

or is it a series of books that build up to the killer reveal?

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• 2/4/2019


How did the moms get OUT OF THE BASEMENT?!
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