Dianne Fitzgerald is a rich and ruthless woman. She is set on having her children lead a certain life, which she is willing to ensure through extreme means. She is estranged from her son Ezra, because of the cruel way she handled Maggie's situation, the girl he accidentally got pregnant the summer after they graduated from high school: using money, she bullied Maggie into disappearing and keeping the birth of their son quiet. As a result of this incident Ezra rejected both his family's money and name (although he was unaware of what Maggie eventually chose to do at the time).

This does not seem to have humbled her, however, as she tries this again with Aria. Indeed she believes that Aria's relationship with Ezra is "ruining" him, so she offers to pay Aria to break up with him. Aria is infuriated with the offer but also deeply troubled at the prospect that what Dianne has said might be true. In a further attempt to break the couple up by putting stress on their relationship, Dianne claims that a car Ezra sold for money is a family heirloom, and forces him to buy it back. Because this is something that Ezra, being jobless, cannot afford, he is seemingly forced to borrow money from her.(Tut mir leid das alles auf englisch is)

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