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Pretty Little Liars


PLL Ratings

Estas son las calificaciones de cada episodio.

Episodio Ratings (en millones)
2.01-It's Alive 3.68
2.02-The Goodbye Look 2.66
2.03-My Name Is Trouble 2.78
2.04-Blind Dates 2.42
2.05-The Devil You Know 2.42
2.06-Never Letting Go 2.53
2.07-Surface Tension 2.36
2.08-Save the Date 2.41
2.09-Picture This 2.54
2.10-Touched by an 'A'-ngel 2.30
2.11-I Must Confess 2.63
2.12-Over My Dead Body 2.98
2.13-The First Secret 2.47
2.14-Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares 3.34
2.15-A Hot Piece of A 2.95
2.16-Let the Water Hold Me Down 2.78
2.17-The Blond Leading the Blind 3.17
2.18-A Kiss Before Lying 2.55
2.19-The Naked Truth 2.25
2.20-CTRL: A 2.11
2.21-Breaking the Code 2.54
2.22-Father Knows Best 2.49
2.23-Eye of the Beholder 2.58
2.24-If These Dolls Could Talk 2.47
2.25-UnmAsked 3.69

Episodio Ratings (en millones)
4.01-'A' is for A-l-i-v-e 2.97
4.02-Turn of the Shoe 2.91
4.03-Cat's Cradle 2.24
4.04-Face Time 2.15
4.05-Gamma Zeta Die! 2.30
4.06-Under The Gun 2.35
4.07-Crash and Burn, Girl! 2.85
4.08-The Guilty Girl's Handbook 2.31
4.09-Into the Deep 2.64
4.10-The Mirror Has Three Faces 2.38
4.11-Bring Down the Hoe 2.26
4.12-Now You See Me, Now You Don't 3.32
4.13-Grave New World 3.18
4.14-Who's In The Box? 3.17
4.15-Love ShAck, Baby 2.39
4.16-Close Encounters 2.63
4.17-Bite Your Tongue 2.49
4.18-Hot for Teacher 2.16
4.19-Shadow Play 2.16
4.20-Free Fall 2.55
4.21-She's Come Undone 2.17
4.22-Cover For Me 2.06
4.23-Unbridled 1.94
4.24-A is for Answers 3.11

Episodio Ratings (en millones)
6.01-Game On, Charles 2.37
6.02-Songs of Innocence 2.13
6.03-Songs of Experience 1.74
6.04-Don't Look Now 1.84
6.05-She's No Angel 1.79
6.06-No Stone Unturned 1.70
6.07-O Brother, Where Art Thou 1.77
6.08-FrAmed 1.58
6.09-Last Dance 2.03
6.10-Game Over, Charles 3.08
6.11-Of Late I Think Of Rosewood 2.24
6.12-Charlotte's Web 1.66
6.13-The Gloves Are On 1.64
6.14-New Guys, New Lies 1.39
6.15-Do Not Disturb 1.22
6.16-Where Somebody Waits For Me 1.35
6.17-We've All Got Baggage 1.27
6.18-Burn This 1.14
6.19-Did You Miss Me? 1.26
6.20-Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars 1.18

Episodio Ratings (en millones)
7.01-Tick-Tock, Bitches 1.42
7.02-Bedlam 1.23
7.03-The Talented Mr. Rollins 1.11
7.04-Hit and Run, Run, Run 1.25
7.05-Along Comes Mary 1.17
7.06-Wanted: Dead or Alive 1.10
7.07-Original G'A'ngsters 1.15
7.08-Exes and OMGs 1.10
7.09-The Wrath of Kahn 1.09
7.10-The DArkest Knight 1.32
7.11-Playtime 1.33
7.12-These Boots Are Made For Stalking 0.91
7.13-Hold Your Piece 0.85
7.14-Power Play 0.91
7.15-In the Eye Abides the Heart 0.85
7.16-The Glove That Rocks the Cradle 0.90
7.17-Driving Miss Crazy 0.96
7.18-Choose or Lose 0.96
7.19-Farewell, My Lovely 0.83
7.20-'Til Death Do Us Part 1.40


Estas son las calificaciones de cada episodio.

  • El episodio más visto de la primera temporada es Pilot y el menos visto es Believe.

Episodio Ratings (en millones)
1.01-Pilot 2.11
1.02-Death and the Maiden 1.10
1.03-Believe 1.02
1.04-The Devil Has a Face 1.07
1.05-Scared to Death 1.10
1.06-Revival 1.69
1.07-Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards) 1.12
1.08-I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 1.22
1.09-Along Came a Spider 1.05
1.10-My Haunted Heart 1.39

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Episodio Rating (en millones)
1.01-Pilot TBA
1.02-1x02 TBA
1.03-TBA TBA
1.04-TBA TBA
1.05-TBA TBA
1.06-TBA TBA
1.07-TBA TBA
1.08-TBA TBA
1.09-TBA TBA
1.10-TBA TBA

Promedio de Temporadas

Pretty Little Liars Rating (en millones)
Temporada 1 2.87
Temporada 2 2.68
Temporada 3 2.59
Temporada 4 2.53
Temporada 5 2.01
Temporada 6 1.72
Temporada 7 1.11
Ravenswood Rating (en millones)
Temporada 1 1.29

The Perfectionists Rating (en millones)
Temporada 1 TBA


Episodios de Pretty Little Liars
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