This feels like the end of something.

'Til Death Do Us Part
Season 7, Episode 20
Til Death Do US Part Infobox Pic
Air Date June 27, 2017
Written by I. Marlene King & Kyle Bown (story)
I. Marlene King & Maya Goldsmith (teleplay)
Directed by I. Marlene King
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Til Death Do Us Part is the twentieth episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and the 160th episode of the show overall. This episode serves as the series finale and it aired on June 27th, 2017.


Outside the Apple Rose Grille, all five girls sit at a small table. Hanna tells the girls she saw Bridget Wu at Rive Gauche the other day. Alison asks if she was drinking out of her purse and Hanna smirks saying the purse was a Vanderwaal. Hanna states that she always knew Mona would make it. Suddenly, Lucas appears tap dancing around in a white suit. He greets the girls and they barely make an effort to respond, seemingly okay with the fact that Lucas is tap dancing. Spencer complains about the heat and the girls start to discuss "A" as Jenna appears, riding a horse. Snow starts to fall and the camera zooms out, showing it was in a snowglobe.

Mona stares into the globe until a black hooded figure appears. The globe shatters on the ground and Mona states she never would have guessed that Wren was "A.D" Wren approaches Mona and her smiles drops as she asks Wren if they are their to kill her.


"Are you here to kill me?"

One year later, Aria and Ezra walk on the set of a movie company, gazing at everything. Aria states that this moment feels like a Robert Redford, Barbara Streisand, 'the way we were.' Ezra laughs and says he thought they broke up in that movie and Aria tells him she had a different ending in her mind. Ezra tells Aria that this is the best week ever because their book might be becoming a movie and that they are going to get married. Ezra and Aria laugh over Aria's 'ugly cry' and they kiss, fans taking photos in the background.

Emily waves a spoon in front of a baby's mouth, asking her if she wants some. Emily turns to another baby beside her and asks if she wants peas or not. Alison watches from the doorway and Emily states she thinks the girls first word will be 'no.' Alison tells Emily she has a meeting with Jenn Gerstenblatt and she passes the girls -Lily and Grace- to Emily. Emily and Alison kiss before Emily walks away with the babies.

Alison meets Pam at the lobby of the Radley, greeting her with a hug. Pam makes sure that Emily doesn't know she is here and Alison tells Pam she hates lying to her. Pam sighs and tells Alison that she is giving her peace of mind that Emily is going to be taken care of. Alison nods and says she will always be there for Emily.

Melissa tells Spencer she is thinking of staying in town for a while and Spencer smiles saying she is glad and that they are just starting to get to know each other again. Melissa asks Spencer if she would let her have the barn back and Spencer shakes her head. Melissa playfully slaps Spencer in the arm and walks off with a bucket. Spencer turns around to see someone looking at her truck which was previously Tobys. Spencer asks who it is and Toby turns around, grinning. Spencer embraces Toby and asks him what he is doing here.

Ali has a small confrontation with Addison in her classroom. She and Emily suspect that Addison is bullying one of her classmates. While Addison does not appear to be intimidated by her teachers, Jenna Marshal (now the Life Skills teacher) manages to get the better of her. Meanwhile, Mona has been released, and Hannah has agreed to be her sponsor-something Caleb dislikes immensely. Spencer and Ali have redecorated their new motel, and throw a going-away party for Aria and Ezra. After the party, all of the couples share intimate moments in their rooms, with a figure in a black hoodie looking on. Aria gets a surprise phone call.

Aria discloses that she cannot have children. Spencer visits Mary in Jail. Mona is revealed to be actively proving herself to A.D. During Aria's rehearsal dinner, Ella and Ezra's mother get into an argument. Ali proposes to Emily later that night.


  • There is a one year time jump since the events of the last episode.
  • Alex Drake (Spencer's twin) is revealed to be A.D.
  • Wren met Alex in a bar and told her everything about the Hastings family and they fell in love.
  • Alex revealed that she murdered Wren by unknown methods during the time jump so that she could seduce Toby, and take Spencer's place in the group after kidnapping her.
    • She also showed Spencer a diamond necklace made out of his ashes.
  • Charlotte met Alex between EscApe From New York and Whirly Girlie, right after she got off the plane that she booked with a passport Alison had given her. This was also where Charlotte met Archer Dunhill.
  • Alex revealed that she was the one who kissed Toby in The DArkest Knight and later had sex with him in Choose or Lose. Although not confirmed by Alex but rather by some writers of the show, Alex did have sex with Toby in the motel room this episode, and not Spencer.
  • Alex kidnapped Spencer and Ezra and kept them in the house Toby had built.
  • Emily and Alison have twin girls and Wren was revealed as the father of the twins by Alex to one of the girls. However, Emily and Alison are not made aware of the fact onscreen and probably do not know the truth as this is not later brought up. However, Marlene said in an interview that Spencer most likely found out someway from Alex and told Emily and Alison.
  • Aria is told that she cannot not have babies, which makes her skeptical about marrying Ezra. However, Ezra accepts Aria for who she is, and they get married after Ezra and Spencer make their escape from Alex's prison.
  • Hanna announces that she is pregnant to the Liars before Aria leaves for her honeymoon.
  • In one of the final scenes, Mona is holding Mary Drake and Alex in a room, making tea and calling them her "dolls".
  • The name of Mona's doll store in France "Forêt des roses fines poupée" is meant to translate to "Rosewood Fine Dolls," however the correct French would be "Forêt des roses fines poupées."
  • The final scene was a full circle moment that paralleled the  Pilot's first scene, but involved Addison and her friends instead of the Liars. Addison goes missing at the end of the episode, paralleling Alison's situation in the Pilot, leaving her fate unknown.

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  • The table read for this episode occurred on October 5th, 2016.[4]
  • Filming began on October 5th, 2016[5] and wrapped on October 26th, 2016.[6]
  • This is the only season finale which was not entirely scripted by Marlene King herself. This episode serves as the final episode of the show to be written by Marlene, Maya Goldsmith and Kyle Bown.
  • As the second half of the seventh season was pushed back to April, this was the only season finale to air in the summer instead of the usual March air dates that the previous six season finales had.
  • The episode's official press release was made public on June 19th, 2017.[7]
  • On September 23rd, Marlene tweeted out several lines from the series finale script.[8][9][10][11][12]
  • The cast shot the last scene of the script on October 13th, 2016.[13]
  • Tammin Sursok's last day filming for the show was October 14th, 2016.[14]
  • The writers have cameos.[15]
  • The final scene, paralleling the starting scene of the pilot, did not air and wasn't included in Australia's broadcast of the final episode on FOX8. It ended with Mona's final scene.
  • This, along with the pilot, is one of the few episodes of the series to feature all main characters of a given season.
  • The version aired in Spain (and available in Netflix too) divides the episode in two parts: Part 1 ends after Alex reveals herself to Spencer and Mary puts her to sleep with a "To be continued". Part 2 begins with a recap, followed by the scene where Alison and Emily are told about Mary's escape, followed by Ezra scene with Alex, then the opening sequence plays and credits flow in the episode like they usually do. Also, the scene with Veronica, Alex and Jenna is ommited, along with the pilot recreation scene. Just like the Australian' airing, it ends with Mona's final scene.

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  • Christina Perri - One Night (Emily and Alison leave for their room then followed by Aria and Ezra and Hanna and Caleb also head off, leaving Spencer and Toby.)

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