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This feels like the end of something.

Til Death Do Us Part is the twentieth episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and the 160th episode of the show overall. This episode serves as the series finale and it aired on June 27th, 2017.


It's one year later and the Liars have moved on with their lives unaware of who A.D. was. The game has ended but A.D. isn't finished with one Liar yet as they all finally find out who was torturing them.


The Liars look up at snow falling outside the Apple ROse Grille

Outside the Apple Rose Grille, all five girls sit at a small table. Hanna says she saw Bridget Wu. Alison asks if she was drinking out of her purse, Hanna says it was a Vanderwaal. Aria questions "a Mona Vanderwaal". Hanna states that she always knew Mona would make it as Lucas is dressed in formal clothing while tap dancing, he greets them and they greet him back. He continues as he leaves. Emily complains about the heat, Spencer adds that she would shove an ice pack down her underwear. Hanna tells the girls that ice panty liners are available to buy. The girls reminisce about having an "A" in their lives as Jenna Marshall rides by on a horse. They then talk about living an "A" free life and question how they never worked out who A.D. was. Emily misses "A" and Spencer quotes Christopher Paolini saying it's because without fear there can be no courage. They all look up at the snow falling, as the camera zooms out. We see The Liars in a snow globe. Mona has the snow globe in her hand, she drops it as someone in a black hoodie walks into her room. She tells them "I never would have guessed it was you... Are you here to kill me?"

Emily tries to feed babies, Grace and Lily (Emily and Alison's twins), but they refuse to eat peas for breakfast

One year later, Aria and Ezra walk on the set of a movie company, Aria states that it feels like a Robert Redford-Barbara Streisand 'The Way We Were' moment. Ezra laughs as he thought they broke up in that movie. Aria says it had a different ending in her mind. Ezra tells Aria that it's the best week ever as their book may become a movie, and they're getting married. They laugh over Aria's 'ugly cry' and then kiss, fans taking photos of them in the background. Emily waves a spoon of peas in front of her baby's mouth, asking her if she wants some. Emily turns to another baby beside her and asks if she wants peas or not. Alison watches. The baby's are Alison and Emily's twins; Grace and Lily. Emily says the girls first word will be 'No.' Alison has a meeting with Jenn Gerstenblatt. Emily and Alison kiss before Emily walks away with the babies. Alison meets Pam at The Radley, she hugs her and tells her Emily is not aware of the meeting but she hates lying to her. Pam tells her that she is giving her peace of mind that Emily is going to be taken care of. Alison nods and says she will always be there for Emily. Melissa tells Spencer she is thinking of staying in town for a while. Spencer is glad they can get to know each other again. She asks Spencer about having the barn back but Spencer rejects this. She playfully slaps Spencer and walks off with a bucket. Spencer sees someone looking at her truck which was previously Tobys'. Spencer asks who it is and Toby turns around, grinning. They embrace each other after she asks him what he is doing here, she tells him Alison told her he wasn't coming back for the wedding. Toby's plans changed when his team finished a well in Karambe, he then went to New York and ended up back in Rosewood. Toby greets Spencer's horse, Spencer offers to give him a lift back in town asking him to throw her keys into her truck. He walks away and then watches her escort her horse out.

Alison and Spencer now have joint ownership of the Lost Woods Resort and set it up to be a dinner party for Ezra and Aria before they get married

Alison has a small confrontation with Addison in class due to Addison attacking Aria about Ezra's book. Addison hits back using an offensive term used against lesbians. Alison tries to confront her as she leaves class but Addison doesn't care and digs into her past. Emily meets up with Alison, who wants to know someone who can "take care" of Addison. After an incident with a deaf classmate and Addison's reaction, they suspect that she is bullying her. Addison seems to become intimidated by Jenna Marshall (now the Life Skills teacher) as she makes fun of her blindness but Jenna manages to get the better of her by scaring her. Jenna then walks by Alison telling her "And I thought you used to be the mean girl". Alison then tells Emily that she makes a great Life Skills teacher but still creeps her out. Meanwhile, Mona has been released, and Hanna has agreed to be her sponsor-something which Caleb dislikes immensely, especially the fact that she is allowing Mona to live with them until she gets better with therapy which Caleb thinks will be forever. Spencer and Alison have redecorated the Lost Woods Resort to throw a going-away party for Aria and Ezra. Back at Lucas' loft, Mona has disappeared from watching TV. At the party the gang sit around a table as person watches them in the trees. Aria and Ezra talk about their future honeymoon. The person watching them is revealed to be Melissa Hastings. After the party, Spencer confronts Hanna about her relationship with Caleb as they seem to be fighting. Hanna reveals that Mona is living with them. Spencer is confused and tries to give advice but Hanna doesn't want to hear it so she leaves her with a single quote on not looking back after escaping from hell. Later, each of the couples have sex in their respective rooms while Spencer and Toby play scrabble.

Aria tells Ezra she can't have kids, in comfort, Ezra tells her they'll adopt or get a surrogate

Caleb is mad that Hanna doesn't care about his feelings on Mona staying with them, he wonders if she is ready to have kids with him if her decision is final. Aria gets a surprise phone call, because of it she tells Spencer that she can't marry Ezra. Melissa Hastings is watching them, but a mask comes off and it's revealed to Mona wearing a Melissa mask. Alison, Emily and Hanna arrive and Aria will marry Ezra but just won't tell Ezra what she found out, Alison questions if she wants to hold onto something like this. Mona questions why A.D. won't use Aria's secret against her, A.D. says it's not part of their plan, giving her the Melissa mask was a test of trust that she passed, but she doesn't get to know their identity yet. The next morning, Aria tells Ezra that she can't have kids, he comforts her that they will adopt or get a surrogate. Hanna and Caleb are home, Caleb believes he was right as Mona is missing. But moments later, she appears from the shower. Caleb is still suspicious. "Spencer" visits Mary in jail, Mary tells her it's been weeks since her last visit. She apologizes before saying "I missed you too Mom". Mary is trying to hope, "Spencer" says that she no longer believes hope turns into misery before asking for Mary's help. During Aria's rehearsal dinner, the girls find out Mona is living with Hanna who wants civility between them, Aria and Ezra's mothers get into an argument, and Byron reveals to Ezra that he had his blessing from the way he took care of Aria.

Spencer meets her twin, Alex Drake (A.D.), before thinking she is a mirror until Alex scares her

After the rehearsal dinner, the Moms go home drunk after Ashley tells Hanna it's a bad idea to allow Mona to live with her. Aria believed Ezra would leave her as she can't have kids, so he questions her trust in him. Alison proposes to Emily later that night. Hanna finally listens to Caleb about Mona living with them, telling her that he will help Hanna help Mona but they need their own space. They decide to try for baby on the couch. In Toby's hotel room, "Spencer" arrives and has sex with Toby. Spencer is in her barn and hears music, she inspects the noise and sees Mona in a black hoodie. Mona says "Déjà vu bitch" before she knocks her out. Spencer wakes up in an unknown location, and panics when confronted with someone who looks exactly like her speaking in an English accent. Mary Drake arrives and injects her with something that puts her to sleep again, her doppelganger smiles at her as she goes to sleep. Officer Bary Maple arrives to tell Alison and Emily that Mary Drake escaped from jail with help. Spencer wakes up to find out she has a English twin sister — who is A.D (Alex Drake). Alex met Wren Kingston a few years ago, he mistook her for Spencer. He then told her everything he knew. Alex tells Spencer that after Charlotte died she wanted closure on her terms, which is what the board game was. Spencer tells Alex that her friends will figure out she isn't Spencer, but Alex informs her she's already fooled them. Revealing she comforted Hanna when she was kidnapped and put in a barn to be tortured, she kissed Toby in front of the house he was building, and had sex with Toby in Spencer's barn. Spencer comments "like mother like daughter" (Mary pretended to be her twin to sleep with Peter, Alex pretended to be her twin to sleep with Toby).

Mary describes Alex Drake's tempestuous and careless growth from a baby into adulthood

In a flashback it's revealed that it was Alex was with Wren when she bumped into Ezra at the airport. Wren also shot Alex at the time that Spencer had been shot to look like her. She reveals details of their relationship before revealing that she killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond for her necklace. She later leaves to pretend to be Spencer for Aria's wedding. Pam brings in Alison and Emily's twins and Alex holds one of them, once alone with the baby she reveals Wren is their father. Mary greets Spencer, who is losing trust in her. She has lunch with Spencer, Mary tells Spencer that the Hastings' didn't know about her twin, Mary took money instead of her and she was adopted. Mary believed Alex would live a "Cinderella life", Spencer responds rhetorically questioning if she has read Grimm's Fairy Tales. Mary says the irony is not lost on her and describes Alex's tempestuous childhood instead. Mary hugs Spencer and leaves and it's revealed Spencer took a hair clip from her hair when they hugged. Back outside, Ezra has disappeared on their wedding day, Aria is crying while Byron tries to console her. Emily informs Caleb that Ezra sent Aria a text that he's not coming. Spencer tries to unlock the door with the hair pin and instead finds Ezra locked in a room next to her with blood on his head. He is visibly confused and describes Alex giving him wedding suggestions before he woke up in which he describes as a "do-it-yourself dungeon".

Alex Drake explains everything to Spencer leading up to her reason for torturing them through the game

Alex comes back down after pretending to be Spencer looking for Ezra. Ezra and Spencer try to get her to stop by they both fail. Spencer works out that it isn't about torturing her friends anymore, it's about Alex wanting Spencer's life which is why Spencer is trapped. Alex reveals that she was at the blind school when Spencer got shot, Sydney was a one-off but Jenna earned her respect. Jenna knew Charlotte had a sister, and was desperate to be able to see so she offered to help Alex. Alex paid for her surgery but Jenna was still blind and then became useless to Alex. Spencer asks about Sara Harvey, who Alex says told her Charlotte hid her "greatest treasure" in The Radley; the file the girls found about Charles organs implying his death. Alex details how she met Charlotte through Wren from Radley files. Alex reveals that torturing Alison into a mental hospital was all Dunhill's idea after Charlotte died, he convinced Mary that it's what Charlotte wanted. She says that Archer, Charlotte, Wren and Alex were a tight knit group of friends before Charlotte went back to Rosewood because she missed toying with The Liars. Before leaving, Charlotte gave Alex a Patsy Cline vinyl. Charlotte never came back so Alex went to Rosewood and instead found her grave, found out she was murdered and that's how the game started with her as A.D. Spencer knows that she is alive because she is Alex's family, but questions what's happening with Ezra. Alex implies that she is going to kill him.

Toby explains to the girls and Caleb that Spencer may have a twin

Alex leaves and continues playing the role of Spencer. She goes to see Spencer's horse but freaks it out, as it can tell she's not Spencer. Toby arrives due to the horse being stressed out and she leaves instead. The girls are looking for things that don't make sense about Ezra leaving, Aria finds a packed bag but no Ezra. A person called Davis David turns up and reveals that Ezra booked a hot air balloon ride for them in the morning, this confuses the girls even more, as things are pointing to him wanting to get married. Jenna and Veronica talk outside of a shop. Veronica leaves and Jenna talks to Alex before she leaves. Having worked it out from senses, Jenna tells Toby that Spencer isn't actually Spencer. The girls gather around Caleb at Ezra and Aria's apartment, he found out that Ezra hasn't spent money since he texted Aria. Toby walks in to inform them that "Spencer" gave him a notebook that Spencer had been consistently writing in all the time. When he opened it, it was completely empty. Along with information from Jenna, he came up with the conclusion that Spencer has a twin. Emily realizes that Spencer's twin would be Charlotte's half-sister, Caleb adds that she would have motive to be A.D. with her sister's murder. Mona is in The Brew, watching the group discuss Spencer having an "evil twin" from a camera. She calls Alex, asking who she is and where she is.

Toby finds Alex and Spencer, and tries to find out which one Spencer is by using the book Spencer was writing in, as only she knows what's actually in it

While Spencer is trying to get out, Mary and Alex are upstairs having an argument. Mary is trying to get Alex to stop by manipulating her into leaving town with her. However Alex refuses to leave as she believes Toby is in love with her and is planted firmly in her belief that she is going to have Spencer's life. She knocks Mary out and goes back to find Ezra to kill him. Mona informs the girls that Wren came to Welby to kill her, but she convinced him otherwise. Hanna questions that she lied to her, Mona corrects that she is playing to beat Alex. She gives Caleb co-ordinates of where Alex is. Emily questions Toby about the house he built as it's the same location. He states that he never knew who bought it, Alison adds that now they know. Spencer and Ezra have escaped and run to find an exit so they can get out. When they get out, they realize that they are still trapped. The girls, Caleb and Toby arrive at the house Toby built and explore for clues. Caleb notices that the furniture looks like Spencer's furniture, Toby notices that everything is brand new as there's still tags on them. Aria notices a section that seems to be suspicious, they all gather and Aria turns a wheel, it leads to the underground place where Spencer was kidnapped to. Ezra and Spencer are still trying to find a way out but they realize they are completely trapped unless they go back where they came from and find the way that Alex must be leaving from. Spencer rejects this as she doesn't want to get caught. Alex has an axe and finally finds them. Ezra sees her in a reflection and pushes Spencer out the way, he misses the axe and hits a rock instead. Spencer pleads with Alex to stop but Alex does not care, she attempts to hit Spencer which turns into a fight. The girls eventually find Spencer but at this point they don't know which one Spencer is. Toby tests the girls with the book Spencer gave him, as Alex doesn't know the quotes Spencer wrote in the book, she fails. The police arrive to arrest Alex, Mona informs everyone that she called 911 to the location, Alex tells Mona "Well, no one can call you loser Mona anymore." as she is taken away.

Hanna reveals she is in her first trimester of pregnancy to the girls, just before Aria reveals she and Ezra are going to meet with an adoption agency

Much later, Aria and Ezra get married, everyone attends. Later the girls are walking across Rosewood talking. Hanna states that she was looking at Aria's first class seats, commenting that they are bigger than her and Caleb's bedroom. She suggests getting the duck because they flew it from Pecking. Spencer interrupts her to say that the duck is not from Pecking it's just the method it's prepared in. Hanna tells Spencer that she doesn't know that for sure. Spencer tells her that she does because Pecking is now Beijing. Hanna complains that they should call it Beijing Duck. Aria breaks their back and forth telling Hanna she will get the duck. Aria and Alison tease Spencer about Toby. Spencer questions if she is honeymoon drunk, Aria says she is just happy for her. Alison adds that they all are. Alison and Spencer hug as Hanna questions how it's possible that they are all happy simultaneously. Spencer warns her not to say that, half-joking that it could be a jinx. Hanna then tells the girls that she's in her first trimester of pregnancy, Alison congratulates her as the others are excited. She asks Aria if it's okay as Aria can't have kids and Aria rejects her feelings of guilt and tells her it's amazing. She then informs them that she and Ezra are right behind Hanna as they are meeting with an adoption agency. Aria's car arrives and they say their goodbyes as they all cry. At night in France, it's revealed that Mona owns a shop in France. She goes downstairs in her shop and it's uncovered that she has kidnapped Alex and Mary after they got arrested and is keeping them there. Mary says that Mona can't keep them there forever. Alex denies this as she knows how good Mona is and Mona will keep them because she can. The ending mirrors the series premiere as Willa tells her friends that Addison Derringer is missing and thinks she heard her scream, the same way Spencer first told the girls that Alison is missing and she heard her scream.


  • There is a one year time jump since the events of the last episode.
  • Alex Drake (Spencer's twin) is revealed to be A.D.
  • Wren met Alex in a bar and told her everything about the Hastings family and they fell in love.
  • Alex revealed that she murdered Wren by unknown methods during the time jump so that she could seduce Toby, and take Spencer's place in the group after kidnapping her.
    • She also showed Spencer a diamond necklace made out of his ashes.
  • Charlotte met Alex between EscApe From New York and Whirly Girlie, right after she got off the plane that she booked with a passport Alison had given her. This was also where Charlotte met Archer Dunhill.
  • Alex revealed that she was the one who kissed Toby in The DArkest Knight and later had sex with him in Choose or Lose. Although not confirmed by Alex but rather by some writers of the show, Alex did have sex with Toby in the motel room this episode, and not Spencer.
  • Alex kidnapped Spencer and Ezra and kept them in the house Toby had built.
  • Emily and Alison have twin girls and Wren was revealed as the father of the twins by Alex to one of the girls. However, Emily and Alison are not made aware of the fact onscreen and probably do not know the truth as this is not later brought up. However, Marlene said in an interview that Spencer most likely found out someway from Alex and told Emily and Alison.
  • Aria is told that she cannot not have babies, which makes her skeptical about marrying Ezra. However, Ezra accepts Aria for who she is, and they get married after Ezra and Spencer make their escape from Alex's prison.
  • Hanna announces that she is pregnant to the Liars before Aria leaves for her honeymoon.
  • In one of the final scenes, Mona is holding Mary Drake and Alex in a room, making tea and calling them her "dolls".
  • The name of Mona's doll store in France "Forêt des roses fines poupée" is meant to translate to "Rosewood Fine Dolls," however the correct French would be "Forêt des roses fines poupées."
  • The final scene was a full circle moment that paralleled the  Pilot's first scene, but involved Addison and her friends instead of the Liars. Addison goes missing at the end of the episode, paralleling Alison's situation in the Pilot, leaving her fate unknown.

Title and Background

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • The table read for this episode occurred on October 5th, 2016.[4]
  • Filming began on October 5th, 2016[5] and wrapped on October 26th, 2016.[6]
  • This is the only season finale which was not entirely scripted by Marlene King herself. This episode serves as the final episode of the show to be written by Marlene, Maya Goldsmith and Kyle Bown.
  • As the second half of the seventh season was pushed back to April, this was the only season finale to air in the summer instead of the usual March air dates that the previous six season finales had.
  • The episode's official press release was made public on June 19th, 2017.[7]
  • On September 23rd, Marlene tweeted out several lines from the series finale script.[8][9][10][11][12]
  • The cast shot the last scene of the script on October 13th, 2016.[13]
  • Tammin Sursok's last day filming for the show was October 14th, 2016.[14]
  • The writers have cameos.[15]
  • The final scene, paralleling the starting scene of the pilot, did not air and wasn't included in Australia's broadcast of the final episode on FOX8. It ended with Mona's final scene.
  • This, along with the pilot, is one of the few episodes of the series to feature all main characters of a given season.
  • The version aired in Spain (and available in Netflix too) divides the episode in two parts: Part 1 ends after Alex reveals herself to Spencer and Mary puts her to sleep with a "To be continued". Part 2 begins with a recap, followed by the scene where Alison and Emily are told about Mary's escape, followed by Ezra scene with Alex, then the opening sequence plays and credits flow in the episode like they usually do. Also, the scene with Veronica, Alex and Jenna is ommited, along with the pilot recreation scene. Just like the Australian' airing, it ends with Mona's final scene.

Featured Music

  • Christina Perri - One Night (Emily and Alison leave for their room then followed by Aria and Ezra and Hanna and Caleb also head off, leaving Spencer and Toby.)
  • Glow - Gabrielle Current (Toby and Alex have sex in Toby's hotel room)
  • Aria mit 30 Veränderungen, BBW 998 "Goldberg Variations" : Aria (Live) - András Schiff (Spencer hear music after coming out of the shower)

Memorable Quotes

Emily: Can it get any hotter?
Spencer: Oh, if it does, I'm shoving an ice pack down my panties.
Hanna: You know you can actually buy those.
Aria: Ice Panties?
Hanna: No, Aria, ice panty liners
Emily: I'm looking that up.

Spencer: Remember when we used to look up murder weapons indistinctive traits of psychopaths exhibiting signs of hyper-reality disorder?
Aria: And that rush we got when we thought we were close to finding out who A was.
Hanna: That tingly feeling you get when you know A was watching you.
Emily: What tingly feeling was that?
Aria: I just can't believe we never figured out who it was.
Alison: The other day, someone asked me how it felt to be living a normal life and I've never been more insulted.
Emily: Why do we miss A so much?
Spencer: Because without fear, there can be no courage.

Mona (To Wren disguised as A.D.): I never would have guessed it was you

Jenna (To Addison): I may not be able to see but I can smell a bitch from a mile away.

Jenna: (To Alison): And I thought you used to be the mean girl.

Spencer: (To Hanna): Hanna, do you know the Greek myth about the girl who tried to escape from hell? There's only one rule.You don't look back.

Ella (To the Bartender): Hi, can I have a giant glass of pinot grigio, please? Thanks. You can just leave that bottle right there too.
Ashley: It's that bad?
Ella: If I didn't love Aria so much I would strangle that woman with her own pearls.
Veronica: Peter's mother was pretentious like that. Ate a slice of pizza with a knife and fork.
Ashley: I eat pizza with a knife and fork.

Ella: Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement. At least then we had some peace and quiet.
Veronica: Oh, my God.You remember how we got out of there?
Ashley: You know, Pam didn't drink for a year after that.

Ashley (To Hanna): I know it's none of my business, but don't take for granted the people who love you the most just because they sometimes let you.

Alex: Wren, do you love me?
Wren: Till death do us part.

Alex (About Wren): I turned his ashes into an eternity stone. Because diamonds last forever.

Alison: This feels like the end of something.


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