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A Reunion is the second webisode of Pretty Dirty Secrets. It aired on September 4th, 2012.


CeCe talking with Jason

In this webisode, we see Jason DiLaurentis arguing with someone over the phone as he walks through the Rosewood Halloween Spooktacular Store. It is assumed that he is speaking with whoever he wrote the $50,000 check to in "Birds of a Feather" in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Alison's body. Just as Jason is about to insult the caller, he is interrupted by CeCe Drake. This is the first time they have seen each other since they broke up over two years ago. In the heated conversation that follows, Jason admits that he thinks it was CeCe's fault for helping Alison take her childish games to the next level. We also learn that CeCe broke up with Jason the day after Alison went missing. As Jason leaves, CeCe cruelly insults Jason one last time, referencing his alcoholic past, and Shana, who works at the store, overhears the conversation.



In this episode, Cece taps Jason from behind wearing a mask. This is very similar to the scene from "The First Secret" when Noel surprised Alison from behind in the same costume shop.


Jason (on cell phone) Soon? No, soon doesn't work for me, alright. Soon walked out the door as soon as that check was cashed. Look if I don't have proof by the end of the week, I'm calling the cops. ... Listen, you little-
[Cece taps him on the shoulder]
Cece: You've been avoiding me.
Jason: (holds phone under arm) Does that surprise you?
Cece: No. Not really.
Jason: What do you want?
Cece: To check in. I was worried about you. Everything that you've been through in the past couple of years.
Jason: Is that all?
Cece: What do you mean?
Jason: You're not here looking for an apology.
Cece: Of course not, you were grieving. Ali and I knew how to find trouble. I get why you thought I mighta helped her run away. No one knew that she was-
Jason: You can say it.
Cece: Dead.
Jason: You know what didn't help that you broke up with me the next day.
Cece: I had my reasons..
Jason: You care to explain?
Cece: I don't think you really want me to do that.
Jason: You and Ali.. always playing people. You really deserve each other you know that? You didn't care who you hurt, did you? The moment she met you, she took a step back from the rest of us.
Cece: What are you saying?
Jason: I'm saying she was a kid playing childish games until you came along and helped her take them to the next level.
Cece: Oh that is rich coming from you.
Jason: Excuse me?
Cece: You think I didn't know what you and your little friends were up to? Don't play innocent victim with me Jason. Some big brother you are. What a wonderful example to set for your sister.
Jason: I'm done with this
[Jason walks away]
Cece: Go ahead Jason, walk away. You know there's a liquor store around the corner. Maybe you should stop by and grab a drink.




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