This isn't about money! It's about having a home, and parents, and friends that risk their lives for each other. Even when they make mistakes, even when they make huge mistakes they still love each other. I just... Please, I want to know what that feels like.
Alex about her reasons for being A.D.

Alexandra "Alex" Drake[1] is the primary antagonist in Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Troian Bellisario.

Alex is the daughter of Mary Drake and Peter Hastings. She is also the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings, and the younger half-sister of Melissa Hastings, Jason DiLaurentis, and Charlotte DiLaurentis. She is also the cousin of Alison DiLaurentis.

Alex wanted to avenge Charlotte's murder, and believed the Liars knew who did it which pushed her to become the infamous Uber A. She was also jealous of the life that her twin sister was able to have, while she was abandoned by a rich British family.


Alexandria Drake was born on April 11th, 1994 at Radley Sanitarium, a mental institution in Rosewood PA, to the patient Mary Drake. She was the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings, who was placed into the care of their biological father, Peter Hastings and his wife, Veronica. Alex's existence was kept from the Hastings due to a desperate Mary who allowed Dr. Cochran to arrange Alex's adoption in exchange for $500,000. The money bought Mary her own ticket out of Radley.

Alex was given to a wealthy British family who adopted her. However, she began to exhibit signs of mental illness when she was a young girl. The family she was with didn't want to tarnish their name, so they left Alex at an orphanage. She bounced from foster to foster home throughout her childhood, though she occasionally landed in an orphanage. At the age of ten, Alex couldn't take it anymore and ran away from the orphanage and managed to survive on her own.

She would later get a job bartending where she met Wren Kingston, who originally mistook her for Spencer. The two had a romantic relationship, and Wren told Alex about Spencer, Charlotte, and Mary Drake. Alex even met Charlotte when the latter flew to England to meet her. The two became very close and called each other sisters. Wren and Alex fell in love, and Wren preceded to work with Charlotte, then work with Alex when she decided to take over the game and avenge Charlotte's death, even posing as Spencer.

Physical Appearance

Alex is the identical twin-sister of Spencer, and therefore, looks exactly like her. Alex has a very slim face complimented with high cheekbones, thin lips, and almond-shaped eyes. She has a peach and cream complexion and long medium brown hair usually worn down in waves. She also has bangs to mimic her sister's, which she kept throughout the five-year jump and into the one-year jump.

While impersonating Spencer, Alex was dressed very similarly to her sister, but normally one article of clothing was off, whether it be accessories or shoes. However, when she was dressed as herself in flashbacks, she wore heavy makeup and dark clothing that had a combination of tomboy and classy. She also had her hair in braids or pulled to the side, something that is the opposite of her twin.


Pretty Little Liars

Tick-Tock, Bitches


In the abandoned barn where Hanna is being held captive, she hears "Spencer"'s voice calling her name, which causes Hanna to wake up and see a younger "Spencer". Alex, pretending to be Spencer, tells her that she has this under control and that she'll be okay, all while Hanna believes it is Spencer and not Alex Drake.

"Spencer" promises Hanna that she won't let her die in there, prompting Hanna to say that this is a dream and that she can't help her. Spencer tells her that a dream is an experience and that experience is real. A distraught Hanna says that she should have listened to "Spencer" and that maybe it's a good thing that they don't know who killed Charlotte because she would tell if she did. Alex, as Spencer tells her that she can escape and that she'll always be there for her, and makes her believe the whole thing was a dream.

Exes and OMGs

Alex is seen looking at a Hastings family photo album in the Hastings House. She stops on a page of baby pictures presumed to be of Spencer and stares at them for a few seconds before looking away irritably.

The DArkest Knight

Alex says goodbye to Toby while pretending to be Spencer. She gives him a book as a goodbye gift and asks if she can kiss him one last time. They proceed to kiss before Alex, still posing as Spencer, leaves.

In the Eye Abides the Heart


Alex and Wren are having a meeting at the airport, and Wren tells Alex that he wants her to come home. He also tells her that she has the money and that she shouldn't keep torturing the girls. Alex tells him that it isn't about the money and that Spencer got everything and she is close to finally being her. She then notices Ezra and calls out to him. Alex introduces Wren to Ezra while pretending to be Spencer, and even invites him to have drinks with them. However, he declines and walks off. She catches up to him and lies to Ezra and tells him that she was talking to Wren about Charlotte and wanted to see if he knew anything about the game, but she wasn't successful. She asks him to keep their run-in a secret, which he agrees to.

Choose or Lose


Alex, under the guise of Spencer, arrived at Toby's hotel room unannounced. She entered and they reminisced about their kiss in "The DArkest Knight". Alex later seduced Toby which led them to make out and eventually, have sex. Due to her identical bullet wound scar, Toby was unaware that she wasn't Spencer.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Alex is shown visiting her mother, Mary Drake, in prison. Mary tells her that she has missed her and that it has been weeks since she last visited. Alex apologizes and tells Mary she missed her too. Alex asks Mary how she's doing, and Mary responds that she is trying not to lose hope and that Alex could say, "Hope breeds eternal misery." Alex responds that the old Spencer would have agreed, but she doesn't know if she believes that anymore. Mary asks Alex how she's holding up, and Alex responds by saying that she needs Mary's help.


Alex is seen when Spencer is waking up after being hit by Mona. She is in a room and looks at what she believes is a mirror. Alex, unable to keep up the rouse, lowers her hand from her head while Spencer keeps her's on her head. Spencer looks at her, shocked, and Alex yells, "Boo!" and scares Spencer. She starts laughing gleefully when Mary Drake walks up behind her and enters Spencer's room, where she states that they didn't think she'd wake up so soon. Mary Drake then subdues Spencer, who looks up at Alex.


Later, Spencer is waking up from the shot Mary gave her to see Alex sitting on a chair with her feet up on a bookshelf. Alex informs Spencer that she missed breakfast, but Mary is preparing a special lunch. Spencer asks who she is, and Alex is surprised that her twin hasn't figured it out yet, and even questions how hard Mona hit her. She goes on to say that she's just a girl who met a man who came in from the rain.


A flashback is seen to London a few years ago, where Alex is tending bar at a pub when Wren enters. He mistakes her for Spencer and quickly asks what she's doing there, but Alex says that he has her confused with someone else. He originally thinks she's messing with him and states that it hasn't been so long that she could pretend not to know who he is. Alex assures him that she'd remember if they met, to which Wren tells "Spencer" to stop as he's freaking her out. Alex states that if he's trying to have a crack at her that this is a new one, and asks if he wants a pint. Wren stares at her, and she asks if he's okay and that he looks like he's seen a ghost. He asks who she is, and she tells him she's Alex - Alex Drake and asks if he's going to order something or not.

Back in the present day, Alex states that she didn't know about Spencer, Charlotte, or even Mary Drake. She says that she thought Wren was pulling one over on her until he showed her a picture of Spencer and that she still doesn't know why, but she started to cry when she saw it. Spencer asks if Wren just ran into her at a bar, to which Alex states that she was in shock and had a list of questions about a mile long and it took days for Wren to telling her everything he knew. She states that she never felt so close to someone so fast, and he felt the same way. Melissa was already out of the picture as she was dating a composer, so the two started dating. Alex comments that Wren has a type - first Melissa, then Spencer, then Melissa, and then Alex.


Spencer seems to be in shock, and Alex says that it is a lot to process and asks if she'd like a sedative. Spencer asks if Wren's a part of the threats, the torture, and Alex's twisted board game. Alex states that after Charlotte died she needed closure, and wanted it on her terms. Wren let her go to Rosewood alone because he knew that she'd come back to him, and after she found out who killed Charlotte she left and went back to London. Alex says that she knows the whole thing isn't fun for Spencer, but it is very exciting for her, as she's been dying to meet Spencer.

Spencer angrily lunges at Alex who jumps backward and starts laughing, before stating that she has spunk. Spencer states that if she's in there so that Alex can pretend to be her that her friends will figure it out, she'll never pull it off. Alex eerily states that she's already pulled it off. Numerous flashbacks are shown to where Alex pretended to be Spencer. They included when Hanna "dreamed" of "Spencer" while she was trapped in the abandoned barn when "Spencer" was looking at a family photo album when "Spencer" kissed Toby to say goodbye, and the one time Spencer and Toby had sex in his cabin.


Back in the present day, Spencer pointed out that Alex was just like Mary Drake and that's what the two were arguing about. Mary pretended to be Jessica to sleep with Peter, and now Alex is pretending to be Spencer to sleep with Toby. She questioned what Wren thought about the ordeal, and Alex responded that he doesn't care now, but there was a time when he'd do anything for her.

144998 1825-900x0

A flashback is seen to an airport where Alex is talking to Wren. They are talking about Alex going back to London, and Alex states that she made him a promise and she always keeps her word, and he questions if she's actually doing all of this for Charlotte and that he knows she loved her sister. Alex angrily states that the Liars took Charlotte away from her, and they are getting everything they deserve and she's honoring her sister and asks Wren if he gets that. He states that he gets everything about her and that he misses her and them. Alex looks up and sees Ezra, and then pretends to be Spencer.

In the present day, Alex states that she made good on her promise to Wren that night, and when the game was over she went back to London. However, she couldn't stop thinking about Spencer and how good Spencer has it, how much her friends love her and it was driving her crazy. Wren saw it happening, and the two argued about it.

144998 1529-900x0

A flashback is shown to Wren and Alex in London where they are arguing in an apartment. He says that she means everything to him, that he even created a life for her, but what she was asking him to do now was too much. Alex says that Wren even said it himself - it was a luck of the draw and Spencer got everything while she got nothing. Wren says that she has Charlotte's money now, and asks if that's enough, to which she replies that it isn't about the money. It's about having a home, parents, and friends who risk their lives for each other even when they make mistakes, and that she just wants to know what that feels like. Wren says that she should tell them the truth, and when they hear her story they'll understand.


Alex angrily asks if he's joking and that they'll never forgive her - not after everything she put them through. They'll never accept her not as Alex. She asks if he loves her, to which he responds "Til death do us part". The pair kiss before Alex picks up a gun and hands it to Wren who doesn't want to take it. Alex says that if he loves her, to shoot her, and that she'll look exactly like Spencer if he does. She begs him to do it, and he raises the gun a few times before actually being able to shoot her in the shoulder. He runs to her and holds pressure on the wound.


In the present, Alex explains that the plan was to become Spencer with Wren, but no matter what she did he always thought of her as Alex, and she didn't want to be herself anymore. Spencer asks if she broke up with him, to which Alex responds that she didn't - she could never do that, but he is always close by. She touches her necklace and says that she turned his ashes into an eternity stone because diamonds last forever. She then realizes the time and states that she has to get ready for Aria's wedding. She asks Spencer how she was planning to wear her hair for the wedding, but quickly says that she'll figure it out anyway before leaving.


At Aria's wedding, she is seen looking in the mirror and touching her necklace, before joining the rest of the girls, who are looking for Mary and still believe that Alex is Spencer. Alex states that "her mom" hired extra security and they shouldn't tell Aria about Mary's escape until after the wedding, and the girls agree. Aria walks out of her dressing room in her wedding dress, and both Emily and Alex start to cry. Alex laughs through the tears and states that she's just so happy to be there with all of them, celebrating Aria on her wedding day. Aria says that she wouldn't have it any other way. Alex suggests taking a selfie before the photographers get there, and they do.


Moments later, Pam walks in with one Emily and Ali's baby's, who is crying. Pam says that she was getting fussy, and she figured she'd bring her in to see her mommy's. Alex shyly asks if she can hold the babies, to which Alison replies, "of course!". Alex takes the baby into her arms and bounces her as she walks to the mirror with the baby. She starts to talk to the baby, stating how gorgeous she is and that the baby has her daddy's eyes - and that she always knew that Wren would make beautiful babies.

Back at the bunker, Mary and Spencer talk about Alex. Spencer asks where they are, but Mary doesn't know. However, she says that Alex promised her that they would both be safe. She goes on to say that in time, Spencer would earn her sisters trust and let her out of her room. Spencer asks why she never told her about her twin, to which Mary states that she wasn't sure if Alex was even alive or where she was until a few weeks ago when Alex came to visit her. A flashback to when Alex and Spencer were born is shown. Spencer was born first and given to the Hasting's, and Alex's birth quickly followed, unbeknownst to Spencer's parents. A doctor arranged for Alex to be given to a couple in exchange for half a million.

Spencer is appalled to learn that Mary sold Alex, and Mary quickly explains that the money bought her a ticket out of Radley and that Alex went to a wealthy couple in England, and she thought Alex would live a Cinderella life. She goes on to say that apparently, Alex had some issues when she was still young enough to forget them, so they left her at an orphanage since they couldn't risk tarnishing their name. Alex was given her birth name - Alex Drake. Mary goes on to say that Alex ran away from the home on her tenth birthday - a year before Mary found out Alex was there. Mary asks Spencer if she can imagine how alone Alex must have felt, and Spencer responds that she can.


At the wedding, Ezra is revealed to be standing up Aria, and Alex watches as Aria talks to her father about what to do. Alex tells Aria to try calling him again, however, Ezra doesn't answer. It is revealed that Alex kidnapped Ezra and is holding him prisoner in the same place as Spencer. Later, Alison tells Aria (who is staying at her place) that "Spencer" called and is going to bring Aria something to wear. Alex returns after the wedding to talk to Spencer and greets her saying, "aye sister." Spencer moves her bangs out of her eyes and Alex mimics it.


Ezra calls out to Alex and tells her that she doesn't have to do this, and Alex states that she wants privacy with her sister and goes to close the doors. Ezra tells her to stop, and that he and Spencer understand why she became A.D. However, Alex isn't interested and states that they actually met once and recites the words she said in Spencer's voice, and Ezra is shocked. Alex closes the doors and turns to face Spencer, who says that she understands now that she's heard her story, and that she forgives her and that her friends will to - just like they did with Mona.


Alex scoffs at this, and Spencer says that this isn't just about Alex wanting her friends, it's about Toby too. Alex says that Toby settled for Yvonne - they both know it, and now he's free to be with his one true love - her. Spencer asks if that is what is going to happen next and that Alex can't keep her locked away forever. Alex happily states that she can and that Spencer has Mary to thank for that, and reveals that Mary saved Spencer at the blind school and she's saving her now. Spencer asks if it wasn't just Jenna and Noel, it was Alex and Sydney too. Alex is surprised to hear Sydney's name and states that Sydney was just a one-off. She says that Syndey was stealing from the back and Alex found out about it, and Sydney fit the hoodie. However, Jenna had her respect, Jenna had told Noel to look for Alex since Jenna knew Charlotte had a sister and that the Carassimi Group was just the tip of the iceberg, and Charlotte had left Alex everything. Jenna was desperate for one last chance to see, and she didn't know who Alex was but offered to help her in exchange for Alex paying for her treatments, which failed, and Jenna became useless to Alex.

Spencer asks about Sara, to which Alex says that Charlotte told Sara that she hid her greatest treasure in Radley Sanitarium. Sara thought it was money, but it was actually the file about Mary Drake's child that Spencer and her friends found. Alex says that all Charlotte wanted was a family.


In a flashback, Charlotte is seen talking to Wren about Alex. Charlotte states that she found twelve Alex Drake's and none were related to her. Wren says to just wait until she sees her, and that Alex looks a lot like someone, just not her. She sees Alex (who is identical to Spencer) and Wren says that they are identical, to which Charlotte finishes by saying, twins.


In the present, Alex states that once they started talking they couldn't stop. They walked the streets of Paris until the sun came up, and they felt like they'd known each other their whole lives. She goes on to say that Charlotte met Archer on the plane, and they started one of the greatest love affairs Alex had ever seen and that Archer adored her. Spencer asks if Archer was on the A-Team too, but Alex quickly says no, and that the stunt he pulled with Alison was all him. Archer found out that Mary had convinced him it was what Charlotte would have wanted, and it probably was - Charlotte loved Archer. Before Charlotte went back to Rosewood, Archer, Charlotte, Alex, and Wren did everything together, but ultimately, Charlotte missed the game.


A flashback is then shown to when Charlotte is preparing to leave England to return to Rosewood. Alex is seen trying to convince her to stay, stating that Charlotte shouldn't let the girls have power over her. However, Charlotte tells her that she is the power, and Alex can't understand that. She then tries to convince her to let her go with her, saying that she wants to meet Spencer. Charlotte says that Alex is to stay as far away from the Hastings' as possible and that they are terrible people. Alex asks if Charlotte is just keeping her for herself, to which Charlotte states that Alex shouldn't be jealous and that Spencer is just a doll to her. She goes to leave, but Alex stops her and offers to drive her to the airport, but Charlotte says that it would be too hard to say goodbye to her. The two hugged and Charlotte gives her a gift and says that it's her favorite, before saying that she loves her, and will always take care of her before leaving. Alex opens the gift and is happy when she sees that it is a Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits record.

Back in the present, Alex says that Charlotte never came back to London, and the next time she saw her was when she was visiting Charlotte's grave. She then states that she has to leave, and opens up the doors to Ezra's room before leaving. She is seen again at the barn walking up to a horse, Bashful, and tries to put a saddle on him. The horse rears, knowing Alex isn't Spencer. Toby runs into the pen and settles the horse and asks "Spencer" if she's okay. Alex responds that she is, and the best thing to do when the horse gets like this is to walk away. She then leaves, and Toby looks after her confused, as this contradicted what the real Spencer had said to him earlier.


Later, Alex is seen outside of Hastings and Hastings law firm, eavesdropping on Jenna and Veronica's conversation about Addison. Veronica asks "Spencer" if she's okay, to which Alex responds that she is fine and that Veronica is a rock star. Veronica says that she's never called her that before, but she'll take it before going back into the firm. Jenna turns to Alex, who she believes is Spencer, and thanked her for setting the meeting up. Alex says that it wasn't a problem and she hopes it helped. Jenna asks if she's wearing a new perfume, and Spencer says that it's horse hair - she was at the stable that morning with Toby. Jenna says that she hopes "Spencer" can convince Toby to stay for a while, and Alex responds that she'd like to try. Jenna thanks her again and Alex leaves. Moments later, Jenna calls Toby and tells him that she doesn't think Spencer is Spencer.

Aria is about to send an S.O.S. to Spencer when Toby walks in and says not to do it. He then tells the Liars and Caleb that he knows Spencer isn't Spencer, as the book that "Spencer" gave him didn't have notes in it, and Spencer was always writing notes in it. He goes on to say that he thinks Twins might run in the family and that Spencer's twin sister is A.D. Mona, who is spying on them at the time, calls Alex and tells her that it's time for Plan B and that Alex needs to tell her who she is.


Alex is then seen angrily leaving a house with Mary in tow. Mary states that Alex promised she wouldn't hurt Spencer, and Alex angrily says that she has to dispose of "the proof" and she isn't going to hurt her. She grabs an ax off the side of the building and says that she's going to make it painless. Mary states that if they leave now and still get away, they can plan a mother-daughter trip to Europe. Alex angrily yells no and that she's not going anywhere without Toby and that she knows that he's in love with her. Mary states that Toby's in love with Spencer, not her, which causes Alex to angrily yell that she is Spencer now. Mary says that she knows what it's like to want something so badly that you start to believe it's true and asks Alex if she understands. Alex replies curtly that she doesn't and she's sorry, before punching Mary in the nose knocking her out.


Meanwhile, Mona tells the Liars and Caleb where Alex is, and they quickly figure out that Alex bought the house Toby built and must be holding Spencer there. They then rush out to find them. In the meantime, Alex is seen stalking through the hallways of the house clutching the ax. She heads to Spencer's room, only to discover that both Ezra and Spencer have escaped. She is annoyed by this and put the ax on her shoulder before walking off to find them. Spencer and Ezra discover that what they believed was a house and lawn is actually fake, and that everything is fake.

At the same time, the Liars, Caleb, and Toby arrive at the house to discover that the living room is filled with replicas of Spencer's furniture. They then find the pathway to where Spencer, Ezra, and Alex are.


Ezra tells Spencer that the only way out is back the way the came, but Spencer states that she's not going back through there. Moments later, what appears to be day becomes night and Alex sneaks up behind Ezra and Spencer and tries to kill them. She knocks Ezra down and his head hits a rock, and Alex goes to kill him, but Spencer jumps in front of him and tells her to stop. Spencer says that she is her sister just like Charlotte, and Alex imitates her perfectly. Spencer is annoyed but says that she's sorry Alex got the wrong end of the deal, and Alex imitates this as well. Spencer says that it's not too late to be family, and Alex says that it is before raising the ax and striking down. Spencer bulldozes Alex and knocks her to the ground and the two roll around, punching and hitting each other. Finally, they break apart and one twin goes for the ax, grabbing it, and the other twin grabs it and they struggle for it.


However, Toby and the others burst in and he holds his gun up telling them to drop it and both do. Alex tries to convince Toby that's she's Spencer and Spencer quickly says not to listen to her. Spencer tells Toby that he knows her and says, "seriously after everything we've been through?". Alex looks at Spencer astonished and says that Spencer, who she is pretending is Alex, actually believes what she's saying, and calls her crazy. Spencer looks at her in shock. Toby puts his gun away and walks up to Alex looking her in the eyes before pinning her hands behind her. He asks her to tell him her favorite quote from the book she gave him, and Alex can't answer the question. However, the real Spencer quotes the line in French perfectly and smiles. A cop runs in and Mona says that she called the police. The officer states that they caught Mary Drake, and handcuffs Alex. As the cop takes her by Mona, she looks at her and says that no one can call her Loser Mona anymore, and Mona responds that she doesn't know the half of it. Alex is then taken into custody by the police officer.


At an unknown time in the future, Mona is seen running a shop in France, and after selling to her last customer and talking to her boyfriend, goes downstairs to the basement. A dollhouse is seen and two dolls are sitting in a room, and Mona states that it's tea-time before giving them a toy teapot. Behind the dollhouse, a light goes on in a room, and Alex and Mary Drake, who is dressed as dolls and held captive by Mona, are seen drinking tea together. Alex breathes a heavy sigh, and Mary tells her daughter that Mona can't keep them there forever. Alex, accepting the unavoidable, rolls her eyes and states, "Of course she can, she's Mona". She then glares through the glass at Mona, who is sipping tea and looking very satisfied, knowing she has taken control of the game and now has two dolls of her own. It is unknown if Alex or Mary will ever escape Mona's dollhouse.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists


Alison questions Mona return to the states and most of all, Beacon Heights. Mona explains that France was good for a while until the "reasons" she was there escaped her. This means that Alex and Mary most likely escaped the dollhouse.

The Patchwork Girl

Dana Booker mentioned the situation in France and asked Mona if she worried about Alex and Mary Drake coming after her one day.

Appearances (6/160)

Season 7 (6/20)

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists


  • Alex was sold to Dr. Cochran by her mother, Mary Drake, and later given up for adoption. Because of this, she never knew that Spencer or Charlotte existed, and neither did anyone else.
  • Alex is younger than Spencer by only a few minutes.
  • Her birth mother once said, "I was born first, and she was born jealous." This foreshadowed a parallel between Spencer being taken in by her biological father and family, while Alex was eventually placed into an orphanage which led to her jealousy over Spencer's life.
  • Alex was in love with Wren and made him shoot her so she could have the same scar as Spencer.
  • She killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond necklace so she could carry him with her forever.
  • She is seen numerous times throughout the series before her actual reveal. This is due to her posing as Spencer, and not Alex.
  • Since she was raised in Britain, she has a British accent.
    • However, when impersonating Spencer she does an American accent, making it impossible for one to tell the difference between the twins.
  • She met Charlotte before the latter's death, and Alex became A.D. to avenge her death, as she believed the Liars took Charlotte away from her.
  • Charlotte gave her a "Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits" record before she left to go back to Rosewood.
  • She is the mystery buyer of the house Toby built.
  • She blames the Liars for Charlotte's death and thinks that they stole her from her.
  • Aria seems to be her favorite Liar, as she granted her freedom, and wanted Aria to work for her. She also said while posing as Spencer that she thinks they're "going to be the closest".
  • Alex had sex with Toby twice while she was pretending to be Spencer.
  • Alex uses a different perfume or has a different smell, then Spencer. This is shown in the series finale when Jenna questions why 'Spencer' smells different and calls Toby.






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