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Alice is a character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Miranda Carabello.


She is one of the twins in "The First Secret" and the little girl in "This Is A Dark Ride". She is a mysterious girl, in which Alison DiLaurentis's horror story, was killed by her twin sister, who is portrayed by Madison Carabello. Miranda and Madison are twins in real life, as well.

In "The First Secret", Alice is seen for the first time in Alison's horror story. Alice and her twin sister play on Halloween, happily with her dolls. Once they get into an argument about one of the dolls, the twin takes a butcher knife and stabs it into Alice's heart. As her parents entered the kitchen they see one of her daughters on the floor and blood flows arround her. The twin sees her parents and grins broadly at the blood oozing out of her sister.

Alice also appears in the Season 3's episode "This Is A Dark Ride". While Ashley and Ted give out candy to children passing by, the mysterious girl is standing in the backyard of Hanna's house. Ashley then took her inside to use the phone, but when Ashley turned around and looked over, Alice was gone. She was seen again in her bedroom and explained that her mother answered the phone and when she (Alice) asked her to come get her, her mother started crying. She then explains that she and her sister fight a lot, especially over dolls, and wonders if her sister told their mother a lie to make her mad at Alice. Ashley then touched the girl's hand to comfort her, but her hand was cold, like a ghost. She puts a blanket over her, then left to find Ted, but when they get back to the bedroom, the blanket is folded as it had been before, and Alice was gone once again.

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  • She was the one who possibly got killed because when she "called" her mother, her mother was crying. Her mother was probably crying because Alice is dead and now she only has one daughter.

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