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Alice's Twin is a minor character in the television series Pretty Little Liars. She is portrayed by Madison Carabello.


Rachel is one of the twins in "The First Secret" and mentioned in "This Is A Dark Ride". She is a mysterious girl who, in Alison's horror story, killed her twin sister.

In "The First Secret", she is seen for the first time in Alison's horror story. She and Alice play on Halloween, happily with her dolls. Once they get into an argument about one of the dolls, she takes a knife and stabs her sister in the heart. As her parents entered the kitchen they see Alice on the floor. The twin sees her parents and grins broadly at the blood oozing out of her sister.

In Season 3 she was mentioned by Alice in "This Is A Dark Ride". When her sister Alice was seen again in Ashley's bedroom, Alice explained that she "called" her mother and her mother answered the phone and when she told her mom to pick her up, she said that her mom got upset and that her mom started crying. She then asks Ashley why her mom would be mad at her and says that she bets her sister told their mom that she ran away. She then explains that she and her sister fight a lot, even over her dolls.

Appearances (1/140)

Season 2


  • She was the one who killed the twin sister in Ali's story.