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Alison's House in Beacon Heights is a house located in Beacon Heights, Oregon. More specifically, on the campus of Beacon Heights University. After moving from Rosewood Alison was given the house as a clause in her contract for working at BHU.


Taylor Hotchkiss resided in this home during the years she worked at Beacon Heights University. During this time, Claire explained Taylor's behavior as erratic and prone to delusions. One day, Ray Hogadorn attempted to warn Taylor about the threat to her life by writing, "They're watching" in red paint on the living room wall. Claire believed that a distraught Taylor had written the message. After Taylor's death, Claire had new wallpaper installed over the message.



Alison arrives in Beacon Heights and her driver drops her off outside of her new house. She enters and everything inside is new and modernized. She hears a creak downstairs and warily goes to the basement door and opens it. The steps leading down to the basement are wooden along with the rail. Before she can go downstairs, a knock on the door interrupts her, and she s greeted by Mona Vanderwaal. As the duo are talking, Alison notices an alarm system on the wall, to which Mona informs her that it's Beacon Guard - the school security system.

The next day, Mona is giving Alison a tour of BHU when Alison inquires about Taylor, the deceased daughter of Claire Hotchkiss. Mona explains that Taylor killed herself and remarks that Alison is living in her house - but not too worry, the home was refurbished.

That night, Alison is unpacking pictures of her family when she notices her wallpaper is torn in a specific area. That same night, she reviews and grades papers from her English class and discovers that one student wrote papers for two additional students.

The next day, after returning home from an interesting party at the Hotchkiss Mansion, Alison begins to look into the Hotchkiss family. She soon finds out that their deceased daughter, Taylor, looks remarkably similar to herself. As she is looking into the death of Taylor, Beacon Guard alerts her that the search parameters, "Taylor Hotchkiss suicide" is restricted.

Later that night, Alison notices that the wallpaper in her home that was once torn is now miraculously fixed. She begins tearing the paper off piece by piece and realizes that there is a hidden message behind it written in red paint. She steps back incredulously and reads the message, "They're watching" just as she hears police sirens whirring past her home and onto campus.


Notes and Trivia

  • According to Mona, after Taylor's death, the house was completely refurbished.


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