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This article is about Alison DiLaurentis, a TV character. You may be looking for Alison DiLaurentis (Book Character).

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Alison “Ali” Lauren DiLaurentis is a main character in the television series Pretty Little Liars and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. She is portrayed by Sasha Pieterse.

The beloved and notorious mean girl of Rosewood who once faked her death to escape the tumultuous A, Alison traveled to Beacon Heights to leave her past behind and start anew. She was soon pulled back into old habits after the town experienced their first murder and a fresh set of new liars stood accused.


Young Ali.jpg

Alison was born in Rosewood, PA, to the wealthy and prestigious DiLaurentis family. She is the only daughter of Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis, the younger half-sister of Jason, and the adoptive younger sister of Charlotte. Because Charlotte was sent to Radley Sanitarium, Alison didn't remember that she had an adoptive sibling. Alison was manipulated by her mother from a young age, and forced to keep secrets and lies from a primitive age.

As a pre-teen and teenager, Alison was the resident "it girl" and "Queen Bee" of Rosewood's teenage circle. Her close-knit group consisted of her best friends Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily. Alison was described as beautiful, manipulative, secretive, and vindictive. She could make people feel special which made them dependent on her as they wanted to continue that feeling. Alison was known only by her close friends to have a sweet and caring side.

Jessica and Kenneth knew their daughter to be fiercely independent and recklessly obstinate when challenged. She never had a close relationship with her brother, Jason, as they fought frequently. She was also manipulated as a child by her secretive mother who often argued with her father. Alison was a bully who tormented many students at Rosewood High before her disappearance on September 1, 2009. Although Alison seemed to have a perfect life, she was being harassed by a mysterious text-messenger named "A", shortly before her disappearance.

One year after her disappearance, “Alison's body” was found buried in the backyard of the DiLaurentis house, now inhabited by the St. Germain's. The autopsy stated that she suffered a blow to the head and subsequently suffocated to death, with dirt being found in her lungs. The item that was used to incapacitate her was discovered to be a large rock. On the night of her attack, her hand appeared from the ground and confirmed she was buried alive[2]. A mysterious woman discovered Alison and pulled her from the soil.

In the present day, it is seen that Alison may be alive and could secretly be Red Coat, the mysterious blonde watching her former friends. In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", it is confirmed that Alison is alive. Carla Grunwald revealed that she had pulled Alison from the shallow grave. She said Alison was afraid of "A" and would subconsciously call out for help that only Carla could hear, due to Carla being a psychic.

In Grave New World, the Liars finally catch Alison in her red coat, used as a disguise from "A". Alison said that she couldn't come home until the person was stopped, as it was too dangerous. She fled when the Liars turned their backs to her.

In "A is for Answers", the Liars met Alison in New York and she explained what happened the night she went missing. Ali confirmed all the people she met throughout the night while on her journey to expose "A". She then revealed that she was hit over the head from behind, by what she know knew was rock - not a shovel. Alison's mother witnessed the attack and thought that Alison was dead due to her lifeless state. To protect attepted killer from getting caught, Jessica buried Alison in the backyard - unaware that her daughter was alive. Alison confirmed that Mrs. Grunwald saved her, however, Alison ran before she got to the hospital. Late that night, Mona Vanderwaal found her and took her to the Lost Woods Resort and convinced Alison to fake her death to please the villainous "A". The next morning, Alison had gotten dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, and left town. In the present day, the Liars convinced Alison to come back to Rosewood with them.

Alison returned to Rosewood in "Whirly Girlie", which shocked the entire town as they still thought she was dead. Throughout the next episodes, Alison and the Liars try to find out who the ruthless "A" is until they and Mona begin to suspect Alison of being "A", as part of her "biggest game yet". This was a master ploy by the real A to isolate Alison. A's plan was to separate her from her friends and the social hierarchy. Their goal was to break the Liar's trust in Alison. On Thanksgiving, Mona is seemingly murdered before she proved that Alison murdered Bethany. Alison was arrested later for the murders of both Mona Vanderwaal and Bethany Young.

After she is cleared of the murders, Alison is reunited with her traumatized friends back in Rosewood. As they search for A and attempt to recuperate, Alison begins searching for her long-lost brother, who is A. As she seeks to understand his reasons for tormenting her she is kidnapped and taken to Radley Sanitarium. Alison is surprised to learn that "A"/Charles is her transgender sister, Charlotte. After learning her sisters' story, Alison and Jason have Charlotte institutionalized where she undergoes intense therapy for five-years. Alison remained in Rosewood for the length of Charlotte's recovery and later fought for her to be released into her custody. The night Charlotte is released she seemingly commits suicide, but the case later branches into a homicide investigation.

After a few months, a love-deprived Alison impulsively marries Archer Dunhill, her longtime boyfriend and Charlotte's former doctor. The Liars grow to suspect Alison as Charlotte's murderer, and after Caleb releases their evidence to A, who wants to make Charlotte's killer suffer. Later that night, Elliott reveals himself to be Archer Dunhill, Charlotte's longtime boyfriend, and one of A's who wanted revenge on Charlotte's killer. Archer continues to torture her in Welby, the institution that Alison voluntarily committed herself, while under the guise of her "concerned husband Dr. Elliot Rollins". Alison later escapes and helps the Liars cover-up Archer's murder after Hanna runs him over with her car.

Alison is released from Welby and into the care of her long-lost Aunt, Mary Drake. Alison attempts to grow closer to Mary but this is thwarted when Mary's true intentions and history are revealed. In the events leading up to the reveal of the new A, Alison discovers she is pregnant via artificial insemination. During her stay at Welby, Archer had inseminated her with Emily's eggs and a then unknown man's sperm. Alison finds solace in Emily, and the pair later fall in love. After a year or so, Alison and Emily have settled into Alison's childhood home and are raising their beautiful twin daughters, Lily and Grace, together in Rosewood. Alison later proposed to Emily and alongside their friends, they unmasked A.D. once and for all.

With A gone for good and nothing holding her back, Alison began to experience hardships in her marriage to Emily - they were sometimes happy and sometimes not. Their issues were due to trust and who they were as individuals, and a couple, without A. They continued to raise their twin daughters together, although, Alison longed to better support her family and leave her past behind her. After getting a job in the picturesque town of Beacon Heights, Alison moved across the country to be a teaching assistant at Beacon Heights University. While she taught at the university she simultaneously worked to get her degree so she can return to Rosewood and teach at Hollis College. Alison's plans were quickly derailed by Beacon Heights' first-ever murder, and the surprising appearance of her high school nemesis, Mona Vanderwaal.


Although Alison seemed to have it all, she was easily threatened by people who intimidated her. Her jealousy and lust for power often got the best of her, It caused her to act cruel and selfish. Likewise, her fearless nature also helped her to get revenge on her enemies or protect her friends. Alison was vindictive and cunning, she often used other people as tools in her manipulations - she was the snake behind an angel's face.

Nobody told a lie better than Alison DiLaurentis. She had a way of using people's secrets against them. She kept information about her life from her friends but managed to learn their secrets. Alison often held secrets over her friends so she could stay in control of them and her environment. She spun a web of lies so tangled, that when she was on the run, her friends were stranded to face "A".

Since Season 5B, Alison's personality has changed significantly. She has become a better person. She is now more reserved and wants nothing more than to be happy. Though, if someone or something threatens her or her friends, she has no problem letting her original "bitchy" side shine through.

After a handful of years, Alison has become less threatening and has placed the manipulative mean girl she was in high school behind her. She is focused on her future and has become a loving, devoted wife. She is a dedicated mother and friend who wants nothing more than to support her family. Despite having toned down in the many years since high school, Alison remains fierce and independent never allowing herself to be pushed around by those who wish to undermine her.

Physical Appearance


Alison is a very attractive young woman with golden blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face with a dimple in the center of her chin. In high school, she wore her hair in curls or pulled back. She was slender and graceful are wore fashionable, yet feminine, attire. Alison's bold personality is reflected in her confident stance and walk. She often wore ankle boots, heels, or sandals. On the night of her disappearance, she wore a yellow tank top, black leggings, and ankle boots. She also used to wear her "Alison" bracelet and an anklet.

Season 5

In Seasons 5 and 6, Alison is in her late teens and early twenties. She has a curvy and mature build. She wore bright-colored dresses paired with a leather jacket. She liked traditional clothing such as blazers which she paired with jeans. She maintained her golden blonde hair, though it varies in length throughout the seasons. She wore dark, almost gothic clothing in Season 5, including long black sweaters and edgy tops. She would occasionally break the black theme by wearing a colored jacket or scarf.

Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E08.1080p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION 1244.jpg

After five-years, Alison began to wear floral dresses, or jumpers, that accented her curvy, beautiful figure. Her blonde hair was worn almost exclusively in curls or waves. She paired her clothes with several accessories. She kept her nude makeup look, often sporting a pink or red lip paired with neutral eyeshadow and dark eyeliner. In Season 7, she dropped the dark eyeliner to go with a more natural look. Two years later, Alison's blonde hair remained long, however, she began sporting straightened bangs with a pink lip.

Pll perfectionists5.jpg

In "The Perfectionists", Alison's style is notably different than her previous styles. Her hair is long and her bangs have grown out. Her wavy locks reach just below her collarbone with a wind-blown hairstyle. While teaching, she wears dress jackets or blazers, paired with dark pants and simplistic heels. Her style has matured since her time in Rosewood, and she wears minimal accessories or only ones that compliment her outfit. Her recurring fashion item is a blue jacket with large black buttons. Alison's classic pink lip from high school was replaced with either deep reds or nude matte lipsticks. She wears darker eyeliner on her upper lid, thick brown eyebrows, and light pink blush.

Pretty Little Liars

Season 1



The series begins with footage of the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared. Alison, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were having a sleepover party in Spencer's barn. Alison scared them by sneaking up on them in the barn doorway, causing them all to laugh. Aria, Hanna and Emily later wake up from their sleep and realize Spencer and Ali are both missing. Spencer then returns to tell the other girls that she looked for Ali everywhere and thinks she heard her scream. She later seen in flashbacks such as when her and Aria catch Aria's, Byron Montgomery, having an affair or when she blackmailed Spencer to confess to flirting with Ian Thomas to Melissa Hastings or she would. Later, Spencer looks out the window and sees into the window of Alison's house across from hers, a wavy blonde figure moving about inside. Spencer gasps, "Alison." Her body is supposedly discovered in her backyard.

The Jenna Thing


Alison reveals to the girls that she believes Toby Cavanaugh is spying on them while they were trying on clothes in Emily's room, and has been for some time. Alison immediately hatches a plan to drop a stink bomb in his garage as revenge. Emily and Aria try to back out, while Hanna and Spencer also share their reservations, but Ali is adamant that Toby must be taught a lesson. Alison then orders Spencer to pass the match and ignites the firecracker, opening the door of the garage, and tossing it inside. But the prank went terribly wrong when the garage catches on fire, and Alison sees too late that someone, Jenna Marshall, was inside. As a result, Jenna was blinded from the accident, and Alison made sure that Toby falsely took the blame for it. Alison had blackmailed him with a piece of information that Spencer could not overhear.

To Kill a Mocking Girl


Hanna remembers of the time in her chubby days when she asked Sean out to a party. She had asked him with a nervous, quavering voice, and Alison had stepped in, pointing out that everyone was going. She made eyes at him, and he accepted, perhaps because he really found Hanna charming or perhaps because Alison had been hard to resist. At Noel Kahn's cabin party, Spencer suddenly recalls the night of "The Jenna Thing," when the girls had to deal with the aftermath. Alison had been standing in front of the Cavanaugh house, blackmailing Toby with something to get him to take the hit for the fire in the garage. Spencer had walked over to listen, and Alison angrily pushed her back, angry that she violated her order to stay away. She follows Spencer to where the other girls are standing and tell her friends that she would have not set off the bomb in the garage if she had known someone was in there, even though it seems that she did see Toby and Jenna in there. Hanna expresses her desire to come clean to the police and explain it was an accident, but Alison rails on Hanna, basically calling her a fat loser until Aria scolds her, forcing her to apologize. But Alison makes sure she gets her way and makes the girls flee the scene, letting Toby take the fall. Spencer remembers seeing Toby as he was taken away in the cop car to the police station.

Can You Hear Me Now?


Aria watches her mother preparing dinner in the kitchen. She suddenly recalls the incident she witnessed, involving her father and Meredith kissing in his car. This time, she additionally remembers how Alison had tried to convince her to tell her mother what she saw. When Byron had tried to call Aria, Alison had warned her not to pick up, correctly suspecting that he would try to talk Aria out of revealing what she saw. Alison had warned Aria that she could risk losing both parents if she didn't tell.

There's No Place Like Homecoming


It is later revealed that Alison was threatening Toby to take responsibility for the fire, but he had told her that he will make sure she takes responsibility. In turn, she had threatened that if he tells, she would tell everyone Jenna and Toby had a sexual relationship. Spencer had come to see what was going on and Alison angrily yells at her to let her take care of it. The girls talk as the firetrucks show up, and are freaking out. Hanna begins to doubt Ali, and Alison starts to insult Hanna, basically calling her a fat loser. Aria scolds her and Alison apologizes, and that she's just freaked out.

Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone


Preparations for Alison's memorial sparks memories of a summer day that the girls had spent lounging by the lakeshore. Ironically, the girls had spoken about immortality and the fantasy of living in this moment forever. Alison had said that one could only attain immortality by dying young and leaving behind a beautiful corpse. Alison had also romanticized how fabulous it would be to die in a mysterious way. The days go on with Alison annoyed that Jenna was there, asking Aria if she needed help getting Noel Kahn to herself, bullying Lucas Gottesman until Hanna tries to stand up to her and asking Emily who she would like to take to The Kissing Rock.

The Perfect Storm


Emily is directed by "A" to the school library's copy of "Great Expectations," the same book Alison had been reading one day alone in the library. Emily hears Alison's laugh and sees a blonde sitting on the floor, a book on the shelf covering her face. She pulls it off and it is revealed to be Alison. A moment later, she is gone. She has a flashback of that day. Emily had joined her on the floor, and Alison had stroked Emily's hair affectionately. Emily revealed her dream that Jenna could see again, and Alison said something about Emily's positive, perhaps naïve, attitude, to the effect of "that's why I love you, Emily." She then read her the passage of Pip's account of his ardent love for Estella: he loved her against reason and despite the fact that she basically played hard-to-get and gave him little hope for a future, in spite of her teasing. Quite fittingly, Emily then leaned in to kiss Alison, expressing her own love of the same nature. Alison actually smiled in return. However Emily flashes to a locker where after trying to be flirtatious, Alison coldly tells her that their kiss was practice for the real thing.

Keep Your Friends Close


Spencer tries to convince Melissa to reunite with Ian. Afterwards, she flashes back to the previous summer when she had been practicing her field hockey swing on the front lawn. Ian had walked by, and, under the pretense of correcting her technique, put his arms around her waist and leaned in to kiss her neck. Surprised, Spencer had turned around to face him, and this, too, ended in a series of mouth kisses. After Ian walked away, Alison called out from where she was standing a few meters away to let Spencer know that she saw her kissing her sister's boyfriend. She called it disgusting and basically called Spencer a skank to boot, implying Alison's jealousy.

Moments Later


Alison donned in a candy striper outfit visiting her in her hospital room. She smiles at Hanna and asks if she misses her. Weak, Hanna tries to ask her what happened that fateful night, but all Alison will say is that the four of them combined already know the truth. Additionally, she tells Hanna that "A" annoys her, and that she should really do something about that bitch. She reveals that it is dangerous for her to have come, but she did because she had to see if Hanna was ok. When she leaves, a berry-colored lipstick stain - the same shade that Alison is wearing - is seen on the rim of a Styrofoam cup near Hanna's bed.

Salt Meets Wound


Hanna is in her wheelchair at the party Mona has thrown for her, when Noel walks in. Just the sight of Noel prompts Hanna to have a flashback about him at a different party, when Alison had manipulated a girl to dump Noel, who gave him a nasty look in return. Alison had claimed that they were all responsible, when it is obvious that the girls had been oblivious to how Alison had even managed to break them up in the first place. She claims that she did it for Aria, so she could have him instead, and that she only kills when they need food. Later, Spencer sees a "Hilton Head" resort tag on Ian's luggage and flashes back to Alison returning from an alleged weekend visit with her grandma in Georgia with the same tag hanging from her luggage. When Spencer tried to question Alison about the club's location being in South Carolina and her grandmother being in Georgia, Alison deflected the questions derisively, then expressed how eager she was to share her vacation stories with the other Liars. This is the day that Alison disappeared.

Know Your Frenemies


When Hanna is forced to eat a half dozen cupcakes by "A," she flashes back to one day when she had eaten an entire pie in her kitchen at home. Alison had walked in on her and Hanna quickly tried to clear the evidence by throwing it in the garbage; however, Alison had seen it anyway. Hanna broke down into tears, and Alison comforted her friend, hugging her and murmuring, "I understand." She then wiped away Hanna's tears and told her that she didn't have to feel that way, and she could show her how to get rid of it. Presumably, Alison had shown Hanna how to purge the calories she had just binged.

Careful What U Wish 4

The girls re-examine of Alison talking to Ian and think of the possibility that he killed her.

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again


Spencer guiltily recalls how the night she disappeared, Alison had pressured Spencer to tell her sister about kissing Ian, something that would've left Ian all for Alison. Spencer refused, but Alison warned that Melissa would find out the next day, whether Spencer told her or not. Alison arrogantly claimed that Spencer and the other Liars were her puppets. Spencer furiously countered that she was sick of her games, that she would tell Melissa, but Alison was dead to her already. Alison appeared distraught, then left angrily, and after a moment's pause, Spencer marched outside after her.

The Badass Seed


The girls' flashback to a college party Alison had taken them to, probably in an effort to spy on Ian. Ian had been flirting with a particular tipsy girl and had gone off with her to one of the rooms upstairs. Later, that girl took a nasty tumble down the stairs. The girls all exchanged looks after her fall, and in hindsight, they are left to question whether Ian, or Ali, had pushed that girl. Later that evening, the Liars stood on the lawn, discussing the incident, as a stretcher passed by. When Alison showed up, she had seemed either oblivious to the girl's accident or indifferent. At the same time, the girls were afraid of being caught being underage at a drinking party, which was very likely with the police swarming about. Alison had taken charge of the situation, brazenly asking a police officer for a ride home in his cop car, claiming to be too tipsy to get behind the wheel, when in reality she didn't want to take the bus and was too young to even drive. She wisely explained, "the bolder the move, the less anyone questions it." The girls got into the car as Alison exchanged a look with Ian on the porch.

Monsters in the End


Emily makes a discovery after the Rosewood Founder's Festival. Emily reverts to the last time she saw Alison before the sleepover; she had visited Emily in her bedroom to give her a snow globe as a souvenir gift from her vacation. As she had not bought any gifts for the others, she asked Emily to keep it a secret from them. She mysteriously alluded to the fact that it was more special than one would realize at first. This flashback prompts Emily to examine the toy, and at the bottom, she finds a key with numbers printed on it. Thanks to the clue, Emily, Aria and Hanna track down the matching location and uncover a flash drive contained in a lunch box, housed in a storage unit that Alison had rented! The flash drive contains secret videos, mostly of the girls in private moments such as getting dressed in their bedrooms; Alison had somehow known that they were being spied on while she was alive. There is footage of Jenna on these videos as well, meaning that the Liars hadn't been the only girls to be spied on.

For Whom the Bell Tolls


The girls corner Jenna to confront her about the incriminating video they found of her and Toby. Jenna discloses that Ali had visited her in the hospital on the day that she disappeared. She played the video footage of Jenna seducing her brother, and Jenna fumingly asked Alison were she got it. Alison replied that the guy she liked to make videos, perhaps vaguely referring to Ian. She threatened Jenna that if she ever told anyone about the Liars setting the fire, she would release the damaging videos. Jenna could only sit exasperated before Ali took the computer and moved to leave. Alison then turned to warn Jenna that if she ever returned to Rosewood, she would bury her. The Liars believe Jenna's account, given how it explains her seemingly strange speech at Alison's memorial dedication.

Season 2

The Goodbye Look


After Jason DiLaurentis returns to his former home, Spencer drops by to give him cookies in hopes of finding out information from him. It turns out Jason wants information from her, but when she is not specific enough about whether Ian actually confessed to killing Alison, he returns inside. While still standing on the stoop, Spencer flashes back to one summer when Ali and the Liars' were lounging in the DiLaurentis' front yard. Jason had stormed out of the house, accusing Alison of messing with his stuff. She had retorted back sharply, mocking him and his friends for being stoners. When Jason went back into the house, they questioned Alison whether she had stolen what he claimed she had. She admitted it gleefully. She mischievously replied that he would never find it, because when she wants something to stay hidden, it stays hid. Alison says she has hiding places everywhere, including the yard. She says that's why their secrets are so safe with her. Just then, a smashing sound was heard from inside the house, though Alison seemed unfazed.

My Name Is Trouble


Spencer has a flashback of a time Emily was sleeping over at her house. Alison knocks on the backdoor, and appears to be enraged. Her brother is having a noisy party, and implies his friends, or "animals", as she call them, are harassing her. Spencer tells Alison she is welcomed to stay, to which Alison replies "Thanks". She grabs an apple and goes to wash it. She looks at her reflection in the window, and looks like she is about to cry. Spencer asks if she's okay, and Ali returns to her normal self. She says she was just thinking about her grandma. She eats the apple and wrinkles her nose in disgust. "Your family has the worst apples", she says.

Blind Dates

Hanna tells Dr. Sullivan her true feelings about Alison, in hopes of letting go. Her role playing makes it seem that Alison is really there, taunting Hanna about her feelings. Hanna calls Alison the best friend she ever had, but also her worst enemy. Alison is condescending, but Hanna doesn't allow the mental torture to continue, not caring whether Alison approves of her anymore. In her head, Alison calls Hanna's friends things that Alison has given her and insinuates that Hanna can't live without her. But, mentally, Hanna lets the ghost know that she is over her, that she won't let her into her life anymore, and that she is ready to move on.

The Devil You Know

A leads the girls to the cemetery, where Alison's grave is. Suddenly, a projector plays the video of Alison and Ian at the Kissing Rock. The video plays the footage the girls already have seen before. Alison falls to the ground, her hand going limp. This time, however, Alison gets up, laughing. She kisses Ian and thanks Ian for meeting her, revealing Ian did not kill Alison.

Never Letting Go


The Liars lunch with Ali's mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, as per her request. There, she presents the girls with presents, four high-fashion dress. However, the girls are uneasy, as they remember Alison having picked them out and trying them on one afternoon. She said to Emily "Don't I look hot, Em?" as she was aware of Emily's crush on her. Emily says the feathers on the dress look really pretty. Hanna spots another dress, and says "This stretch size is to die! Can I try it on?" to which Ali rudely replies "There's not that much stretch," making fun of Hanna's weight. She then compares the dresses to her friends: Unique and belonging to her.

Surface Tension


After Toby shares news of the hockey stick discovery with Spencer, she flashes back to when Alison had asked Spencer to teach her how to play field hockey. Spencer had been happy to lend Ali her old hockey stick with the Rosewood Field Hockey team colors on it - blue and white. Aria had questioned Ali's motives at the time, knowing that Alison wasn't the biggest field hockey fan. She guessed that it was about a guy, which was probably correct. Spencer said that guys don't play field hockey, not putting it together that Alison was either interested in or already dating Ian, the field hockey coach. Aria's flashback of Jason the day that Spencer had been showing Ali how to hold the hockey stick incriminates him. He had come looking for her on their mother's orders, unhappy to have to waste time looking for Ali. When he caught sight of the stick, he grabbed it from her and then threatened to hit her and Spencer let out a warning cry. When Jason turned around, Ali tried to whack her brother with the stick, but Jason moved quickly, and mockingly warned Ali that she wouldn't get a second chance.

I Must Confess


Spencer flashes back to the summer before Alison had disappeared. The girls had been standing in Hanna's kitchen, and Hanna's grandmother Regina Marin had been over as well. She was talking about her two sons, Tom and Patrick, and Alison suddenly asked what it would take to cut one of them from her will. Regina was taken aback by the question, but Alison had pressed on, asking hypothetically, if one of her sons sold an expensive family heirloom to buy drugs, would that warrant dismissal from the family tree? Regina ultimately said yes. In retrospect, Spencer believes Alison to have been referring to her own family situation and thinks that Alison had gone to Georgia in order to try and get her grandmother to cut Jason out of the will.

Over My Dead Body

Pll alison.jpg

Emily is trapped in a barn by "A." Someone drags her unconscious body out, and wakes up on someone's lap in a sunny field. The person bends over, and it is Alison. She tells her it's okay, and that she's with her now. She says that she misses her the most, and that Emily was always her favorite. Emily asks if she's dying, but Alison ignores the question, and says "that bitch thinks this is what you really want. To be completely free of "A." Emily tells her to say who "A" is, but Alison says no because "Two can only keep a secret, if one of them is dead." She then gives Emily a choice: to come with her, or stay here. Emily closes her eyes and Alison says "Sweet Emily." She then kisses Emily and Emily wakes up in front of the barn. The other liars find her and Emily tells them Alison is alive. Since Emily was outside of the barn, this means clearly someone dragged her out. It's revealed in Season 4, that Alison is alive, meaning this had actually happened. Alison really did drag Emily out.

The First Secret


In October of 2008, Alison and the girls walk to school debating Halloween costumes when Noel drives up in a convertible with his jock friends to greet the Liars and invite them to his party. Before the party, she meets Jenna, flirts with Ian, bullies Mona and Lucas, and receives her first "A" messages, one of which is a voodoo doll with a note saying "It's my turn to torture." At the party, as Lady Gaga, Alison confront Jenna who is wearing a similar costume. She offer her a spot in her clique, but Jenna turns her down. Later, she stages a test to see how loyal her friends are. She conspired with Noel to lure to the girls to a local abandoned house where she had them believe she was in danger. Her friends are annoyed and betrayed by Alison's crying wolf, but are silent. Back at the party, there seems to be mostly college kids now. Alison approaches Ian and flirtatiously strikes up a conversation with him. But, Melissa cuts her off by spinning Ian around and planting a kiss on his lips. Disgruntled, Ali walks back to her friends. Noel apologizes for missing the prank. It turns out that someone else tried to actually hurt her. Alison gets a text: "Dying to know who I am? You’ll find out. –A."

The Blond Leading the Blind

Ali Reading Threat.png

After the Liars find a note inside Alison's baby doll (Next time it'll be your face, not this pumpkin), they all have a flashback to Halloween 2008. Alison and the Liars were taking a shortcut to her house and when they arrived, they found some smashed jack-o-lanterns on the porch and a note left under a knife. Aria reached out to take the knife, but Ali suddenly grabbed it. When the girls asked if the note says anything about who caused the destruction, Ali said it was Jason's "beer buddies," then, scared, she invited the girls to sleep over.  They made excuses but Alison apologized about what happened, saying she had gone too far and the girls likely stayed over. Back in real time, the Liars discover that the note was signed by "A," meaning Alison was a victim of "A" as well.

A Kiss Before Lying


Spencer goes at Hanna's to apologize about working with Caleb Rivers behind her back. Hanna forgives her and says that she had actually seen Ali with dark hair once before. She flashes back to a day when she was at a hair salon and heard a familiar voice talking to the stylist. The man referred to the dark-haired girl as Vivian Darkbloom. After he left, Hanna realized that "Vivian" was actually Alison. Alison asked her what she was doing there, and she said that her mom made her an appointment. Hanna told Alison she liked her new hair. Alison told her that she was pretending to be someone else because she was getting bored of always being herself and suggested Hanna should try it sometime too. Alison asked Hanna to keep it a secret, then she took off her wig, smiling. When Spencer Google's the name Vivian Darkbloom, she and Hanna find out that the name was an alter-ego of Vladimir Nobokov, the man who wrote "Lolita," which apparently Hanna had seen Alison read.

The Naked Truth

Frowned upon.png

When Spencer tries to understand what is it that links Jason to her family, she flashes back to a night when Alison and Spencer were in Spencer's bedroom. Alison was reading a magazine and Spencer studying for a test. They heard Spencer's parents arguing downstairs and Alison asked what it was all about. Spencer told her that her father saw Melissa and Jason making out the other night and he's upset because of that. Alison wanted to open the door to hear what going on exactly and then said that Melissa and Jason would be "a match frowned upon by the gods." Spencer didn't catch her drift until over a year later.

If These Dolls Could Talk

Alison 24 Flashback.jpg

Spencer wakes up in the middle of the night in her living room to find Alison rummaging through the bag Jason gave her. Alison asks Spencer not to scream, claiming she only needs something from the bag. Alison asks Spencer if she is mad at her for never telling her about Jason being her brother too. Alison says that by sharing a brother, it practically makes them sisters and that Spencer deserves a more decent sister. If she had told Spencer the truth about Jason, it would have changed everything. Alison sees a bottle of pain killers on the table, and asks to take a couple "for the road." She also says that it is now helpful the girls have the bag. She gives her a hint by telling her to look at the big picture instead of scrutinizing the individual pieces. Spencer asks what is in the bag that is so important, but Ali says she can't say. She states she misses Spencer and that everything the girls are dealing with is "some seriously messed up stuff." Ali informs Spencer, "here's the good news, you're getting warmer." Suddenly, Spencer and Alison hear a noise coming from upstairs, so Spencer stuffs the bag underneath the couch and falls back asleep.



Mona tells Spencer, that when she was in a clothing store, she saw Alison (who was dressed as Vivian) and that she was spying on someone. Mona, who was then a hopeless nerd, begs Ali to tell her what she is doing. Alison finally tells her she is spying on someone, and Alison asks her what it is going to take for Mona to leave and forget what happened, and Mona responds "to be popular." Alison gives Mona a phone number, written on a torn post card for the "Lost Woods Resort. It is unknown if this actually happened or not due to Mona revealing herself as "A".

Season 3

It Happened 'That Night'


Hanna visits Mona in Radley Sanitarium thinking that her visits are helping. Mona turns and smiles, and Hanna thinks she's smiling at her, but she realizes Mona is actually smiling at the chair behind her. Mona hallucinates Alison sitting there in a red coat, with her natural blonde hair color, reading "Lolita." Mona and the audience can see her, but Hanna can't. Alison's body is also stolen from her grave by "A."

Blood Is The New Black


Aria finds an earring in her locker, a "gift" from "A," and she has a flashback of a night when she and Alison snuck into Byron's office to find out if he was still cheating with Meredith. Alison finds one earring in the couch cushions and Aria freaks out. Upset and angry, she lets Alison talk her into trashing the office and letting him believe Meredith did it. Before Alison "finds" the earring, you can see it sparkling in her hand, meaning she had actually planted the earring there. Meredith also states the earring is not hers, further proving Alison planted it.

The Remains of the "A"


Spencer finds Alison's beloved anklet in an antique shop, reminding her of a night Alison had come over for a sleepover. Spencer notices Ali's charm anklet and Ali says it was from a friend, not a boyfriend, and that Spencer doesn't know "her." Ali had come over to watch movies with Spencer, but then ditches her to go to a party in order to get the girls fake IDs so they can get into frat parties and have a great summer. Spencer is upset, but as usual Ali gets her way. Her friend is waiting to pick her up downstairs, and we can assume that this friend was CeCe Drake, Jason's girlfriend. She and Ali apparently spent an "intense summer" together.


Hanna has a flashback of a night Mona came over and they played Ouija. When Mona asks the Ouija board if Alison is still alive. It spells ALIVE and lightning flashes outside. Hanna spots Alison through the glass door, staring at her with dead eyes. Hanna thinks this is proof that Alison is still alive, so she calls the DiLaurentis' to tell them. 3 days later, Alison's body was found and Mr. DiLaurentis was furious at Hanna for giving his family false hope and would never forgave her. Alison is revealed to be alive in Season 4, meaning Hanna really did see Alison.

Single Fright Female

MM-PLL-311-CLIP03 03.jpg

CeCe is telling Spencer about how Paige McCullers and Alison had a rivalry, also telling Spencer that Alison's nickname for Paige was "Pigskin." This reminds Spencer of a time when Alison had a huge mark on her back and said that when she was playing soccer, she fell down and Pigskin kicked her. Spencer, Aria, and Hanna are confused, and ask who Pigskin is, and Alison just tells them she is a "freak," and that she is "psychotic." In the second flashback, Alison and CeCe are in a car, and she tells CeCe about how she wrote Paige a fake love letter from Emily. In the letter, Ali wrote to Paige to meet her and hide her response letter underneath a sign outside a shop in town. Ali sees Paige and threatens to show the letter Paige wrote to Emily to her father, who is a deacon at The Church. Paige yells at her to give it back, but Alison yells back, "I own you now!" Alison walks away, looking frightened, and yells at CeCe to drive.

This Is A Dark Ride


Garrett Reynolds confronts Spencer, and tells her something important about the night Alison went missing. While Ian and Melissa were still in Alison's room, Garrett took Jenna outside behind Ali's house. While they were walking, Alison confronted them, and Alison and Jenna had a cat fight. Jenna pushed Alison, and Alison pushed Jenna, knocking her down. Jenna grabbed a field hockey stick from the ground and attempted to swing, but Garrett took the stick in his own hands. Garrett pretended to kill Alison with Spencer's old hockey stick, but he hit the tree instead. He looked down at Alison, who put her hand to her lips and mouthed "shh" to Garrett. Later, he sees her talking to Byron Montgomery. Garrett inadvertently made a noise, and Alison and Byron looked, but Garrett ran off. It is not clear if Alison or Byron had realized that it was Garrett. Another flashback is shown at the end of the episode. It shows Alison's backyard the night she went missing. Suddenly, Alison's hand emerges from the ground. This confirms Alison really was buried alive.

She's Better Now


The liars find out that Harold Crane, the creepy manager of the Lost Woods Resort, is now a janitor at the school. They witness Mona and him talking, and they sneak into his office. They find Ali's diary which has an entry about Byron. The scene shows a flashback of Alison in his office. Alison threatens him about Meredith and says that the same amount works for her, meaning she was blackmailing him for money. She calls Ella right then and there, but Byron snatches the phone and squeezes her wrist tightly. Byron tells her that he can't give her the money again, and that Ella will notice it's missing. Ali says he will have time to figure it out, and that she's leaving to her grandma's this Labor Day weekend (the same weekend she went missing). She tells him that she will see him after the weekend. She tells him in a fake sweet voice "Have a nice week, Mr. Montgomery!" and he looks after her, worried.

Misery Loves Company

Aria sees Alison for the first time.png

Aria is sick with the flu and groggily wakes up and sees Alison going through her closet and pulling out Ali's old doll that has the diary entries of Byron in them. She says "Taking back what's mine" and sits on Aria's bed. Aria asks her if what she wrote in her diary is true. Alison tells her she will tell her, but she might not believe her. Ali tells that she was desperate for the money. Aria is shocked, and asks how could she do that. Ali says she never called her mom, and she just wanted the money. Aria also asks if Byron murdered her, and Ali smiles replying "Do I look dead to you?" Ali decides to leave the doll and notes, and right before she leaves she says "You know why I picked you right?" Aria shakes her head, and Ali mysteriously winks and leaves. Aria runs and opens the door...but no one is there. Byron tells Aria, Hanna, and Emily that he did not kill Alison, and what happened the night he and Ali talked. Byron tells her he doesn't have the money and, failing to reason with her, he leaves. She furiously yells "You've made your bed, Mr. Montgomery!"

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno


Emily finds an old Biology notebook with notes between Alison and a mysterious girl talking about a "beach hottie," Spencer is reading and a flashback is shown. Ali is visiting Toby at juvie, and shows him the notes A sent her. She tells him to stop, and he says he didn't send them. Ali tells him her friends were part of it too, and why not punish them. Toby says he wishes who he knew it was, so he could offer his services. Ali says mockingly "I bet you wish you'd kissed me when you had the chance." Her time's up. Also, Emily finds an old picture of Ali and CeCe in Cape May. CeCe reveals she was the girl Ali was writing to, but Ali never revealed the guy's identity. She flashes back to when she was there partying and she saw Ali lurking near by. Ali then tells her she's two weeks late and thinks she is pregnant. She says if the guy finds out, he will kill her.

Dead to Me

Em & Ali.jpg

Emily visits Dr. Sullivan for therapy to help her heal from what happened with Nate. She has Emily try hypno-therapy. Emily suddenly remembers something about the night Ali went missing: Emily sees herself angrily walking towards Alison's backyard holding a shovel. Alison screams and falls to the ground. Ignoring her cries, Emily hits her with the shovel. Later, "A" gives Emily a post-card of the Eiffel Tower. Emily has a flashback of when she and Alison where alone in class. Emily told Alison she was supposed to be studying, but Alison instead was spreading out post-cards of various places in France. "You and me in sweet Pari?" Ali had said, implying they go to Paris together. Ali suggests they go to the south of France, dancing in sun-flower fields, lounging around in their bikini's in the French Riviera. Emily asks how long they would be going away for. Alison looks up, smiles and says, "How about forever?" This trip never actually happened, mostly due to Alison's disappearance.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?


Spencer has a flashback of when Ali and her were in church. Everyone was singing the Christian hymn "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" and nerdy Mona was there too, and she was singing the song loudly while moving her head. Alison saw her and began laughing. After church, Spencer and Ali leave while Ali makes mean remarks of Mona to Spencer. Spencer sees Mona standing alone at the top of stairs to the church, and feels a bit of remorse. Ali takes out her diary and Spencer asks if she could see it. Ali says yes, but mockingly pulls it away, and says Spencer could read it when she's dead. Spencer says "Ew, don't be so gruesome!" to which Ali replies she's just being mysterious. Spencer says she doesn't want to read her "stupid" diary, but Ali says she does, and that she's writing them for her. Spencer asks "Them?" and Ali says, "They're beyond scandalous. Your gonna need them if your gonna carry on after I'm gone." Spencer asks, "Carry on with what?" Ali smiles but doesn't say anything, and she drags Spencer to get some muffins.

I'm Your Puppet

Alison in a Hallucination (Im Your Puppet).png

Veronica Hastings is telling Spencer that the last time she saw someone as depressed as her, it was Alison. She has a flashback of the middle of the night when Ali was having a sleepover at Spencer's house. Alison appears through the door. She notices Alison has a bloody lip and asks what happened. Alison lies and says she must of scraped it on a tree branch when she was trying to get to her house. She asks Veronica not to tell her parents as it will make it worse. When she quickly returns to her own self and tells Veronica "I'm just being weird. Overly sensitive. I'm fine." Then Alison returns upstairs, with Veronica looking after her worried. Spencer has an encounter with Alison while she is staying in Radley Sanitarium. Alison is listening to the song "I'm Your Puppet" on a record player. The both of them briefly dance together. After asking how she got a bruise on her lip, Alison responds by saying that "girls fight dirtier than boys," implying that it was a female who attacked her a few weeks before being buried alive. Alison eventually leads Spencer to a toy rocking horse where she finds Mona's fake staff I.D. and CeCe's authorized pass for visitation. Much like the previous visits, it is left unclear to the audience whether Alison was physically there or not.

A DAngerous GAme


Red Coat lands in the woods in a plane. Spencer attempts to follow her, but loses her trail. However, before she does, she catches a glimpse of her face and thinks it is Alison. Someone pulls Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Mona out of the fire. Hanna wakes up and sees Alison in a red coat staring at her, with a worried expression on her face. Alison is Red Coat. Mona runs up to them and asks if they saw "her." Emily asks who she saw, and Mona tentatively replies "Alison." Mona goes on to say Alison pulled them out, but Aria and Emily believe she is hallucinating. Hanna says she saw her too, and Spencer also comes back and says "Ali is Red Coat." On the drive back to Rosewood, Mona reveals Red Coat would sometimes wear the "Alison" Mask, meaning it could have just looked like Alison. The final scene shows a flashback the night Alison went missing. Her hand emerges from the ground. However, this time it's revealed someone tried to pull her out.

Season 4

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e


Toby has a flashback of Alison at his home, where he is showing her his toy car collection. They have an intimate moment that leads to and almost kiss. But they are interrupted when Toby's mom walks in, having just woke up.  She looks tired and unhealthy and Toby tells her it's already four in the afternoon. She looks surprised and goes to make him a snack. Alison tells Toby his mother is lazy and he gets mad and orders her to leave. On her way out, she calls Toby a loser.

Turn of the Shoe

Alison 4x02.jpg

Jessica DiLaurentis has a flashback of a time when Alison and her were having lunch. They are sitting outside when she tells her daughter that the blouse was revealing and Alison said she was happy with the yellow one. Alison begs her mother to let her friends and her stay down at the shore for their sleepover. Jessica says no and Alison explains that her friends are falling apart, and that they need this. She  once again says no and Alison holds her breath while staring at her mother intensely. Jessica tells her to stop , even knocking her drink over in the process. She finally gives in and says they can stay for one night only. Alison smirks and breathes out.

Face Time

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Aria talks to Hector Lime, the man who made the "Alison" masks, and demands to know if she came with someone. He said she was always alone... except for one time. He has a flashback of the last time he saw her. Alison angrily stormed in his shop and demanded her money she earned for modeling. Hector tells her that he's waiting to get paid so he can pay her. Alison, who appears to be in a rush, tells him to give her whatever he has. She then asks the quickest way to Route 30. He tells her and she runs out before jumping in the passenger seat of a black car. The car drives away, as Hector watches. When pressed by Aria if he saw who was driving, Hector claims it was a bad angle, and he couldn't see who was driving.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

ALI 4X10.png

Spencer and Hanna ask Mrs. DiLaurentis if she knew a Dr.,Palmer at Radley Sanitarium. Mrs. DiLaurentis says she only knew him the one time, and then has a flashback. Alison was playing the piano, when an angry Mrs. DiLaurentis enters the room. She slams the fall board down, almost chopping Alison's fingers off. A shocked Alison asks why her mother was having a hemorrhage, and Jessica says she got a call from Radley saying Alison wanted to check herself in, saying she wanted to hurt herself. Mrs. DiLaurentis hurried to Radley, but when she got there, it wasn't Alison...It was CeCe Drake. Alison looks stunned and tells her that she didn't think she would have actually done it. Jessica says to enjoy it, because this is the last stunt they will play together. She proceeds to tell her that the friendship is "toxic." Alison replies "So are a lot of things." She then starts playing the piano again nonchalantly.

Bring Down the Hoe

Em & Ali IV.jpg

Emily sees a shade of blue nail polish on Alison's vanity and has a flashback. Alison was painting Emily's toes that same shade in her bedroom. She tells Emily that she needs to break up with Ben Coogan, because she knows he doesn't make her happy. Emily says that she doesn't want to hurt him, and Alison says she has to stop trying to please everyone but herself. She says you have to go for what you want, otherwise you just end up with "mushy squash." She says she breaks up with peoples boyfriends for them, because they don't want to. Emily says that's terrible, and Alison mentions that one of her friends asked her to do it. She then reveals that the guy pulled a gun on her. Emily asks if he goes to their school, and Alison replies "He doesn't go to our school...anymore." Emily suspects CeCe asked her to break up with her boyfriend, and that maybe the guy was Darren Wilden.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Alison is alive.jpg

The girls find out there are two Red Coats, one of them being CeCe. They believe the other is Alison, who appears to be helping her old friends; she saved Emily's life from the sawmill, and she led the girls to A's main lair. A female eye is shown spying on them in the lair. "A" appears to be obsessed with Alison, because the lair has a bunch of huge pictures of her. Carla Grunwald talks to the liars, and reveals she did know Alison. She said that she has a sense of knowing things, and Alison would call her saying she is in trouble and is afraid of "A." Carla said she had a horrible feeling the night Alison went missing, and a flashback is shown. Carla drove to Rosewood and went to her backyard. When she arrived there, Alison's hand was coming out of the ground. Carla pulled Alison out of the ground, confirming Alison is indeed alive. Alison was crying and seemed very confused. She drove Alison to a hospital, and Carla ran in to get help. When she returned, Alison was gone. Carla says that Alison does not want to be found, not just yet. Carla also says they need to leave Ravenswood, because "he" is watching them, hoping that they will lead "him" to Alison. "He" is revealed to be Ezra Fitz. The Liars find out Alison will be at a celebration Ravenswood is having, and must race to find her before "He" does.

Grave New World

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The girls dressed in their old-fashioned costumes, go to the celebration at the Ravenswood Cemetery in search of Alison. They later see Red Coat running into a crypt. The girls follow her, but she disappears before they could catch her. When Ezra takes the girls back to Rosewood, The girls spot Red Coat and follows her to Spencer's barn. They watch her from behind as she slowly takes off her hood and turns around. It is Alison. She asks them if they missed her, and then tells them that it still isn't safe yet. Emily asks Alison not to leave again, and she reveals that she wants to come home, but she needs their help. Then she tells Hanna to remember what she told her in the hospital (Moments Later). A light comes up behind the liars and she motions for them to be quiet. They turn around to see Ezra. He claims that Aria left her phone is his car and hands it to her, looking behind them. They all turn around. Alison is gone.

Love ShAck, Baby

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Emily is sleeping with her window wide open. Alison walks through the window, waking Emily up. Alison tells Emily how much she missed her, but Emily doesn't want to hear it. Emily says that she has been here the whole time, Ali is the one who was gone. Emily tells Alison she destroyed her because she thought she was dead. Alison picks up her journal on Emily's bed. Alison says she thought she was being smart, writing everything down in a journal. Alison tells Emily she wants her help because she always saw the good in her. Emily says she doesn't see that anymore. Ali notices the Jenna-Thing string bracelet on her wrist, and is shocked to see she still wears it. Emily wakes up from her dream. The Liars realize Ali used fake names in her journal. They read one story titled "The Cradle Robber". Hanna admits she is the Cradle Robber, and has a flashback to a time the girls were having a sleepover at Aria's. Alison had caught Hanna and Mike together, and tells her how wrong and gross it is. Hanna says "He was nice to me"!, to which Alison replies "Oh, please. He just wanted to feel your boobs. And you let him." Hanna says she isn't pretty or perfect like the rest of them. Alison says "That doesn't mean you have to settle for being a Cradle Robber". Hanna begs Alison not tell Aria, and Alison agrees not to. Alison tells Hanna she will find someone who will love her exactly for who she is. It may just take her longer than the rest of them, that's all.

Close Encounters


Emily finds out Shana has been helping Alison, because they were childhood friends. Emily asks for proof, and Shana tells her things only Alison would know. For example, Shana recited the exact conversation Emily and Ali had when Ali pulled her out of the barn, revealing Alison really did save Emily. Shana tells Emily that Alison wants to meet Emily. Tonight. That night, Shana drives Ali to an abandoned warehouse. Emily turns around, and Alison is there. They hug, and Emily begs Alison to come back. Alison says she doesn't know who she can trust. Emily asks who she is hiding from, and Alison replies, "I thought I knew...but I was wrong". Ali says she trusts Emily, but is not so sure about the others. They hear a noise, and a scared Ali takes off to the elevators. Emily sees that it's Spencer. Emily runs after Ali, but it's too late. Alison is gone.

Bite Your Tongue

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Spencer is reading a story in Ali's journal, titled "The Hart and the Huntsman". Spencer visualizes the story in her head, and we see Alison on a date. We do not see who she is talking to. Spencer is playing "The Huntsman". Alison says to the man "So...what do you think about my story?". Spencer reads the mans dialogue. "You have a strong voice" The man says. Alison asks what is wrong with it. The man says her story is only going to get more distinctive as she grows up. "Grow up?" Alison curiously replies. "You know what I mean. Mature". The man says. "Oh, so you don't think I'm mature enough?" The man says that literature boils down to two things: Love and death. Alison then comments on what he ordered: Boysenberry Pie with beer. Alison says she might write a story about this very moment. She leans in and kisses the man. Later, Spencer goes to the bar Alison and Board Shorts went to. She sees Ezra and he is eating none other than Board Shorts Ale and Boysenberry pie. Spencer has the same flashback of Alison's date, but realizes the man she was with was Ezra.

Hot for Teacher

Hot for teacher (386).png

We see Alison in a phone booth. She is talking to Shana. Alison asks Shana if she "can get it". Later, Shana asks Emily if she can get something for Ali. There is something behind the French Twins poster in Alison's bedroom that Ali needs. Emily retrieves it, and it is a lot of money. Shana asks Emily to meet her later so Emily can give the money to Shana. Shana never shows, because "A" attacks Shana and she wakes up in her car. Ali calls Shana and asks if she got the money. Shana looks and sees the Rosewood Sign that reads "You are now leaving Rosewood. Please come back again". However, "A" crossed out "please" with red paint and wrote "Don't". Shana gasps and hangs up before taking off. Alison tried to look through her wallet for some money, only having a couple of dollars. She stares at a picture of herself with the other liars. Alison gets on a bus, and cries.

Shadow Play

Ali (Shadow Play).png

Thanks to Spencer's drug use, she has a dream that transports her and everyone to a black-and-white noir film world. In this dream, Spencer, dressed in her black and white attire, turns around and sees Alison. Alison is staring a painting of herself that is unusually hanging on Spencer's wall. Ali is wearing the same dress and pose as the painting has. Spencer gets mad at Ali and demands when she will get answers. Alison laughs in her face about how pathetic Spencer's drug use is. Alison says to Spencer "Maybe you're the one I should be afraid of". Alison vanishes. Later, the girls find Ali working at a nightclub. Ali is being her bitchy self. Alison says Spencer is bossy, and claims Spencer tried to kill her once. Spencer says "lets see how long you last out here without us". Spencer claims Alison is setting them up for something. Ali asks Aria if Spencer told her. Aria looks confused, when a gunshot is heard. They all run and hear Ezra's voice. However, it's actually Toby who says he hit Ezra with his car. Ali is gone.

She's Come Undone

IMG 5446.PNG

Spencer steals papers from Ezra's apartment. She reads one that says CeCe witnessed a fight between Spencer and Ali the night Ali went missing. Spencer has a flashback, which is continuing the flashback from If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again. After their argument inside Spencer's house, Ali storms out. Spencer follows, angrily yelling at Ali to stop. Alison says that they are over. Spencer grabs a shovel and Ali yells "You are way out of your league, Spencer"! Spencer lifts the shovel, and says "Am I? You sure about that?". Alison looks a bit scared and says "Why don't you put that thing down before you hurt yourself". Spencer doesn't remember what happened next, but the paper says Mrs. DiLaurentis also witnessed the fight and paid CeCe not to tell. Spencer fears she could have been the one who tried to kill Alison.


2014-03-12 15-20-05.jpg

In a flashback, Jason was on the couch, when Alison and Jessica walk through the door. They are talking about "A". Ali, who appears to be scared, says the notes are anonymous and Jessica tells Ali she thinks it's Spencer. She tells Alison to defend herself and to smoke Spencer out. Jason reveals himself and Jessica asks how long he was there. Jason smirks in response. Veronica has a flashback of a time when Spencer was using drugs for the first time. Spencer and Melissa had gotten into a huge argument and trashed each others things. Alison walks up to Veronica who is outside cleaning up the huge mess. She is visibly upset. Alison asks to help, but Veronica tells her to leave. Veronica says she doesn't understand what's happening to her family. Alison says she wishes she knew too. Alison turns to leave, when she sees a sick-looking Spencer staring at her. Emily and Hanna sneak into Alison's room and manage to log into an email she was using. They message Ali, and Alison calls them, asking how they found her. She tells them to meet her, giving an address. The liars go to that address, and try to find Ali.

A is for Answers

IMG 6118.PNG

She sits down with them and tells them everything that happened the night she went missing. From Hilton with Ian to blackmailing Jenna in Philadelphia. After she gets a death threat from "A," Alison decides to find out who "A" was that night. Ezra confronts her about lying t him about her age when they dated and asks not tot find him again. When the Liars are ruled out, she confronts Ian about his videos where he tells her that revealing will "bring everybody down." After the argument with Spencer, she waits at the barn for another text but nothing happened. She went home thinking it was finally over, but someone hits her from behind with a rock and her mother buries her thinking that she's dead. Alison confirms that Carla Grunwald pulled her from the ground. Alison ran from her because she was scared. Alison is walking aimlessly, until Mona picked her up. Mona gives her the idea to disappear and in return, she gave Mona tips on changing her look. Back to the present, someone id shooting at the Liars and they are chased up the rooftop. Ezra appears and begins to fight "A", claiming he knows who it is. Hanna grabs the gun and they all yell for shim to take off the mask. "A" reaches for the mask, but jumps off the ledge. "A" pulls themselves to safety and runs away. The girls see in horror that Ezra has been shot.

Season 5

EscApe From New York


Afraid of being seen in the public eye, Alison watches Ezra being loaded into an ambulance from a balcony above. With height giving her an advantage, Alison notices 'A' lying flat on the top of the ambulance as it drives away. Alison leads ‘A’ out of the hospital and on the streets of New York, eventually running into a playground and hiding behind some equipment. It isn’t long before the four girls are surrounded by multiple people claiming they are A. As the police drive past and break the flash mob up, Alison tells the other girls A was one step ahead of them. Eventually, she meets up with CeCe and Noel. She gives CeCe her passport and her plane ticket. In the dressing room of the Fitzgerald Theatre, Alison tells Emily that Ezra was paying CeCe for information and that’s why CeCe was in Ravenswood. Alison goes on to say CeCe was never really Red Coat, Alison had just asked her to wear it, hoping that she’d distract A long enough so Alison could turn off the saw. As the girls run out onto the stage, the lights in the Theater go out and Shana walks onto the stage with a gun. Shana tells them they she thought she had them all locked in the lodge, but Alison was late to the party. Alison doesn’t understand why she would turn on her. Shana tells Alison and the girls that what she is doing is justice, and when Spencer asks for who, Alison realises who, “for Jenna. You fell in love with her”. Alison tells her that Jenna doesn’t love her, “she’s playing you. That’s what she does”. After Aria knocks Shana of the stage, killing her, Hanna embraces an upset Alison.

Whirly Girlie


Arriving back in Rosewood, Alison hesitates as she gets off the bus, but Emily manages to convince her to take the final few steps. Entering the Police Department, Alison and the other girls are greeted by Gabriel Holbrook and she tells him that she didn’t disappear, she was kidnapped and held hostage for two years. She goes on t say that she escaped her captor in Ravenswood and the girls hid her in the woods, in a shed that they all used to hang out in. Before Holbrook can press any further questions, Mr. DiLaurentis arrives, reuniting Alison with her father. At home, she gets a text message, "the truth will bury you in a New York minute." Kenneth tells her she can sleep downstairs if she prefers, but Alison tells him she’s been dreaming of sleeping in her own bed again. As he’s leaving her room, Kenneth tells Alison that he and her mother are getting a divorce, something she already knows, “I know. Emily told me”. Later, Alison sneaks at the Mausoleum saying goodbye to the girl who was buried in her grave, when Mona comes up behind her. Alison tells Mona that she can't be the person in hiding anymore and offer her hand in friendship. Mona then tells Alison that she was the one who sent the text message and threatens to make her life horrible. As Jessica's body is lifted from the shallow grave and zipped into a body bag, a hooded Alison silently weeps by herself.

Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars S05E03 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 0068.jpg

Alison is lying numbly on her bed in the days following the discovery of Jessica’s body. She ignores everything and everyone around her until the day of the funeral. At funeral home, Alison relates a story to Hanna on how Jessica would drag her along to all her relatives' funerals. She tells Aria about Mona's threat and fears the outcome if she returns to Rosewood High. She reads Ezra's manuscript and she asks Ezra if he left and he confirms it. She also thanks him for helping her and girls in New York. Having left Ezra’s apartment, Alison is walking down the street. Peter Hastings notices her walking alone and calls out to her and offers her a ride home.

Thrown From The Ride

Pretty Little Liars S05E04 Thrown from the Ride 113.jpg

Kenneth drops by Ali’s bedroom and tells her the police need her to go in for a medical exam, and they can’t keep putting it off. Alison calls Hanna, who is the only one of her friends to answer, and tells her that she’s going in for a medical exam tomorrow and she doesn’t want to go alone, “can you please come with me?” Hanna agrees to go with her and asks what time she should pick Alison up. Alison is having her medical exam, where the doctor tells her she has quite powerful lungs, before asking her to tilt her head so he can take a lot at the place where she was injured. The doctor tells Alison he’d like her to come in for an x-ray as the scar tissue on her head may have trapped particles from whatever caused the wound. The doctor notices a scar on her thigh. She claims it happened when she escaped though the doctor does not quite believe her. She gives the girls a tape recorder of statements the girls had to memorize for when the police start asking more questions. When her and Spencer talk, Alison tells her that somebody messed with Jessica’s pills. Jessica has low blood pressure and the pills in her system were the wrong ones and they stopped her heart.

Miss Me x 100

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Alison is giving herself a little pep talk as she’s getting ready for her first day back at Rosewood High, "you've been through a lot worse. You can do this". At school, she walks in with the girls with her head held against any odds. After school, she is at Emily's house where she confesses to Emily that not all of her kisses to her were just practice leaving Emily confused. At the church, Mona confronts her with the New York incident and tells her to leave again. Alison is not deterred claiming if Mona had proof, she would've done something by now. So goes on to tell her she's afraid because it long until her army is won over. “I made you Loser Mona once, and you know I can do it again”. Angry and upset, Mona slaps Alison. Recovering from Mona's hit, Alison slaps her back, cutting her face and demands Mona to leave her alone before she turns and walks from the Church. She tells the Liars what happened leaving out much of the argument. The next day, Mona shows people a fabricated video of Alison hitting her intentionally. She pleads with the other girls that Mona has found a lot of ways to make them believe things were real when they're not. Emily tells Alison that maybe Mona deserved the slap, but Alison went out of her way to lie to them, again. After discovering who died in her place, she and the girls get a new message from "A" after Toby's house explodes.

Run, Ali, Run

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The Liars' cell phones are beeping and ringing with an incoming text message, and Alison says that it is from A, and when Ezra asks what it says, Aria reads it out loud, "Did you miss me, bitches. -A". A second explosion inside the Cavanaugh house occurs leaving Alison and the others ducking for cover. In Emily's bedroom, Alison wonders if the text message they received means they were wrong about Shana, and Aria comments that 'A' is alive and knows that she killed Shana. In the school cafeteria, Alison, Hanna and Emily meet up with Spencer and Aria, and seeing Emily looking uneasy, Aria asks if she's okay, only for Alison to say that Emily practically jumped out of her skin when somebody dropped their lunch tray. Getting a text message, Alison is shocked, and shows the girls the snapchat video she received of Jessica being buried in the Hastings backyard, along with a message - "I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you. -A", before the content automatically deletes after a few short seconds. Alison begins to consider running away again. Later, she is attacked in her home by "A" but manages to be rescued by Emily. In Emily's bedroom, she gets a text from "A" informing her that she's not safe where ever she goes.

The Silence of E. Lamb

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She invited to a dinner with Emily and her mom and forces herself to go. When she talks to Caleb, he is not easily won over by he because of her past, comparing her to a tornado. She tells Hanna that boys like Caleb can be trouble even when they don't mean to be. At the dining table, Pam mentions a deal on the replacement windows, and explains to Alison that is the second set of windows they have brought this year, so they received a bad luck discount. Alison says that she could use one of those, and Emily says they all could. When Hanna says she thinks people make their own luck, Alison tells her that maybe she’s right, “maybe we do set ourselves up for bad things”. She said that she's ashamed of what happened to her, but Pam tell her not to be. She has some very special friends, and Alison states her she knows, before reaching out for Emily’s hand. When Hanna tells Alison that she’s the special one, and there’s nobody else like her, Alison just looks at her, not saying a word. Standing up from the table, Alison looks from Emily to Hanna, before grabbing Emily’s plate and walking from the dining room. Later, Alison is seen on Spencer’s security camera footage in the Hastings’ backyard, but it is unclear as to where she was going, or what she was doing.

Scream For Me

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At Rosewood High, Alison is being interviewed by Linda Tanner where she asks Alison to clarify that she hadn’t spoken to Shana since before her abduction, and Alison tells her that she hadn’t spoken to anyone and did she ever try to contact her. She denies trying to contact her. Meanwhile, she asks to stay with Hanna while her dad is away to which the latter agrees. She claims that some was watching her last night. Later, someone tries to break into Hanna's house and the police are called. Ashley stand up for her when it seems that Tanner is treating her like a criminal. As she is packing, she confesses to Emily and Spencer that the perpetrator as Noel Kahn in order to get Hanna's mom to stop questioning her about what happened to her. When Spencer asks why she would do that, Alison poses, “well it worked, didn’t it?”

March of Crimes

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Alison is putting some clothes away in Hanna’s wardrobe when Emily asks her why Noel would help her break into the Marin house, before Spencer asks how he would have explained himself if he was caught. Turning around, Alison tells Spencer’s she “a little loud”, to which Spencer comments that Alison is a little crazy. When she tries to talk to Hanna about last night, Hanna claims she doesn't need Alison's help and that her stupid stunts affect a lot of people. When talking to Jenna, she asks how did turn Shana against her. Jenna tells her that Alison did it herself. Later, Ashley takes Alison to the police station where the cops claim to have her kidnapper and need Alison to identify him. Walking into an observation room, Alison watches as Lieutenant Tanner questions the man they have in custody. As Alison and Ashley listen to the man confess to kidnapping Alison.

A Dark Ali

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In an office at the Rosewood Police Department, Alison is looking at Cyrus Petrillo’s mug shot when Kenneth walks in. As Kenneth asks Alison if that’s the man who hurt her, Alison says that she doesn’t know. Kenneth asks Alison if that’s him, if that’s the man who hurt her, and turning to face her father, Alison tells him she doesn’t know. However, the girls realize that the man is hired by Alison to be a pawn so they could follow him to "A." She knows Cyrus as she was a former lover of hers while she was on the run. He gave her the scar on her thigh. She finds him stealing her bag and she attacks him, but he pulls out a knife and stabs her. When Tanner takes her and Kenneth to a basement where she breaks down when she recalls her attack. After Cyrus leaves the station, Alison meets up with him as Vivian Darkbloom. Reaching into her jacket pocket, she give him a plane ticket telling him that this is his one chance to start over. Cyrus turns back to her and questions the way she’s used her chance. Alison watches as he gets into his car and drives away.

Taking This One to the Grave

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In an interrogation room at the Rosewood Police Department, Alison is getting hooked up to a polygraph test. The man conducting the test tells her that he’s going to ask her a series of questions that they know are true, then he’ll ask her questions that they don’t know. The interviewer asks Alison who else was in the barn that night, and Alison says, “Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields”. When asked if they were all still asleep when Alison left the barn, Alison answers, “yes”. The then conductor asks where Alison last saw Spencer Hastings. When Spencer's loyalty to her is brought up, the interviewer asks what would Spencer be willing to do to prove loyalty, hinting at Bethany Young's murder. Emily and her talk and she eventually discovers the girls belief that she is "A." Betrayed she leaves Emily's house and gets into a Volkswagen Beetle with Cindy and Mindy and drives off. Later, she watches the cops at Mona's house when they announce Mona was murdered. With a coy smile, Alison turns and leaves the scene.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

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At the Masquerade Ice Ball, she uses Cindy and Mindy to throw the Liars off while she meets with CeCe. During this time, she is visited by the ghosts of her mother and Mona where they show her how she came to the person she was. Mona, as a ghost, eventually shows up and shows her a past where she, as child, first learns how to lie. Little Alison finds two yellow dresses and Jessica helps rehearse a lie to tell her father out of fear that he would leave them. Mona comments that that’s when the monster was born. When Mona returns, the ghost tells her that ignoring her won't make her go away but make her mad. She then shows Alison a funeral where she herself is the one in the casket and no one is there to mourn her. Jessica. as The Black Widow tell her that they would be coming for her soon. As spirits start to fly around the Church, Alison asks if she’s going to hell. Jessica turns back with a tear running down her face, and backing away, Alison runs towards the Church doors, unable to get out, “No! Please! Let me out! Mona!” Alison is now in her room where Mona tells her it's Christmas and promises that she doesn’t want to miss it. As Mona disappears, Alison looks around her bedroom. That night, Alison watches The Lairs, Paige, Ezra, and Toby enjoy Christmas dinner. Disillusioned, Alison turns and starts to walk away.

Through a Glass, Darkly

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Outside of the Rosewood Church, Alison walks up to Leona Vanderwaal, who is watching Mona’s coffin in the back of a hearse. Alison tells Leona that she came to pay her respects, but Leona slaps her and screams at her asking her where Mona's body is, before Hanna walks up to Leona and guides her away. Holding her cheek, Alison looks around the stunned crowd. Everyone including Jason begins to suspect that she killed Mona. When Jason questions her on her whereabouts Thanksgiving Day, Alison claims that she's being framed. While walking down the street, she exchanges words with Carla Grunwald who tells Alison that she's in her prayers before leaving. Alison hurries into the DiLaurentis living room with a bag on her back. As police lights and sirens start to flash. Attempting to run, Alison is shoved backwards by the Liars. She claims "A" set her up so that she couldn't protect them, claiming that they will be next. Lt. Tanner shows and has her arrested. Her final words to the girls are “don’t say I didn’t warn you”. In a women’s correctional centre, Alison lies awake, tossing and turning.

Fresh Meat

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Alison, having been transferred to Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, is led to a holding bench and chained in place. Looking up when Toby stops by her, Alison tells him that they, as in the girls, need to see her. They can’t keep ignoring me”. Toby is unsympathetic and as he leaves, Alison questions if he’s forgotten what it feels like to “be in a cage for something you didn’t do”. Alison asks if he remembers how that felt, and Toby tells her he does, but he also remembers whose words put him in that cage. In her cell, Alison is visited by Hanna. Alison mentions that she could have thrown all the girls under the bus, “but I didn’t. I kept her mouth shut”. Just as Hanna leaves, she reveals that she was meeting Cyrus that day only discover that "A" set her up when Mona went missing and she had no alibi. Later, Alison gets up when she is delivered a new jumpsuit. Taking the jumpsuit, Alison waits until the inmate moves on, before pulling out a note from the top pocket, “Your friends will see you soon”.

Bloody Hell

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Being led into a visitation room, Alison stares in at Emily, Spencer and Aria through a glass window. Alison listens as Emily says that Mike was scared to say anything as he still thought Mona was alive and didn’t want to put her in danger. She is told of Mona's plan to catch and that it backfired. A guard enters the room, telling them all that their visiting time is over. When Aria walks back over to her, Alison tells Aria that she’s going to have to tell her lawyers about Mike, and Aria pleads with her not to do that. When Alison comments that Mike’s testimony may be the only thing to save her, Aria asks if she can hold off, and wait to see if she can find Cyrus as he may be able to lead her to ‘A’. Alison is led in to the visitation room, and on seeing Veronica, Alison asks what she is doing here. Veronica says that she wants to know why her daughter and her friends are visiting Alison all of a sudden. Alison says that that’s why she wants to take the stand, “I want to tell my side of the story”, but her lawyers won’t let her. Veronica comments she could say the wrong thing and wind up incriminating herself. As Alison says that she can’t just sit here quietly while someone gets up there and makes her look like a murderer, Veronica reminds her that she’s told so many lies, people know that now. Alison asks her to be her coach for the trial. Pushing a clothes bin into the laundry room, Alison notices the words ‘told everything’ under where she’d previously written ‘Mona’ in the dust on the table. In her cell, Alison finds a soda can, and taking off the lid, she finds a small blonde doll and a note, “You’re already over a barrel, wanna be in one, too? –A”. When Hanna comes to visit her, Alison expresses regret over how she treated the girls. When when they stopped listening to her, she found new people who would. Alison adds that being in jail, “no one listens to me”. She never realized how bad that felt to be on the other side of that, Alison fights back tears, “so I’m sorry”.

To Plea or Not to Plea

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Sitting in the visitation room, Alison listens as Rebecca, her lawyer, explains that Veronica Hastings reviewed Alison’s case and she agrees that it’s not a good idea for Alison to take the stand. Alison questions how not telling the truth is a good idea, and when Rebecca tells her that she doesn’t have anyone to back up her story, Alison says that Cyrus Petrillo asked her to meet him at the time of the murder, “he set me up”. Rebecca points out that Alison also told the police that Cyrus kidnapped her, and if she admits that lie, no jury will believe anything else she says. Alison comments that there’s someone else who could testify to her being set up. She also learns that Hanna is suspected as being her accomplice. Walking through Chester Country Women’s Correctional, Alison finds her cell ransacked. Pulling her overturn mattress down from the wall, Alison finds a message scribed on the wall, “TAKE THE PLEA”. In the laundry room, Alison is ironing a jumpsuit and is attacked by an unknown person. At the phones, Alison calls Rebecca. Alison wonders that if she agrees to what Rebecca mentioned earlier, could she promise that the D.A will move her somewhere safer than this. When Veronica visits her, she encourages her to continue her fight for if she takes the plea, Hanna is behind bars for something she didn't do. When Rebecca present her the plea deal, Alison decides to not take it. Later, she sees Hanna walk in a jumpsuit being led to her cell.

The Melody Lingers On

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In a visitation room, Alison watches Rebecca point out where they and the prosecution will be sitting when the trial begins. As Rebecca tells Alison to not be afraid to look at the jury, they don’t want them to think Alison has anything to hide, Kenneth says he doesn’t like the idea of twelve strangers off the street deciding what happens to his daughter, to which Rebecca tells him that it’s the American way. She calls Emily to see if she will be at the trial which the latter says yes. In the courtroom, the prosecutor, Douglas Sirk, goes through his opening statement, asking the jury to remember high school and how people like Alison make that experience a fight for survival. Sirk says her tale of escape is a lie and that Mona Vanderwaal knew the truth which led to her death. In the laundry room, Alison pushes a trolley of jumpsuits over to the dryers and receives now dries ones from inside. Hanna walks in, the two girls lock eyes. She tells her of how Mona was sending her mock tributes that stopped when Mona was killed. Later, Alison sits across from Jason in a visitation room. Jason comments that they’re quite the pair, Alison mentions that lying is a one way street, “it’s kind of like those signs in parking lots, ‘backing up causes severe tyre damage’”. Jason wonders what Alison’s lawyer thinks, and Alison tells him that Rebecca remains confident. When Jason asks if there’s anything he can do, Alison tells him that he had the right idea a long time ago, “get out”. Alison tells Jason to just leave and do it now, and after a short pause, Jason mentions that he believes her. Jason adds that he’s believed her since that night at the house when she tried to get away, he saw it in her face, she didn’t kill anyone. Alison then admits that while she didn’t kill anyone, she did let a lot of things happen that she shouldn’t of.

I'm a Good Girl, I Am


After court, Emily, Spencer, and Aria have a conference call with Alison and Hanna. Hanna is on one phone while Alison is on another. The girls fill Alison in about Leslie. Aria thinks that Leslie may be another one of A’s traps, but Hanna believes that Leslie cared about Mona. The girls tell Alison about the cryptic note they found in Mona’s room. The girls are worried as they are running out of time and have no clue on how to proceed as Alison has no alibi. Alison states that according to her lawyer, going after a possible witness is a waste of time. She tells the girls that while she was waiting for Cyrus on the playground, she heard someone there and saw their jacket. She thought it was ‘A’ and panicked and ran away. Hanna and Alison’s calls get cut off as their time is up. Meanwhile, Alison and Hanna are in the laundry room. She and Alison try to talk about Kendra but the guards won’t give them a second alone. So, Hanna slams her hand in the dryer and Alison burns herself with an iron so that they can go to the infirmary together. Rebecca visits Alison in the infirmary. Alison tells her that what happened to her was an accident. Hanna comes out of the infirmary. Alison passes Hanna a note and Rebecca sees this. She lectures them they are on trial for murder, not in homeroom detention. In court, the prosecution unravels any defense the defense has making it impossible to not convict Alison. After deliberation, the jury returns and pronounces Alison guilty of murder in the first degree. Alison is handcuffed and taken into custody.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Pretty Little Liars S05E25 Alison.jpg

Chained, Alison is led into the visitation room where Peter and Veronica Hastings wait for her. When she learns that the Liars have been kidnapped, she finally reveals to them that it was "A." She explains to them that Mona started the game again at Radley but someone else took control of the game from Mona and mostly likely killed her mother and Mona. Peter asks why didn't they go to the police and says that "A" erases or leaves no proof for anyone to use against them. She swear that she's telling the truth this time. Alison listens as Peter questions why she’s being honest now, before telling him that she’s going to spend the rest of her life in jail, “I don’t have anything else to lose. But you do”.

Season 6

Game On, Charles


Alison is released from prison when it's revealed the Liars are kidnapped and that they were all framed. She conspires with Toby, Ezra, and Caleb to escape her police guard in order to formulate their plan to rescue the girls. It is revealed that Alison’s statement at the press conference was actually a message telling 'A' to meet her at the Kissing Rock. Alison and the guys plan to use Alison as bait to find the girls. They will follow Alison to wherever 'A' takes her, leading them to the girls. Caleb hands Alison a pair of shoes with a GPS tracker to help them follow her. At the Kissing Rock, a car has been left for her in the woods. Alison climbs into the car and the GPS begins giving out directions to her destination. She starts driving down the highway while Ezra and Caleb follow her from a safe distance. The GPS in the car leads Alison to Tyler State Park. On reaching her destination, the car conveniently runs out of gas and her phone doesn’t have any reception either. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Alison presses the road-side assistance button, to be greeted by a male voice that tells her to open the trunk of the car. Dressed in the same outfit the night she disappeared she wonders through the woods until Caleb and Ezra find her. They find the dollhouse and rescue the girls, Mona, and Sara Harvey.

Songs of Innocence

Alison talks to Spencer and tells her that her father said there is no Charles DiLaurentis. Alison asks Spencer if she wants to go to the police with her Charles theory but Spencer tells her that she doesn't want to walk into the police station with any more theories and that the cops should figure it out. Toby introduces Lorenzo Calderon to. At church, Alison spots Lorenzo. After the service is over, Alison rushes out and Lorenzo chases after her. The two have a chat about how they used to go to church when they were young, but then stopped. Alison then tells him that she has to go and runs off. Before she leaves, Lorenzo assures her that he won't tell anyone that he saw her at church. Alison asks why he thinks she doesn't want people to know she goes to church. He replies that he doesn't know why, but he does know that she doesn't want anyone knowing.

Songs of Experience


Alison runs in to Lorenzo, who is coaching a soccer youth group for boys. Lorenzo invites Alison to be the leader for the girls youth group, but Alison declines, saying that, “There are mothers in this town who wouldn't appreciate me supervising their daughters.” The girls pay Alison a visit and tell her all about Jason’s “imaginary friend” Charlie and try to convince her that her father lied to her. Alison is upset, and reminisces about how Jason always thought something was missing from the family. They decide to look through the house and try to find proof that Charlie existed. While going through the house, Alison points out to Spencer that Toby is probably back to hating Alison now that the girls are safe. Alison then talks about how nice Lorenzo is, and how Toby must’ve told him all about the not-so-nice things she’s done. It’s obvious that Alison actually likes Lorenzo, and seeing this, Spencer encourages her, telling her that she’s got a second chance at life and she shouldn’t waste it. Deep inside a jar, at the bottom, she finds a folded up picture of two little boys with Jessica. After telling Jason, the two of them confront Kenneth who finally tells them about Charles.

Don't Look Now

Alison learns that Charles was the oldest DiLaurentis Child who had mental issues who was in Radley until his death at sixteen. Kenneth later tells her that Charles tried to drown her in a tub of hot water when she was a baby. Alison finds Jason looking at a picture from when they were young in the DiLaurentis living room. Ali comments on how they were so innocent back then. She asks Jason if he is okay and Jason questions her if she would be okay if she were convinced to believe what she saw with her own eyes to be a lie. Jason says that Jessica and Kenneth made him doubt himself and how, ever since then he's always doubted himself. Alison tells him what the girls discovered and shows him Charles' Radley file. When Ali says that Aunt Carol visited Charles a lot in Radley, Jason remembers the time when he got hurt in the elevator the previous year and thought that Wilden was after him, he drove up to Aunt Carol's house for hiding from him. Jessica however turned him away but not before he heard a crash in the house. Alison asks him if he ever went back there. Jason says that he never did but he always wondered why Jessica was keeping that place even though no one was living there. Alison suggests that maybe someone, I.e. Charles, was living there.

She's No Angel

6x05 27.jpg

Alison hears two police officers talking badly about her. Her father tells her that she made a bas reputation for herself and needs to own up to it. Lorenzo and Alison are sitting in the living room. They discuss plans for the church's youth group. Alison isn't sure she is the right one to guide the kids, but Lorenzo tells her he already recommended her for it because he thinks she can make a difference. Kenneth comes in and gets angry about finding Lorenzo there and kicks Lorenzo out. Alison gets a text from Hanna, telling her to come over as they found something. As Alison tries to leave, Kenneth stops her, thinking she wants to meet Lorenzo. He threatens to take her away from Rosewood if she sees Lorenzo again. Alison asks if he intends to bury her on Aunt Carol's farm with Charles.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

6x07 15.jpg

He then drives away with Alison, to take her to a safe place. Alison looks at the birthday invitation, which Charles sent to Kenneth and realizes he is alive. She is at a hotel with her father, who doesn't allow her to leave. Alison informs Spencer about Charles' birthday invitation and Jason being determined to meet Charles. Kenneth knocks on the door, because he noticed Alison took his phone. Alison asks Spencer to talk to Jason and hangs up. She opens the door and Kenneth comes in. Alison wants to tell the police about Charles, but Kenneth disagrees, because he wants to figure out what to tell them first. Meanwhile, Alison is in front of the hotel, where Mona picks her up. Alison is thankful for driving her and Mona states she owes her more than a car ride. Even though Mona tells her not to, Alison decides to call 911 about Charles. Later, her and Jason watch a video from Charles of the one of his birthday's when they were preteens.



Alison is with Lorenzo at his apartment. She declares that nobody understands it and her father treats her like she's the threat. She claims that the only person Kenneth is opening up to about Charles is Tanner. Lorenzo understands how hard it must be for Alison and says he wished he would have stopped Charles. He suggests calling a friend on Tanner's team to get some answers, but Alison tells him he doesn't have to. She later folds his laundry while he is sleeping on the couch. When she is about to leave, she sees Lorenzo's access card to the police department and after a short hesitation, she takes it with her. Alison walks into Tanner's office, which is filled with information about Charles and all of the unsolved murders of the last years. Tanner catches her in the act. She gets back to Lorenzo's apartment, where he confronts her about breaking into the police department and tries his best to understand why she did it. After Lorenzo wonders why she didn't ask him, she states that he would have said no, and she would have done it anyway.

Last Dance


The Liars are in The Brew discussing the fact that they won't be attending prom. Alison excuses herself to use the restroom, but receives a text from Charles: "Better be at prom. It's our last chance to dance. Come alone. xo Charles". Alison answers a call from a blocked ID and, after some silence, says "Charles? Is that you?" then says that she can't go to the school prom. Ali then says "Please. Charles, talk to me!" and the call is disconnected. She hears a noise outside and we see a hooded figure move past her window. Ali walks over to her window, but hooded figure is gone. Later, Alison walking towards the barn in her prom dress; she turns around and waves to her friends' moms as a figure in a red coat and a mask looks on from behind some bushes. Once their backs are turned, Ali runs into the bushes and the figure follows her. She arrives at the prom and eventually is captured by Charles who takes off the hood. Alison is shocked at what she sees.

Game Over, Charles

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Charlotte's Web

The Gloves Are On

Do Not Disturb

Where Somebody Waits For Me

We've All Got Baggage

Did You Miss Me?

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Season 7

Tick-Tock, Bitches


The Talented Mr. Rollins

Hit and Run, Run, Run

Along Comes Mary

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Original G'A'ngsters

Exes and OMGs

The DArkest Knight


Death and the Maiden

Alison is mention by Ms. Grunwald to Caleb saying that The Liars were in Ravenswood looking for her, but she was long gone by now.

My Haunted Heart

Alison is mentioned by Hanna to Ms. Grunwald thanking her for pulling Ali out the ground.

The Perfectionists


In the Oregon mountainside late at night, Alison is being chauffeured and is asked why she’s in Oregon by the driver. She responds she is now a faculty member of BHU and doesn’t know a soul in town. After arriving at her new house, she begins to hear ominous noises inside the house. Shaken, she opens the basement door and turns on the lights. Seeing nothing, she closes it and hears her doorbell ring. She opens it and is surprised to see her old frenemy Mona, who calmly states that she brought pie.

Mona sets the pie on the table and sits and Alison asks why she's here. Mona responds that she also works at BHU for recruitment and admissions, having come back to the States to devote her time to her passions - game design. She explained the reasons why she was in France escaped her. Alison is still not following, so Mona elaborates that ten months ago she was hired at BHU to refine their faculty selection process. Mona selected Alison for her new position at BHU. Alison is angered she wasn't told but admits she wouldn't have come if Mona had asked her. Mona admits she wanted to come here for a fresh start, and it was easier to gain people's trust when you haven't given them enough reasons not to. Alison relates and admitted that her wife, Emily, loves her but is struggling with the past. Sometimes they're happy and sometimes they're not, which is why Alison is ready to shed her past as a mean girl. She wants to help the students, and Mona says she will as she begins to pack up the pie. That's when Alison notices Beacon Guard, which Mona explains it's the school's security system. She says she'll give Alison a tour tomorrow as she packs the pie, and asks Alison to store it for later. As she leaves, Mona, looking at the mirror, comments that Alison is as determined as ever.

Mona and Alison begin a tour of BHU. Alison comments on the philanthropy of the Hotchkiss family to build BHU from the ground up. They pass the Taylor Hotchkiss Memorial Garden, dedicated the Hotchkiss daughter who killed herself a year ago. Alison asks how Mona knew her, to which she says she simply looked her up online. Mona adds that Alison is now living in her house, but the furniture is all brand new, much to Alison's distress.

In a lecture hall, Alison introduces herself through the students' interactive e-board as Professor Granger's new TA. Their summer assignment was to read a book by one of her favorite authors. She asks the class for their thoughts on the book. Dylan Wright raises his hand, eloquently responding he was struck with the idea of isolation and refers to a scene in the book. Alison agrees and notices a distracted Ava Jalali on her laptop. Alison calls on Ava, and Ava says that Dylan is always right much to the laughter of their peers. Alison presses for more, and Ava gives an intellectual but vague and incomprehensible answer. She further explains she didn't have time to read the book as she was growing her YouTube channel over the Summer. Alison understands but reminds Ava to come prepared next time. Caitlin Park-Lewis raises her hand next, saying it comes down to if it's okay to murder a murderer. Alison asks if she thinks so, and Caitlin says it is if they hurt a loved one. Nolan Hotchkiss cheekily says that no one will hurt him. Bothered, Alison calls on him, to which he arrogantly says payback's a bitch and they deserved what they got because the did terrible things. He slyly says he thought she would appreciate the world view, much to Alison's subtle shock. As class ends and Alison gives their homework assignment, she stops Nolan and asks why he thinks she knows about payback. Nolan states that his mother will tell her she's here because she reminds him of his sister, but it's more than that. He leaves, leaving Alison more confused than ever.

Mona is walking through campus when Alison startles her. Alison asks Mona what she knows about Nolan Hotchkiss. Alison is furious that he of all people knows about her past, but Mona wants to know what he said. Alison changes her mind and is about to leave but Mona swears she didn't tell anyone. Mona explains that Nolan is super smart but doesn't belong at BHU - he could be dangerous. Mona warns her to stay away from her, leaving Alison alone until she spots Nolan looking at her from a distance.

By her riverside house, Alison is grading papers when she notices the slight rewording and identical formulating of Ava Jalali's paper to Dylan Wright's. She finds the same issues in Nolan's paper. Looking up the plagiarism policy, she takes off her glasses in disappointment. She stands up to go to one of her moving boxes, taking out a picture of her and her family. Smiling, she notices a rip in the wallpaper and covers it up with the frame.

In a lounge, Ava remarks to Alison that she's never had a problem with her work before. Alison responds that she doesn't think the beautifully written paper is Ava's, as she admitted earlier that she didn't even read the book. She asks the young student if Nolan or Dylan wrote it. Continuing, Alison says she read Ava's file and asks about her father. Ava sarcastically states a man who embezzled millions won't be found, and her mother simply bailed. Ava notes that she has a part to go to. Alison objects, but Ava makes it clear to leave her and her 'friends' alone and let it go. Disappointed, Alison opens her laptop. She senses she's being watched and notices that Mona is outside, looking at her.


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Posthumous Video Footage


Before disappearing, Alison met with Ian at The Kissing Rock, where they made a video of them making out. In the footage shown to the girls by Agent Cooper in "Know Your Frenemies," Alison teases Ian by saying, "I know you want to kiss me." Ian replies, "Come closer." A struggle appears to occur, and the camera falls to the ground, losing focus on the other two. Then, Alison's hand falls into view of the camera; her hand grabs onto some dirt and leaves, before going limp. She falls and you can only see her unmoving hand. In "The Devil You Know", she grabs at the dirt then lets go of it and laughs. She stands and thanked Ian for coming. She then puts his jacket on and walks away.

The girls originally thought the video proved that Ian murdered Alison, but upon seeing additional footage, courtesy of "A," they are left to wonder. In some video footage from the same night in "The Blond Leading the Blind" Ian claimed to Garrett and Jenna that he met Alison at "The Kissing Rock" in order to obtain the N.A.T. Club videos that she had taken. Unbeknownst to him, Alison had already stored the videos away and gave Emily the key.

The footage was last seen playing on the board game Liar's Lament in "Farewell, My Lovely".

Romantic Relationships


Ian Thomas: Briefly Dated. Ian and Alison had a brief relationship the summer Alison disappeared. They dated while he was on a break from his longtime girlfriend Melissa Hastings. Alison outed his secret club and used it, plus the tape she secretly recorded of them, to black Ian into leaving her alone. Their relationship ended the night of her disappearance, though Alison returned to Rosewood briefly to save Spencer's life by pushing Ian off the bell tower.

Ezra Fitz: Briefly Dated. (see "Ezrison") They first met in a college bar near Hollis. Alison lied about her age and led Ezra to believe she was CeCe's roommate at UPenn. Ezra began writing a book about her, but on the night Alison disappeared, he found out she was lying to him, and he ended the relationship. His infatuation with her drove him to continue his book and befriend Aria Montgomery and her other friends. Alison and Ezra would later become friends through his relationship with Aria, though they never truly trusted one another due to their past.

Darren, Alison, and Charlotte

Beach Hottie/Darren Wilden: Briefly Dated. Their relationship first started during Alison and Cece's trip to Cape May, as Alison lied to Darren about her age as he was over 21 while she was under 16 at the time. She was attracted to him to the point where she had a pregnancy scare that Summer, with Darren believed to have been the father by those around her. She ended the relationship that Summer.

Pretty.Little.Liars.S05E10.720p.HDTV 1805.jpg

Cyrus Petrillo: Briefly Dated. Alison met Cyrus during her time in hiding from "A", as his shady past helped her establish connections. Their relationship turned sour when Cyrus tried to steal Alison's belongings which resulted in him stabbing her thigh. When she returned to Rosewood and forced to lie about a kidnapping, the police presented Cyrus as the alleged suspect. They brought her to the location of her stabbing, and though she didn't give verbal confirmation, she was triggered by the room which the police chose as confirmation. Cyrus was initially set to be prosecuted in the kidnapping but was released. She paid him to disappear so he did.

Emison Collage.jpg

Emily Fields: Divorced, co-parents (see "Emison"). Alison was Emily's childhood crush and the first girl Emily truly loved, though she didn't have the chance to tell Alison before her disappearance. Alison favored Emily in their friend group, and often spoke of running away to Paris together. They shared a few of what Alison called "practice kisses", and Alison often flirted with Emily. She saved Emily from a barn fire and confided that she missed Emily the most before kissing her. When Alison returned from her abduction with Emily's help, the girls grew closer and eventually slept together. While their relationship endured many ups and downs in the years that followed, they always found their way back to one another either as friends or hookups. Alison's refusal to accept her bisexuality and inability to process her feelings for Emily often drove them apart. Through the help of Emily's ex-girlfriend, Alison realized that she loved Emily and wanted to be with her. With this realization, Alison admitted her true feelings and they began a relationship. However, when A.D. impregnated Alison with Emily's eggs, they faced a new obstacle on whether or not to become mothers after this extreme violation of consent. Emily was supportive of Alison's choices both when she thought about an abortion and when she decided to keep the child. Two years later, the women were mothers to twin daughters Lily and Grace. Alison later proposed to Emily and they wed shortly after. Their relationship remained rocky as Emily struggled to cope with their pasts and accept that Alison had truly changed from the viscous mean girl she once was. This drove them apart and Alison accepted a job in Beacon Heights, where Emily ultimately sent Alison divorce papers. They agreed to remain co-mothers to their twins but to see other people after their divorce was finalized.

6x02 250.jpg

Lorenzo Calderon: Briefly Dated. (see "Lorison") Alison first met Lorenzo shortly after her release from prison, when the entire town seemingly turned away from her despite her exoneration. Lorenzo was the only person who believed her and saw her as someone other than the former high school mean girl. He came to see her one day, though her father kicked him out which angered her. They bonded over their mutual understanding of one another and kissed. They dated for a while and he supported her throughout the difficulties of Rosewood. When Alison stole Lorenzo's key card to gain access to the Rosewood PD to learn more about her potential sibling, he believed that she used him to get information and told her that he couldn't trust her anymore.


Archer Dunhill/Elliott Rollins: Illegally Married (see: Arcison). After Charlotte was committed to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, Alison began to bond with her sisters flirtatious doctor, Elliot Rollins. They began a secret relationship as Alison didn't want to risk setting Charlotte's progress back. She believed Elliot had "saved Charlotte's soul" and that he "took care" of Charlotte. When Alison and Elliot told Charlotte about their relationship following her release from Welby, she ran out of the house and too the church which later led to her murder. Alison was devastated which prompted Elliot to console her. They decided to elope. After their union, Alison suffered a series of "accidents" and began to worry she was going insane. She admitted herself to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. Elliot revealed that he wore the Darren Wilden mask to drive Alison insane. He subjected her to torture in Welby via medication, barbaric devices, and isolation. He believed that Alison had murdered Charlotte, his real lover, and pretended to fall for Alison to convince her of Charlotte's stability. He planned to kill her in the woods when she fought back against him, freed herself, and ran into the path where Hanna Marin and The Liars accidentally hit Elliot which killed him. Alison helped her friends bury her husband, then learned that his real name was Archer Dunhill and he had been impersonating the real Dr. Rollins. Their marriage was ruled fraudulent, though repercussion of their relationship made a heavy impact on Alison.


The Liars


Alison was the ring-leader of her group of friends. The group consisted of Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily. Alison had hated Mona, who was dorky at the time and constantly made fun of her. When Aria thought about being nice to her and waiting for her, Alison convinces her not to. Alison treated Hanna like her lackey, Emily is hinted to be more than a friend, and Spencer and Alison often clashed with one another. She also made fun of Lucas a lot and called him a hermaphrodite, or "Hermie," which led to Lucas smashing up her memorial. She did not like Jenna and referred to her as "Jenna the Jerk", stating that she found her creepy. Alison had ultimate power over her friends, getting them to do what she wanted despite their objections. No one ever stood up to her, except Spencer although the latter backed down almost immediately when Ali spoke. Though she was cruel at times, she truly and deeply cared for the girls. She thought by telling them what to wear, how to act, who to date - was helping them.


Aria Montgomery (see "Alia") - Alison has a more neutral relationship with Aria than the other three girls. She seems to have the loosest connection to Aria, compared to the other three girls. They seem to get along and have a casual friendship. They don't get into many arguments, nor does Alison treat Aria like a lackey. However, Aria does follow Alison's suggestions most of the time. For the most part, Alison lets Aria do her own thing and doesn't get involved in her personal life. The only exception to this was when she threatened her father about his affair, and would sometimes use it to manipulate Aria. They are both naturally independent and obsessed with their sophistication.


Emily Fields (see "Emison") - It is seen multiple times throughout the series that Emily was closest to Alison than the rest of the group. In "The Perfect Storm," we learn Ali and Emily had a relationship that was more than a friendship. She wrote Ali a love note and loved her more than a friend. Alison was leading Emily on though and had no real feelings for her than friendship. However, in "Monsters in the End," she chose to give Emily the snow globe with the hidden key. Alison tells her to keep it safe because it's "a lot more valuable than it looks." This might mean that Alison trusts Emily more than the other girls. Alison also tells her that Emily is the only one that really "understands her". She can be honest with her. When Emily was on the brink of death In "Over My Dead Body," she wakes up and she sees Alison. Alison tells her that she misses her the most and was her favorite and that no one loved her as much as Emily did. She also asked if she wanted to be free of "A". She could stay in the position she is now, or join her. Emily then asks if she knows who "A" is. Alison responds that of course, she knows. After Emily asks her to tell her, she states she can't because "Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead." Alison then gently kisses her, which makes Emily believe that she is alive. Out of the rest of the girls, Alison said that Emily is the only one who truly understands her and with whom she could completely be honest. In "Miss Me x 100," Alison confesses to Emily that she has feelings for her and that Emily's kisses weren't just for practice as she leads her to believe. Emily stayed with Alison when she was home alone; Emily kissed Alison, who returned the kiss. In "The DArkest Knight" Alison reveals to Emily she is pregnant. Emily then spends the night with Alison, and Alison attempts to kiss Emily while they sit on the couch watching a movie. Emily initially pulls back, saying that Alison is "really vulnerable right now." Alison responds by saying "That's not why I promise." Alison leans in to kiss Emily again and Emily accepts the kiss. They later became partners and mothers to their twin-daughters, and are currently engaged.

'Til Death Do Us Part (278).jpg

Hanna Marin (see "Halison") - Alison gave Hanna the name "Hefty Hanna", mocking her weight. Despite being the sweetest of the bunch, Hanna was often cruelly mocked and teased by Alison. This is seen in "Know Your Frenemies" as well as in "Never Letting Go" and other episodes. In "Know Your Frenemies" we also find that Alison even convinces Hanna to throw up to lose weight, therefore starting an eating disorder for Hanna. She also convinces Hanna not to eat in "Pilot" with the excuse she is being a friend. She is very mean to her during "To Kill a Mocking Girl" and calls her a wannabe and other rude words leaving Hanna in tears, and she doesn't stop until Aria tells her to. Alison tells Hanna that she didn't mean it and that she was freaked out about "The Jenna Thing." Alison also mentioned in her diary that she almost convinced 'Hefty Hanna' to shave her head. Out of the four girls, Alison seems to be the meanest to Hanna. She was often jealous of Hanna as she knew that Hanna had the potential to take her place as the most popular girl at Rosewood High. All Hanna had to do was lose weight and gain confidence, which was why she made her feel insecure. Hanna also has the most hallucinations about Ali, such as in the hospital and with her therapist. This could be because she never stood up to Alison subconsciously feels upset about never doing so (although she once tried to get Ali to stop bullying Lucas, but ultimately backed down). After Alison returned, the pair formed an unlikely friendship.

'Til Death Do Us Part (140).jpg

Spencer Hastings (see "Spalison") - Her relationship with Spencer is different then with the other girls. They were always fighting and trying to out-do each other. Spencer was the only one of the four girls who ever stood up to Ali. This becomes apparent in "Pilot", when they argue inside Spencer's house, the night of Ali's disappearance. During their fight, Ali threatened to tell Melissa about Spencer kissing Ian or she would. Spencer threatened that if Ali told Melissa, she would everyone the truth about "The Jenna Thing." Also in "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again" she is again seen pressuring Spencer to tell her sister about Ian. Spencer told Alison that she was sick of her games and that Alison was dead to her already. Alison appeared distraught and then angrily leaves. Spencer is the most like Alison: smart, determined, sophisticated, and will do just about anything to be the best. After the five-year time-skip, they find out that they are biological cousins, and this seemingly brings them closer as they start confiding and helping one another more.

Pll perfectionists promo2.jpg

Mona Vanderwaal (see "Monison") - The relationship between Mona and Alison started antagonistic, as Alison bullied and treated Mona poorly in their first few years of High School. Mona, desperate to fit in, often hung around Alison and her friends, only to be rejected by the group and humiliated by them several times. Alison even nicknamed her Loser Mona and turned the school against her. Mona started sending Alison threatening messages and texts using the alias A in an attempt to scare her, which she succeeded in doing. However, she never really wanted to hurt her. One night, Mona was out for a walk when she saw who she believed was Alison. She was overcome with rage and anger toward the girl who had made her life a living hell. She hit the girl over the head with a shovel, although this wasn't Alison but Bethany Young. Mona later helped Alison disappear, and became A to torture The Liars and eventually Alison for what they did to her. After Alison returned, their relationship worsened with Mona even framing Alison for her death, and Alison was sentenced to prison for it before eventually being released. After Alison's release, several events (A's Dollhouse, the A reveal, etc) eventually changed their relationship from antagonistic to friendly, with Mona eventually being accepted into the circle of friends (despite hesitation and push-back). While they no longer have an antagonistic relationship, they still don't trust one another as they both know what the other is capable of.

The Perfectionists

Caitlin Park-Lewis -

Dylan Walker -

Ava Jalali -

Chrome vqtG96GODe.png

Nolan Hotchkiss - Nolan was the first member of the Perfectionists to contact Alison. She was his new English TA. During her first lesson, he made sly remarks toward her. After class, he warned her that while his mother, Claire Hotchkiss, may claim that Alison was in Beacon Heights as a reminder of his sister, it was more than that. His remarks and mysterious air made Alison look into the Hotchkiss family more. Nolan felt that he could trust Alison, and wanted to tell her about Taylor being alive. He texted her asking her to him on the roof of Thorne Hall. However, due to the power being down in that area of campus, Alison never received the text. Nolan was murdered that night before he could tell Alison the whole story. Later, Taylor confided to Alison that Nolan thought they could trust her.


2013-06-19 11-03-51.jpg

Jessica DiLaurentis - Alison often threw tantrums to get what she wanted from her mother Jessica, as seen in "Turn of the Shoe." She would hold her breath until Jessica gave in, a trick Alison perfected at the age of five to get what she wanted. Jessica also took notice of CeCe Drake's growing bad influence over Alison and tried to put a stop to it. Alison seemed to challenge her mother's authority somewhat to do the things she wanted. In "A is for Answers," Alison reveals that Jessica is the person who buried her alive and knows who her attempted murderer is. Jessica covered for this person until her death. Shana Fring also mentions in "EscApe From New York" that Jessica was afraid of Alison. When Jessica's body was found by Pepe, Ali stood in the background wearing a hoodie to prevent her from being seen and cried.


Jason DiLaurentis (see "Jalison") - Jason is Alison's half-brother, due to their Mothers cheating on their Father with Peter Hastings, Jason grew up a DiLaurentis, but is biologically still a Hastings. She did not have such a great relationship with her brother Jason, due to his drug addiction and their mutual disrespect for each other's boundaries. Both had no qualms going into each other's room, stealing and breaking each other's belongings. Some glimpses of that were seen in "The Goodbye Look," "My Name Is Trouble," and "Surface Tension." In one instance, Alison had fled one of her brother's house parties in tears. She blamed her distress on Jason and his friends' invasiveness in her room but left the particulars vague. In their later years, the pair seemed to have bonded and formed a sibling relationship, especially after the revelation of Charles and Charlotte DiLaurentis. After Alison was released from Welby, Jason used a court over to take caregiver rights away from Mary Drake and reenter Alison's life.


Kenneth DiLaurentis - Alison's relationship with her father Kenneth is indeterminate. Kenneth is stern and intimidating and seems to impose his authority on Jason more than Alison. He seems oblivious to the things that Alison has done. In "Whirly Girlie," Kenneth comes back to Rosewood when he finds out that Alison is alive. When Alison comes home, he is very protective of her and wouldn't let her leave the house. Kenneth promises Alison that he will never let her out of his sight again. Alison appears to care deeply for her father, more so than she does about her mother or brother. When she attempted to run away in "Run, Ali, Run", she was upset when her father wasn't home. She wanted to say goodbye to him before she left. After the revelation of Charlotte DiLaurentis, Kenneth turned his back on Charlotte and anyone who wanted to help her, which included Alison. The two have not talked since.


Charlotte DiLaurentis (see "Chalison") - While the alias of CeCe Drake, Charlotte dated Alison's brother, Jason. She began to hang out around Alison, and their similar traits were clear to everyone around them. They eventually became very close friends. Charlotte taught Alison how to be wicked and helped her stay in control of her fellow students. Alison told CeCe secrets about her circle of friends. Charlotte and Alison had a sisterly relationship while Alison was in high school. The games they would play caused Jessica to dislike Charlotte's influence on Alison. Jessica even called their friendship is "toxic" and even feared them together. According to Jessica, they would pretend to be one another, even going as far as Charlotte dressing up as Alison and going to Radley to scare Jessica. Despite there bond, Charlotte held a grudge against Alison for getting her kicked out of college. Charlotte even killed Darren Wilden to protect Alison. "CeCe Drake" eventually revealed her true identity as Charlotte DiLaurentis (born Charles DiLaurentis), the long-lost sister of Jessica and Alison. She was the leader of the A-Team and the one who was after the Liars and Alison the whole time. Charlotte only made herself known to The Liars as "CeCe Drake" so that she could watch over them and be 'A'. She wanted to punish them for wanting her sister gone. Alison's relationship with her sister was one that took time, since Charlotte was the one who tortured her friends. Charlotte explained everything to Alison and The Liars. She was admitted to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital in an attempt to undo the trauma and darkness from her past. Alison and Jason stayed behind to take care of her and to make sure that Charlotte received the care she needed. When Charlotte was discharged from Welby, she was murdered at the bell tower. Alison later found out that Charlotte was her biological cousin and adopted sister, which Charlotte knew, and had lied to her their whole relationship.

Other Friends

Duncan Albert meeting with Aria..jpg

Duncan Albert - Alison had some sort of secret friendship or relationship with Duncan before her death. Duncan saw a side of her she didn't show other people. It seemed that even though using a fake name, Alison was much more honest and real with him. It seemed like an indication of what a better person the adult Ali would have been like but never got a chance to happen. Duncan met Alison/Vivian in a bookstore in Brookhaven. Vivian often spoke about her four friends to Duncan, which mean she trusted him to a certain extent. He reveals that he and Vivian met up at a place near Brookhaven quite often during the summer Alison disappeared. He also reveals that he knew Vivian's real name was Alison but was unaware of her death until Aria told him. During the friendship, Duncan often took Alison up to his helicopter. He explains that he and Alison used to fly often and that she used to feel free, safe, and in control. He also mentions that he might have been in love with Alison.

Alison walks away from Paige.gif

Paige McCullers - When CeCe sees Paige and Emily together, she reveals to Spencer about Paige's violent past with Alison. In a flashback at one of the Liar's sleepovers, they are trading clothes when Aria points out the bruises on Alison's back. Ali simply replies "Oh Pigskin gave them to me" they asked who Pigskin is but Alison brushes it off, as Alison does with everyone. Alison was going to tell everyone that Paige is a lesbian. Alison had an enmity of sorts against Paige. Alison once received a kick to the back during soccer from Paige after Alison annoyed her. Alison swore vengeance upon "Pigskin" and began plotting her revenge. After she learned of Paige's secret pining for Emily, Alison forged love letters in Emily's name and sent them to Paige. This eventually leads to Alison intercepting one of Paige's letters. Alison then used the letter to blackmail Paige into becoming her "property". CeCe speculates that Alison might have been afraid of Paige. In "Miss Me x 100," Alison tries to make amends with Paige and apologizes for the way she treated her, but Paige doesn't accept her apology, saying that Alison is still a horrible person. In "The DArkest Knight" Emily invites Paige to Spencer's house while they are waiting for the police to find Hanna. Alison is visibly uncomfortable to be in the same room as Paige. She even asks Emily why she invited her as "she has nothing to do with this". She claimed it was pathetic that Paige was using the situation to get close to Emily. When Paige comforts Emily, Alison says, "Ugh, I'm gonna be sick" and leaves the room. Later, Paige comes to drop off job application forms for Emily and gets upset seeing that Emily slept at Alison's house. Paige says that Alison is trying to drive them apart and that Emily should call her when she "decides to cut the strings" with Alison. After Paige and Emily break up for the final time, Paige visits Alison and made Alison realize that she does love Emily. Because of this, Alison admits her feelings eventually.

Taylor Hotchkiss (see: "Talison") - Alison first learned of Taylor when she arrived in Beacon Heights. Taylor was the dead daughter of BHU founder Claire Hotchkiss, and the seemingly perfect sister of Nolan. Several people in town commented on Alison's resemblance to Taylor, which Alison initially brushed off. After investigating the circumstances around Taylor's death, she found inconsistencies. She recognized the inconsistencies due to her history with faking her death. Alison eventually found Taylor's RV, which lead her to finally meeting Taylor. After convincing her to return home, Taylor and Alison have formed a friendship.

"Autopsy" and "Death"

Alison seemingly died of suffocation, which is revealed in "The Jenna Thing" and mentioned once again in "For Whom the Bell Tolls." More information on her death is revealed in "Save the Date". Alison had been hit from behind or was running away when she had been hit on the head. The wound had come from a curved, blunt object, which Spencer believed to be her old field hockey stick. However, the impact didn't kill her immediately. The autopsy found her lungs to be filled with dirt, implying that she had been inhaling dirt in the last moments before her death. Her assailant either knocked her unconscious or temporarily paralyzed her. The attacker proceeded to bury her alive. We later come to find in "Over My Dead Body" that the "curved, blunt object" actually wasn't a field hockey stick, but a shovel.

Alison was buried by the same object that damaged her head. In "It Happened 'That Night'," Alison's body is stolen from her grave. In "This Is A Dark Ride " Alison's body is found in the ice cooler at the Halloween Ghost Train Party, after Toby and Noel fight, knocking the Cooler down, showing a black leather bag. Also shown the same episode was a flashback of her hand coming out of the ground, revealing she may have escaped. It was revealed in a flashback in "A DAngerous GAme" that someone helped pull Ali out of the ground. We can see a hand reaching down and grabbing Ali's. In Now You See Me, Now You Don't, it is revealed that Carla Grunwald was the hand who pulled her out, meaning Alison did not die, and is still alive, hiding from A. Whose body it remained unknown for a length of time. Alison was hit with a shovel and buried alive but survived. Someone else was also hit with a shovel and buried alive, but died. In "A is for Answers", it's revealed that Alison was hit over the head with a large stone, not a shovel as previously believed. Her mother saw whoever hit her and buried her alive (thinking she was dead) to protect the person who did it.

In Miss Me x 100 it's revealed a girl named Bethany Young, who was a 17-year-old patient at the Radley, escaped from the mental hospital the night Ali went missing, and is the one in Alison's grave, as well as the body who was found in the Pilot. In Taking This One to the Grave, it is revealed Ali's mom was having an affair with Bethany's father, and Alison knew about this and lured Bethany to Rosewood the night she "died", possibly to kill her. Alison acted as if she did not know who Bethany was, and is now possibly not hiding from "A", but is "A".


  • She, along with the other Liars, blinded Jenna Marshall with a stink-bomb in a prank intended for Toby Cavanaugh.
  • Ali strongly disliked Jenna seemingly because Jenna refused to be intimidated by Ali and refused to join her group of friends, saying that she'd prefer to pick her own friends.
  • Ali used to display sociopathic qualities, such as being controlling, paranoid, charming, seductive, dominant, incapable of remorse, and extremely intelligent. Though at times, Ali does seem to display real emotion. In the later seasons, she displayed less of these qualities.
  • In "For Whom the Bell Tolls", Ian attempts to murder Spencer by pushing her off the bell tower. Someone in a black hoodie comes to rescue Spencer and pushes Ian off the bell tower, leaving him to fall onto ropes, hanging. It is revealed in "A is for Answers" that this was Alison trying to keep Spencer alive. She also reveals that Ian wasn't dead when she left.
  • She was kissed by Emily Fields, but later informed her that she likes boys and would only kiss her for practice for the real thing. However, years later, Alison comes out as bisexual and begins a romantic relationship with Emily.
  • When Alison came back after revealing herself alive she tells Emily that those kisses weren't just for practice, and they kiss.
  • Spencer knew Alison was seeing an "older boy" the summer she disappeared. The girls did not know for sure that the mystery guy was Ian until seeing The Kissing Rock video in "Careful What U Wish 4".
  • Spencer Hastings was the only one of her friends who did stand up to Ali when she was being a bully.
  • Her signature lipstick color in High School was Jungle Red.
  • Alison foreshadowed her own death in "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" when she said that she would die in a tragic way.
  • In "This Is A Dark Ride", Alison's body is discovered after going missing in the episode, "It Happened 'That Night'".
  • Ali once thought she was pregnant during her trip to Cape May with CeCe, but Mona revealed that it was a false alarm and she wasn't.
  • Alison is the character that has the most secrets. This is probably why she was almost killed.
  • In "A dAngerous gAme", it was revealed that Alison could be possibly alive.
    • In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", it was confirmed that Alison is, in fact, alive and hiding from A.
    • In "Grave New World", the girls finally come face to face with Alison and she tells them that she can't come back because it's not safe.
    • In "A is for Answers", Alison tells the girls everything about the night she went missing.
    • In "Taking This One to the Grave", it is revealed Alison might have been lying this whole time, and could actually be "A".
    • In "Pretty Isn't the Point", Mike revealed to Aria that Mona was going to frame Alison for her death in order for Mona to figure out who "A" is. She also stated to Mike that she would go away and come back when she found out who "A" was. This further proves that Alison had nothing to do with Mona's death, and is not "A".
  • In "The Mirror Has Three Faces", her mom reveals that CeCe and Ali "wore" each other's personalities. 
  • It is revealed in "A is for Answers" that she was the one who pushed Ian off the bell tower. She also revealed she was the one who pulled Hanna from the Thornhill Lodge on the night of the fire because Hanna had been left to burn while all the other girls were already safe.
  • In "Taking This One to the Grave" it was revealed that Alison's full name is "Alison Lauren DiLaurentis".
  • The only season finale in which Alison doesn't physically appear is "UnmAsked", as it was revealed that her appearance in the episode was only a story from Mona.
  • In "I'm a Good Girl, I Am", she is found guilty of murdering Mona Vanderwaal.
  • She is the third main character to become engaged, after Aria and Hanna.


  • Ironically, the name Alison means "truth" in Irish. It also means "noble" - everything Alison is not since she is a manipulative liar.
  • Sasha Pieterse, the actress who plays Alison, first auditioned to play Hanna Marin, but the producers had her try out for Alison and she eventually got the role.
  • In her bedroom, a picture frame of her, Jason, and a girl identical to her can be seen. Under the picture frame, there is a wall decoration in French that says “C’est le double du rire et de doubler le sourire et double la peine si vous êtes bénis avec des jumeaux.” which means “That's double the laughter and double the smiles and double the trouble when you are blessed with twins!”.
  • Her former surname DiLaurentis is an anagram for 'Liars United', very similar to the tagline for Season 4 "Liars Unite".
  • Alison and Charlotte represent Alison and Courtney from the books.
  • In "Welcome to the Dollhouse" it is revealed that she has a brother named Charles and that her brother is A.
  • In The DArkest Knight, Alison discovers that she is pregnant with somebody's child. She is distraught about this because she assumes that the child is Archer Dunhill's. However, the child she is carrying is actually Emily's.
  • On September 25th, 2017, it was announced that Alison would return alongside Mona Vanderwaal for the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

Book Comparisons

Main Article: Alison or Her twin

  • Alison disappeared three years prior to the first book. In the show, it was one year. And in the books, Courtney disappeared in the beginning of summer before going into 8th grade. In the show, it was labor day weekend and all the girls were soon to be sophomores.
  • In the show, Alison dressed as Vivian Darkbloom to stay out of "A's" radar. In the books, she didn't receive texts or notes from "A."
  • In the books, Alison is actually alive and it is her twin sister Courtney who is dead. In the show, Alison is alive but she does not have a twin.
  • In the books, Alison had fewer secrets.
  • In the books, Emily kissed Courtney in the treehouse in Courtney's backyard. In the TV show, Emily kisses her in the school library.
  • In the books, Alison & Courtney were both creeped out by Ian, with Courtney only pretending to be into Ian to get him to kiss Spencer. In the TV show, Alison seems to have genuine feelings for Ian, and gets angry when she sees Spencer kissing him.
  • Alison never had a pregnancy scare in the books, but she had one in the summer before she disappeared on the TV show. Later on, Mona revealed based on Ali's diaries that such pregnancy was merely a false alarm.
  • Alison was also with a boy named Nick in Ali's Pretty Little Lies which so far has not been mentioned in the show.
  • In the books, the Liars were actually friends with Courtney and not Alison.
  • In the books, real Courtney had been in Radley due to Alison's lies. In the TV show, Courtney doesn't exist and instead it's Ali's mom, Jessica that has the twin.
  • In the books Alison had no connection with Ezra, in the show Alison had a brief relationship with him.
  • CeCe and Alison were "wearing each other's personalities" which may be the show's version of the Alison and her twin.
  • In the books, the REAL Alison is revealed to be "A". Alison, in the show, is hunted by "A"; from Season 1 to Season 6.
  • In the books, Alison is 'A', but in the show, it's CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis.
  • In the show, Alison gets (unknowingly) illegally married, while in the books, both Alison and Courtney will never get to be married, as Alison is in jail, and Courtney is dead.
  • In the books, Alison plays field hockey and even beats out Spencer on joining the field hockey team. In the show, Alison doesn't play the sport but does show interest in it presumably because Ian was the team coach.


Alison: Friends share secrets. That's what keeps us close.

Alison: It's immortality, my darlings.

Hanna [in hallucination]: Please, just tell me the truth.
Alison: It won't make any difference, darling.

Alison: You think the truth is some big shiny disco ball of purity? Then go ahead and try it. Be honest. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am. Take it from me, you're always better off with a really good lie.

Alison [about Emily]: Shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets.

Lucas: It was just an accident.
Alison: Is that what the doctors told your mom dad at the hospital?

Alison: Oh honey, you didn't even know me when you knew me.

Alison [to Emily]: Who sharpened your tongue, little girl?

Alison: Sometimes lies are more interesting than the truth.

Alison: I've been dreaming about this moment for a long time, sleeping in my own bed.

Alison: Where are you in this, Spencer? You haven't even said a word. Should I be afraid of our big brother?

Alison: Am I going to hell?

Alison [about Mona]: Maybe I could have made a friend... instead of an enemy.

Alison: I don't know where they are, but I know who took them. It was A.

Alison: I am going to spend the rest of my life in here. I don't have anything else to lose!

Alison: My friends are my rock. Without them, I am lost in the woods. Totally alone Andrew, if you're listening... Please don't hurt them. Please.

Alison: I turned around and it was just Charlotte and me. We were alone. In one way, Charlotte and I are alike - we put a lot of energy into being people no one could love. Like we were trying to prove something. And then someone looks at you and sees you, and it's alright. I don't want to keep it a secret anymore. I'm tired of secrets.

Alison: You may think you're winning the battle, but I'll win the war.

Alison: I'm joining the faculty at BHU.
Driver: Got friends here?
Alison: Don't know a soul.

Alison: I wanna leave the mean girl I was in high school behind me.

Alison (to Mona): I feel like I'm back on the hamster wheel like I'm back in Rosewood.

Claire (to Alison): Don't waste your time here pretending to be something that you're not. If you really did come here to help our students, you need to be yourself. You're a survivor, Alison. At all costs. And that's what you need to teach them.

Alison: Bring it on, bitch.

Alison (to the Perfectionists): I've been where you are.
Ava: What are you going to do?
Alison: Nothing I haven't done before.


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