When we decided to be exclusive, honesty was all I asked you for.
Andrew to Dylan

Andrew Villareal is a character in the television series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. He is portrayed by Evan Bittencourt.[2]

He is Dylan's “nerd-chic” boyfriend is deeply committed to his architectural studies, and spending what little free time he has cooking and being with Dylan.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Andrew had a difficult time in high school due to his sexuality. He suffered from bullying and torment before he eventually found acceptance.


Committed to Dylan, Andrew is protective and optimistic about both of their futures, believing that they can accomplish their dreams. He often brings Dylan back to the present instead of letting him dwell on the future and reminds Dylan that he doesn't have to be perfect.

Physical Appearance




Sex, Lies and Alibis

Andrew opened a drawer in his shared apartment with Dylan and found a stack of medical papers addressed to Dylan. When Dylan entered their apartment Andrew explained that he wasn't snooping since it was the top page. Dylan stated that it definitely wasn't the top page, to which Andrew admitted to having moved the drawer in and out really fast a few times to create a breeze. He called Dylan out on his chronic nerve syndrome, specifically the part where he was supposed to rest his arm and hand to avoid permanent nerve damage. An angered Dylan exclaimed that the doctor was just trying to cover his own ass, however, Andrew stated that it was Dylan's he was worried about. He attempted to convince Dylan to postpone his audition to no prevail. He then asked if there were any other secrets he was keeping, and elaborated that all he asked for when they became exclusive was honesty. As he was walking away, Dylan admitted that there was one other secret before painfully revealing his short-lived affair with Nolan.

Later that night, as Dylan was explaining the details of the affair to Andrew, the latter tearfully packed a backpack. Dylan swore that it was the only time he ever cheated and that he should have stopped it before it even started but didn't. He apologized several times to his boyfriend, to which Andrew admitted that he wanted to blame Nolan since he was dead, but he couldn't. Dylan told him that he loved him, but Andrew just shook his head and tried to brush past Dylan, who wrapped his arms around his boyfriend to stop him. Andrew broke free and asked if he loved Nolan too. Dylan denied but Andrew pressed on by saying that Nolan didn't love him - he just wanted to prove that he could have sex with him. Dylan asked what he could do to fix things between them, to which Andrew told him he had done enough already and attempted to leave. Dylan stopped him again as he wanted to know where he was going, to which Andrew explained that he didn't know he just couldn't be in the apartment. He stated that he overestimated himself and Dylan when he said that Dylan could tell him anything. With tears in his eyes, he turned, grabbed his coat, and left the apartment.

Appearances (5/10)

Season 1


  • Andrew currently lives with Dylan and the pair are in a committed and serious relationship.
  • He was originally portrayed by Jacques Colimon in the unaired pilot, however, the character was recast and is now played by Evan Bittencourt.


Dylan: That was not the top page
Andrew: It was after I opened and closed the door a couple times real fast to make a breeze.

Book Comparisons

  • Andrew doesn't exist in the books and instead was created solely for the TV series.



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