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You have real memories. None of my memories are real, they're all lies!
Alison to Emily about her relationship with Archer

Arcison​ (formerly known as Rollison) is the former romantic turned antagonistic pairing between Archer Dunhill/Elliot Rollins and Alison DiLaurentis. The pair first met after Charlotte was admitted to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, while Archer was under the alias of Elliot Rollins.

Unbeknownst to Alison at the time, Elliot was really Archer Dunhill, who was in a romantic relationship with her sister Charlotte, and was only using Alison to help get Charlotte of Welby.


Season 6

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood


Five-years has passed since Charlotte DiLaurentis was revealed to be A, and Alison's sister. After finding out the truth, Alison had admitted Charlotte to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, and is now campaigning for her release as she believes that her sister is better now. In her classroom at Rosewood High, Alison is approached by a man that she greets as "Doctor Rollins", and questions if they had an appointment. They didn't, as he just wanted to give her the good new in person - that the judge set a date for Charlotte's hearing. Elated to hear this, Alison gives Elliot a hug and thanks him. He warns her not to thank him yet, as the hearing has been scheduled for four days from now, which shocks Alison. He tells her that it was either four days or six months, so he took the earliest one. She tells him that she wants to enclose something in the court notifications, and he assures her he will take care of that which she thanks him for. She then gets out a pen and paper and starts to write a letter to The Liars, and Elliot warns her that while the court can force the girls to come they might not be sympathetic to the cause. However, a confident Alison assures him that he doesn't know them the way she does, and continues to write the letters as Elliot stands over her desk watching.


Later at Charlotte's hearing, Elliot listens to Alison's statement from his seat. After Ali gives her statement, she sits next to Elliot and the two listen to the The Liars give their statements as well. The two share similar facial expressions and conveys of emotion as the Liars speak, first happy that things are going the way they want them too and then saddened when Aria reveals that she is still afraid of Charlotte.

When Alison calls Hanna the next morning to ask her if she's seen Charlotte, she mentions that Dr. Rollins brought Charlotte home the night prior and they talked for hours. However, when she awakened, Charlotte was gone. She mentions that Rollins thinks that she should call the police, but she isn't so sure at first. Later, at Charlotte's funeral, Elliot is seen sitting next to Alison.

Do Not Disturb


Elliot and Alison are walking through the halls of Rosewood High School talking about Elliot's meeting with Emily, with Elliot attempting to apologize for the way he behaved. Alison states that he should let it go, as she's tried to force the girls away too much and doesn't want to force them to accept her apology too. Elliot asks how long it's been since her father or brother made an effort to contact her or connect with her, and Alison admits that her friends are the closest thing she has to family now. She also mentions that Elliot has been her rock, with him offering to take more vacation time that he can take if she needs him too. She appreciates the offer but assures him that she's okay - she's home, wants to get back to work, and some version of normalcy. The bell rings meaning that she has get back to work, and when she tells him this, he takes her hand and asks if he'll see her later. She says he will, thanks him for trying, and heads into her classroom as Elliot walks away.

Later that day, Alison goes to see Emily Fields, who mistakenly thinks that Elliot told Ali about her donating her eggs. Alison assures Emily that Elliot didn't tell her, and that she had no idea about the procedure.

Where Somebody Waits For Me


Alison and Elliot are in the DiLaurentis house, talking to Lieutenant Tanner, who is updating them on the investigation involving Charlotte's death. Elliot says that he doesn't understand why the state police are getting involved, with Tanner stating that there is a history here and that several jurisdictions are now involved. Alison tells Tanner that the police told her that Charlotte had struggled the night she was killed. Tanner explains that the wounds on Charlotte's body indicate that she fought back, prompting Elliot to ask what the wounds were. Tanner is hesitant to say anything to him, but Alison assures her that whatever she has to say she can say it in front of him too. Tanner explains that Charlotte was struck along the cervical spine with some kind of metal rod before being thrown from the bell tower. She also explains the metal rod was rectangular and hollow. As Tanner speaks Alison stands up and moves next to Elliot, unable to sit still any longer and clearly upset by hearing details about her sisters death. As she stands next to Elliot, his arm extends as if to comfort her, however, he doesn't touch her very long as Tanner is nearby. Elliot asks how she knows the shape, causing Tanner to reveal that it left an impression - similar to that of a cut, on Charlotte's neck. She then asks Alison if she's heard of a restaurant called The Two Crows, with Alison saying that she hasn't and Elliot asking the importance of the restaurant. Tanner tells her that someone called from a landline there to her house, and the call lasted more than three minutes. Elliot and Alison insist that no call came to the house, causing Tanner to ask if Elliot was there all night. He quietly responds that he wasn't, and Tanner firmly says that the call must have happened after he left. Alison says that there is only one landline in the house and it rings downstairs, where Alison was almost all night, with Charlotte sleeping upstairs. Tanner vocally narrows it down to the fact that Charlotte must have been the one to answer the call, causing Alison and Elliot to exchange a look.

That night, Alison is talking to Spencer and telling her about the last five-years and what it has been like for her and Charlotte. She explains that they were both all alone for a really long time, as Kenneth was gone and Jason was busy. They were alone until Elliot started taking care of Charlotte, and Spencer states that Elliot saved Charlotte's soul, and Ali fell in love with him. Ali explains that at first she thought it was gratitude, but it wasn't, and then she realized that it was mutual. Spencer adds that it was also inappropriate since Elliot was Charlotte's doctor, and Alison nods in agreement. She then says that she and Charlotte were alike in the fact that they put energy into being people that others couldn't love, but then Elliot looked at her, and saw her, and it was alright. She expresses her desire to not keep their relationship a secret any longer, with Spencer telling her that their is never enough time to be with someone you care about, encouraging her to tell Elliot the truth.


Later on in the same night, Elliot and Alison are sitting on the couch in the DiLaurentis house together. Ali apologizes for not telling him she was going to talk to Spencer, but she was afraid that he would try to stop her. Elliot asks how it felt to tell her about the two of them, to be honest about it, and Alison says that it helped which Elliot questions. She explains that it helped her make up her mind about them, and Elliot stands up and says that things are moving very quickly and thinks that an argument could be made to keep things the way it is for now. Alison smiles at him from the couch before standing up, saying that she guesses they could do that. She explains that they're just going to have the exact same conversation in a month or a year, and she doesn't know if she can handle that. He understands the difficulty, but wants to protect her but she says that rumors can't hurt her anymore and he doesn't have to protect her. But if he's afraid for himself then that's a different thing, and he asks what she wants. She explains that she wants something very complicated - for him to take her to a movie or hold her hand in a restaurant. Elliot then kisses Alison with her kissing him back.

We've All Got Baggage

Alison is on the couch grading essay's while Elliot in the kitchen putting dishes away. Ali receives a text from her stalker asking, "does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night? I do.", causing her to look at Elliot who doesn't notice and continues cleaning up in the kitchen.


Alison and Elliot are sitting outside her house on the front steps. Noticing that she seems upset, he asks her what's wrong. She replies that she and Charlotte stayed up late and talked the night that Charlotte came home. She told Charlotte about their relationship, but Charlotte had just stared at her and walked upstairs as she felt betrayed. Elliot says that it was probably more by him than her, due to the fact that he was Charlotte's doctor. However, Ali revealed that she felt as if Charlotte was mad at her and that's why she ran out of the house that night, and that she feels as if she delivered her sister to her murderer. Elliot grabs her hand and assures her that the person who failed Charlotte in that moment was him, not her, as she had done everything she could have for Charlotte.


Alison receives a text from the stalker, and looks at it before sending a text back asking if the person is Sara Harvey. A figure blocks the sunlight and startles Ali, who turns to see Elliot, who asks if that message was for him. He asks how long she's going to avoid him, and while she she tries to deny the fact that she's avoiding him, he says that he doesn't want to be pushed away because she feels unnecessary guilt. She replies that she's feeling a lot of things, causing him to ask if she can look at him and not see Charlotte. He takes her hand and tells her that he's there, and that he's alive, before adding that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. A shocked Alison asks what he's saying and he says that it's exactly what she thinks and the two share a smile.


Later that night, the couple knocks on Aria Montgomery's door and asks her if she will marry them. Aria originally declines, stating that she can't, but Alison asks why she can't since she is officiated. She goes on to say that the twinkle lights are still outside, and Elliot states that he has the rings.

Burn This

Hanna and Aria are talking in the Montgomery house about Elliot and Alison's new marriage. Hanna says that she barely even knows his name and now he's married to Ali, which Aria responds by saying that, even though he's a stranger to them, he and Alison have known each other for years. Hanna states that they had only just started dating, and asks if it was their second date. Aria states that seeing Alison and Elliot together was actually romantic. Emily walks in and sharply says that romance has nothing to do with it, as Alison had lost everyone she cares about, so now she's desperate for a family. However, Hanna believes that Alison is just smart, since they eloped, no one can throw them a bridal shower or a make a fuss over them being together.

Did You Miss Me?


The pair are away on their honeymoon, staying at a romantic bed and breakfast located in an elegant cottage. As they are leaving their room, Alison remarks that it is very late and they almost missed the breakfast part of bed and breakfast and that people may wonder what they were doing up in their room. Chuckling, Elliot states that people will know exactly what they were doing, before kissing her. He asks what she wants to do that day, with her seductively saying that they could find a lake and read - or not read, adding the last part with a coy smile. He smiles saying that they could find a French impressionists and pay him for a portrait, which Alison thinks is the perfect idea, and they kiss again. Alison turns to go down the stairs when the heel of her shoe sticks causing her to plummet down the flight of stairs headfirst, with Elliot yelling, "Ali!" and watching in horror.


At the local hospital, Elliot is looking through Alison's chart in her room, where she is laying in the bed. She asks why she has to stay there, with him reminding her that she had a concussion. She believes she's fine, and he states that she will be, but needs a little bit of time first. He places a hand on her cheek and checks her eyes, with her asking why she has to stay in the hospital, mentioning that he's a doctor and can take care of her. He mentions that this is exactly why he thinks it's a good idea for her to stay in the hospital, with her exasperatedly stating that this is not how she wanted to spend her honeymoon. He's happy to hear her say that, before checking his phone as the manager of the inn had texting him sending them her concern and best wishes, and Alison isn't surprised to hear this considering the fact she fell down her stairs. Elliot tells her they are checking the carpet and the banister, but Ali says that she doesn't want to sue anyone - she just wants to go on a picnic. He says that they will do that as soon as she's all checked out. She becomes quiet with a distant look, and he asks what's wrong and she says that she was extremely happy the moment right before she tripped. She expresses her concerns about the universe punishing her for surviving - for being alive, but he assures her that isn't true or how the universe works, saying that it was just an accident. He then kisses her, before she asks him where her phone is at.


Later on at the hospital, Hanna visits Alison and Ali states that she'll be going to back to Rosewood tomorrow instead of continuing on her honeymoon, since Elliot has to go to a conference in Chicago. Hanna then comments on the number of flowers in the room, and Ali tells her that Elliot sent all of them - he's working on his husband creds. Shortly after, Elliot enters the room with another bouquet of flowers, which makes Alison smile. He thanks Hanna for coming and Ali teasingly says that the group sticks together and that he should know that by now, and gently tells him that the flowers are becoming a little much with him happily say that it's the goal. She says that they won't be able to take all of them home, but he assures her that they'll make room.

That night, Alison is visited in a dream by whom she thinks is her deceased mother, Jessica, unbeknownst to the fact that she is awake and seeing her Aunt, Mary Drake. Mary tells her that everything will be okay now, as Elliot will take good care of her, which makes Alison grin as she's happy that her "mother" knows about her husband. Mary says that she knows he's a good man who loves her and will protect her like she (Jessica) wasn't able to, and she'll be happy now.


Later in the night, Elliot sits on the side of Alison's bed and strokes her hair. He turns the light on which wakes her up. He apologizes, as he didn't want to wake her up and she says it's fine as she was dreaming. He tells her that he has good news - all her tests came back clear and she'll be able to leave in the morning. The makes her happy, and he says that he's decided not to go to Chicago, but she tells him he has to go. He declines saying that it's not important, but she insists that she'll be okay now and tells him to go to his conference. Then, when he gets back, he can walk in the door and they can have a life together. He kisses her, and asks what happened to her, causing her to smile and tell him about she had a "dream" but she doesn't want to tell him about because it's silly. He states that he doesn't care what it was, as long as it made her happy. He then kisses her and she smiles up at him.

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars


Ali is home from the hospital and resting on the couch, when Elliot brings her some water and medicine, asking her if she's sure she wants to rest on the couch. She says that she already feels like an invalid, then asks him not to make her crawl into another bed. He says that she's far from an invalid, before joining her on the couch. The two cuddle-up together with Ali leaning her head on Elliot's chest and his arms around her. He says that even the doctors said she's shown tremendous strength, something that she and Charlotte had in common. Ali says that she misses Charlotte every day, prompting Elliot to say that he still feels responsible. Ali quickly tells him he isn't, and that he gave her back her sister as a healthy and hopeful person and that, even though she and Jason only had a few years with her, they wouldn't have had that without him. Elliot changes the subject slightly and says that Jason filled him in on what he's been doing at the Carissimi group, and thinks that it's a brilliant tribute to Charlotte, and she'd be so proud to know that the money is being used to help people. After they share a kiss, Elliot says that he won't be going to the conference. Ali says she loves him but he's stalling, which makes him laugh, and she stats that he should go before he misses his plane. He kisses her again and tells her he loves her too.


That night, Alison is sleeping in her room when a hand wearing a silver watch wraps it's arm around her and takes her hand. She thinks that it's Elliot and smiles rolling over asking for him, but is shocked to see Darren Wilden, who puts his hand on the side of her face causing her to scream. Emily and Aria find Ali sitting across her room and she tells them what happened, and Emily decides to call Elliot.

In the morning, Alison is on the phone with Elliot who is surprised that Emily left her alone. She assures him that Em won't be long, and he says that if she has another to tell herself it's just her mind playing tricks on her. The whole thing is just misplaced guilt, and she says that she's not going to sleep until he gets there anyway so he doesn't need to worry. He states that he's about to catch his plane, and says, "goodbye, love", with her returning the sentiment before hanging up.


That night, after another startling and terrifying encounter with Wilden, she runs to the church. Emily finds her and reminds her of what Elliot said (about it being in her head and hallucinatins), but Ali can't tell what's real anymore. She says that she needs help and checks herself into Welby, signing away her rights to her share of the Carissimi Group. She removes her wedding and engagement rings, asking Emily to give them to Elliot for her. She is also referred to and calls herself Alison Rollins for the first time.

At the DiLaurentis House, "Wilden" and "Jessica" are seen together. "Wilden" peels off his face revealing that it's a mask, and the person underneath is none other then Elliot. "Jessica" walks up behind him and reveals herself to be Mary Drake, Jessica's twin sister. Speaking in a British accent, Elliot says that he received a call from the hospital that Alison had checked herself into Welby, and that he now controls 51% of Carissmi group and that Alison is resting comfortably. Mary states that Elliot was the only man that Charlotte ever loved, and he remarks that he would have done anything for Charlotte. Mary knows this as Elliot proved this when he married Alison, and then eerily states that together, they are taking back what was supposed to be hers, and that is what "their" Charlotte would have wanted.

Season 7

Tick-Tock, Bitches


Only a day or so has passed since Alison has checked herself into Welby, and Elliot has since taken control of her care. He is seen talking to Emily about his wife's care, and is surprised to learn that Jessica has an identical twin-sister, Mary Drake. Elliot says that he's glad Emily confided in him, but it's not enough to help Alison now. Emily tries to convince him that this is proof that Alison isn't crazy, as she wasn't seeing dead people after all. However, Elliot reveals that since Emily's last visit, Alison's condition has rapidly declined and she suffered a complete psychotic break. Emily says that she doesn't understand, and Elliot admits that he doesn't either, saying that Alison feels a lot of shame for, what he believes, a tragic event that she feels responsible for. He asks if Emily knows what that event might be, but she doesn't respond before a "Code White" is called over the system in the hospital, followed by Alison screaming. Elliot runs to her room frantic, to find Alison thrashing about and screaming, "no!" and, "stay back!". He grabs her arm in an attempt to sedate her. Alison thrashes again and back-fists Elliot across his face, before falling unconscious. Elliot sighs giving a saddened look to Emily, who waits outside of the room.


That night, after the Liars tell A that Alison is the one who killed Charlotte, he visits her in her room at Welby. He crouches by her bed and manages to wake Alison up, despite her being sedated, and asks how she's feeling. She looks at him, a little groggily. He pulls out a syringe and doesn't wait for her response before saying, "maybe a little crazy?". He tells Alison not to worry, as he will take care of her, which makes her smile. Elliot says that he's going to make sure she lives a long life, before switching to a British accent and adding quite sinisterly, "rotting away in there". A surprised Alison looks at him, as he whispers in her ear that he knows that she killed Charlotte just before injecting her. He adds at the end that, like her, karma can be such a bitch.


Alison's condition under Elliot's care

Alison is still a patient at Welby, where her mental state and wellbeing has started to rapidly decline. In her room, Ali is restrained in both arm and leg restraints that keep her from moving in any direction.

The Liars visit Elliot at the DiLaurentis house, asking to see Alison as they're worried about her. However, Elliot declines their request, saying that she needs time and space to heal, and although he understands that they're her friends he's her husband - and her doctor, thus, he knows what is best. Spencer states that might not be the best combination, and Elliot asks her what she means, with her suggesting that he can't be objective when it comes to managing Alison's healthcare. He defends his position as he's spent the last five-years taking care of Alison and Charlotte, and he might lack the clarity that Spencer has due to the fact that she's been gone so long. Aria chimes in by saying that it's not about who cares about Alison the most, as everyone wants to see her get better, which Elliot assures her he's trying to do. He's tells them that he's spoken to other doctors and even to Jason, whom he claims approves of Alison's treatment. When asked about Mary Drake, he declines that he's allowing any contact between Alison and Mary, as he's worried about his wife's reaction to seeing someone who resembles her deceased mother so strongly, assuring them once more that he's going to do what's best.

Ali's reaction to seeing Elliot

Alison is visited by Mary Drake and Emily Fields, whom are both worried about her health. Alison mistakes Mary for her mother, Jessica, and tells her that she was wrong about Elliot - it's not how she said it would be at all. Emily asks her about this, but they are interrupted by an angry Elliot, who states that he didn't authorize the visit. The nurse tries to reason with him, but he states that Alison is to have no visitors and makes Emily and Mary leave. She yells after Emily not to leave, but the latter is forced to by the nurse and Elliot. Alison gives Elliot a dirty look as he stands over her bed, glaring at her. He goes to the doorway and turns off the light, with her screaming, "no!", just as he closes the door.

The Talented Mr. Rollins


Elliot enters Alison's room to find that her restraints are off and she is missing from her bed. Afraid that she's escaped he stops, just as Alison jumps from the corner behind him and wraps her IV cord around his neck. She pulls him down choking him, as he claws at it. She jumps on his back adding more pressure, and he stumbles around the room causing her to kick over a tray. Once pinned in a corner, he throws her over his shoulder and onto the bed trying to pin her arms down. She punches him and they continue to struggle until Elliot manages to sedate her before putting the leg and arm restraints back on her. He then introduces a muzzle gag, that fits over her head. It keeps her from moving, talking and screaming. He straps it on her as she groans in defiance and opposition, before stepping away from the bed side as she falls unconscious.

Hanna, Emily, and Aria go to Welby in an attempt to prove that Elliot is torturing Alison. However, when they enter her room she is resting peacefully, with no restraints or signs of being harmed - meaning that Elliot knew the Liars were coming and adjusted Alison to match a healthy, normal patient. Elliot speaks with Dr. Freedman, and they review the facts of her case, with Elliot saying that Ali had a few bad days but she's turning around. Dr. Freedman tells the girls not to worry, as Elliot is taking excellent care of Alison.


The Liars then learn that the drugs that Elliot has been giving Alison are of a dose that is much to high, and the medicine is actually causing her to have symptoms of psychosis. However, he is pretending to give her another medication to cover his tracks. They also learn that he is working with Uber A, and was wearing a mask and contact lenses so he could pretend to be Darren Wilden and haunt Alison. They also find a picture of Elliot and Alison from during the five-year jump, when they appeared happy and in love. Aria comments on this, saying that the night Elliot and Ali asked her to marry them they seemed so in love and happy, not understanding how that could have changed.


That night, Alison wakes up from her sedation to see Elliot sitting in a chair near her bed. He leans over to her, resting a hand on her shoulder so she looks to him, and says eerily that there has been a change of plans. She looks at him fearfully as he place his hand on hers and continues to speak to her indistinctly.


Concerned for her safety, Alison steals Elliot's phone and uses it to send Emily a pin-drop of her location, allowing them to track where he is taking her. She also sends them an, "S.O.S." message to confirm her identity. Meanwhile, in Elliot's car, Alison pretends to be asleep while Elliot glances at her. They hit a bump which jars the car and Elliot's position, and Alison uses this chance to shove him hard, causing him to hit his head. The car swerves to one side before stopping, with her unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out. She heads to the road and starts to run, just as Elliot stumbles out of the car before chasing after her. He chases her across the roadway, and just as The Liars drive up, Elliot runs into the street causing Hanna to panic, mix-up the pedals, and run Elliot over. With Elliot now dead and in the windshield of the car, Alison emerges from the woods and looks at the damage in shock.

Hit and Run, Run, Run


Directly following the death of her husband, The Liars start to bury Elliot's body in the wods to help cover-up their crime. They start to talk about what to do with Alison who is sitting on the ground not moving, in complete shock. As she sits listening to their conversation, they decide to make it seem like Elliot skipped-town and left Alison. Aria mentions that if there plan is going to work, they have to get Alison back to Welby before anyone notices, but Spencer is worried that someone already has. However, Emily assures them that they haven't as the nurses don't check on the patients at night. As they discuss how to get into Welby, Alison walks up still groggy and looking out of it. She moves to the freshly-dug grave that the Liars are covering, and stands at the end of it before falling to her knees. She then thrusts her hand into the soil and pulls out Elliot's key-card, saying that they're going to need it.

At Welby, Aria takes Alison back to her room although she runs off as she's too scared to go back into her room due to Elliot's torture. She makes Aria promise to come back for her, before going to her room. Aria restrains her, sadly states that the nurses need to see the truth about what Elliot did to her, and how much of a monster he was. Alison scoffs as she married that monster calling herself stupid for her decision, although Aria tells her that she's not stupid - she was in love. Sourly, Ali says that he was in love with Charlotte - as that's what the girl at the farm had said. She continues to say that after five-years of fighting for Charlotte to be released, she couldn't believe how or why Elliot could think she could have killed her sister. Aria asks if she did, finally confronting her about what she and Ezra saw the night of Charlotte's murder. Alison explains that she had told Charlotte about her romance with Elliot that night, which made Charlotte angry and the two argued.

In a flashback, Ali and Charlotte are in the church tower arguing over Elliot, as Charlotte feels betrayed due to their relationship. She believes that all the times Ali came to visit her she was really there to see Elliot, but Alison assures her that this isn't true. She was there to see Charlotte, and that both she and Elliot cared about her and that's what made them close. She claims that they didn't do it on purpose, there just came a time when they couldn't deny their connection anymore. This makes Charlotte angry as she doesn't want to hear it, and makes Alison leave.

In present day, Aria is about to leave the hospital when Alison tells her to stop, telling her that their is one more thing. She looks to the end table and Aria looks in the table to find the muzzle gag, and is horrified. Ali gives her the okay to put it on, as they need the nurses to see what he was really doing to her and what kind of person he was.

Along Comes Mary

Dating Timeline


  • Started: Prior to Of Late I Think Of Rosewood (6x11) (approximately a year after Charlotte was admitted to Welby)
  • Reason: Charlotte needed Archer to get close too Alison so he could convince her she was doing well enough to be released.

First Relationship:

Revealed/Made Public:

  • Started: Where Somebody Waits For Me (6x16)
  • Reason: Alison is tired of keeping secrets and wants to be able to be with Elliot publicly, and he kisses her in agreement.

Engagement and Marriage:

Arcison recently engaged

  • Started: We've All Got Baggage (6x17)
  • Reason: "Elliot" admitted that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. Alison and "Elliot" were than formally married by Aria Montgomery.
  • Ended (romantically): Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars (6x20) and Tick Tock, Bitches (7x01)
  • Reason: Elliot aligned with Mary Drake to convince Alison she was going crazy, and then stole her shares of the Carrismi group after she checked into Welby. (6x20) He also began torturing her whilst she was in Welby. (7x01)
  • Ended (marriage): The Talented Mr. Rollins (7x03) and Hit and Run, Run, Run (7x04)
  • Reason: "Elliot" was ran over by Hanna Marin and buried in the woods with the help of the other Liars while Alison watched. Alison was then believed to have become a widow. (7x03) Alison later learned that Elliot Rollins was really Archer Dunhill, and her marriage to him was fraudulent due to her marrying an alias and a fraud. (7x04)

Threats to Arcison


  • Mary Drake: As one of the few people who knew of Archer's real identity, she was one of the few people that could have exposed Archer and ended his relationship with Alison. However, she stayed silent due to her fear of Archer and desire to seek revenge against those who wronged her and her daughter.
  • Jenna Marshall: Like Mary, she was one of the few people who knew of Archer's true identity and could have exposed him and ended their relationship. However, she stayed silent as she was a friend of Archer's and was aware of his grand plan.
  • Charlotte DiLaurentis: Charlotte was in love with Archer and him with her, and he only started dating Alison for Charlotte's benefit. However, she may have been unaware of Alison and Archer's relationship, due to the fact that when Alison told her the truth she ran out of the house. At any point, she could have told Alison the truth and ended Ali's relationship with Archer.


Charlotte: What do you care what happens to me? You hooked up with my doctor!
Alison: That's not what happened. Please, can we please just talk about this at home?
Charlotte: No. All those times you came to the hospital I thought you were there to see me.
Alison: I was! We both cared about you. That's what made Elliot and me close. We didn't do it on purpose there just... There was a point where we couldn't deny our connection anymore-
Charlotte: I don't wanna hear this!
[Charlotte and Alison argue about Elliot/Archer in a flashback]

Alison (to Spencer about Elliot): In one way, Charlotte and I are alike. We put a lot of energy into being people no one could love. Like we were trying to prove something. And then someone looks at you, and sees you, and it's alright. I don't wanna keep it a secret anymore, I'm tired of secrets.

Elliot: What do you want, Alison?
Alison: I want something very complicated. I want you to take me to a movie. I want you to hold my hand in a restaurant.
[They kiss]

Alison: It's late. We almost missed the breakfast part of bed and breakfast. People will wonder what we were doing up here.
Archer (as Elliot): People will know exactly what we were doing up here.

Alison: I was really, really happy... The moment before I tripped. I wonder if that's why I tripped. Maybe every good thing has to be paid by a bad thing.
Archer (as Elliot): That's not how the universe works.
Alison: Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for surviving. Still being alive.
Archer (as Elliot): Or, maybe, you just snagged your shoe on the carpet. The planets did not align to give you a bump on the head. It was an accident. That's all.

Archer (as Elliot) [regarding Alison's "dream"]: Well, I don't care what it was. As long as it made you happy.

Alison: Elliot, I love you, but I know you're stalling. You should go before you miss your plane.
[He kisses her]
Archer (as Elliot): I love you, too.

Archer (as Elliot) [revealing his motives to Alison]: Like you, Alison, karma can be such a bitch.

Alison: I married that monster. How stupid am I?
Aria: You are not stupid. You were in love.
Alison: And he was in love with Charlotte.

Alison (about Archer): That doesn't make him any less of an ass!

Alison: I keep getting mail addressed to Elliot Rollins. Letters, packages. That's what he left me with. Sports-read catalogs and a baby! My life is a steaming hot mess.

Alison: Em. You and Paige... You're not together now but you were. You have real memories. None of my memories are real, they're all lies!


  • They had their first kiss on the couch in Alison's house on Christmas Eve.
  • They bonded over their mutual love for Charlotte.
  • They are the first PLL couple involving a Liar to be married. However, their marriage was ruled fraudulent as "Elliot Rollins" wasn't Archer's real name.
  • He filled her hospital room with flowers when she was injured during their honeymoon.
  • They spent their honeymoon in the hospital due to her injuries, and never went on a real one afterward.
  • He tortured while she was in Welby as he believed that she had killed Charlotte and wanted revenge. However, the night he was killed, he was planning to release Alison as he knew that she wasn't the real killer.
  • She helped cover-up his death after Hanna Marin ran him over, and lead the police away from the Liars.
  • After Alison signed herself into Welby he took all of her money leaving her broke.
  • When Ali originally found out she was pregnant she thought the baby was Archer's, and planned to have an abortion because of this.
  • He is the one responsible for impregnating her with Emily's fertilized eggs while she was in Welby, as he believed that Charlotte would have wanted Alison to have a family. This later resulted in the birth of Emily's biological daughters and Alison's surrogate daughters, Lily and Grace.