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The Montgomery Home

Address: 301 Sunnybrook Lane

Aria's house is across the street from Hanna's House as revealed by a conversation between Byron and Ashley in "The Perfect Storm."

Aria's Room

  • Aria has the smallest bedroom among the four liars. 
  • Aria's room has wood panelling.
  • She has a tray of glitter nail polishes set up in front of her vanity, where she applies make-up.
  • She has an Eiffel Tower lamp, reflecting her love of foreign places and travelling.
  • She has tons of decorative pillows.
  • Aria has a lot of vintage and wooden furniture in her room.
  • She has a computer and a desk.
  • She has a rack to hang her coats and hats.
  • She has two antique Beaded ottoman chandelier lanterns hanging above her bed by the window.
  • She has a pink peacock feather print lamp on a wooden table by the window and a lying game book sitting by the lamp.
  • She has a picture of a butterfly framed behind her desk. 
  • In Welcome to the Dollhouse, A manages to recreate her entire room. 

Mike's Room

  • He had a closet full of stolen goods.
  • He has another door in his room, leading to the main bathroom.
  • He can sneak out whenever he wants to through his window.
  • He has a desk with a laptop and speakers. 
  • Like Emily, he has a sofa bed by the window. 
  • He has a bench press, which A takes a screw out of, causing Aria to sprain her ankle when standing on it. 


Behind The Scenes

Rachel Kamerman, set designer for Pretty Little Liars, has said that her inspiration for creating Aria's room was influenced by Aria's character: vintage, a goth past, and a romantic personality, as well as her love of literature. Therefore, Kamerman placed vintage pieces around Aria's room, as well as a backstory love of butterflies, with books everywhere. Keeping in mind that Aria does not come from the same economic background as Spencer does, she used second-hand pieces and flea market finds.

The childhood pictures of Aria are really of Lucy Hale when she was younger.



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