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This article is about Ashley Marin, a TV character. You may be looking for Ashley Marin (Book Character).
When they find the maniac who did this to you, I will kill him. After I kill him, I will sue him.
— Ashley to Hanna in "Moments Later"

Ashley Marin is the mother of Hanna Marin. She is portrayed by Laura Leighton.


Ashley was born in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. She married Tom Marin and they had a daughter together, Hanna. When Hanna was a young girl, Tom left Ashley for another woman. Ashley was embarrassed which led Hanna to tell a different story. She said that her mom and dad grew apart, split up and it was a good thing because her mother is much happier now. Ashley is willing to do everything to protect her daughter, even if that means sleeping with Detective Wilden to make sure the charges against her daughter for shoplifting will be dropped.

After Tom left the family, it became hard for Ashley to make ends meet financially. At that time she is working at a bank where she takes care of other people's money, so it is easy for her to have access to the money. This is where she steals money from a client. Just when things get very tense - the woman whose money she stole asked for a consultation with Ashley - Ashley's assistant comes in and tells Ashley that the woman died and the appointment is therefore canceled. This secret is not exposed, only to Hanna (she finds out after she comes home from the hospital and finds a large amount of money in a lasagna box) and Caleb.

Ashley always wants the best for her daughter and will do what it takes to keep her safe. If the Liars' parents find out about the possible harassment by "A", Ashley is one of them to help take care of the situation. She tries to talk with Hanna - and find out what is going on - but this frustrates Hanna.

When Darren Wilden is killed, Ashley is one of the first suspects because of the discovered footage and mysterious other developments, like the gun in the closet and the dirty pink Manalo's in a bag in the dishwasher; She is arrested and it seems to become a hopeless situation for Hanna and Ashley. Both of them are going through a rough and emotional period and Hanna (and Ashley) get help from Travis. When Hanna is talking with Mona, she offers to turn herself in and confess the murder. That way, Ashley's charges are dropped.

Tom's mother, Regina Marin, loves Ashley a lot even though she is no longer married to her son. It seems as though Regina is more fond of Ashley than she is of her son. Regina also clearly favors Ashley over Isabel for Tom.


Season 1



Ashley is first seen talking to Hanna about Alison DiLaurentis. She tells Hanna that she ran into Ella Montgomery who didn't know about her divorce with Tom Marin. She says how she hates having to tell that story over and over again. Hanna tells her that she should tell people that it was mutual like what Hanna does instead of saying he walked out on them. She tells Hanna that she is the one Tom left but Hanna tells her that he left them both.

Darren Wilden arrives at their home with another officer to arrest Hanna for shoplifting. Down at the station, she speaks with Darren about the matter. They leave when all the officers get a call and rush out to the DiLaurentis House.


When she and Hanna get into the car Hanna tells her that she'll pay for the glasses but Ashley refuses and says Hanna will deny doing anything wrong because she is taking care of it. She tells Hanna that she buys Hanna everything she needs to be popular and Hanna tells her that isn't the reason why she does it. Ashley asks if it is about her father but Hanna doesn't answer. She tells Hanna that in a small town like Rosewood what people think about you matters.


Ashley loudly enters the house... with Wilden, the detective that arrested Hanna earlier. The two share a kiss. She then climbs the stairs with him, leading him to her bedroom, turning to exchange eye glances with Hanna, who watches guiltily frozen on the couch.

The Jenna Thing


The next morning, Ashley and Hanna get ready for their day in the kitchen. Suddenly, Detective Darren Wilden's face appears on the newscast discussing the finding of Alison DiLaurentis' body. Ashley promptly shuts it off and asks Hanna if she's up to attending school that day. Hanna nods, and Ashley tells her not to let the news reports get into her head. Hanna apologizes for the cop, but Ashley reassures her daughter that she won't see him again.

The Jenna Thing1267

Ashley comes home later when Sean is over studying with Hanna. She tells Sean to tell his father that they've been trying to come to church but that Ashley has been swamped with work. The doorbell rings and Ashley goes to answer the door. She returns with Darren who brought takeout for dinner. Ashley whispers to Hanna that it is time for Sean to leave.

To Kill a Mocking Girl

To Kill A Mocking Girl0195

When Ashley sees the tension between Darren and Hanna she sends him to put on clothes while she makes breakfast. Hanna tells her that they don't eat breakfast. Ashley tells her that Darren will be there until he gets the charges dropped and that they cannot afford to have an enemy on the police force.

To Kill A Mocking Girl1371

Later Ashley doesn't take the jokes that Darren make to Hanna lightly. She questions him about getting the charges dropped. When she finds him digging in Hanna's purse, she tells him that he needs a warrant to go through Hanna's stuff. She then tells him that he'll be having breakfast and dinner somewhere else from now on.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Pretty little liars s01e04 kissthemgoodbye net 0747

Ashley is seen talking with a police officer outside of the house. She then scolds Hanna saying that she never wanted to see another police car in front of their house again. After Hanna crashes Sean's car, Tom returns to Rosewood to deal with his daughter. He invites her to dinner, and both Hanna and Ashley assume that he intends to take both mother and daughter with him. Ashley dolls up for the occasion and hides her disappointment when Tom arrives and pointedly clarifies that he had only intended to dine with Hanna. Ashley set's her earrings on the counter of her empty house.

Ashley helps Byron cope with the adjustment to being a single parent to Aria and Mike. The two bond over their shared experience with separation from their respective spouses and the never-ending responsibilities of parenting. Byron does point out a major difference, however: he is separated, not divorced from Ella. Byron comes over the night of the storm to use Ashley's fax machine to send the overdue permission slip he forgot to send earlier. The electricity blows, and the two spend time alone together as the storm passes.

As the Marin's now are only relying on one income, and Hanna's father for whatever reason does not pay child support, the Marins' financial woes pile up. Ashley discreetly calls a mortgage agency when she thinks Hanna can't hear her and tries to hide the extent of the problems from Hanna. When she hears Hanna tell Mona that she can't accompany her on a shopping spree, Ashley cuts in and firmly hands Hanna a $100 bill - the only money in her wallet. Hanna tries to help out by finding a job, but her job hunt only leads her to discover that her mother has unpaid loans and is in serious debt to the prospective employers. Hanna decides to sell some of her older accessories online to pitch in, but Ashley tells Hanna never to sell her things again, as she can handle it. Ashley ends up taking the money of a dying old woman who has no relatives from her safe deposit box.

On her way home from the bank, Ashley passes Byron with his car. Expecting her to be amicable as she had been previously, he asks for a ride. But, Ashley is curt and tells Byron that she is in a rush. She doesn't want him to discover the wads and wads of cash pouring over the sides of her handbag in the passenger's seat.

Ashley does not make it straight home, despite her plan. A police car stops her from behind, and Ashley has only enough time to zip up her bulging handbag. Officer Barry Maple pulls Ashley over, leading her to fret that the police have detected her crime. She tries to speak smoothly to Barry, addressing him by his first name, as they are clearly friends. But, Officer Barry has other concerns. He shares the news of Hanna's condition due to the hit-and-run by the SUV. Ashley rushes to the hospital, hugging her handbag close to her side. There, she gets Hanna a private room for recovery, despite their financial situation. Ashley notes Lucas, who comes to visit Hanna in the hospital. She turns him and Sean away until Hanna is up to receiving them.

Later, Hanna returns home from the hospital and discovers her mother's newly-acquired money in a lasagna box. Ashley passes off the money as a loan. Then, Mona throws Hanna a surprise party in her home, and Hanna cannot do much to protect her mother's secret stash from her wheelchair. There are too many people at the party, and Ashley comes home to find the house in disarray and the money gone. Hanna tries to apologize, but Ashley asks for silence as the reality of the problem dawns on her. Hanna slips her one of her sleeping pills as penance.

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Ashley asleep

After some time, Ashley is informed that Mrs. Potter would like to visit her deposit box - months sooner than Ashley had anticipated. Ashley panics, though she insincerely tries to convince Hanna that it will be okay. After school, Hanna returns home to find her pajama-clad mother asleep on a kitchen chair. When Hanna enters, Ashley stirs quickly and acts on a whim to make pancakes. While she's cracking eggs, she reminisces how she had saved Hanna at the hospital, when the doctors were stitching up her ear. They had wanted to shave the hair there, but Ashley had insisted that the effect could be detrimental to Hanna's state of mind when she woke up. Ashley then tears up and assures Hanna that she will always take care of her.

Hanna visits her mother at work, wanting to be there to support her when the bomb goes off. But, a different bomb is dropped when Denise, Ashley's coworker, interrupts the Marins' conversation to inform Ashley that Mrs. Potter has had a heart attack and could not be revived. The law-evading women hug at the bittersweet news.

Hanna tries to do her own part in retrieving the money by taking "A" upon her money-commissioned dares. Ashley is shocked to see the wads of bills Hanna inserts in the popsicle box in the freezer and is skeptical of her daughter's story that she "found" the bills at Lucky Leon's. But, Ashley doesn't question the blessing too much and insists that she can read Hanna's body language to know with full certainty that she isn't lying. Hanna is amazed at her mother's power, but Ashley doesn't surrender her secret.

Initially, she does not trust Caleb and thinks that Hanna should stay away from him. She feels uneasy about Caleb being in the house alone with Hanna unlike the way she felt about Sean. She had always been warm to the minister's son, sending his father regards.

The New Normal

Then, a new development in Mrs. Potter's safe deposit box arises. A man claiming to be the late woman's nephew comes to claim the rights to the deposit box. He says his name is "James Leland". Once again afraid of being busted, Ashley is vulnerable to the man's date invitation, and she accepts. When he arrives, Caleb answers the door. Suspicious, Caleb does some research later and reports to Hanna that the man is a fraud, as the real James Leland is dead. Hanna shares the information with Ashley, but she is loathe to believe anything Caleb has to say. However, when the man is shocked to see the paltry contents of the safe deposit box, Ashley asks him in a moment of inspiration where he banks, insisting that encouraging customers to keep small sums in their deposit boxes is universal bank policy. He staggers over the question, not giving a direct answer about his personal information. Ashley thus calls his bluff, and the man leaves disappointed, never to be heard from again.

A Person of Interest


Shortly after this excitement, Hanna tries in vain to get her mother's permission for Caleb to live in the guest room (when he is secretly already living in the basement). So, Hanna houses Caleb without Ashley realizing. Hiding him from her proves to be a job, though. One morning, Hanna serves Caleb breakfast after she thinks that Ashley has already left, but Ashley returns as Caleb's hat sits on the kitchen counter. Hanna quickly throws it in the sink and pretends to be washing the dishes, avoiding her mother's notice. Another time, Ashley leaves her phone on the charger in the bathroom and goes in to get it, just as Caleb is taking a shower and Hanna is grabbing something of her own. This prompts Hanna to jump in the shower with Caleb to avoid her mother's detection. However, Ashley notices other clues of Caleb's presence, such as the rapidly depleting groceries and the toilet seat left up. She eventually puts them together to realize Caleb has been crashing there and confirms her suspicion when she finds Caleb's briefcase in the basement and sees Hanna kissing Caleb at home when she thinks her mother isn't there. Ashley ousts Caleb from the house, disappointed that Hanna lied to her.


However, after Hanna spends the night away without informing her mother as to her whereabouts, a scared Ashley considers the impact of her decision. When Hanna brings up Ashley's past, she changes her mind. Therefore, when Hanna's phone rings, she picks up to speak to Caleb in her stead - but to invite him to dinner. After dinner, she lets Caleb know that he can stay in the guest room. She is initially hard with him, but she softens and lets him know that he can call her "Ashley" instead of "Mrs. Marin".

When Hanna learns that Caleb had been set up by Jenna to get close to her, Caleb makes a decision to leave Rosewood for Arizona. He drops by the Marins' home to deliver a letter to Hanna, but she isn't home. He speaks to Ashley instead, who is concerned about the state of her daughter's broken heart, but not cold towards Caleb. She hears him out as he thanks her for being the positive parental figure he never had. He intends to give Ashley the letter for Hanna, but she lets him know that it would be best if he said goodbye in person and hand-delivered the letter. Caleb tries to take Ashley's advice, but Hanna flees at the sight of him. Later, when Hanna tells her mother that Caleb left so abruptly, Ashley is puzzled, sure that Caleb had agreed with her advice. Nonetheless, she shrugs and comforts Hanna.

Season 2

It's Alive

Ashley is concerned about Hanna's recent behavior. She goes along with the other Liars' parents in enforcing Hanna's separation from her friends. She also forces her to go to therapy. Tom returns to Rosewood at this point on cue to Hanna's getting in trouble (after appearing on the cover of The Rosewood Observer). Tom helps Ashley enforce the therapist despite Hanna's wishes. Hanna goes against her will, but after earnestly opening up to the therapist, her office gets trashed, leading Ashley to demand from Hanna details about the session, though Hanna had been promised everything would be confidential. Ashley is very concerned that the police will come to the wrong conclusions, even though her daughter has done nothing wrong. In response, Hanna leaves the house to meet up with her forbidden friends.

After Ian's body is found, Ashley comes home frazzled that Hanna hasn't answered her phone, revealing how much stress Alison's death has placed on her, leading her to worry for her daughter's safety every time she leaves the house.. She reveals to Hanna that she worries about her whenever she leaves, imagining that the dreadful fate that befell Alison could befall her own daughter.

The Devil You Know

Before Ian's funeral in Ashley makes Hanna change into something besides for the red party dress that she has picked out for the occasion. They get to talking about when Ashley's father had passed. Ashley had paid for the funeral, despite her apparent dislike of her father for unknown reasons.

After Ian's funeral, Ashley stops by Hanna's school as Hanna retrieves things from her locker. When Hanna sees Janet, Hanna threatens her that her "lawyer mother" working for the firm "Dolce, Gabbana, & Leibowitz" will sue Janet for not financially supporting her foster son as is due; she gestures towards Ashley who waves absentmindedly while chatting on the phone. The checks follow shortly thereafter.

Never Letting Go

After the fashion show, Ella visits Ashley to share her concern for their daughters. They find it extreme that someone trashed Alison's memorial and worry that the girls are in danger. They reflect on Peter Hastings and accuse him of pushing therapy on the girls in an attempt to insensitively use money to fix a problem.

Surface Tension

Ashley welcomes Emily into her home and does her best to make her feel comfortable. She is touched by Emily's gesture to cook breakfast for her and Hanna, but wants her to feel less like a guest and more like family. She sets down some rules with Emily in terms of girlfriends, similar to her rules for Hanna's boyfriends. She proves to be much more accepting of Emily's sexual orientation than Pam and allows Emily to use their home to host her girls' night card game. Later, when Ashley sees that Emily is stressed out after her ulcer and not being able to swim, she gifts her with a complimentary massage, and Hanna looks on enviously, but appreciatively.

Ashley and tom dance

All the while, Ashley grows closer to her ex-husband Tom after his return to Rosewood. While she is distant with him at first, only sharing drinks of wine with him and not their old pastime martini, they eventually rekindle their friendship. The attraction grows, while Tom deals with problems in his relationship with Isabel. Ashley and Tom even dance together at the fashion show reception and end up sleeping together after a date one night.

Save the Date

However, the next day the for Tom's upcoming wedding to Isabel arrives in the mail, and all hopes of permanent reuniting are dashed. Ashley firmly puts an end to Tom's advances and stops their relationship despite Tom's protests. When the girls are gone, she asks Tom to leave, and he complies, leaving Ashley standing in the foyer alone.

I Must Confess

Later, Ashley is content with her decision, though she struggles with her feelings of loneliness the night of Tom's rehearsal dinner. Emily sits in the kitchen with her, and the two share intimate conversation, distracting Ashley from her momentary despair. Regina is disapproving that Ashley has given up on her son so quickly, as she likes her more than she does Isabel. But, Ashley encourages Hanna to be there for her father and not to feel that she is betraying her mother by feeling happy for him. Ashley goes to the Rosewood Police Station with the other parents after Hanna and the other Liars are arrested.

The First Secret

Ashley stumbles home, escorted by policeman Darren Wilden. He had driven a drunken Ashley home after she binged on martinis at The Grille. It is revealed that Ashley is upset about her husband leaving and is stressed about dealing with the situation he has left behind in Rosewood. As Ashley falls asleep on the couch, Hanna consoles her that her dad’s new girlfriend is pretty ugly.

The next day, Hanna enters the kitchen as her mother sits reading the newspaper on the counter. She is looking through the job listings, glum at having found little better than maid openings. When she spots an opening for a bank branch manager in Rosewood (her eventual job), she pauses considering. Suddenly, Wilden comes by to “check” on Ashley. Ashley takes him aside, not wanting Hanna to hear. Wilden makes implied advances, but Ashley lets him down, calling his expectations a misunderstanding. He ominously warns her to be careful out there. When Ashley returns inside, Hanna questions the behavior. “That was a horny cop,” Ashley replies, writing it away firmly.

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

Ashley talks to Hanna in the kitchen. She asks why Hanna ruined her father's wedding. She said it had to be done and regrets they wound up at a Justice of the Peace to get married anyway. Hanna leaves the room when Emily enters. Ashley expresses her surprise that they are still fighting.


A few nights later, Ashley prevents Hanna from leaving the house by telling her Tom is coming over to talk. They both learn that her dad, step-mom, and step-sister Kate will be moving to Rosewood and doesn't hide her displeasure. Tom doesn't hide his frustration with Hanna either, so Ashley steps in to remind them he is moving to Rosewood to be close with his daughter because he loves her.

Let the Water Hold Me Down

Ashley is talking to Hanna and Emily in their kitchen about the party. After Hanna got off the phone with Lucas's parents Ashley asks if there was any news. Ashley is concerned and feels partially responsible for Lucas not coming home last night. Hanna informs her that Lucas called his parents earlier. Ashley tries to comfort Hanna, saying Lucas will talk to her when he is ready. They leave to go to Spencer's, claiming they need to run a group presentation once more, leaving a confused Ashley.

A Kiss Before Lying

Ashley and Hanna eat dinner in silence when Ashley asks about the elephant in the room. Hanna says that Kate isn't an elephant, but a snake who is going to ruin her life. Ashley assures her that Tom made it clear to Kate that if there was any problem between her and Hanna, there would be consequences. Hanna isn't convinced Kate will listen, but Ashley gets her to promise that she will do everything she can to make Kate feel welcome in Rosewood.

The Naked Truth

Hanna, Ashley, Isabel, and Kate sit outside the Vice Principal's office in silence. Hanna's phone rings, but Ashley glares at her when she goes to answer it. Eventually, Vice Principal Tamborelli calls in Mrs. Marin, and both Isabel and Ashley respond.

Back in Tamborelli's office, Isabel is furious about the situation and implies that Ashley is a bad mother, and that Hanna has it out for Kate. Ashley defends Hanna, while Isabel demands that Hanna be punished. Tamborelli assures them that Hanna will not be let off the hook, and under any other circumstances Hanna would be expelled, but due to the 'unusual' situation, he insists they attend the Rosewood High Truth Up Day, a guided workshop where students can own up to bad behavior and build barriers, until the school board decide what to do. Ashley volunteers to supervise.

In her bedroom, Hanna is looking at the picture of Kate when Ashley comes in. Hanna says she doesn't have to go to Truth Up day, but Ashley says she wants some answers for herself. She sits beside Hanna on her bed and says she loves her very much and will crush anyone who tries to hurt her. Hanna doesn't want to talk about it, but Ashley says it isn't the first time Hanna said someone framed her, and wants to know who it is, asking for a name, but Hanna says there is no name. Ashley asks Hanna if she sent the picture of Kate, and, crying, Hanna finally says she did not.

In another room, Ashley is in charge of an activity, with Emily and Mona amongst the students there. Ashley asks them to step forward if they have ever felt they have been mistreated by another student or staff. Emily takes two steps, but Ashley informs her to only take one step at a time. Tamborelli is watching Emily closely. Emily steps forward again when Ashley asks if anyone has ever felt unsafe in school.

Outside, Ella, Ashley and Veronica sit together, sipping coffee. Ella says that she doesn't believe Hanna would do what she is and that she believes someone is trying to make her look bad. Veronica asks why someone would do that. Ashley says that something has been happening to their daughters ever since they lost Alison. Ella says that it was the reason they moved to Iceland, as she wanted to give Aria something else to think abut. Veronica says she doesn't think the problem started when they lost Alison, but when they met Alison.

Meanwhile, Isabel arrives at the school, worried about Kate. Ashley tells her that Tamborelli wanted to talk to Kate and Hanna alone first. Isabel asks if Hanna picked another fight, but Ashley says no, although she may have just ended the current one. Isabel is confused, and Ashley tells her that next time, before she points fingers, she should search her own family tree first for rotten fruits. Kate and Hanna leave Tamborelli's office, and Hanna hugs Ashley while Isabel stares at Kate in disbelief.

Breaking the Code

At Hanna's house, Officer Wilden appears at the backdoor and wants to ask Hanna more questions. Ashley blows Wilden off and tells him that coming to their house is like this is harassment and so he decides to see them at the police station later. Ashley clears Hanna's and Mona's school books off the kitchen counter and finds the incident report with "A's" threatening post-it note.

Down at the police station, Ashley is angry with Wilden, believing he is the one who sent Hanna the police report. Officer Wilden is clearly shocked and tells Ashley that he would never give that to Hanna because he could lose his job if that report got out. Ashley wonders out loud who would give the paper to Hanna and why.

Ashley returns home and says her board meeting ran late and she left Hanna some Thai food in the kitchen. Then Ashley spots the letter Aria had picked up lying on Hanna's bed. She asks Hanna what it is and Hanna lies that it came in the mail by mistake. Ashley says it's odd because it is addressed to FWL Law Firm, the one that she used for her divorce. Hanna asks why she would use a law firm so far away, and Ashley says Melissa Hastings interned there that summer.

Father Knows Best

Detective Wilden calls Ashley at home to find out if she got any new information about that incident report from Hanna. She says she is doing what she can, but that he should also be working to find out who is targeting her daughter. When she hears Hanna coming, she tells him not to call the house again and hangs up.

Hanna tells Ashley that Tom is bailing on the dance due to a "prior commitment". Ashley offers to take her to the dance, despite it being for fathers and daughters because missing out on something Hanna is looking forward to is lamer than showing up with her mother. Hanna agrees and seems to like the idea.

Ashley meets Wilden in his car to discuss this business about the incident report. Wilden asks Ashley to get a hold of Hanna's phone to find out who she has been talking to and texting. He tells her the only way they will get answers is if she gets him that phone.

Hanna confronts her mom as soon as she arrives home. She asks if they are back together. Ashley denies it and tells Hanna the truth. She found the stolen police report amongst Hanna's things and wants to know where it came from. Hanna pretends not to know and is scared that it may get out. Ashley says she did the right thing by giving it to Wilden because maybe he can keep her safe. Hanna walks away realizing nothing she says could convince Ashley otherwise. Ashley spots Hanna's cell phone on the counter. She starts coming closer to it but Hanna returns to retrieve it before Ashley can take a look at it.

Downstairs, Ashley gives Hanna one more chance to tell her everything she knows about that police report. Hanna still refuses to talk. Ashley demands Hanna hand over her cell phone. Hanna can tell it was Wilden's idea even though Ashley denies it. Instead of giving her mom the phone, she tosses into a sink full of sudsy water and walks out.

Aria sits in Mrs. Marin's kitchen and confesses to sending Hanna that police report. She tells Ashley she had begged Hanna to stop shoplifting because if she were to be caught again, she could end up in jail. Aria says she made up that police report to scare Hanna straight and admits that she is A (for Aria, for anonymous). Aria apologizes and asks if there is anything else she can do, but Ashley says she can take it from here.

The next morning, Ashley makes Ella coffee and tells her about Aria's lie. She is sure the girls are all lying about something or someone (namely "A") they are afraid of. Ella reveals that "A" sent her family a letter with personal information in it. Ashley tells her to get the police involved, but Ella is hesitant because "A" knows things that could hurt Aria. Nonetheless, Ashley thinks they owe it to themselves and their daughters to get some answers. A shadowy figure moves outside. Has "A" been listening in the whole time?

Eye of the Beholder

Hanna argues with her mom about getting a replacement phone. Ashley won't get her a new one since Hanna purposefully destroyed the old one. She assures Hanna that Emily would allow her to use her phone in an emergency, which Emily can't argue with. Hanna is not satisfied with this solution. Ashley says when Hanna is willing to share more about what is going on in her life, they can talk about a new phone.

If These Dolls Could Talk

Hanna hears a phone ringing and finds out about Hanna's secret phone, which Mona had given her. Hanna explains Mona needs to be able to reach her 24/7, which Ashley finds hard to believe. Mona walks in, picking up Hanna for school. Ashley gives her a warning and hands the phone back to her, suggesting she should sleep over if the crisis is really that bad. Mona then pays Mrs. Marin a compliment before leaving for school.

Season 3

It Happened 'That Night'

Hanna and her mother are shopping, along with Spencer and her mom. When Hanna pulls Spencer away, Ashley expresses to Veronica how relieved she is that the girls were out of town last night, away from this mess. Spencer gets a call from a blocked number, which she ignores.

Birds of a Feather

Hanna catches Aria looking up profiles of bald, fat men with unibrows online and learns that Aria is trying to find a date for her mom. Hanna realizes that Ella still doesn't know about her dad and Meredith. Aria says that maybe it’ll ease the blow if Ella found someone before she discovers the truth. As they are looking through profiles, she catches the girls and suggests she try mainline mate a much better site.

Ashley is at the Brew, looking at the reward poster of Alison while waiting for her takeout. Ella comes in and notices her. They sympathize for the girls, and then Ashley asks Ella if she's meeting someone. Ella laughs and tells her she hasn't been on a date in a really long time. Ashley is surprised -- she must've met someone interesting on mainlinemate, but Ella doesn't even know what it is.

Ashley shows the profile Aria had created for her on mainlinemate. Ella is disgusted and tries to delete it, but Ashley urges her to keep it. It's not easy to find many men of their age. Even if there are, they generally look for younger girls. The ladies drink wine, discuss online dating and then Ashley gets a message from mainlinemate about a guy wanting to have coffee with her. She jokes about sharing him with Ella.

That Girl is Poison

When Hanna cuts school, Ashley makes her go help sort out clothes to donate to the homeless. Ashley meets Ted at the food table and they flirt. Later he sees Hanna taking Emily's jacket from "That Night". When he catches her, she says she was going to pay for it and gives him some money.

Ted later dates Ashley and gives her the thumb drive of N.A.T. Club videos that he found in the Church long after Spencer tossed the drive to distract Ian Thomas in the Season 1 finale. He wanted to turn the thumb drive into the police, but Ashley destroys it due to it containing an incriminating video of her sleeping with Darren Wilden to get Hanna's shoplifting charges dropped.

The Remains of the "A"

At the church, Hanna's mom picks her up and informs her that Ted is her date at the party tonight. Hanna is shocked and worried because that means her plan gets interrupted once again. Her mom offers to drive her but Hanna lies that Toby is picking her up because she wants to scare off some guy who is hitting on her.  

Ashley tries to ask Ted out on Sunday, but he says he is busy on Sundays. He tells her he is an associate pastor for the church. Ashley realizes that she has made a terrible mistake.

Ashley talks to Hanna. She thinks that she has ruined all her chances of being together with Ted, because he is a pastor and her résumé shows that she's no angel. Hanna convinces her mom that nobody's perfect, and they might still have a chance. Ashley and Ted start to dance, but are interrupted by Wilden. He tells her that their "paths may cross again", suggesting that they have found something new regarding Alison's murder. Ashley says that she has a headache and leaves the party.

The Kahn Game

A police officer tells Mrs. Marin that Hanna has 5 days to provide a blood sample, by legal authority. After the cop leaves, Ashley calls Veronica Hastings. Officer Barry Maple arrives at Hanna's house and speaks to Ashley. The police now have a court order that demands for Hanna to take a sample of her blood to see if it matches with the blood from Alison's bracelet. Ashley also rekindles her relationship with Ted, but while on a date with him, she mainly talks to Veronica Hastings about protecting Hanna and taking care of the court order.

Single Fright Female

Ted drops by to tell Ashley that he found a flash drive in one of the church pews. One of the videos shows the girls talking in a bedroom. Spencer and Hanna are listening from the stairs, and they realize that these are the N.A.T. videos and Spencer says that the drive was what she threw to get away from Ian (in "For Whom the Bell Tolls"). Hanna tries to take the flash drive, but Ashley catches her. Ashley asks Hanna who took the video. Hanna says it was Mona and wants the drive back, but Ashley plans to keep it, and possibly hand it in to the police.

Ashley tells Hanna "I'm going to take care of it" and puts the drive into the disposal. Part of the reason is there was a video of her and Detective Wilden on there. The doorbell rings with Ted there for their date. He thinks they should give it to the police. Hanna saves her mother by taking credit for destroying it.

This Is A Dark Ride


Ashley and Ted are passing out Halloween candy to kids. Ashley is in the kitchen when the little girl from Alison's story in "The First Secret" appears standing in her doorway. The little girl says she wants to call her mother, and Ashley says to not be scared, and the girl says people shouldn't make scary things. Ashley tells her to call, and that when she's done she can help her with candy.

Ashley asks Ted where the girl went, and finds her upstairs in Hanna's room. The girl says her mother was crying and tells her that she and her sister fight a lot, over dolls especially. Ashley touches the girl's hand, which is presumably ice cold, resulting in her hastily retrieving her own hand and draping a blanket over her. Ashley then calls Ted, but by the time they reach the room, the girl is gone once again, leaving the blanket folded neatly in the center of the bed. Ashley and Ted are sitting at the table. Ashley tells him about the strange girl and her disappearance. She then asks Ted if he believes in ghosts. Ted responds with, "I'm not supposed to".

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

Ashley asks Hanna about seeing Mona in school. Hanna says she's fine and makes a reference to Caleb helping her out with Mona.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Hanna talks with her mom about how Caleb and his father are reuniting, but that Jamie needs a job closer to be with Caleb. Hanna suggests working at the church, and Ashley considers it. Hanna and Caleb are at the church with Jamie, Ashley and the pastor, waiting for Jamie and the pastor to discuss Jamie possibly getting a job at the church. They begin to kiss, but stop as Ashley walks in and tells them that Jamie got the job and they should celebrate with pizza at home.

Hot Water

While Hanna and her mother walk, they spot Wilden pushing CeCe into a car. Wilden gives Hanna a dirty look and Ashley notices. Hanna tries to play it off, saying that the girls know the woman he got into the car with. She says that the girls have suspicions about Wilden having a past relationship with Alison and the information came from CeCe, but she assures her mother that they're done with their suspicions. She promises to not speak with the girl again.

Wilden sits down with Ashley at a restaurant. He says that an accusation like the one Hanna is making would be, "the end of me". Ashley tells him to leave. Wilden warns Ashley about keeping Hanna quiet. He grasps her arm and she argues with him, calling him out for threatening a child. She wrestles her arm from him and gets into her car, but Wilden stands there to keep her from leaving. He says that if she won't keep Hanna quiet, then he will do it himself, and reaches for his gun. In a moment of panic, Ashley runs him over and drives off. Ashley tells Hanna, "I think I might have killed Detective Wilden". Ashley and Hanna return to the scene of the accident. Wilden's car is still there, but he is nowhere to be found. We see that Wilden's car is recording the whole thing.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Ashley wants to call the police but Hanna talks her out of it. She makes Hanna promise not to tell her friends until they figure out their next step. They hear the siren and see the flashing lights of a police car as it drives past. Ashley thinks she sees Wilden on the other side of the road. While looking at him, she is almost hit by a car. When she looks back Wilden is gone. Hanna returns home and Ashley tells her about thinking that she saw Wilden. She drove by the accident and found the car gone. Ashley assumes that since they haven't heard from Wilden she didn't actually hit him as hard as she thought.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Ashley is seen in her kitchen going through the newspapers looking for anything that could relate to Wilden's disappearance, like a body or a lost car. The phone rings. Ashley tries to ignore a call from Ted, but Hanna picks up the phone and sets up a coffee date for her. Ashley tells Hanna that she wants to cancel a seminar in New York related to a potential promotion. Hanna thinks she should go and offers to stay with Emily in the meantime. Ashley is hesitant, but Hanna reassures her about her safety.

Ashley apologizes to Ted for canceling on him so late. She says her promotion could lead to her taking Hanna with her to New York. He says he likes seeing her and doesn't want her to leave, adding he'd like to try and help keep her in town if there is anything he can do. He also asks her if there was ever a real reason for her leaving would she tell him.  She looks hesitant, lies and says yes. Ashley says goodbye to Hanna and leaves her at Emily's. As soon as Ashley pulls away Wilden pulls up in his car. Hanna tells him to go away and he asks her to tell him where his car and keys are. He says that's all he wants and if she gives it to him he'll leave them alone.

Season 4

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Ashley is presumably still in New York. At Wilden's funeral, Spencer and Mona find a cell phone “A” had left in the casket with Wilden. When Spencer calls a contact labeled "Kisses", Hanna answers and they realize the phone in the casket is Ashley's.  It's unclear what this means but Ashley may be A's next target.

Turn of the Shoe

Ashley is back at home and Hanna the behavior of their mother finds it very strange. When Hanna gives Ashley her phone, she said that she must have forgotten it in the hotel room. Later in the episode, Hanna finds a garbage bag with shoes her mother's dirty shoes in it. At the end of the episode, we see how Ashley just takes this bag and then goes outside.

Cat's Cradle

Hanna asks her mom what else she did in New York besides attending meetings. Ashley says on Friday night she and her co-workers all went to see Anything Goes on Broadway. Hanna visits her mom at work and sees flowers on her desk and asks where they are from. Ashley says they are from the bank for everyone who went to New York. When Ashley steps out, Hanna notices the Thank You card from the flowers in the trash. It reads, "Hope you're feeling better. The show was a dud, you didn't miss anything". Instead of finding proof that her mom was in New York, she finds proof that she wasn't where she said she'd been. When Ashley returns, Hanna throws it in the trash and storms out of her mom's office, angry about being lied to.

Ashley comes into Hanna's room and tells her she doesn't appreciate being spied on. She won't give Hanna any other details about her trip or why she lied but tells her that if anyone asks her about it, "Don't lie; just don't say anything". Hanna goes home after visiting Spencer's house where she told her about the Melissa mask and talks to her mom through the bathroom door. Ashley apologizes to Hanna for lying to her about the Broadway. Inside the bathroom, Ashley is standing at the sink while the bath fills with water. She seems nervous and upset.

Caleb goes to Mr. Marin seeking his help if the murder of Wilden is pinned on Ashley. Tom tells Caleb that Ashley came to him asking for some money, and he did not have such a huge amount at the time. According to him, he went to talk with Isabel, and when he returned, Ashley was gone. He says that he also used to keep a gun locked in his drawer and it has been missing ever since Ashley's visit.

Face Time

Caleb tells Hanna about the missing gun from Tom Marin's drawer, saying that it was a .38. He says that if the police find out that Darren Wilden was shot with a .38, it is most likely that Ashley killed Wilden. Hanna dismisses what he says, saying that she just wants to forget it all.

Hanna visits her mom at the bank and finds Lt. Tanner and Holbrook inspecting Darren Wilden’s safety deposit box. They find thousands of dollars in cash, two passports - one American, one Canadian, as well as a gun stashed in the box. The detectives question if it was Wilden's "drop gun", but refrain from jumping to conclusions about Wilden's integrity. Lt. Tanner questions Ashley about who would have escorted Wilden to his box when he came in. Ashley said it would have been her if she were working that day. Lt. Tanner then tries to get Ashley to admit she had already seen the contents of the box, but Ashley remains silent and Lt. Tanner clarifies her meaning. The detectives take the entire box and its contents as evidence and Lt. Tanner asks if she can take butterscotch on their way out.

Hanna sees Lt. Tanner across The Brew and goes to talk with her hoping to shift the focus of Wilden's murder from her mother to Melissa. But she is interrupted by Caleb who thinks Tanner is too much of an expert and Hanna cannot fool her. Hanna says that she is going to protect Ashley no matter what she has to do.

Hanna confronts Ashley about Wilden’s safety deposit box. She says she has been temporarily restricted from accessing the safety deposit boxes. Hanna wants to know if the detectives who visited her earlier told the bank to restrict her access, but Ashley is afraid to ask in case the answer is yes. She doesn't want her workplace to know she may be the suspect in a murder case. Hanna tells her that she knows she was in Rosewood the night Wilden was killed, and Ashley finally admits it.

At Hanna’s house, Lt. Tanner and Holbrook visit to question Ashley. Hanna and Caleb lie that she isn’t home and two cops leave. Ashley looks down from upstairs and turns away while Caleb and Hanna hug. Hanna shows up at the Hastings' kitchen at the end of the episode and says that she thinks that Ashley killed Wilden and 'A' knows it.

Gamma Zeta Die!

In Hanna's nightmare, Hanna finds Ashley asleep on the porch. When she sits up, we see she is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and her hair has been chopped off. Hanna starts screaming again and wakes up in a panic. Ashley comes in her room completely fine and normal asks what's wrong, but Hanna doesn't want to talk about it.

Ashley meets with Veronica at her home to discuss the situation with Wilden. Ashley didn't want to be seen at Veronica's office because she doesn't want the whole world to know she is a suspect in Wilden's murder. She seeks out Veronica to tell her her side of the story. When asked by Veronica, Ashley says that she hopes that Veronica will be there for her both as her lawyer and her friend. Without asking for more details, Veronica says that she will check with a contact at Rosewood PD and tells Ashley to sit tight.

At the Marin household, Ashley gets a call from Veronica. Hanna eavesdrops and hears that Ashley needs to meet Veronica at the police station the next day. Hanna doesn't sleep all night and in the morning, calls Aria and tells her that Ashley’s muddy shoes are gone and that her closet is locked. Since her closet is never locked, she decides she has to break in to see what her mom is hiding. Hanna unlocks her mom’s closet and discovers a gun hidden in a bag. She calls Spencer, but Spencer is too busy to talk to her. Hanna doesn't know what to do next.

Hanna puts the gun into her bag and decides to take it to Cicero to show Spencer and Emily and figure out what to do next. Ashley questions her on her way out, surprised Hanna changed her mind about visiting colleges. At Cicero, Hanna wants to ditch the gun. Spencer goes to look for Emily and Hanna gets frustrated and goes to hide the gun herself, but is arrested by cops who were alerted by 'A'. 'A' texts Emily and Spencer saying that Hanna and Ashley might need to share a lawyer.

Under The Gun

Hanna is being questioned by Linda Tanner at the Rosewood Police Station. Hanna remains silent while Lt. Tanner asks where she got the gun and why 2 of the 6 bullets are missing. Hanna faces up to a 7-year sentence for carrying a concealed weapon. Lt. Tanner tells Hanna to think about who she is trying to protect when Ashley walks in and tells them that Hanna has been bailed out and that they can leave. Lt. Tanner escorts them out where Hanna's father is waiting. He reveals that the police are keeping the gun for testing.

When asked by her father about the gun, Hanna says to him that he found the gun in Ashley's closet and she was just trying to protect her by trying to bury the gun. Tom tells Ashley that Hanna found the gun in the bag in her closet. Ashley admits to taking Tom's gun, but adamantly insists she did not bring a gun into her house. She thinks someone must be setting her up. Hanna looks back at her text message, which is from "A". It says that if Hanna brings up "A" at all, then both Tom and Ashley will get blamed for Wilden's murder.

Hanna tells Aria that "A" definitely set up her mom. She hears her mom and dad talking outside so she hangs up with the girls, telling them not to call or try to help, and goes to listen to them. Ashley reveals to Tom that she couldn’t get the kind of money that Wilden wanted to leave town so she took the gun from Tom just as a precaution. Wilden grabbed the gun out of her hands and Ashley ran. Caleb rings the doorbell, but before Hanna can get to him, Tom tells him to leave. Ashley says there is nothing he can do to help and also asks him to leave.

Emily wants Hanna to hand over the footage from Wilden's dash cam because it proves Shana and Jenna are connected to Wilden, giving the police 2 addition suspects besides Ashley. Hanna thinks "A" will retaliate if she gives the hard drive to the cops, but Emily wants to turn it in anonymously. Hanna reluctantly gets the hard drive out of her jewelry box and gives it to Emily. Ashley is distracted because of the murder charges she might be facing and accidentally burns herself on the stove. Tom comes in and tries to help. He tells her admitting to self-defense might be the smartest choice, but Ashley refuses to admit to something she did not do. She says the fact they haven't heard from the District Attorney is a bad sign.

In the end of the episode at Hanna’s house, Lt. Tanner arrives and arrests Ashley. Hanna yells that she didn't do it. Lt. Tanner says that Tom's gun was used to kill Wilden and that Ashley’s fingerprints are on the bullets. Ashley asks Tom to take care of Hanna no matter what happens as she is taken away by the police. She tells Hanna that she loves her.

Crash and Burn, Girl!

Hanna visits her mom in jail. She tells her that Tom has been staying at their house during the week and that she will spend weekends at his place. They talk about what Ashley should wear to her arraignment. Hanna is in denial about how long her mother might be away. She talks about buying tickets in advance for the school's upcoming silent auction. Ashley tearfully tells her it is not a good idea.

Hanna is making sure the bills get paid while her mother is away. Spencer tries to break it to her gently that her mom's case may not be going well. Ashley had a tense history with Wilden. She is facing 20 years in prison if Veronica can prove Wilden threatened her, or life in prison if she can't. Hanna can't believe how bad "A" has made her mom look.

Hanna visits her mom again and tells her she should say it was self-defense. She would only get 20 years in prison as opposed to a life sentence and Hanna needs to know that she will someday get to be with her mom again. Ashley admits she has made some poor choices, but refuses to admit to a murder she didn't commit.

The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Spencer, Aria, and Hanna are in Spencer's kitchen, waiting for Spencer's mom to come home with news about Ashley's bail. Veronica enters the kitchen and tells them that the judge refused bail. Hanna is angry, and Veronica has some more bad news - Ashley will be moved to the state prison in Muncy to await the trial.

At home, Hanna receives a collect call from her mother. Ashley doesn't want Hanna to worry about anything. They tell each other that they miss each other and Ashley assures Hanna everything will be alright, then Hanna starts crying. They say "I love you" to each other and hang up.

Hanna tells Mona that she wants to falsely confess to Wilden's murder, so that her mom doesn't spend her life in prison. Hanna says she needs Mona's help to make this lie perfect so that the police believe she really killed him. Mona asks her why she chose her to help since she could have been the one who set her up, but Hanna believes Mona meant it when she said she never wanted to hurt her mom, and also Mona's the only person she knows who has lived in a lie, and Mona agrees to help her. Mona tells her she can't just keep saying "I did it", she needs to have a motive and make every piece of evidence pointing to Ashley, point to her instead.

Caleb visits Ashley in jail. Ashley thanks Caleb for coming. She tells him that she's worried about Hanna, and Caleb says that Hanna's worried about her. Ashley knows that Hanna is angry and wants Caleb to make sure that Hanna doesn't do anything stupid. She thinks that Hanna will listen to Caleb. He says he'll do what he can, and she thanks him. As they take Ashley away, Caleb tells her that Hanna loves her and would do anything for her. Ashley says that's what she's afraid of right before they take her back to her cell. By the end of the episode, Mona confesses to killing Wilden, thinking Hanna was not prepared to make the story believable, thus in a way saving Ashley.

Into the Deep

Veronica Hastings mentions to Hanna and Spencer that if they had anything to do with Mona confessing then they could hurt Ashley's case. Also in this episode Ashley is granted bail and it is rumored that Ted paid $100,000 for this to happen. However she has to wear a tag and can only leave the house for a hospital appointment or a court case. Ashley says that she will get used to the tag as Veronica stated that it is better than the alternative.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Hanna tells Spencer that she would love for Emily to move in with them, but she doesn't think her mom would want to cry in front of her. At the Hastings kitchen, Veronica tells Hanna that she should probably go home. Someone had anonymously accused Veronica of bullying Mona into confessing to killing Wilden. Veronica has decided to recuse herself because the accusation alone could hurt Ashley's case, which means as of now, Ashley doesn't have a lawyer. Veronica can't risk being involved. When she steps away, Hanna expresses her frustration over "A" calling in that anonymous tip, then leaves to be with her mom.

Bring Down the Hoe

A guy named Travis comes to Hanna and tells her in a hoedown, and ask her to dance, saying that he has information about Wilden's death. He says that he was at the lake that night because Widen called him and his dad to tow his car out. He saw her mom talking to Wilden and then drive off. He heard gunshots after her mom drove away and saw someone running into the woods. He says he doesn’t know who it was, but that it was a girl.

He and Hanna dance, and Hanna asks why he waited so long. He says that his dad and Wilden had bad blood between them and he was worried that his dad would look guilty if he had said anything. He notes that the girl looked blonde after asked by Hanna. He says that he had left his truck at the lake because he panicked, but it was back at the garage the next day with the envelope full of cash, obviously a bribe to shut him up. At the garage, Hanna convinces Travis to come forward and save Ashley. He hesitantly agrees. Lt. Tanner talks to Travis about the night Wilden was killed. Travis tells Lt. Tanner what he knows.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

News of Travis’s testimony spreads through Rosewood and is seen by Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna in Spencer’s kitchen. It is revealed that the cops want Ashley to be in a lineup for Travis, and Hanna is worried about it. After school, Hanna and Caleb go to the police station. Caleb sits with Ashley and she thanks Caleb for being there for Hanna. Caleb says that Hanna is a strong girl, and she gets it from Ashley. The district attorney arrives and breaks the news that they are clearing all charges against Ashley, and while Hanna and Ashley hug, Caleb nods a thank you to Travis. Soon, Ashley goes out to celebrate with Ted.

Who's In The Box?

Ashley has been fired from the bank and is having a difficult time trying to get a job. She tells Hanna about going to Australia with Tom, Isabel and Kate but she does not want to go. It is revealed later in the episode that Jessica has offered Ashley a job in her real estate company. Ashley and Hanna are thrilled, and Jessica says that Alison visited her in a dream and told her to do this for Ashley.

Love ShAck, Baby

While Hanna gets ready in her room, Ashley walks in to check on her after what happened with Caleb. She tries to support Hanna, but Hanna shoos her away. Later, At Hanna’s house, Ezra tells Ashley that Hanna might fail the class for skipping, but when Ashley needs to take a phone call, Ezra walks upstairs when she isn’t looking, but he makes it back downstairs in time for Ashley to finish her phone call.

Close Encounters

Ashley comes up to Hanna's bedroom, shocked to see Hanna cleaning out her closet. She tells Hanna to help bring stuff up from the basement because a pipe burst down there and it needs to be fixed up. That night, Ashley walks in through the front door when Hanna and Travis are making out. She asks to see Hanna in the kitchen, and tells Hanna she thought she and Travis were just friends. Hanna tells her they are, and then Ashley asks, "Do you always kiss your friends like that?". Travis comes into the kitchen telling the ladies he should get going. Ashley tells him he has a lipstick stain on his neck. Hanna gets upset since Ashley basically kicked Travis out, and Ashley gives Hanna some advice telling her it wasn't wise to throw herself at a guy when she just broke up with another guy.

Hanna's back in her room listening to music when Ashley walks in. She takes out an earbud and tells Hanna to put her coat on because they were going out. Ashley takes Hanna out to a place called "Cracked Up". She tells Hanna that after Tom left her for Isabel, she was so mad and angry and lashing out at people so a friend suggested Ashley go here. Hanna isn't impressed, but Ashley assures her it would make her feel really good. She picks up a plate and hands it to Hanna, who tells her she doesn't know how smashing plates will make her feel better about her break up with Caleb.


Ashley is helping Jessica with a charity bridal show. Hanna talks to her mother about not trusting Jessic. Her offering Ashley a job seems weird to her, because they were never friends. Ashley tries to brush it off, but Hanna tells her mom that she does not trust Mrs. DiLaurentis and she shouldn't either. When Jessica goes back inside she catches Ashley looking inside a shopping bag in Alison's room. They contained clothes for a girl which were purchased the day before. A pissed off Jessica drives Ashley out of the room.

Season 5

Whirly Girlie


Having picked up Hanna from the Rosewood Police Department, Ashley questions her daughter about knowing Alison was alive. Hanna doesn't want to talk too much about it, and when Ashley presses, Hanna snaps, telling Ashley the only way Alison can move on is if people stop asking questions.

Kenneth DiLaurentis drops by the Marin house to ask Ashley if she could log into Jessica's emails to try and find out where she is. Ashley tells Kenneth she has to believe Jessica doesn't know about Alison being alive, and that's why she hasn't visited. Sitting in the kitchen on her laptop, Ashley debates whether to log into Jessica's emails or not. Hanna tells her that she thinks that Mrs D would prefer Ashley going through her emails than the police; and besides, Alison needs her mother. The phone starts ringing and Ashley gets up to answer. Ashley asks Hanna if there is enough paper in the printer. Hanna tells her there may be a couple of pages and if Ashley would like her to grab some more. Ashley gets up to grab some more paper leaving her laptop open.

Miss Me x 100

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Ashley

Ashley knocks on Hanna’s bedroom door to tell her that Travis is downstairs waiting for her. She also asks Spencer if everything is alright at home as she saw Veronica at the Bradbury. Spencer tells her they’re having plumbing issues at home, and Ashley says to tell her mother that “we’re here to help if you need anything”.

Putting a drunk Hanna to bed, Ashley tells her that she would be “madder than a skunk” at Travis if he weren’t as baffled at Hanna’s behaviour as she is, and that they’re going to have a serious talk about consequences when she sobers up. Removing Hanna’s high heels, Ashley climbs onto the bed with Hanna, and when Hanna thanks her for not being mad at her, Ashley tells her she is, “but I know you won’t remember, so we’ll talk about it tomorrow”. Rubbing Hanna’s back, Ashley wonders why Hanna would do this to herself, and Hanna answers by saying Caleb’s back.

Scream For Me


Ashley is listening to Alison telling her that there were days that she didn’t think she’d get through it, and noticing Hanna walk in, Ashley greets her daughter. Explaining to Hanna that Alison is going to be staying with them for a few days while her dad is away, Ashley tells Alison to go upstairs and try and get some rest while she and Hanna can finish making dinner. As Ashley is getting up from the stool she was sitting on, Alison asks if she’s sure, and Ashley tells her “absolutely” before going on to say that Alison should take a nice hot bath.

Passing Alison a jar of bath salts, Ashley tells her that they’ll help her relax, and after Alison has grabbed her bag and left to head upstairs, Ashley asks Hanna to wash her hands so she can help prepare a stir fry. As Hanna is washing her hands, Ashley says that Alison’s story was “so upsetting”, and that she has no support system, at all. Ashley goes on to say that she used to think Alison was too tough for her own good, but “thank god. Thank god she is. Otherwise I don’t think she would have survived”. Asking Hanna if she could make up the day bed with clean sheets after dinner, Hanna says that she’s not actually going to stay for dinner, to which Ashley asks Hanna to at least show Alison where the guest towels are.

Calling out to Hanna, Ashley opens Hanna’s bedroom door and finds Alison sitting by the window. After asking if everything is okay, Ashley asks where Hanna is and when Alison tells her Caleb picked her up, Ashley questions why Alison is not at school. Alison tells Ashley that she heard someone last night, trying to get in, and as Ashley listens to Alison’s tale, she notices a makeshift bed set up in Hanna’s closest, “did you sleep in there last night?” When Alison nods that she did, Ashley says that she’ll call the school, and for Alison to try and get some rest, “I’ll go take the day off”.

Knocking on Hanna’s bedroom door, Ashley walks in and greets Alison, telling her that Hanna is having dinner with Caleb, again, and while she’s not totally sure what’s going on with her, Ashley thought that she and Alison could go out and grab a bite to eat. When Alison tells her that she’s fine, Ashley sits down next to her on the bed and says that she’s been inside all day, “I think we need to go out”, to which Alison tells her okay.

On the phone, Ashley makes a reservation as she’s walking down the stairs and asks for a quieter table, “maybe in the corner or something”. Walking into the kitchen, Ashley notices one of the windows open, and goes over to close. As she starts to wipe the rain from the counter, Ashley hears a noise and instinctively calls out, “Hanna, is that you honey?”, and when there is no answer, and Ashley hears the floorboards creak, she calls out again, “Hanna?” Ashley calls out to Alison and Alison says that she’ll be down in a minute. Walking into the entry of the house, Ashley finds the front door ajar, and closing it she turns back around to see a figure standing in the kitchen. Grabbing a glass object with a pointed end from the entry table, Ashley presses her fingers to her lips and shhh’s Alison as she walks down the stairs. Asking for Alison’s phone, Ashley starts to dial a number, and hearing the French doors open then close, she and Alison walk into the kitchen and over to where the intruder has just exited. Looking out of the glass in the door, Ashley dials 911.

Lieutenant Tanner asks if there was anything distinctive about the shadow, and coaxing Ashley out of her reverie, Ashley tells her that it was a man, “a man’s shadow”. Tanner poses a series of questions in Alison’s direction, and as Tanner questions if there are floorboards or tiles in the kitchen, Ashley cuts in and tells her they are floorboards, before asking why she is questioning Alison like she is. Tanner tells Ashley that is standard police procedure, and Ashley questions, “really? To treat the victim like a criminal”, but Tanner explains that she is just gathering as much detailed information as she can. Taking a step towards Tanner, Ashley wonders, “hasn’t this girl been through enough? There’s a predator out there and you have done nothing, nothing, to make anyone feel any safer”. As Tanner begins to speak, Ashley says she’s not speaking to her as a concerned citizen, “I am a mother whose daughter is also affected by this situation. You need to catch this psycho before he”, pausing, Ashley looks back towards Alison before turning back to Lieutenant Tanner, “before he strikes again”.

March of Crimes

Pretty Little Liars S05E09 249

Knocking on Hanna’s bedroom door, Ashley walks greeting her daughter, she asks how Hanna slept. After asking if Alison is in the shower, and Hanna saying that she guesses, Ashley suggests that “you girls” should meet her at the mall after school. When Hanna asks who she’s referring to, Ashley tells her, “you, Alison”, and that she thought it might be nice to treat themselves to something new for Ella and Zack’s party. Hanna mentions that she’s not going to the party and when Ashley asks why, Hanna says that she has a make up test on Monday. Ashley says that she thinks Aria will be pretty hurt if Hanna doesn’t go, but Hanna comments that Aria will be fine. Ashley wonders if Hanna can study for her test over the weekend, Hanna tells her that Aria isn’t going to care if she goes or not. As Hanna throws a jacket at her bag, a flask falls out and picking it up, Ashley tells Hanna that “this is not the answer”. Telling her that alcohol is dangerous, and disturbing, Ashley goes on to say that it is totally unacceptable. Hanna mentions that she knows and Ashley doesn’t have to give her a spiel, but Ashley tells Hanna to listen to her, “I get it now, alright. I know what you and Alison and your friends have been going through. I was here. In my own house, and I was terrified”. Ashley says she knows Hanna is looking for an escape, and she honestly doesn’t blame her, “but you can’t afford to not be in control. Especially not now, when Alison’s kidnapper is still out there”. As Ashley promises Hanna that the police will catch Alison’s kidnapper, Alison calls out from the bathroom asking where Hanna’s moisturiser is. Calling back, Ashley tells Alison to just use hers.

As Ashley and Alison walk into the Marin’s kitchen, Alison asks Ashley what she thinks really happened, and Ashley tells her she doesn’t know. Alison questions if Ashley finds it weird that Aria’s mom would just get food poisoning right as everyone was showing up, to which Ashley mentions that weddings are tricky, “they churn up a lot of stuff, especially the second time around”. Ashley says that there may be more to the story, and Alison agrees, before saying that someone’s not telling the truth. Ashley asks Alison if she’ll eat kale, and Alison says that she’ll eat anything, as long as it’s not from the Brew. Ashley’s phone rings, and saying that it is probably Hanna, she reaches into her purse and finds that the call is from the Rosewood Police. Answering the call, Ashley turns her back on Alison and confirms to Lieutenant Tanner that Alison is with her. Telling Tanner that Alison’s father doesn’t get back until early tomorrow, but she can bring Alison. Saying that she understands and that they’ll be right down, Ashley ends the phone call. Alison asks what is going on and Ashley explains that the police caught him, and after Alison asks who they caught, Ashley says they caught the person who broke into the house last night and they’re questioning him. Going on, Ashley says the police think he’s ready to talk, and they want Alison to go down to the precinct and answer some questions, “you won’t have to do this alone. I’ll be with you”.

Walking into an observation room, Ashley and Alison watch as Lieutenant Tanner questions the man they have in custody. As they listen to the man confess to kidnapping Alison, Ashley asks the detective in with them to turn the volume down before asking Alison if that is him, “is that the man who kidnapped you?”

Fresh Meat

Pretty Little Liars S05E15 Jashley

At the DiLaurentis Real Estate office, Ashley tells Jason that she opened all the mail that looked work related and she had figured that eventually she would forward Jessica’s mail to him. Jason thanks her, before asking how Hanna is, and Ashley says that Hanna is focusing on the future, “she’s actually leaving later today for a weekend away at Ballard College. It’s a big decision”. Jason comments that it looks as though Ashley had also made a big decision, or so he guesses since she’s faxing out her resume.

Ashley says that she is, and then admits that she saw something that looked potentially interesting and she thought she should…, but Jason cuts her off, saying that if she leaves, he’s stuck working with some stranger, someone will ask a lot of questions about his family. Ashley mentions that she has a few about Alison herself, before telling Jason that she honestly thinks that maybe he would be better off starting fresh with someone new at the office. Jason says that he doesn’t agree, before asking if there is anything he could say to get Ashley to stay for a month, just so he feels confidence enough to say that he belongs at the office and really believe it.

Ashley picks up the telephone as it rings at the office, “hello”. Listening as an automated message identifies that the call is coming from the Chester Women’s Correctional Facility, and that she has a call from inmate Alison DiLaurentis. Pressing the number one on the handset to accept the call, Ashley tells Alison that it is “Hanna’s mom” when Alison says Jason’s name. Alison asks if Jason is there, and repeating “your brother”, Ashley watches as Jason shakes his head. As Jason continues to shake his head, Ashley tells Alison that Jason is not able to do “this” right now, and that she should call back tomorrow.

Alison says that she needs to talk with Jason, and covering the mouthpiece, Ashley offers the phone to Jason, who still shakes his head. Lifting the phone to her ear again, Ashley tells Alison that she’s sorry, but she will have to call back another time. Having ended the call, Ashley asks Jason to not make her do that again, and Jason says that saying no is not as hard as taking the call. Ashley questions if he has seen Alison since…, and cutting Ashley off, Jason says that he’s seen Alison once, but he can’t go back, and that he can’t even look at Alison now without thinking she might have had something to do with what happened to Jessica.

Ashley calls Hanna, and when Hanna answers, Ashley asks how it’s going. When Hanna says that it’s going great, Ashley comments that she can’t hear her, before asking where Hanna is. Hanna tells her that she’s at the library, and when Ashley comments, “nice”, before asking if it’s impressive, and Hanna tells her it is. Hanna tells Ashley that she really has to get off the phone soon, and Ashley mentions that she just wanted to make sure she’s on the alert, “if you’re taken to any parties, I just”…, but before Ashley can finish, Hanna cuts her off, telling her that she has to go.

Opening the front door of her house, Ashley lets Jason in who says that he didn’t expect her to be home, and that he was just going to leave a few files at her front door. Ashley questions if he was at the office today, and Jason tells her that he figured that he could use a Saturday to catch up. Going on, Jason says that some of the paperwork doesn’t make sense and that they have a tenant whose lease expired three years ago. Ashley tells him that she’s happy to take a look at it, see if she can sort it out. Taking the files that Jason passes her, Ashley questions if she should drop it off at his house tomorrow, but Jason comments that he’s staying at the Edgewood. When Ashley interjects, “oh”, Jason explains that his father made it very clear that he wasn’t welcome since his sister left. Ashley questions why, and Jason comments that it’s probably because he was the one who got her arrested. Ashley then questions whether or not Jason has eaten.

Over dinner, Ashley says that Jessica may have had a verbal agreement with the tenants from the files, and Jason says that she probably did. Going on, Jason mentions that people thought his mom was a hard ass, but the truth is that she used to cry at dog food commercials. Smiling, Ashley says that she does as well, “I don’t even have a dog”. Jason tells her that she should, living in the big house all by herself, to which Ashley tells him not to remind her. Saying “the day Hanna moves out”, Ashley sighs before commenting that she’s just not as fond of her own company as she used to be. Jason asks why that is, and shaking her head, Ashley tells him that she doesn’t know, “so much has happened in the last few years. I think I’m… scared. The white noise in my head”. Jason says that he can relate, and sitting up straight, Ashley asks if there is anything else she can get Jason to drink, “I have decaf”. Jason says that he’s fine, and when Ashley says that she’ll take his plate, Jason kisses her. Apologising, Jason says that Ashley should consider the kiss as a thank you for dinner. Smiling, Ashley tells him that it’s alright, “I don’t mind being thanked”, and so Jason leans in to kiss her again.

Over a Barrel

Pretty Little Liars S05E16 Ashley

Ashley is standing in the Marin’s kitchen with Ted when she hears the front door open. Calling out and asking if that’s Hanna’s home, Ashley comments that Hanna’s home when Hanna starts walking towards the kitchen. As Ashley is attending to the waffle maker, Hanna asks if Ashley heard her come home last night, and when Ted mentions Ashley didn’t hear him call either, Ashley tells them that she had a long week at work, “must have slept like a rock last night”. Saying that the waffles are done, Ashley mentions that it looks like a night day out, and suggests that they eat on the patio. After Ted has walked out the patio doors, Ashley turns to Hanna and asks why she came back early, “I thought the college had events planned for Saturday and Sunday”, to which Hanna comments that she had a migraine.

Hanna then questions why Ashley was gone when she woke up this morning, and Ashley tells her that Ted wanted to come over for breakfast, so she was out getting syrup. When Hanna wonders if Ashley was avoiding her, Ashley comments that she was under the impression Hanna would be gone all weekend, “you left because of a headache?” Hanna questions whether Ashley’s mad because she bailed or that she walked in on Ashley’s wild college weekend, and as Ashley begins to say that “whatever you think you saw” Hanna interrupts, telling Ashley that she knows what she saw, but she doesn’t understand why. Hanna asks if they can just talk about it, and looking towards the patio doors, Ashley grabs the pitcher of juice from the counter and tells Hanna to take it outside. As Hanna says Ashley’s name, Ashley insists, “orange juice, Hanna. Please”. Watching as Hanna takes the juice outside, Ashley sighs heavily.

When Ashley walks in the back patio doors with groceries, Hanna questions where she’s been, and that they need to talk. Ashley says that they’re not going to talk about “that”, and Hanna says that that’s the least of Ashley’s problems. As Hanna says that she called and text, Ashley tells her to relax, “I was not doing that. That is none of your business”. Hanna tells her it is, and it’s kind of Ted’s business as well. Hanna then questions why Jason, and whether Ashely will lose her job over this, but Ashley tells her that “Jason and I. It was nothing”. Hanna tells Ashley that it wasn’t nothing, before reminding her that Jason is Alison’s brother, to which Ashley says she’s aware of that, “and it’s not something I’m comfortable with either”. Hanna wonders what is going on, and whether Ashley loves Ted, before saying that Ted really loves Ashley, and he’s… After Hanna trails off, Ashley asks, “he’s what, Hanna?”, and Hanna tells her that Ted’s just a really good guy, and Hanna likes him, and she likes him with Ashley, and she doesn’t want anything to ruin that. When Hanna asks whether Ashley is going to tell Ted, Ashley mentions that that’s for her to decide, “not you”.

Having heard the doorbell, Ashley calls out to Hanna asking who is there, and when Hanna tells her it's Aria, Ashley tells Hanna to tell Aria that they’re still eating, "please". Walking into the foyer, Ashley tells Hanna that whatever it is, to make it quick, to which Hanna tells her that it's just a school thing, and she'll be down in a couple of minutes.

Sitting at the table, Ashley asks Hanna to clear the dishes, before Ted walks over with dessert. Hanna wonders if they all get a cookie, and Ashley listens as Ted explains to Hanna that it’s not just any cookie, it’s a peanut butter cookie. Smiling, Ashley says that she and Ted shared one the first day they met, to which Ted tells her that he was thinking that maybe they can share one tonight. As Ted split the cookie in half an engagement ring falls onto the plate, surprising Ashley, “Ted”. Getting down on bended knee, Ted tells Ashley that when he moved to this town he knew it would bring tremendous change to his life, and it turns out that the change was Ashley. Saying that there’s something bigger than the both of them that put Ashley in his path, Ted mentions that he wants to spend the rest of their lives together, being grateful for the gift of Ashley. As Ted asks Ashley if she’ll marry him, Ashley takes the ring from Ted’s hand and tells him that she needs a minute, “to think”. Getting up from the table, Ashley heads upstairs to her bedroom.

Walking down the staircase just after Ted has left, Ashley comments to Hanna that she should have seen Ted out. Saying that Ted is such a good man, Ashley sits down on the stairs, “he deserves the truth”. As Hanna starts to walk towards the stairs, Ashley leans against the wall, allowing Hanna to lie against her.

The Bin of Sin

Pretty Little Liars S05E17 Ashley

Walking into the kitchen, Ashley greets Hanna who is sitting at the counter. Hanna mentions that she heard Ashley on the phone earlier, before asking if it was Ted, to which Ashley says it was. Hanna asks how it went, and Ashley says that Ted was understanding, “I explained to him that after you fail a marriage once, it’s not as easy saying yes again”. Hanna questions if she told him about Jason, and Ashley tells her no, “and I’ve decided not to”. Hanna comments that last night Ashley said that Ted deserves to know the truth, to which Ashley explains that she thought about it some more and she realised that it would just cause Ted unnecessary pain.

When Hanna mentions that it’s going to be worse if Ted finds out from someone else, Ashley tells her that the only people who know about it are Hanna and Jason, “and I trust that both of you will keep it quiet”. Hanna tells Ashley that if she does marry Ted, she can see it being the kind of thing that might gnaw at Ashley over the years, but Ashley tells Hanna that that’s enough, “if you really want to help, forget it ever happened”. Saying that that’s what she’s trying to do, Ashley mentions that she has some errands to run, “I’ll see you at dinner”. Declining Jason’s phone call when her cell phone rings, Ashley walks from the kitchen and out of the house.

At the Apple Rose Grille, Ashley tells Jason that she reviewed the tenant contracts, made some notes, and organised the contract rebels they tend to overcharge for labor. Jason comments that Ashley doesn’t have to do this, and after Ashley questions, “do what?”, Jason explains she doesn’t have to quit because of what happened the other night. Ashley tells him she does, and when Jason says that he admits that it was unexpected, but he thinks unexpected is a good thing in his life right now, Ashley reminds Jason that she’s seeing someone, “and it’s serious”. Jason questions how serious it is, and Ashley tells him that it’s serious enough that he proposed to her last night. As Jason comments that that is serious, Ashley explains that Ted was gone for three months and their relationship was a lot of phone calls and emails, “I was lonely”. Jason says that he knows what that’s like, and Ashley tells him that it wouldn’t be right for her to keep working for him, “I wasn’t going to stay past the end of the month anyway”. Saying that he gets it, Jason tells Ashley to feel free to swing by the office this afternoon and pick up the rest of her stuff, he’ll be out most of the day.

Ashley is at work when Jason walks in. Jason apologises, before commenting that he thought Ashley would have been gone by now. Ashley explains that she had to do some things before she could come over, and when Jason says that he’ll go and let her finish up, Ashley tells him that it’s alright, “I’m almost done”. As Ashley is packing some belongings into a cardboard box, Jason mentions that she’s not wearing an engagement ring, to which Ashley tells him she hasn’t given Ted an answer yet. Explaining that Ted is a pastor, Ashley says that there are certain responsibilities that go along with marrying him, “not sure if I’m cut out for that life”. Jason comments that he reckons Church socials could be pretty brutal, and Ashley says that she wishes it could be that simple. Ashley mentions that she hasn’t always made the best choices, before explaining that she wouldn’t want anything she’s done to hurt Ted, “or always work for him”. Ashley goes back to packing her things but stops when Jason asks if he can ask her something. After telling him sure, Ashley listens as Jason asks if Saturday night happened so she would have an excuse to say no, before he goes on to say that he’s done stuff like that before, screwed up a good thing because he was afraid his past was going to get in the way. Shaking her head, Ashley tells him that that’s not what it was, and telling her maybe not, Jason says that he wouldn’t be offended if it had been, to which Ashley assures him it wasn’t, “really”.

Walking out of the Real Estate office, Ashley thanks Jason for helping her with the boxes. Passing Jason a sheet of paper, Ashley explains that it’s a list of head hunters in the area and it shouldn’t be to find someone to replace her. Jason thanks her, before apologising about what he said earlier, and he hopes he didn’t cross a line. Ashley tells him he didn’t, “honestly, there’s probably some truth to it”. Questioning if he thinks he’ll stick with the business, Ashley listens as Jason says that it’s not going to be easy working with his father, and that they’re not talking much at the moment, and when they do, it usually consists of Kenneth reminding him of all the ways he’s disappointed him. Ashley tells Jason that maybe he shouldn’t, “work with him”, before saying that he can’t move forward if he’s always stuck in the past, to which Jason tells her that that’s good advice. Ashley says she hopes it works out for him, and when Jason tells her he hopes the same for her, Ashley goes in for a goodbye hug. As they’re pulling away from their hug, Jason leans in and kisses Ashley. Ashley pushes him away, and when Jason tells her that he’s sorry, Ashley says that it can’t happen again. Walking to the driver’s side of her car, Ashley gets in and drives away. Sitting at the counter in her kitchen, Ashley holds the engagement ring in her fingers. Placing it on her ring finger, Ashley leaves it there for a few minutes before talking it off.

Out, Damned Spot

Pretty Little Liars S05E19 Ashley

At the Rosewood Blood Drive which is being held in the Rosewood High cafeteria, Ashley approaches the Liars and asks how it’s going “over here”. After Hanna says that it’s great, Ashley says that she’s “so glad” they all came, and that she recruited a bunch of people from the Church, “and they cancelled on me at the last night”. Listening as Emily mentions that they’re happy to help, Ashley offers Emily a brownie, which she accepts. Noticing a women walk in, Ashley tells the girls that someone from the Church actually showed up, “I’m going to go say hello”.

Ashley approaches Paula and thanks for coming to the blood drive, “I’ll just have you sign in here and a nurse will call your name”. Paula tells Ashley that she won’t be able to give blood on account for a tickle in her throat, and when Ashley says, “oh”, Paula adds that it’s nice to see her out and above and that they’ve missed her at the Church these last few weeks. Paula says that the Pastor looks particularly distracted, before asking if everything is okay, to which Ashley tells her of course, “things have just been busy”. Ashely listens as Paula says she’s sure that’s what has kept the others this morning, they’re all so busy these days. Saying that she’s going to check on the other donors and see if they need anything, Ashley starts to turn to walk away when Paula wonders if Ashley could ask the pastor about putting some beauty pageant flyers up around the Church. Looking at the flyer, Ashley tells Paula, “of course”, before walking away.

Sitting at the kitchen counter staring at her engagement ring, Ashley turns when Hanna turns on the kitchen light. Hanna asks if she’s okay, and Ashley mentions that she talked to him, “Ted”, and that she stopped by the Church after the blood drive, “he deserved an answer”. When Hanna questions what she said, Ashley tells her that she said yes, “I said I wanted to marry him”, and then she told him about what happened when he was away. Hanna questions that she did, and when Ashley just nods, Hanna wonders what Ted said. Saying that Ted said he needed to think, Ashley adds that Ted also said he’d call her in a couple of hours, “he couldn’t even look at me, Hanna”. Hanna mentions that she’s going to make them so dinner, and when she asks if there’s some stuff for a salad, Ashley shrugs, unsure.

Walking into Hanna’s bedroom, Ashley interrupts Hanna’s phone call, “Hanna”. After Hanna ends her call with Caleb, Ashley tells Hanna that her father left a voicemail about lunch tomorrow, “he said he’s at the office all day and you’ll have to catch up another time”. When Ashley questions if there was anything in particular Hanna had to catch up with Tom about, Hanna says she was going to bring it up earlier. Ashley questions, “bring up what?”, and Hanna explains that she found out why none of the schools she got into are offering her financial aid, and apparently Tom had a really good year last year. Listening as Hanna says she just wanted to talk with Tom and ask him if.., Ashley cuts Hanna off, telling her that her dad’s financial obligation was worked out in the divorce settlement years ago. Hanna exclaims that it’s not enough and that she just wants to talk with him and say…, but again cutting Hanna off, Ashley questions what Hanna would say, “that I don’t have a job anymore and…” Taking a deep breath, Ashley notes that she’d rather not share that story with anyone else. Ashley listens as Hanna says that if Tom’s the reason they’re not getting any help, he should take on the extra expense. As Hanna mentions that Tom has the money, Ashley tells Hanna that going to her father is not going to fix the situation. Saying that she’ll figure it all out, Ashley asks if Hanna understands, and Hanna just nods in response.

Walking into the kitchen, Ashley places Hanna’s cell phone down on the counter next to her, “you went to see your dad”. Hanna asks if Tom dropped her cell off, and when Ashley just nods, Hanna tells her that she’s sorry she went, she truly is. When Hanna adds that she didn’t mention anything about Ashley’s job, Ashley guesses that Tom said it “all comes down to dollars and cents”. When Hanna slightly nods, Ashley sits down next to her and says that she knows Tom can be dismissive, “but please tell me you’re not looking for validation in a beauty pageant”. Ashley listens as Hanna says she’s not, but the winner gets a $20,000 scholarship and they’re going to have to pay for her tuition somehow.

Changing the subject, Hanna asks whether Ted called, and saying no, Ashley mentions she doesn’t think he’s going to. As Ashley stands and moves to the fridge, Hanna questions if that’s it. Grabbing a bottle of water, Ashley says Hanna’s name but before she can say anything else, Hanna tells Ashley that she loves Ted, and she cannot just give up like that. Ashley mentions that it’s not just her decision, to which Hanna tells her that Ted’s hurt and Ashley has to fight for him. Ashley then listens as Hanna says that if she can put herself in a beauty pageant, Ashely can call the man she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with, and tell him to take her back. Hanna offers Ashley her phone, but instead of taking it, Ashley walks over to the house phone and picks it up from the cradle. Looking back over to Hanna, Ashley smiles before heading off upstairs.

Pretty Isn't the Point

Pretty Little Liars S05E20 Ashley

Opening the patio doors, Ashley welcomes Emily before saying that Hanna is still in the shower. Asking if she can get Emily some breakfast, Ashley listens as Emily says she’s okay and that she can’t dance on a full stomach. Ashley comments that she didn’t know Emily could dance at all, “Hanna said you had been taking lessons since you were four”, to which Emily says she was three and she stopped taking them when she was in seventh grade. Listening as Emily adds that her mother was hoping for a ballerina instead of a jock, Ashley questions whether Hanna knows what she’s getting herself into, “I’m having disturbing flashbacks to that campaign for homecoming queen”, and Emily says that this is different and that this pageant isn’t about proving something to herself, it’s only about winning tuition money.

As Ashley uncomfortably looks away, Emily apologises, but Ashley says that it’s okay, “it is what it is”. Saying that she didn’t expect to be in this position, Ashley takes the breakfast plates and moves over to the sink. Emily wonders if she can ask Ashley something, and walking back over to the counter, Ashley tells her sure. Ashley listens as Emily questions whether it’s okay to date a person even if some part of you knows it’s not going to last forever. When Emily adds even if it’s amazing, in the moment, but ultimately you think it’s probably doomed, Ashley asks, “are you asking me about me, or are you asking about you?” Emily tells her she’s talking about neither, she’s just curious, to which Ashley mentions that people get hurt, “and disappointed in relationships everyday”, but no one should jump into one with that intention.

On the phone, Ashley asks Caleb how Hanna is doing, to which Caleb says that she’s going good. When Ashley says that she’s not convinced, “is she having a hard time keeping up with Emily?”, Caleb tells her she’s keeping up, but it’s who she’s competing against that’s the problem. Walking into the kitchen, Ashley greets Hanna and Emily who are sitting at the counter, “I didn’t hear you come in”. Ashley then tells Hanna that she spoke with Tom and he doesn’t know anything about the pageant, or how Kate could have signed up for that room, “she’s not even in Pennsylvania this weekend”. When Emily questions her, Ashley listens as Hanna says that it doesn’t matter anyway, thinking she could do this was asinine. Questioning, “says who?”, Ashley listens as Hanna says her coach, before adding that her coach would much prefer to be Emily’s coach. Noting that Emily and Hanna need to talk, Ashley tells them that she’s going to take her shower.

Bloody Hell

Pretty Little Liars S05E21 Ashley

Sitting at her computer in the kitchen, Ashley questions that Hanna told her there was a way to see if someone has read the email you sent them. Hanna tells her she can’t if she didn’t attach the thingy to attach to do it, and when Ashley wonders how Hanna knows she didn’t, Hanna asks if she did. After shrugging, Ashley explains that she sent her resume for a few job openings and she hasn’t heard back from any of them. As her cell phone rings, Ashley checks the caller ID before telling Hanna that she’s going to take the call upstairs.

Ashley is placing some yellow tulips into a vase when Hanna walks into the kitchen, “hey sweetie”. Hanna questions if Ashley heard back from a job, but Ashley tells her no, “not yet”, before showing Hanna her left hand, which bares an engagement ring, “Ted called”. Explaining that she and Ted went for a walk, “and talked”, Ashley says that the rest is history. When Hanna only says wow, Ashley comments that her response really put the luke in lukewarm, to which Hanna says that she’s happy for her. Saying that she’s confused, “aren’t you the one who convinced me to go back to Ted and ask for his forgiveness”, Ashley listens as Hanna mentions that she doesn’t think it’s fair that Ted made her twist in the wind for so long.

Sitting down next to Hanna, Ashley says that she’s glad Ted took the time to think about it, “if he’d just said okay right away, that wouldn’t have been honest”, and Ted needed to come to it on his own time. Hanna questions whether that makes Ashley feel as though she wished she hadn’t apologise, to which Ashley tells her no. Adding that she feels awful about what she did, Ashley tells Hanna that she needed to say what she did, “not only for him to forgive me, but for me to forgive myself”.

To Plea or Not to Plea

Pretty Little Liars S05E22 Ashley

In the Marin’s kitchen, Ashley listens as Veronica says that she wanted Ashley to hear it from her, but if anyone asks, the conversation they’re having didn’t happened. As Ashley says okay, Veronica asks if Hanna is in school, and Ashley telling Veronica’s no, “she’s up in her room. She has study hall first period”. Ashley then listens as Veronica reveals that Alison’s been offered a plea bargain, and part of the deal is to name her accomplice. Veronica goes on to say that she spoke to a friend of hers in the DA’s office and they think it’s Hanna. Bewildered, Ashley says that never in a million years would Hanna hurt Mona, and Veronica says that she’s not saying that Hanna did, but the police have evidence. Ashley questions what evidence, and Veronica admits that she doesn’t know all of it, but she heard that Tanner found what she thought were remains of a body in a barrel with acid.

Ashley listens as Veronica goes on to say that the barrel was in a storage unit and Tanner saw Hanna outside the unit that same day. As Ashley shakes her head, shocked and confused, Veronica mentions that yesterday tests confirmed that there were bone fragments in the acid, before adding that while they were too small to get DNA, Tanner believes the body is Mona’s. Saying that “that’s horrible”, Ashley says that she’s sure there’s a reasonable explanation for why Hanna was there, “one that has nothing to do with Mona… or Alison”. When Ashley mentions that Hanna doesn’t even speak to Alison, Veronica tells her that Hanna visited Alison in jail, twice. Ashley listens as Veronica says that she knows this isn’t easy to hear, but Ashley has to prepare herself in case Alison takes the plea. Veronica then adds that she can also certainly recommend an excellent defense attorney.

Knocking on Caleb’s apartment door, Ashley tells Hanna that she needs to come home with her. Arriving home, Ashley tells Hanna that she’s not going anywhere until she gets some answers. Hanna comments that she already told Ashley that she had nothing to do with Mona’s murder, to which Ashley mentions that she said she believed her, “but you’re not making it easy for me”. Questioning why Hanna won’t tell her what she was doing at the storage unit, Ashley listens as Hanna notes that once Ashley knows, she can’t un-know. Bewildered, Ashley tells Hanna that this isn’t a debate, “you don’t have a choice, you need to tell me now”, and when Hanna doesn’t say anything, Ashley calls her out, “Hanna”. Seeing no other choice, Hanna explains that she went to the storage unit to move everything out of it, and she thought Mona’s bloody clothes might be there, and maybe her body. Stunned, Ashley says she thought Hanna just said she had nothing to do with Mona’s death, and Hanna exclaims that she didn’t, but someone put her name on the storage unit’s lease and they rented it the day before Mona was murdered. Ashley questions who would do that, “Alison?”, but Hanna tells her no, and that someone is framing Alison and now that same person is trying to frame herself.

Sitting down at the table, Ashley listens as Hanna explains that she and Caleb were going to move the barrel out of the bin, but before they could do it Tanner and Toby showed up. Ashley asks why Hanna didn’t tell her about this before she and Caleb went to the storage unit, to which Hanna says she didn’t want to drag Ashley into her mess. Ashley reminds Hanna that she’s her mother and it’s her job to protect her, and as Hanna says that she’s sorry, Ashley wonders if Hanna understands how serious this is, and nodding, Hanna says she does. Ashley then questions if Hanna has any idea who is doing this to her, and shaking her head, Hanna says she thought it was Alison, but it’s not, so now she doesn’t know who it is.

At Rosewood Police Department, Ashley listens as Veronica says that Hanna’s lawyer will do his best to get her out on bail, but it might not be possible. Ashley says that they can’t keep Hanna locked up just because Alison said that Hanna’s her accomplice, but Veronica says that that’s not why Hanna was arrested. When Veronica notes that Alison hasn’t taken the plea yet, Ashley questions why Hanna was arrested, and Veronica explains that Tanner found the clothes Mona was wearing the day she died, and Hanna’s blood was on them.

The Melody Lingers On

Pretty Little Liars S05E23 Ashley

In a visitation room at Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, Ashley tells Hanna that opening statements in Alison’s trial starts at 9.00am, and she’s going to be there. When Ted says he’s not sure that’s a good idea, Ashley tells him she’s going, “if something happens that affects you, I don’t want to hear out it second-hand”. Hanna exclaims that someone is doing this to her, before questioning whether Ashley understands that. Saying that they think they know who that someone is, Ashley listens as Hanna says that she told Ashley that it’s not Alison.

As Ashley mentions that “Alison DiLaurentis is capable of anything”, and that she’s experienced that first hand, Ted says that Ashley cannot be certain, to which Ashley tells him, “certain enough”. Turning back to Hanna, Ashley tells her daughter that if she knows anything about Alison, now is the time to speak up while she still help Hanna’s case. Hanna asks if it’s to do anything to save herself, before questioning Ted as to what part of scripture that’s from. Ashley listens as Ted tells Hanna that it’s about telling the truth, to which Hanna says that she is telling the truth, and that she and Alison did do anything. Exclaiming that she doesn’t care about the truth, Ashley says that she cares about getting her daughter out of “this place”, and that’s all she cares about.

Sitting in the courtroom, Ashley waits for the jury and the judge to enter so proceedings can begin. Ashley listens as the prosecutor goes through his opening statement, asking the jury to remember high school, before saying that Ms. Marcus, Alison’s lawyer, will soon be telling them of an amazing story about Alison DiLaurentis and how she was kidnapped and traumatized by two years of captivity, how she escaped her captors and returned home with the help of her closest friends, but the Commonwealth will proved with direct testimony of witnesses that Alison DiLaurentis’ epic tale of abduction and escape is a lie. Douglas then adds that Alison planned and carried out the murder of Mona Vanderwaal, consigning her to a cruel, anonymous end.

Along with the rest of the courtroom, Ashley watches the video of Mona being attacked on the day she died. She then listens as Prosecutor Sirk asks Jason, who is on the witness stand, if this is the video the police showed him, to which Jason says that it is. After Jason says that he’s now sure the girl on the video cannot be Alison, Ashley listens as Douglas questions if Jason knows a girl named Hanna Marin. When Jason says that he does, Douglas wonders if Hanna is a friend of Alison’s, to which Jason confirms she is. Douglas then questions who Ashley Marin is, and Jason tells him that she’s Hanna’s mother. Douglas asks Jason whether Mrs Marin is in the courtroom today, and when Jason says that she is, Douglas asks Jason to point her out for the jury. As Jason says Ashley is in the third row wearing a blue dress, all eyes go to Ashley.

Douglas then asks whether Mrs Marin works for Jason, and Jason says that she did, but doesn’t anymore. Douglas questions whether on occasion Jason met with Ashley out of the office, and Jason tells him yes. Ashley listens as Douglas asks whether their meetings were social, and when Jason confirms that they were, Douglas asks how many times Jason has been with Ashley, socially. Jason begins to say that that’s private, before stopping himself, and after a pause, where he looks out to Ashley, he notes that he didn’t count. Douglas then questions whether these social meetings were always in public places, and when Jason says that most of them were, Douglas questions that not all of them were and some were in private. When Jason says yes, Douglas wonders how Jason would characterise the private meetings, before Jason says that he doesn’t understand the question.

Douglas questions whether Jason would describe the meetings as intimate, to which Jason sustains that they were private. As Douglas asks whether anything happened during these private meetings with the attractive woman seated in the gallery that lead Jason to alter his testimony, Jason tells him no. Douglas then asks if Ashley Marin, the mother of someone accused as an accomplice to this crime, offer any personal inducement to him to change his testimony to favour the defence, but Rebecca objects and the Judge sustains, telling Mr Sirk to move on. Ashley listens as Douglas says that it’s Jason last chance to clear the matter up or leave it to the jury’s imagination, but Rebecca objects and the Judge sustains. As Douglas says that he has nothing further, Ashley and Jason lock eyes across the courtroom.

In the Marin’s kitchen, Ashley is drying some glasses, while Ted sits at the island counter, drinking a coffee. Ashley tells him that he was right, “I shouldn’t have gone to the trial”, to which Ted says he doesn’t think it would have made much of a difference if she’d stayed away. Listening as Ted’s cell phone starts to ring, Ashley says he might as well start answering it, but Ted comments that it can keep. Turning to face Ted, Ashley says that he’s going to have to talk to someone sooner or later, and if the Church goers haven’t heard already they will on the news. Ted mentions that most of the ladies in the congregation manage to pull the news out of the atmosphere, before adding that it’s pretty amazing.

Saying that he can go, Ashley listens as Ted says that he just wants to finish his coffee first. Ashley tells him no, “I mean, you can go. It’s alright”, to which Ted tells her that he isn’t going anywhere. Taking a few steps to the end of the island counter, Ashley tells Ted that she isn’t being noble, “I’m being practical”, and when Ted says that he made a promise to her, Ashley says that there would have been a time when she held him to that, but not now, “it’s not a way to start a life together”. Listening as Ted says that they can get through this, Ashley says they can, before questioning then what, “we are who we are, Ted”. When Ted mentions that he never asked Ashley to explain, Ashley says that he should have, “what’s the point of forgiveness if you don’t know what really happened?”, to which Ted says that it’s about a clean slate. Saying that there is no such thing, Ashley comments that she’s beginning to think that that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Thanking him, Ashley tells Ted that he should go, and after the two share a look, Ted says he’ll just finish his coffee.

Sitting across from Hanna at Chester County Women’s Correctional, Ashley listens as Hanna says that she’s sorry. Saying that it’s all her own fault, Ashley mentions that it should be her saying sorry. Hanna questions for what, for being human, before saying that she’s sorry for giving Ashley such a hard time. Ashley tells Hanna that she’s made an awful lot of mistakes, “so many mistakes”, to which Hanna tells her that it’s going to be okay, and whatever happens, they’ll be okay. Saying that she’s supposed to be saying that to Hanna, Ashley listens as Hanna says that it’s not going to be that bad, and maybe she’ll write a book or something. As Hanna adds that lots of people write books in prison, including Martha Stewart, Ashley just shakes her head with a smiles. Ashley comments that she hopes Hanna didn’t get the bad decision gene from her, to which Hanna says that she hopes she did. Ashley listens as Hanna says she hopes she got all of Ashley’s DNA in her, because that means she’ll be smart, and brave, and she’ll sing her daughter the best level advice when she’s scared. Reaching across to take Hanna’s hand, Ashley questions if Hanna knows how much she loves her, and Hanna tells her yeah, she thinks she does.

Season 6

Game On, Charles

In a news article sent to the girls by A, she got sick over her daughter's disappearance and had to go to the hospital.

Songs of Innocence

She tries to get her daughter to tell her about her ordeal to no success. After Hanna tells her a little about her trauma, she allows her change her room around in order to help Hanna move on.

No Stone Unturned

Ashley is first seen in this episode when Caleb shows up at the Marin household and she invites him in for breakfast. He greets Hanna who acts dismissive towards him. Caleb spots a lump on her neck and asks what it is, prompting Hanna to say that she just woke up. Hanna tells her mom that she won't be staying for breakfast because she has to meet Spencer for Spencer's appointment in Philly and tells Caleb she'll call him later.She leaves Caleb and Ashley behind in awkward silence.

No Stone Unturned1320

Caleb is at the Brew and sees a book on the table. He opens it up and Ashley walks over to him. Noticing the book, she tells him she doesn't need it and that they may never know what happened to her. Caleb says he's not trying to smother her and Ashley says she thinks that Hanna knows too. Ashley says that, after her and Tom's divorce, Hanna would watch movies with her and cry at the funny parts and laugh at the sad parts. Caleb feels like he's lost her and Ashley thinks that the old Hanna is still in there.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

When Hanna is about to leave her house, Ashley stops her and gives her a check over 30,000 dollars for her tuition. Hanna notices the scholarship comes from the "Carissimi Group", which sounds familiar to her. Ashley tells her, Jason was the one recommending it, because Jessica donated all the time. She also mentions that when Hanna was kidnapped and in captivity in the dollhouse,she would apply for every single scholarship available in order to convince herself that Hanna was coming home and had a good future ahead of her.

Later in the episode, Hanna and her mother are returning home after the Liars' violent encounter with Charles at the arcade. Ashley tells her daughter it isn't her job to catch Charles. She should cash in the scholarship money and get away from all of this. Hanna says they shouldn't take the money since the company seems to be connected to the DiLaurentis family. But Ashley tells her she deserves it because that family put her through a lot.


After the gallery opening, Ashley and Ella are at the Marin's kitchen. They talk about their daughters being banned from prom. Ella is crying and gets upset about the police not doing enough for the girls. She states they have to find a way to protect them on their own. Ashley asks her what happened and while Ella tells her, Red Coat is seen watching them through the window.

Last Dance

Ashley informs her daughter about being banned from prom and graduation. Hanna tells her the school can't punish them, but Ashley doesn't see it as a punishment. Later Emily is in the Marin's kitchen, while Hanna calls Caleb's father. Ashley walks in with a necklace from her grandmother. She tells Emily that she thought Hanna might want to wear it to prom. They discuss the barn prom and Ashley asks why Caleb can't come and Emily answers that he is in New York. Ashley states that they have been robbed of so much and they should enjoy their barn prom and feel beautiful.

At prom night the girls' mothers are at the Hastings' house. They are obviously drinking a lot and Veronica tells them about Jason being Peter's son. Ashley apologizes for making her tell the story, but Veronica tells her it was easier telling it than living it. Sometime later the moms walk over to the DiLaurentis' house, to look for Kenneth. As he isn't there, they start sneaking around, when Rhys shows up, telling them he had questions for Mr. D. After he left again, Ashley reveals to the others, that Hanna believes the Carissimi Group has a connection to Charles. While they discuss the possibility of Rhys being Charles, they hear a noise from the basement. They walk down and get locked up.

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

She is having lunch with her daughter and expresses discontent with Alison's request to remove Charlotte from the mental institution.

The Gloves Are On

At The Radley, Ashley sees Lorenzo and he tells her that his colleagues are studying the footage from the night Charlotte was murdered. He says that there was nothing recorded after midnight and that it skips to noon the next day, but that computer analysts will find out if there was a genuine malfunction or if it was deleted. Ashley asks what he's implying and he says that they haven't come to a conclusion yet, but he will need a list of all the staff that worked that night as well as the guests.

Hanna is talking to Ashley who asks if Hanna or her friends had anything to do with the footage being deleted. Hanna denies any involvement, as she's not in high school anymore. While her mom is reading a note from Lorenzo saying she needs to come in for questioning and that there is confirmation that the tape was deleted, Hanna sees Aria walk in with Ezra. She asks her mom why she needs to be questioned, Ashley reminds her that they're investigating a murder and that Hanna was tortured by the victim; she shouldn't look so surprised. Ashley walks over when Aria and Ezra are having lunch and she tells Ezra that their waiter will be over with two iced teas; he tells her he ordered a beer, but she says they can't serve him that because of an incident that occurred.

New Guys, New Lies

At the Marin household, Ashley tells Hanna that she's going to meet with Spencer. Hanna tells her that she erased the security footage from the night that Charlotte was murdered, which disappoints Ashley, but assures her mom that they had nothing to do with it. We then see Emily at the Brew talking to Sabrina; she finds out that Sabrina doesn't have a tv, phone or computer. Aria quickly swipes the keys to Ezra's appointment before walking away; Emily asks why Sabrina blocked out social media and she says that when she was sick she realized that someday she would disappear but she wanted people to see her while she was here: the real her, not whatever was on some webpage. Emily asks how that works and Sabrina says that she's there with her drinking coffee: she didn't text or email.

The scene cuts back to Ashley asking Hanna why she couldn't leave the footage alone. Hanna admits that she screwed up, but she did it for Aria. Ashley reminds her that she isn't in high school anymore and that she doesn't owe them anything. Hanna says that they are still her friends and says "What's the big deal? No evidence, no crime. Right?". Ashley is quick to inform her that the security company they use backs up all of the tapes and leaves them at a place called The Farm, so if the police got a hold of the drive then they would see that Aria left the hotel and they'll know that she erased the footage. Hanna asks if they can go to the Farm and get it before they do, but Ashley insists that they can't. Later, Ashley in her home drinking something looking guilty. She opens her purse and pulls out the Radley Hotel backup drive.

Do Not Disturb

Ashley walks into the kitchen where she sees Hanna. Ashley is surprised that Hanna came by, but Hanna wants to know if her mom will tell her the truth if she asks her something. Ashley tells her that she's running late and Hanna asks why she did it. Ashley pretends like she doesn't know what Hanna is talking about, but the latter doesn't believe the fact that the tape went missing the same day she told her mom about it could be a coincidence. After some berating on Hanna's part, Ashley tells her to just be grateful that her mistake has been erased and to focus on wedding cakes. Hanna says she won't bring it up again, then leaves. Ashley looks around before leaving as well.

Aria overhears Ashley say "Miss Harvey" and Sara says that she wants privacy. Sara is upset that her room was cleaned, but Ashley informs her that it's policy to have them cleaned. Aria looks out the room's peephole and sees Ashley offering brunch for two, but Sara doesn't accept. Ashley walks away and Sara looks at the peephole before leaving.

Burn This

Ashley holds up a game called "Are You Naughty? or Nice?" for Hanna's bachelorette party where she asks Hanna if it's too risqué. Hanna says that maybe they should just cancel and reschedule, causing Ashley to say that it's tomorrow and that she has friends coming in from New York. Hanna says that she also has friends who already left: Ali. Ashley says that maybe now she can invite Mona, since it's been years since she and her friends have all been in the same place; Hanna reminds her that it's because of a murder investigation. Ashley tells her that they all need this and it will be a good distraction.

At The Radley, Ashley talks to a bartender saying she'll place a rush order and that hopefully the stock they have will last. She then spots Caleb pleading with an employee trying to find a room to stay in; he says he'll stay in the broom closet. She excuses herself to talk to Caleb, who reveals that he's no longer staying with Spencer and her family as he is no longer working for their campaign. She asks what happened; Caleb stays quiet and Ashley says she'll try to make some phone calls to other hotels. He thanks her, but tells her he already tried and that this was his last stop before walking away. Ashley stops him and says that he can stay in the guest room, since he knows it well; he appreciates the offer, but says that he'll figure something out.

Ashley walks in Hanna's shower asking for Hanna's help in turning on the air. She says that she tried to turn on the oven earlier and Beyonce started playing. As Hanna starts working on getting the air on, Ashley tells her that she saw Caleb earlier and made an offer for him to stay in the guest room. Hanna says that she does mind and asks if Ashley's going to let him stay in their house; "My house", Ashley corrects her and then adds that he didn't have anywhere else to go. Hanna says that Caleb is an adult, not a pound puppy; Ashley says that he was a big part in Hanna's life and Hanna wants her mom to admit that she likes Caleb more than she likes Jordan, insisting that she never gave Jordan a chance. An annoyed Hanna says that Ashley has compared every guy Hanna has dated to Caleb, causing Ashley to say that she thinks Jordan is great but she doesn't know him the way she knows Caleb. Hanna then rhetorically asks how she could when she doesn't try to spend any time with him, as Emily quiet gathers her things together. Ashley says that she's invited them both back on multiple occasions, but Hanna stops her saying she doesn't want to talk about this anymore and Emily leaves.

Later, Ashley walks over and tells her that she can't neglect her other guests, then suggests that she lead the group in some icebreakers. Hanna says she will as soon as Spencer gets there, causing Ashley to ask where she is. Ashley clinks a glass and asks the women to sit on the sofa so Hanna could open her presents. Hanna quietly tells the Liars that if any of them got her a toy, they're dead. There's a knock on the door and Hanna answers it to find Mona, who offers her a present: a wedding dream book that they made the summer of eighth grade, where Mona would marry Justin Timberlake and Hanna would marry Matt Damon. Hanna can't believe that Mona still had that and Ashley invites Mona in.

After the presents are opened, Ashley suggests they play a version of 21 Questions: "How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?". Ashley asks the first question "Where did Jordan propose?" and Aria quietly asks why Mona is there since she and Spencer had it out at The Brew. Emily skeptically says that she brought a gift, causing Spencer to add "Yeah, and an ax to grind". Ashley then asks Emily if she knows how Jordan and Hanna met and she says that they met at a work function, then changes her answer to "at a party". Ashley then asks Spencer, who says she knows this, but doesn't answer. Hanna says that the game is silly and asks if there is a game where they all take a shot when someone says the word "bride", which makes the women laugh. She then checks her tablet and wonders what's wrong with it when it won't respond to her touch. The alarm, the same one that was at the Dollhouse, blares and loud rock music plays; Ashley tells her to fix it, but her tablet malfunctioned and she doesn't know how to stop it. Spencer takes the tablet from her and the lights shut off. Emily asks what's happening, but no one knows. Ashley tries turning the lights on, but the air conditioner blows everything around; one of the present bags falls over and something glass breaks. Aria walks over to pick the bag up but, as she does so, the fireplace lights up and knocks her over. Emily, Hanna, Mona, Ashley and Spencer look on in horror.

Season 7

The Talented Mr. Rollins

She is mentioned to have employed Emily at the Radley as a bartender.

Driving Miss Crazy

Ashley returns to Rosewood to check on Hanna after learning some frightening information and asks Caleb what his intentions are with her daughter.

Choose or Lose

Caleb informs Ashley that Hanna ran over Dunhill after she begins to suspect Hanna to be covering for Alison.

Appearances (91/160)

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Book Comparisons

  • Ashley isn't quite involved in her daughter's life in the books as in the series. The TV show's portrayal of Ashley is more concerned with Hanna's life than book Ashley.
  • Ashley works at McManus and Tate in the books. In the show, she has many jobs: worker at the bank, manager of The Radley Hotel, etc.
  • In the books, Ashley leaves to Singapore for work and allows Tom, Hanna's dad, along with Kate and Isabel to move into her house. In the show, Tom moves into another house in Rosewood.


Ashley [to Hanna]: Try to remember Alison as the beautiful girl you knew.

Ashley [to Hanna]: When they find the maniac who did this to you, I will kill him. After I kill him, I will sue him.

Ashley: It's only a felony if they find out.

Ashley [to Hanna]: What's a pink drink? Is that code for something gay?

Ashley [to Hanna about Jenna]: You pulled one girl out of a burning building. It doesn't make you Rosewood's new fire chief.

Ashley: Hanna, it's a funeral. Not a Nicki Minaj concert.

Ashley [to Emily]: No girlfriends allowed in the bedroom. Just girl... friends.

Hanna: If it needs a tent, it's a circus.
Ashley: Says the girl who woke up at 4 a.m. for the Royal Wedding.
Hanna: I had to pee.
Ashley: For three hours?

Ashley [to Hanna]: Come on, I have to drive you to school and then you are going to explain me why are you wearing your costume from Mamma Mia.

Ashley [to Hanna]: When you sober up we are having a serious talk about consequences and yours won't just be a hangover.

Ella: What was that? Was that thunder or music?
Ashley: That was probably Hanna parking.

Notes and Trivia

  • Usually, a clean record is required in order to qualify to work in a bank. In "The First Secret", it seems that Ashley has just that - before she ever got involved with the detective on her daughter's case or committed embezzlement.
  • Ashley stole from a bank account but was never found out or punished. However, she was later incarcerated for a crime she did not commit.
  • She was accused of Wilden's murder and was later released though with a condition of a tag. 
  • Ashley cheated on Pastor Ted with Jason DiLaurentis in "Fresh Meat", but Ted forgave her and they got engaged.
    • However, it's revealed after the time jump they broke off their engagement due to something unrelated to Ashley's fling.


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