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B-26 by Ezra Fitz

B-26 is a significant number in the relationship between Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery. It refers to the song playing on the jukebox when they first met. During Season 1, Ezra publishes a poem entitled B-26 written about Aria. "A" puts a copy of the poem in Aria's locker in '"Keep Your Friends Close," prompting her to eventually get back together with Ezra.

In Season 4 episode 20, "Free Fall," we see B-26 being used as the password to the security system which is installed at Ezra's cabin.

B-26 by Ezra Fitz

It's a number.

It's a song.

It's a girl.


Pearl Joy packed.

Gold Falafel,

As through ice.

It's four thirty.

Morning with

Phone calls.

It's deaf mute.

It's cheap.

A foreign car.

Maybe bingo.

Lucky night?

Something says

It smells bad.