Beacon Heights is the primary setting in the book and TV series of The Perfectionists. The book states its location is in Washington, as a satellite town of Seattle. However, the television adaption describes Beacon Heights as a college town in Oregon.

It is the hometown of the Perfectionists in the series. Despite the town being relatively small, they have their own newspaper and university. Most of the residents seem to be of middle or upper-class income range in wages.


  • Hotchkiss Residence (Book Location)
  • Martell-Lewis Residence (Book Location)
  • Jalali Residence (Book Location)
  • Duval Residence (Book Location)
  • Granger Residence (Book Location)

  • Cupcake Kingdom (Book Location)
  • Le Poisson (Book Location)

Book Series


In many ways, Beacon Heights, Washington, looks like any affluent suburb: Porch swings creak gently in the evening breeze, the lawns are green and well kept, and all the neighbors know one another. But this satellite of Seattle is anything but average. In Beacon, it’s not enough to be good; you have to be the best.
With perfection comes pressure. Students here are some of the best in the country, and sometimes, they have to let off a little steam. What five girls don’t know, though, is that steam can scald just as badly as an open flame.

Behind the Scenes

  • The TV series films in Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest as often as possible.