Welcome to Beacon Heights University. The Ivy League of the Pacific Northwest, and America's finest educational institution. Where excellence is not simply an attribute - it's our identity. BHU is ranked as one of the most elite universities in the US. Students here are among the top performers in a myriad of areas and disciplines. Educated by our brilliant faculty who have been hired from around the globe. Whether it's in the arts, athletics, or academics, Beacon Heights challenges students to do the best in everything they do.

Beacon Heights University is the top-tier educational institution in Beacon Heights. It was founded by Claire Hotchkiss and her husband, Peter Hotchkiss.[2]

The school logo is, "Audi Vide Tace"[3] while the mascot is of a soaring bird.

Faculty and Staff


Claire Hotchkiss Founder, CEO, & Dean
Dana Booker Head of Security
Mona Vanderwaal Admissions & Recruitment Administrator
Mr. Wayne Swim Coach
Mr. Granger English Professor
Professor Fielder Pyschology Professor
Alison DiLaurentis Literature Teaching Assistant (Formerly: transferred)
Pyschology Teaching Assistant
Gabriel Evaristo Language Studies Professor (Temporarily)
Ray Hogadorn Janitor
Zach Fortson Student Services Worker
Member of the Custodial Staff
Taylor Hotchkiss Literature Teaching Assistant; Prior to "suicide"
Guidance Counselor; Prior to "suicide"[4]


Students Year Status
Nolan Hotchkiss Sophmore Year Non-Graduate (Due to death)
Taylor Hotchkiss Unclear Graduated
Ava Jalali Sophomore Year Enrolled
Caitlin Park-Lewis Sophmore Year Enrolled
Dylan Walker Sophmore Year Enrolled
Andrew Villareal Sophmore Year Enrolled
Mason Gregory Sophmore Year Enrolled
Zach Fortson Sophmore Year Enrolled
Zoe Sophmore Year Enrolled

Majors & Academics

  • Fashion Design
  • Political Science
  • History
  • English
  • Architecture
  • Business Ethics
  • Psychology

Extra-Curriculars & Clubs

  • Swim Team
  • Track Team
  • Field Hockey Teams
  • Music Program
  • Chess Club


Wings and Halls

  • Thorne Hall: College of Humanities
  • Scott Hall: College of Arts
  • Music Hall
  • Cochran Student Union
  • Student Wellness Center (Coming soon)[5]
  • Holdman Annex (Down for remodeling: inhabitated by Ray Hogadorn)
  • Watchgrove Hall (Located on the old campus)

Residential Halls


  • Crimson Eagle Cafe
  • Donna's Donuts and Pies


  • The college's tuition is presumably very high seeing as Ava's YouTuber salary barely covers the tuition, while fellow student Zach works three jobs to afford it.
  • Due to BHU being heavily monitored by the security system, Beacon Guard, the campus has been ruled the safest in the country.
  • The campus is eco-friendly.
  • The "Taylor Hotchkiss Memorial Garden" is dedicated to the founder, CEO, and president Claire Hotchkiss' 'deceased' daughter.
  • Nolan is murdered on the grounds of BHU when he was pushed from the rooftop of Thorne Hall and impaled by the stakes below, becoming the town's first murder.
  • BHU has no sororities.
  • Ray Hogadorn, the university's custodian, secretly lives in room 214 in Holdman Annex while it is down for renovation.
  • The University takes staff and student relationships seriously. Mona Vanderwaal was fired from her job as a recruiter due to her romantic relationship with BHU student Mason Gregory.
  • Regardless of the offense, Claire Hotchkiss is the defining vote in the University's ethics committee.
  • BHU has a secret society called The Crimson Society.

Book Comparison

  • In the books, the Perfectionists are high school students, while in the television series, the Perfectionists are college students.
  • BHU doesn't exist in the books, as the town only had a high school and was never labeled as a college town.

Behind the Scenes



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