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Beckett Frye is a character in Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. He was introduced in "The Guilty Girl's Handbook."


The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Beckett is an intern for Veronica Hastings and is helping her on Ashley Marin's case. He and Spencer first meet in an earlier part of the episode, when Spencer comes home to check on Hanna. Beckett is there, since the DA gave him the address of Hastings' house instead of Veronica's office. Spencer is confused about why he's there, as her mother isn't even at home. While Beckett is on the phone with Veronica, Spencer steals Detective Wilden's report on Marion Cavanaugh's death at Radley Sanatorium. Beckett pretends to have not noticed her. He later tells her to put the file back where she found it, but Spencer confronts her mother with the file instead.

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