Families are very complicated things, Hanna. Many families have secrets. Most families, really. And sometimes, those secrets are actual people. Imagine that.

Season 7, Episode 2
Air Date June 28, 2016
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Directed by Tawnia McKiernan
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Bedlam is the second episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and the 142nd episode of the show overall. It aired on June 28, 2016.


With the fallout of Hanna’s abduction still weighing heavily on the PLLs, the Liars begin to grow suspicious of Elliott Rollins as Ali’s condition worsens. Tensions rise between Liam, Aria and Ezra as they work on the book together. Spencer and Caleb are on edge, as neither of them want to talk about the awkward elephant in the room.

Meanwhile, Emily receives a disturbing phone call and tries to find a way to see Ali, but isn't allowed to by Elliott and must turn to one potential enemy...


  • Mary drives Hanna at Spencer's home.
  • Emily starts to believe that Alison is in danger at Welby and doubt Elliott's good intentions, since Alison's mental state is quickly degrading.
  • Giving the ring back, Hanna ends the engagement with Jordan Hobart and accepts starting a fashion business with Lucas Gottesman.
  • It's revealed Elliott and Mary have different agendas and they argue about it.
  • Aria ends her relationship with Liam.

Title and Background

  • The title refers to Bethlem Royal Hospital, Europe's first and oldest institution to specialise in mental illnesses and origin of the word "bedlam".
  • It refers to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, as "bedlam" means chaos or madness, but it also applies to the Liars' current relationships.
  • The title, "Bedlam" spells out Ed Lamb, and that spells out, "Blamed" as we learn Mary was blamed for the killing of 10 month old Teddy Carver, who her sister seemed to have killed.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • The table read for this episode occurred on April 14th, 2016.[1]
  • Filming for this episode began on April 19th, 2016[2], and wrapped on April 26th, 2016.[3]
  • The intro in this episode features Emily doing the 'Shhh'.

Featured Music

  • "Six Feet Under" by Billie Eilish - (Caleb checks in on Spencer as she works on her mothers campaign finalization papers, he suggest that they gets some sleep then they discuss what happened to Hanna; Emily sleeps in Hanna bed)
  • "Go Try" by WILSEN - (Hanna meets with Lucas, he asks after Alison then question her about accepting his offer)
  • "No Sleep To Dream by Zella Day - (Flashback) Hanna works at a bar when Jordan accidentally knocks over her drinks, he flirts with her as helps recover lost information then offers to buy her dinner; Montage as they eat dinner)
  • "Waving Wild" by Arum Rae - (Jordan goes into his office and sees Hanna sitting at his desk; She apologizes for not being a model fiancée and suggests they go to the bar where they first met)
  • "Find Yourself Somebody Else" by Bosshouse Music - (Hanna and Jordan arrive at the bar but find out it's been torn down which upsets Hanna; and she takes off her engagement ring and gives it back to Jordan, then walks off)
  • "Talking In Your Sleep" by Spencer Thomson - (Emily picks up a job application for the bar at Radley when she sees Mary, she introduces herself)
  • "The Merry Widow, Act III: Duet. Love unspoken (The Merry Widow Waltz)" by The Sadler's Wells Opera Orchestra, Alexander Gibson, June Bronhill & Thomas Round - (In the last scene, a drugged Ali is wheeled away on a gurney into a bright light)

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