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This article is about Ben Coogan, a book character. You may be looking for Ben Coogan, a TV character.

Ben Coogan is Emily's ex-boyfriend in the Pretty Little Liars book series.

Physical Description

Ben is tall and muscular. He has short blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles. He's a member of the male division of Rosewood Day's swim team.


Ben is a typical jock at Rosewood Day High School and is part of the boys' swimming team. He and Emily were good friends before many people on their teams suggested they start dating. Everything was going well between them until the new student, Maya St. Germain, shows up. Emily helps her get to know the school and Ben doesn't mind or pay any attention. However, the two eventually see each other less and less until he confronts her about it at a swim practice. Emily is distant and moody, which begins to alienate the lanky swimmer. Ben gets angry when Emily swims easily at his pace and tells him she's faster than he his. He is very competitive and obsessed with maintaining his masculinity.

At Noel Kahn's party, Ben is distant towards Emily and a rude to Maya when she introduces them to each other. He later catches them kissing in the photobooth and calls them "f*cking dykes," revealing his homophobia and embarrassment at catching his girlfriend with another girl. He throws beer all over the two and runs off. Afterwards he catches Emily alone several times and tries to sexually assault her, telling her to prove that she's not gay. The first time this happens, she's rescued by Toby Cavanaugh. The next time, she manages to fight back. The two remain hostile towards each other, but he and his swim buddies enjoy taunting her about her sexuality whenever they see her.

When Emily befriends Rosewood's newest resident, Chloe, and gets to know her at lunch, Ben alludes to Emily's sexuality before Emily can tell Chloe about it on her own terms.