Beth Fields is Emily's older sister. She makes an appearance in Ruthless.

Physical Appearance

Beth is described as tall with reddish-blonde hair.


Beth is older than Emily. Beth, who works as swim coach. Emily remembers her to be a lot like their sister Carolyn; the woman is now a big partier and she's a lot more outgoing than her family. She explains to her younger sister that while she loves their family, she couldn't wait to leave for college because she wanted to get away. Beth already knows about Emily's sexuality and is opened mind about it.

During her return to Rosewood, Beth pushes Emily into going to a party with her. In fact, this is how Emily met Kelsey Pierce, who introduced herself as Kay at the time.

In Deadly, she returns home to help her family with Emily's legal troubles, but she's cold towards her sister. However she doesn't voice her disdain like Carolyn.

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