Brenda is a Season 4 character that appeared in Hot for Teacher to give Spencer drugs. 

She is portrayed by Nikki SooHoo.


It's easy to forget, but in between their text-message tormenting, our pretty little foursome are still in their senior year of school. And who is feeling the brunt of the scholastic pressures? Spencer, of course! Cue Brenda, an academic overachiever with a dirty little secret for her success. She's willing to share of course, but only for a hefty price. Let's just say that soon Emily won't be the only Rosewood student with a history of popping pills. 


Hot for Teacher

This is the first episode that Brenda appeared in. Spencer approaches her asking if she can have some study drugs and claims that her dad has her prescription. However, Brenda doesn't do it as a favor and charges Spencer a hefty price.


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