He's like an Ivy League pimp.
Spencer about Brendan

Brendan McGowan is a Season 4 character who appeared in Gamma Zeta Die. He is portrayed by Mark Schroeder.


Brendon is a Private Admissions Counselor who is hired by the Hastings to help Spencer get into a good college. While he waited for Spencer at The BrewEmily took the opportunity to talk to him about her options.

Spencer would arrive and insist that she visit Cicero College, along with Emily, as a "safety school." He and the girls later visit the college and Spencer tells Emily to distract Brendon so that she can find where inside the sorority house the number that Tippi sang came from. Emily would admit that she actually wanted to visit the Sorority Sisters for a chance at a scholarship instead of seeing where the number came from. Later, Brendon makes a move on Emily while she's looking for Spencer but she tells him that she has a girlfriend and Brendon looks disappointed. He offers to help her look for Spencer anyway but Emily politely declines.

Memorable Quotes

Spencer [about Brendon]: He's like an Ivy League pimp.




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