Bring her a bottle of something strong, and she's your new best friend.
Hanna about Bridget

Bridget Wu was a student at Rosewood High School. She is described as "super rich" by Hanna.


Je Suis une Amie

After Caleb Rivers does Hanna Marin a favor by pulling the kill switch on Ella Montgomery's car, he asks her to repay him by posing as his friend in order to up his credibility among the rich kids in school. He hopes that if he becomes acquainted with them through the homecoming queen, the profits of his underground business ventures will go up. Hanna agrees to give him names, in order to repay her debt and also in exchange for his background information. The first name that Hanna calls is Bridget Wu's. Hanna lets Caleb know that she is super wealthy and also has a drinking problem. She gives him the tip that if he wants to befriend her, he should offer her some booze. (Bridget's name is specifically traded by Hanna in exchange for Caleb listing for Hanna all the places he is from.)


Caleb staking out Bridget

Later, at Emily Fields's swim match, when most of the student body is sitting in the bleachers, Caleb asks Hanna to remind him which girl is Bridget. Hanna tells him that she's the girl sipping from a flask in her purse. Caleb smiles broadly and goes to sit beside his next prospective client.


Hanna tells Emily that the reason she is Juliet for the masquerade ball is because Bridget Wu got the part in the school play in sixth grade.

It Happened 'That Night'

While visiting Mona at Radley, Hanna gossips, ranting, about Bridget Wu.

Into the Deep

Aria, talking to Paige at Emily's birthday party, mentions that she should probably go into the kitchen because Bridget was trying to make a bong out of her aunt's teapot.

Miss Me x 100

At school, Emily and Sydney are buying popcorn when Paige joins them and tells them that she heard from Bridget that Jenna is back and Shana is dead. Paige fills Sydney in about Jenna and Shana, and Emily enlightens her about her relationship with Jenna.

Last Dance

The Liars learn she goes to prom with Noel Kahn . Emily gets a picture of her drunk on tequila with her dress on backwards while at the prom.

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