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Bryce Owen Johnson is an American actor. He had a recurring role as Officer Darren Wilden on Pretty Little Liars.

Early life

Johnson was raised in Reno, Nevada before moving to Denver, Colorado at 5 with his newly divorced mother along with his two brothers where he graduated from high school in 1995. Afterwards, the family relocated to Sioux City, Iowa where Bryce attended acting classes at the local community college before deciding to embark on his acting career.


He headed for Hollywood at 19 after his mother encouraged him not to join the navy. While working odd-jobs to pay the bills he searched around looking for auditions and enrolled at Pasadena's American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was receiving minor work until his big break came in 1999 when he was cast as Josh Ford in The WB's Popular. Also in that year he was part of the cast of MTV series Undressed.

After the show ended in 2001, he continued on the platform of more teen-oriented projects with minor guest roles on Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls and other teenage shows.

By the time he approached his mid 20s, he said he wanted to branch into more adult and challenging roles trying to stay clear of the teen genre.[1] 2004 saw him playing a cheerleader in Bring It On Again and starring in two films screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Home of Phobia and the controversial Harry + Max. In 2003 he returned to television in an unaired series, Still Life, and made appearances on What I Like About You, Nip/Tuck, and House M.D while doing voice-over work for video games.

In 2006 he starred in another controversial film, Sleeping Dogs Lie, with Melinda Page Hamilton which also screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

He is a series regular on Lone Star portraying Drew Thatcher.


Year Movie/TV Show Role
2013 Glee Cody
2010-2013 Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) Detective Darren Wilden
2009 Hulk Vs Bruce Banner (voice)
2008 Major Movie Star Derek O'Grady
2007 Doctor Strange Dr. Stephen Strange (voice)
2006 Justice League Heroes Aquaman (voice)
2005 Nip/Tuck (TV series) Corporal Oliver Brandt (1 episode)*Abby Mays
2005 House M.D (TV series) James (1 episode)*Acceptance
2005 What I Like About You (TV series) Chris (1 episode)*Girls Gone Wild
2005 Still Life (TV series) Jake Morgan
2004 Home of Phobia Tazwell
2004 Harry + Max Harry
2004 Bring It On Again Greg
2003 Chasing Papi Bellboy
2003 The Skulls 3 Roger Lloyd
2001 Dawson's Creek (TV Series) Library Guy (1 episode)*Four Scary Stories
2001 Gilmore Girls (TV series) Paul (1 episode)*Run Away Little Boy
1999 Puzzled Dominick
1999 Popular Josh Ford (1999–2001)
1999 Undressed (TV series) Cliff (1999)
1999 Saving Graces Cammy Whitemore


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