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CAll Security is the seventh webisode of Pretty Dirty Secrets. It aired on October 9, 2012.


Shana is seen closing up the store. She gets a call from someone and tells them to stop hounding and pressuring her. She assures the caller "they" will all come to the store before Halloween, and reminds the caller she was there and that "she" was her friend too. Shana tells the caller they were right about Rosewood, and that she thinks she'll like it here.

Once Shana leaves and closes the store, a black hooded figure comes out of the costume racks. Immediately the hooded figure looks a box of police badges and takes one. The person admires a blonde wig that resembles Alison's hair. A security guard comes in shining a flashlight and "A" hides, and pulls out a knife, but doesn't have to use it because the security guard gets a message and leaves.

Then "A" goes behind the counter and checks the security camera footage. He/she first looks at the video of CeCe and Jason ("A Reunion"), and pauses to admire CeCe possibly because she looks like Alison or perhaps "A" knows her. The next video is of Noel and Garrett talking. The hooded figure zooms in on the mystery woman emerging from the dressing room, and nods.

The last video is of Lucas and the zombie talking. The figure rewinds and zooms in on an individual passing in the background, wearing a red hooded trenchcoat (like Vivian Darkbloom's) and black boots.

The videos are copied onto a hard drive and deleted from the computer.


Shana (on phone): Stop hounding me. I told you I need some time. … Look you pressuring me isn’t going to help. I’m sure they’ll all be in the store before Halloween. Once I meet them- … Oh you don’t have to worry about that. I was there. I was her friend too. [Smiles] You were right about Rosewood. I think I’m gonna like it here.


  • It is revealed that the person Shana was talking to was Alison.




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