List of characters known in the Perfectionists. (Book series)


  • Ava Jalali
  • Parker Duval
  • Julie Redding
  • Caitlin Martell-Lewis
  • Mackenzie Wright
  • Ursula Winters
  • Claire Coldwell
  • Blake Strustrek
  • Jeremy Friday
  • Nolan Hotchkiss (Deceased)
  • Alex Cohen

Other characters:

  • Natalie Houma
  • Nyssa Frankel
  • Timothy Burgess
  • Michelle Friday (Mother of Jeremy and Josh Friday)
  • Josh Friday (Brother of Jeremy Friday)
  • Taylor Martell-Lewis (Adoptive brother of Caitlin -- deceased)
  • Sierra Wright (Sister of Mackenzie)
  • Asher Collins
  • Ethan Fielder
  • Ashley Ferguson
  • Mr. Jalali (Father of Ava)
  • Mrs. Jalali (Mother of Ava)
  • Leslie Jalali (Step-mother of Ava)
  • Mrs. Martell (Adoptive mother of Caitlin)
  • Mrs. Lewis (Adoptive mother of Caitlin)

Aliases used by characters:

  • E. Fielder
  • Elizabeth Fielder

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