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You know us... We always find our way back to each other.
Charlotte to Alison

Chalison (formerly known as Cali) was the name of the familial and friendship pairing between Charlotte DiLaurentis/CeCe Drake and Alison DiLaurentis.


Charlotte, who was under the alias of "CeCe Drake", met Alison around the time she started dating Alison's brother, Jason DiLaurentis. They became best friends, and as friends, Charlotte was like an older sister to Alison and a mentor toward her. Charlotte taught Alison how to be cruel and how to use people, and helped her bully Paige McCullers and many other people. They often pulled pranks on people, and their relationship was once described as "toxic" by Jessica DiLaurentis. The DiLaurentis family and Charlotte went on a summer vacation to Cape May together, where Charlotte and Alison grew even closer.

In "Game Over, Charles" it was revealed that CeCe is actually Charlotte DiLaurentis (formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis), Alison's older sister. Alison helped Charlotte get psychological treatment at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, and later advocated for her release. During this time, unbeknownst to Alison, Charlotte's doctor, Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill, was really Charlotte's boyfriend who was pretending to be a doctor to fool everyone into thinking she was getting better. Charlotte and Archer Dunhill then plotted to make Alison fall in love with him in order to convince her that Charlotte was mentally stable (revealed in "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars").

After Charlotte was murdered, Alison learned that Charlotte was actually her adoptive sister and biological cousin, due to Charlotte's birth-mother being Mary Drake, Jessica's twin sister. Alison then learned that Charlotte was aware of this prior to her death, and now believes that Charlotte was merely using her as a stepping stone to get out of Welby.


Single Fright Female

Chalison in the car

They first appeared together in a flashback when CeCe was telling a story to Spencer about the relationship between Paige McCullers and Alison. The flashback shoeds Alison and CeCe in car waiting for Paige to ride up on her bike. They were talking about how Alison stole paper from Emily;s room and wrote Paige a note telling her that Emily was in love with her, and wanted to know if she felt the same way. When Paige arrived, Ali told CeCe to get down, but CeCe cockily replied that she didn't need to, since Paige didn't even know her. After Alison threatened Paige and left with the letter in hand, she demanded to CeCe that she drive off, so she did.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

CeCe and Alison at Cape May

Emily found an old notebook of Alison's with a conversation written in it between CeCe and Alison about the Beach Hottie. It also had a conversation regarding her visit to Toby Cavanaugh in Juvie, where she had confronted him about the A letters she received. In the back of the notebook was a photo of CeCe and Alison at Cape May together.

Later that day, Emily brought the picture to CeCe and asked her about it and what she remembered from the trip. Cece explained that they were stuck in the car with Alison's parents for two-hours from shore and their phones were dead, so the trip was brutal. Emily asked CeCe if she knew who the "Beach Hottie" was, but CeCe said that she had no idea - she only knew him by the nickname as Ali never told her who it was.

Alison confides in CeCe

In a flashback, CeCe was at The Crab Shack drinking and partying when she spotted Alison who looked upset. She walked over and asked what she was doing there, and a tearful Alison revealed that she had to talk to her as she thought she was in trouble. After they talked, Alison revealed that she was late by two-weeks, as they hadn't been using protecting all the time. CeCe asked if she had told the guy, but she stated that if she told him, he would kill her.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

CeCe, Alison, and Wilden at Cape May

Emily and Jason discovered a picture of Alison, CeCe and Wilden on his boat at Cape May. The trio were partying, and the photo was later revealed to have been taken by Melissa Hastings. It was also presumed that Wilden was the Beach Hottie that Alison was having an affair with that summer.

Hot Water

Emily visited CeCe's apartment and confronted her about where she was going, and if she was leaving because of Wilden, and told her about the picture she found. An angry CeCe explained that Ali thought he was cute and asked if he would take them on a ride, but refused to explain why she lied about it as she didn't have time to explain it. She then revealed her theory that Wilden got Alison pregnant and killed her to cover it up, but didn't know if it was true or not, as Alison knew how to tell a really good lie. Emily told CeCe that Jason had seen CeCe at the DiLaurentis house the night that Alison disappeared and asked why she was there. CeCe told her that Alison had called her and was freaking out about the videos that everyone wanted, especially Melissa Hastings. Melissa begged CeCe to talk to Alison so she did, and Ali left to go get them but the next day she was missing. Emily asked who took the picture of the trio on the sailboat, and CeCe told her that it was Melissa.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

CeCe is revealed to be Red Coat.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Jessica told Hanna and Spencer about her run-in with a doctor at Radley, and explained that the doctor wasn't hers or Alison's. She had only met the doctor once, when she received a phone call about CeCe and Alison.

In a flashback at the DiLaurentis House, an angry Jessica stormed into the living room where Alison was playing the piano. She confronted her daughter about a phone call she received from Radley. Apparently, a doctor had called her and told her that they had her daughter there, and she was threatening to hurt herself and wanted to stay. So, Jessica drove down there but it wasn't Alison sitting there, it was CeCe Drake dressed identically to Alison. Alison smirked and stated that she couldn't believe that CeCe actually did it. Jessica and Alison argued, and Ali insisted that she didn't know that CeCe was actually going to do it. Jessica then told her to enjoy it, because the friendship between them was over and they wouldn't be playing games together anymore. That even the doctor at Radley agreed with her that the friendship was toxic, and Alison only responded by saying that a lot of things are. Jessica then stated that CeCe was no longer welcome in the household.

In the present, Jessica explained that the pair had never done anything like that before or again. But she knew from the beginning that something about their relationship was wrong and obsessive. Hanna asked if she meant if they wore each others makeup or clothes, and Jessica responded that it was more like they wore each others personalities.

A is for Answers

Charlotte was arrested on the charge of killing Wilden, however, she bargained with Detective Holbrook. She then made a deal with him, as she knew who really killed the girl in Ali's grave that everyone mistook for Alison. She said that the person who killed Bethany was the same person who was still trying to hurt her friend - Alison. CeCe then told Holbrook that Alison was still alive. He asked if she had seen her, and she said that she had - more then once, and she could prove it.

EscApe From New York

CeCe and Alison talk

CeCe found out where Alison was hiding out in New York, and went to the Fritzgerald Theater to look for her. She awoke a sleeping Alison, who at first was scared but later recognized her friend. In the back of theater, Alison asked how CeCe had found her, and she stated that they don't just look alike - they think alike to. Ali told her that she took a really big risk coming to the theater, but CeCe stated that she didn't have a choice. Alison had asked her for help in Ravenswood, and now she needed hers.

Chalison say goodbye

The pair then went to diner, where they met up with Noel Kahn. Alison asked her if she was sure it would work, and CeCe stated that it had to - she didn't have any other choice. Noel handed Alison's fake passport over to CeCe along with a plane ticket and some money, and stated that if they did it today it should be fine since the cops were still looking in Philadelphia. Alison looked solemnly at CeCe, who asked if she was having second thoughts, but Ali assured her she wasn't. She had just realize that this might be the last time they ever see each other. CeCe assured her that they’ll find each other again - they always do. Ali then stood up and said that CeCe should go now, and they exchanged a hug and CeCe thanked her for her help. CeCe then left, and Alison watched her go.

Alison later tells Emily that CeCe was never Red Coat, and in fact, it was CeCe who distracted A while Alison turned off the saw mill to save Emily in "Now You See Me, Now You Don't". Alison also revealed that she repaid CeCe for protecting Emily in Ravenswood by giving CeCe her fake Vivian Darkbloom passport. The reason was because CeCe was on the run from the police for Darren Wilden's murder.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Alison and CeCe at the winter ball

The night of Alison's winter ball, she noticed a figure in a white cloak following her. She entered the winter-wonderland maze and walked through it, looking around her as if she were looking for someone. The figure in the white cloak continued to follow her, and Alison looked into a mirror and touched it. She then noticed that someone was behind her and turned around. She smiled when she saw who it was, and when the figure lowered their cloak it was CeCe Drake. With a smile, CeCe wished Alison and "Merry Christmas" and Ali returned the smile.

CeCe gives Ali the Alison perfume

The pair sat down on a bench and CeCe handed Alison a pouch, and when Ali opened it she saw that there was a perfume bottle in it. The bottle was called, Alison, something made Ali smile. CeCe explained that a place in the Marais that helped people create a scene specifically for someone, and she spent the entire day there and the next thing she knew, he created a scent that was perfect for Ali. Alison thanked her for both the perfume, and for coming to see her. CeCe explained that when you lose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest, and Ali confided in CeCe about how she believed her mother was still looking out for her - something that CeCe was sure of as well. Ali then told her about a dream she had about her mom where Jessica had warned her about Mona. CeCe assured her that Mona couldn't hurt her anymore, and that she can't let her guard down yet. She told her that her ex-friends were there and she had a feeling they didn't come to wish her a Merry Christmas.

Game On, Charles

Jessica, baby-Alison, Jason, and Charles in a home-movie

Alison and "Charles" are seen in a video that was recorded when they were both children. Charles was seen with Jessica and a baby-Alison while he played. After The Liars escaped the Dollhouse, Spencer asked Alison about Charles DiLaurentis, but Alison was surprised to hear the name and she didn't recognize it.

Don't Look Now

Alison confronted her father and learned that Charles DiLaurentis was her brother, who her father and mother admitted to Radley Sanitarium when he was a young boy. What prompted this was when Kenneth found Charles who had attempted to drown Alison in boiling hot water in the tub. However, Charles died when he was sixteen.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Alison learned that Charles DiLaurentis was actually alive and wanted to meet her and Jason. However, she was unable to meet him which angered him.

Last Dance

At the prom, Alison confronts Charles and arranges for the two of them to meet. Once there, Charles reveals himself to Alison, and Alison is shocked to see that it is Cece Drake.

Game Over, Charles

Charlotte and Alison in Radley

Charlotte kidnapped Alison and brought her to her old room at Radley along with Kenneth and Jason whom are both drugged. Alison, who was looking out the bars at the two bodies, demanded to know why Charlotte had done this - they were family, after all. Charlotte coldly told her not to be so dramatic, and that they weren't dead they were just drugged - unable to move but able to hear everything. Alison asked how she could do this to her, and that she risked everything to help her. However, Charlotte responded that Ali gave her passport and a plane ticket - that it was hardly helping. Alison stated that it was all she had, but Charlotte changes the subject back to her as she wanted to tell her story and they didn't have much time. She then looked in the camera and sang, "Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister,". She then told Alison that their parents never understood how much she loved her sister, from the moment Jessica brought her home she loved her. Alison was her very own living doll, and she never left her side.

Young Charles at Alison's crib

In a flashback, Charles is seen attempting to get Jessica's attention, however, Jessica is outside and not able to hear him. Charles then picked up Alison and attempted to soothe her with a bath, since that always helped him. He didn't know that the water was too hot, or that Alison was drowning when he dropped her in. Kenneth found them and pulled Alison out, scolding Charles for the his behavior and demanding to know what was wrong with him. They then put Charles in Radley Sanitarium, and erased the memory of Charles from their children.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 173.jpg
In the present, Charlotte tells Ali she that she never meant to hurt her, but Kenneth didn't see it that way. Ali states that it was an accident, and Kenneth had to have known that. Charlotte is sure that he did, but that didn't stop him from wanting to get rid of her. She then reveals to Alison that ever since she was a child, she asked Jessica to buy her dresses, but Kenneth would never allow it. So, she played dress-up in her mom's closet - something Jessica found cute. However, Kenneth eventually found out. Alison is surprised to hear that Charlotte is Charles, and takes a minute to let it sink in. In the meantime, Charlotte talks to her drugged father. She then continues to tell her story, saying that Jessica came to visit her as much as she could, and so did Aunt Carol - but for the next seven years she was pretty much alone. Alison is sympathetic for Charlotte and says she's sorry for everything that Charlotte had to go through. Charlotte then showed Alison a yellow dress that Jessica had bought her for Christmas that year, and stated that from then on, every time Jessica bought Ali clothes she bought Charlotte one just like it. She then told Alison about the night that Marion Cavanaugh died after Bethany Young pushed her off the roof when she found Charles dressed as a girl.
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 216.jpg
Alison was shocked to hear that Charlotte was framed for the murder of Marion, and that Jessica paid off the police to cover it up. Then, Charlotte was drugged and falsely diagnosed with IED, and Alison stated that she was sorry for what had happened. After a while, Charlotte was allowed out of Radley for a funeral - Charles'. After the funeral, Charlotte was readmitted as Charlotte DiLaurentis - something that equally surprised Alison. After several years, Charlotte was allowed to attend college. One day, she called in a bomb threat so she could get out and see her family for the first time.

Alison found it gross that Charlotte dated her own brother, and Charlotte was disgusted when Alison asked her if the two of them had sex. Charlotte quickly said that they didn't, and then admired herself in the mirror which confused Alison. Alison was surprised that their mother was okay with it, but Charlotte assured her that Jessica didn't know that CeCe was Charlotte until the day they left for Cape May.

In a flashback to the day the family left for Cape May, Alison was ecstatic to learn that "CeCe" was coming with them to the Cape.

Charlotte telling her story to Alison

In the present, Charlotte and Alison talk about Alison felt. Ali stated that every time she remembered something she had to look at it different now, and asked her why she didn't just tell her the truth - they were so close. Charlotte stated that she planned to, but Bethany ruined everything. Bethany had found out about Jessica and her fathers affair, and planned to sneak out of Radley that night to get her revenge. Charlotte found out and went to her house in order to stop Bethany.

In a flashback, Charlotte was outside the DiLaurentis house when she picked up a rock and hit whom she believed to be Bethany over the head and was proud of herself. However, she was mortified to learn that it wasn't Bethany she had hit but Alison. Jessica then buried Alison out back while Charlotte sobbed from under a tree, and begged her mother to forgive her as she didn't know it was Alison - she thought it was Bethany.

Chalison cry while talking

In the present, Charlotte cried while telling the story which, in turn, made Alison tear up as well. Alison then confronted her about Jason saying that he saw "Cece" that night wearing her yellow top, but Charlotte insisted that it wasn't her - it had to have been Bethany or Alison. She then told her how Jessica paid off Wilden to cover-up what really happened, and explained that Jessica never really forgave her after that. She was then locked up at Radley again and was alone, until Mona arrived and started telling her stories about the Liars and Alison. When she found out that the Liars were happy that Alison was gone, she was infuriated and wanted revenge on the girls, so, she took the game from Mona.

Charlotte started to suspect that Alison was alive when she started seeing a blonde in a red coat around town, and brushed it off at first. However, she knew that if Alison was really alive she'd show up if the girls were in real danger. So, Charlotte planned to trap the girls but things got out of control when Shana showed up. Charlotte also told Alison that Sara Harvey was the other Red Coat, which shocked Alison. However, she learned that Alison really was alive and was relieved.

Alison asked her why she kept playing the game if she really cared about her, and Charlotte explained that the game was like a drug and she was really good at it. It also felt really good to be good at something. An angry Alison yelled at Charlotte for attacking her in her own living room, but Charlotte insisted that she didn't mean anything by it. That Alison was going to leave again and she couldn't let that happen, and had to make it believable. She then tried to convince Alison that she wasn't a bad person, but Ali retorted by saying that she almost froze Aria and Spencer to death. Charlotte defended this by saying that she almost did, but didn't. Alison who was still angry, reminded her that she drove a car through Emily's house, to which Charlotte stated that she almost cut Emily in half as well. But, neither Emily or her mom were hurt. She then angrily stated that she only got made when Ali didn't listen, and Alison calmly stated that Charlotte can't just steal people from their families and lock them up to play with them like toys. This angered Charlotte, who stated that she can and she did, and the only reason any of them were still alive was because she loved them.

Charlotte then said that she would never let anything really bad ever happen to the girls, and that it sucked to kill someone. Alison asked if she was talking about Wilden, and Charlotte stated that she killed Wilden because he found out about Alison being alive and was never going to let her come home to tell her story. When Charlotte was finished telling her sister her story, she planned to blow up Radley and go out with a bang. Alison begged her not to do it, but Charlotte pressed the button anyway and was disappointed when nothing happened.

Alison and the Liars ran to the roof where Charlotte was standing on the ledge, ready to jump. Alison begged Charlotte not to jump and so did the Liars, and ultimately, Charlotte came off the ledge and announced that the game was over to a relieved Alison. Afterward, Alison admitted Charlotte to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital to receive care and get better.

Interim Scenes

Chalison hug after 3 months

In a special clip released exclusively online, Alison and Jason visited Charlotte in Welby State Psychiatric Hospital three-months after the events in Radley. Doctor Sullivan explained to them that after years of hearing that she was a bad person, Charlotte began to believe it and it would take years to reverse that kind of damage. Jason asked how Kenneth could have done that to her, and Doctor Sullivan explained that Kenneth had to live with that now. She then told them that it was time for them to meet their sister. Alison approached a bench where Charlotte was reading a book, and she looked up at her sister, surprised to see her. Ali smiled at her and Charlotte stood up before the two hugged one another fondly. Charlotte then hugged Jason before the three siblings took a seat on the bench together.

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Charlotte and Alison hug

Five-years had passed since the events at Radley, and Alison was an advocate for Charlotte's realease from Welby. She wrote to each of the Liars and asked them to return and speak on behalf of Charlotte. Alison then visited Charlotte in Welby, who was worried that the girls might not come, but Alison assured her that they would. Charlotte stated that it had been a long time, and wondered if they were still upset with her. Alison took her sisters hand and promised to bring her home, before the two embraced in a hug.

The next day, Alison tried to convince the girls to side with her. She explained that over the past five-years Charlotte had been getting treatment and the help that she needed. She visited her, spent time with her, and Charlotte even stayed at her house the year prior for Christmas under a supervised visit. Alison then told them that judge needed victim statements that said that weren't afraid of Charlotte, which the Liars are unsure of. However, Ali assured them that there was no reason to be afraid - Charlotte was better. The Liars aren't convinced, but agree to think about it. At the hearing for Charlotte, Alison gave a moving speech about how there had always been a missing part of the family, who was Charlotte. She than told the judge that she wanted to bring her sister home.

Charlotte was later released, and Alison prepared her house and baked cookies. She heard the sound of the car rolling up and was excited and ran to the door to greet her sister. The next morning, Alison called Hanna and asked if Charlotte came to their hotel room. She informed her that she didn't know where Charlotte was, and that the two had talked for hours - Charlotte was happy and grateful. They went to bed, but the next morning Charlotte was gone, however, all of Charlotte's things were still there.

Alison at Charlotte's funeral

That night, Alison found out that Charlotte was dead and had thrown herself out of the bell tower. A grieving Ali laid her in bed and cried, only comforted by her friend Emily Fields. At Charlotte's funeral, Alison sat in the front pew and cried for her sister.

Charlotte's Web

Alison visited the police station to talk to the police about Charlotte's death. She learned that Charlotte's death was violent and that there was a struggle, which upset Alison. She learned that Charlotte's neck was broken before she was thrown from the bell tower. Lorenzo asked if the Liars' could have had a part in it, but Alison stated that she didn't think so. She also learned that flowers were put in Charlotte's hands to cover-up the murder, and her fingernails were wiped clean. At dinner that night, Alison said a prayer and mentioned Charlotte and Charlotte's killer, and stated that she was grateful for the people trying to solve her sisters murder.

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Alison and Elliot talk about Charlotte's death, and Alison admits that she misses her sister everyday, and neither of them are to blame for what happened to her. She says that she got to know her sister for a few years, but without Elliot's help she wouldn't have even had that. She looks at a picture of her sister fondly as she says this. Later, Alison looks at the same picture after she believes she's been being haunted by the ghost of her mother and Wilden.

The Liars then found out that Alison's Aunt, Mary Drake, was the biological mother of Charlotte. Meaning the Charlotte was Alison's cousin, not her sister.

Hit and Run, Run, Run

While Aria was strapping Alison in at Welby, she confided in Aria about how much she loved Charlotte. That after all those years of advocating, she couldn't understand why Elliot thought she could ever kill her. Aria asked her if Alison did kill Charlotte, and Alison finally told the truth. She had told Charlotte about her relationship with Elliot, and Charlotte was angered by this and stormed out.

Chalison argue in the church

Alison followed her to the church where they continued to argue. A hurt Charlotte told Alison to leave her alone, as she didn't want to be followed. Alison told her that she couldn't go wandering around in the middle of the night due to the terms of her release. Charlotte coldly stated that Alison didn't care about her - after all, she hooked up with her doctor. Alison tried to reason with her, but Charlotte didn't want to hear it. She thought that all the times Alison had come to the hospital she was really there to see Elliot, but Alison assured her that she was there to see her sister. Her relationship with Elliot was just something that had happened, but a hurt Charlotte stated that she didn't want to hear any of it and told her sister to go and leave her alone. Alison then left, hurt by her sisters words, and unaware that Charlotte's killer was already in the building.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Alison confronted Mary Drake about her relation to Charlotte, and questioned if she really didn't meet her daughter. She stated that when she met Charlotte, she went by a different name -Cece Drake. Mary speculated that either Jessica told her the truth, or Charlotte found out somehow, as the two had never met.

That night, Alison drank wine and told Emily about how Charlotte had lied to her about everything - the doctors, Mary Drake, being friends with Jenna, and even having a boyfriend. She also found it funny that she married her sisters boyfriend, and Emily tried to convince Alison that Charlotte loved her. Alison stated that she thought they were sisters, and that she wasn't Charlotte's confidant or friend, she was just a stepping-stone to get out of Welby.

In a flashback, Charlotte and Jenna Marshall discussed Charlotte's birth-mother, as Jenna was helping Charlotte look for her. Charlotte then told Jenna that Alison was coming that day to meet her new doctor, who Alison didn't know was her boyfriend. Charlotte told Jenna that Alison wasn't the girl that Jenna remembered from High School anymore. She also said that Archer had to win Ali's trust in order to convince her that Charlotte is doing better, since she's the only chance she had of getting out of Welby. Jenna was worried that Archer wouldn't be able to charm Alison, and recommended that he throw in some compliments since Ali always loved a suck-up. Charlotte assured her that Archer could handle her.

Original G'A'ngsters

Alison mentioned Charlotte a few times throughout the episode. First, when Alison told Jason that Mary wasn't locking her up like she did Charlotte, and again when Alison sympathized with Mary after learning that Jessica kept Charlotte away from Mary and refused to tell her information about the child.

Later, after Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Alison found a storm cellar at Ali's Aunt Carol's, they found Mary Drake's file. In it, Alison found out that Mary had a second child after Charlotte, and the child would be the same age as the Liars are now.

Farewell, My Lovely

Alison talked to Emily about her fears of her unborn child being bounced around in foster care or worse, and that the child would end up just like Charlotte.

After the group brought Mona back to the Lost Woods Resort, Alison found out that Mona was the one who killed Charlotte. She then vouched for turning Mona into the police, a suggestion that was quickly shot down.


  • As children, Charlotte (who was still Charles) put an infant Alison in a bathtub thinking that it would calm the baby. However, the water was way too hot and was hurting Ali. Kenneth intervened, and this incident sparked his desire to put Charles in Radley.
  • Charlotte and Alison wore matching clothes growing up without Alison knowing.
  • Charlotte first met Alison in an unknown year, and the two became best friends.
  • Jessica didn't approve of their friendship, and thought they were toxic for each other.
  • Ali got Charlotte kicked out of UPenn after framing her for pushing a girl down the stairs at a frat party.
  • At Cape May, Charlotte helped Alison through a pregnancy scare.
  • Charlotte once said that she and Ali think alike and look alike.
  • They shared the same alias, Vivian Darkbloom.
  • Charlotte attacked Alison at the DiLaurentis House in "Run, Ali, Run" to keep her from leaving Rosewood.
  • Charlotte hit Ali over the head with a rock thinking she was Bethany Young.
  • Charlotte became A because she thought the Liars were happy that Alison was gone, and wanted revenge on the girls.
  • Charlotte killed Wilden to protect Alison because she knew that Wilden would never let Alison come back to town and tell her story.
  • Charlotte (as Charles) almost drowned baby-Alison once, when she was attempted to soothe her in what she thought a warm bath, though it was actually very hot.
  • After Alison was born, Charlotte considered Ali her, "very own living doll".
  • They had a lot of the same clothes growing up, as Jessica bought two of whatever she bought Alison, and gave one to each of her daughters.
  • Alison was unaware that CeCe Drake was actually Charlotte until "Gave Over, Charles" when Charlotte revealed herself.
  • Ali found out that she had another sibling in, "Game On, Charles", and heard a portion of the story in "Songs of Experience"/"Don't Look Now".
  • Alison advocated for Charlotte's release from Welby.
  • Charlotte tricked Alison into thinking she got better in Welby when, in reality, she wasn't  getting better and was having a secret affair with her believed doctor.
  • At one time, they were both been in love with the same man, Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill. However, Charlotte was aware of his true identity while Alison wasn't.


[Charlotte notices Alison from the deck and walks over. Alison is crying.]
Charlotte: What are you doing here?
Alison: I needed to talk to you.
Charlotte: What's wrong?
Alison: I think I'm in trouble.
Charlotte: What do you mean?
Alison: I'm late.
Charlotte: You mean...
Alison: Yeah.
Charlotte: Weren't you using protection?
Alison: Not all the time.
Charlotte: Okay, how late are you?
Alison: Two weeks.
Charlotte: Have you ever been late before?
[Alison shakes her head, no]
Alison: What am I going to do?
Charlotte: Have you told him?
Alison: I can't. If he finds out he's gonna kill me. What am I going to do?
[Charlotte and Alison hug]

[Alison and Charlotte are sitting in the car laughing]
Alison: Okay, I snuck into Emily's bedroom and stole some of her stationary.
Charlotte: Love it!
Alison: And, I wrote Pigskin a super steamy note - think moist.
Charlotte: Okay, I just threw up a little in my mouth.
Alison: I told her that I was dating this guy but I was having some seriously hot fantasies about her and needed to know if she felt the same way.
Charlotte: Mama's proud!

Charlotte: We don't just look alike, we think alike.

Alison: I just realized this might be the last time I ever see you.
Charlotte: Don't be so dramatic, Ali. You know us, we always find our way back to each other.

Charlotte: Merry Christmas, Ali.

[Charlotte hands Alison a bag and Alison opens it. Inside is a perfume that says, Alison on it.]
Alison: Alison?
Charlotte: There's this shop in the Marais that helps you make your own fragrance. It's a tiny store, but I spent the entire day there. The owner gets you talking and the next thing you know, he's created a scent that's perfect for the person you're telling him about.
Alison: Thank you. Not just for the perfume but... For coming to see me.
Charlotte: When you lose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest.
Alison: I think my Mom is still looking out for me.
Charlotte: I'm sure she is.
Alison: I had a dream about her the other night. She came to warn me about Mona.
Charlotte: Mona can't hurt you anymore, you know that. You can't let your guard down, Ali. Your ex-friends are here tonight, and I don't think they came to say, "Merry Christmas".

Charlotte: They never understood how much I loved you. From the moment Mom brought you home, I never left your side. You were like my very own living doll.

Alison: Every time I remember something I have to look at it differently, now. We were so close. Why didn't you just tell me the truth?
Charlotte: I was going to. I swear.

Alison: You attacked me in my own living room!
[Alison stands up and so does Charlotte]
Charlotte: You were going to leave and I couldn't lose you again, I-I had to make it seem real so you'd pay attention. I'm not a bad person, Ali.
[They continue to argue]
Charlotte: I only got mad when you didn't listen!

Alison: My family has always had a missing part. What is missing is my sister, Charlotte. The past five years I have gotten to know, gotten to love, this missing part of my family. And now, I want to bring my sister home.
[Alison at Charlotte's hearing]

Charlotte: Do you think they'll come?
Alison: Of course, they'll come.
Charlotte: It's been a long time... Do you think they're still upset with me?
[Alison holds Charlotte's hand]
Alison: I will bring you home, Charlotte. I promise.
[They hug tightly]