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"Chapter Five: The Night He Came Home"[1] is the fifth episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It is also the fifth episode overall. It streamed on HBO Max on August 4, 2022.[1]


Desperate to keep her mother's house, Imogen throws a Halloween party to raise cash. Unfortunately, the presence of an unwanted house guest casts a shadow over the celebrations.




The group of girls run amok and destroy pumpkins for Halloween. In front of a house, Angela Waters is handed a bag of dog feces and instructed to throw it at the front door, part of so-called “initiation”. She’s concerned about being seen, but Davie Adams assures her they got her back as she is handed a pumpkin to put over her head as a disguise. The girls laugh at her weak refusal. Nonetheless, Angela forces herself to do as she’s told, but the girls drive off and mockingly wave goodbye. Angela is left at the curbside breathing hard as the owner of the vandalized house yells out to the assailant.


Imogen is elated that her suspicions about the connection between their mothers and Angela were true, and asks Noa what her mother Marjorie did to her. Noa doesn’t know, but confesses the confrontation with “A”. Faran thinks its getting too dangerous and Mouse wants to tell someone. Imogen disapproves as she’s getting close to the truth while Tabby surmises it isn’t a good idea to disobeying “A”. The two girls believe the missing pages to be about Angela, and make a plan to meet up.

Chip chases after an angered Tabby in the hallway, asking what he did wrong. Tabby scolds Chip for shooting the scene as not invalided her female gaze. Chip apologizes. Tabby tells him to forget it and leaves him to join the girls.

At Imogen’s house, Faran tests out a walkie-talkie on Imogen, announcing she made popcorn. The girls look around the house, with a nervous Tabby checking Imogen’s basement, finding an odd suitcase lying in front of her. Before she could investigate further, Faran calls out that she found something - the burnt remains of the pages in the fireplace. Imogen becomes emotional, believing everything in her life is slipping away from her. She can’t leave it, not with all these questions. She admits she doesn’t want to sell her house. Mouse says she could take over the mortgage payments. Tabby agrees, thinking they can talk to her mom but Imogen sadly says she only has $400 in savings.

Later that night, Faran questions Henry is Kelly has that scar. Henry says he offered her a foot rub, and admits Faran isn’t crazy - she does have a scar. However, he thinks there’s many reasons she has that scar but, while Faran agrees the idea the twins switched places is ludicrous, something very wrong is happening.

Minnie is video calling anonymously with an older man, Steve, explaining her absence online. He asks if she’s given any more thought to meeting in person. Mouse says she found a place to meet for dinner without anyone seeing them, but requests to go trick-or-treating as she’s never gone. Steve says Rachel loved trick-or-treating, as Mouse picks up a missing persons flyer detailing one Rachel Bowers. She asks if Rachel had any favorites, with Steve replying nothing too scary.


Imogen picks up a handmade quilt that Davie did for the baby, reminding her when Davie first presented it to her along with the idea of a baby shower. At school, Faran confides her suspicious to an alarmed Madame Giry, who rebukes it. Faran elaborates that the proof is Kelly having scars under her feet, like Karen would have. Madame Giry urges her to stop talking. After closing the door, she advises Faran to stop snooping and confesses Kelly has self-harmed. She refuses to say more.

Imogen presents the girls flyers advertising a party at her house and charge money for it. Imogen asks Shawn could use his popularity to get people to come. Mouse makes an excuse that she has plans already, though says she could come later with Ash. The girls gush. Noa recommends charging for slices and shots. Imogen thinks that, in the worst case scenario, up the notion sh e could have one last good time in her house. Tabby pipes up that she has to swing by the Orpheum for snack money.

Mouse shows Ash the flyer, who thought her moms wouldn’t let her out. She responds she still needs to ask for them but wants to assert independence and date. Ash offers to pick her up but she offhandedly decides to meet him there. At the theater, Tabby demands her last paycheck. A disgruntled Wes comments she ghosted him the other night. Tabby confronts him that he used the flash drive as bait to lure her, while never having time to discuss what happened in his car. He relents and apologizes, adding she still has her old job if she wants to. Wanting no bathroom duty, she accepts. Wes asks if she could cover tomorrow’ Halloween movie marathon, which she agrees.

Mouse unexpectedly declares her date at the dinner table. Elodie asks who Ash is and when the party is. She gives her permission but sets her curfew at 9:30. Shirley, however raises it to 10:30 PM.


Imogen begins setting up decorations as Tabby hurriedly sets popcorn at the concessions stand. Tyler tries to swipe a free popcorn bucket but Tabby points out he’s not in costume. He recognizes her as having released Karen’s video, though she retorts after he made it. Tyler tells her that he could have gotten in trouble, which she already did. He asks for a cherry soda. Tabby answers they don’t, and he snidely asks if she has her cherry. He and his jock lackeys laugh to her shocked expression. He dismisses her joke and tells her to relax.

Mouse locks the door to her room as she tries on a variety of costumes with masks, among them Dorthy Gale, Princess Leia and Princess Peach. At Pinball Pizza, Kelly expresses her mild surprise that Faran wanted to meet up, to the latter’s fake agreement. Faran compliments Kelly as becoming a a better dancer. Kelly admits she’s always been one, though could never show it as Karen had to be the star. Faran brushes it off as sibling silvery. Kelly says she can’t stop thinking about her sister or the night of the dance, wishing it went all differently. Faran notices the scar on her hand, where after the funeral Kelly gripped a shard of glass hard. Faran timidly asks if she did it to herself. Kelly believes it to be a cliche for the ballerina who overstresses and Faran kindly says if she ever needs anything, she can talk to her. She invites her to the party, which Kelly accepts.


The party begins its swing with Imogen at the door accepting cover. She ecstatically greets Noa and Shawn, complimenting their costumes. Shawn drops some money in the bucket to Imogen’s protest, but thanks him as he goes to get drinks. Tyler makes a pass at Faran, who presumes there’s tons of sad, desperate girls he could talk to but not her as she’s interested in someone else. Tyler questions if it’s the gay ballet dude. Faran leaves in disgust. Tabby stops Tyler, asking who invited him. Tyler responds Greg, whose somewhere around. Tabby questions him about Karen’s last house party, specifically the one with he bonfire in the woods. Tyler doesn’t remember to her irritation. She calls him and his friends garbage people and warns him to stay away from her and her friends.

At a motel, Steve tells ‘Rachel’ he made her favorite - breakfast for dinner as they eat and he asks about her most recent report card.

Outside the Adams house, as the crowd pop fireworks out front, “A” watches before heading to the storm cellar doors, opening the lock with a key. He opens the suitcase chest lying on the floor, revealing the contents to be Davie’s childhood memorabilia, pictures of her friends and Angela. He rummages around to find a squished pumpkin head mask, and stands dressed as in his halloween costume.

Outside a neighbor rampant with trick-or-treating kids, Steve tells Mouse she can call him dad. Holding hands, they start in front of a house.

Imogen stores a new bucket load of cash in her drawer, exhaling in front of a mirror. She steps into a hallway and notices an imposing figure dressed as a scarecrow in front of the bathroom. She angrily tells the asshole to read the sign at the door. The figure approaches until he’s in front of her, before turning left. Imogen is left momentarily startled. Sitting on the stairs, Henry asks if she and Kelly are BFFs. Faran isn’t sure, though Henry points out she’s projecting her feeling for Karen to Kelly. Faran announces she’s letting it go and should be having fun. The two lean forward, and after a moment of hesitation, kiss. Little do they know “A” is watching.

Steve teasingly scolds ‘Rachel’ that she’s allergic to peanuts and no apples. Ash texts, asking where Mouse is. She says she should be going to the party now. He requests he drive her, as he won’t forgive himself if he didn’t. She agrees but only if she is dropped off a block away. Steve suddenly begins to sob, begging ‘Rachel’ to forgive him. Mouse, flustered, is forced to call him Dad to calm him.

At the party, “A” scans through the room while Imogen receives a call from someone who knew Angela, but can’t hear them due to the noise of the party. Elsewhere, Faran catches Kelly and Greg in a heated makeout session to her ire. Mouse arrives, angrily texting her frantic mother and ends up blocking her. Ash finds her, and each exchange compliments on their outfits. Ash explains she doesn’t need her mask as she’s beautiful. He said he thought she stood her up. Mouse tries to explain where she’s been, but he figured out she was dealing with childhood trauma. Minnie quickly explains she wants to deal with it and asks if he has any gummies.

Tabby is sitting out back alone, until Chip arrives. He offers her a bottle, to which she asks if it was open beforehand. He says he talked to Mr. Smithee, who gave them an extension for her to reshoot the seen. He volunteers to be Norman, willing to embarrass himself for her. Chip asks if she wants to get out of here to watch a movie, but she’s politely refuses. He leaves.

Faran comes up behind a tipsy Kelly, asking if she’s having fun. She excitedly affirms. However, Faran quickly confronts her that she saw her with Greg. Kelly tries to explain but Faran goes on that she gaslit her and the school and feels stupid for having felt bad for her. Kelly tells her “Girl, you’re wrong.” Faran points out how she used to call her “girl”, Karen. Kelly lamely says Greg is a friend and it was a moment as they both miss her. Faran admits she thinks she’s Karen, who sent Kelly to do the dirty work up in the rafters. Kelly nervously laughs, calling her spiraling. Faran continues on her tirade, accusing her of pretending to be Kelly. Unbeknownst to them, “A” is listening. Kelly yells if it’s so hard to believe she can be the great dancer, be popular and have the hot boyfriend, if Kelly Beasley can be talented and popular too. Faran confides in her that her life may be in danger, and “Kelly” didn’t fall but was pushed, and that person could now be after her. Kelly warns her to never talk to her again.

Ash and Mouse are on a high upstairs, which leads to their first kiss. She tells him to stay there while she goes get snacks. Mouse heads to the snack table, attracting Tyler’s attention. He asks if she’s alone, and if she wants to see a certain part of him. Mouse is grosses out and sees Tyler leave to get a drink. Noa and Faran gleefully hugs her hello, but Tyler comes back and sees the opportunity to party. Faran tells him Mouse said no. Tyler calls her to calm down as she had her chance. Noa warns him Shawn will beat him up. Greg comes up to Faran to attest to give Tyler a chance though Faran dismisses him. Tyler encourages Mouse to take a sip, though Tabby comes in at pushes him way. Imogen holds her back, though retorts at Tyler for calling her a bitch. Tabby rants she’s sick of being intimidated of dudes like Tyler who claimed to fuck girls they haven’t. He demands to know her deal, snarking a comment about her period. She screams she’s sick of his misogyny and calls him the worst of the worst. He dismisses her as a “feminazi” and affirms no girl has ever said no to him. Tabby rebounds at Greg, accusing him of breaking their deal about his part in her film. The jocks ridicule her, until Tabby yells out Greg committed an assault. The room becomes quiet as a result. Tyler confirms she wishes he’d touch her. Tabby recounts what could have happened to Karen and Imogen never walked in. Tyler asks if she’s trying to win the angriest Black woman award, earning Faran’s wrath. Tyler insults her a final time, saying they can make they’re own movie and she’ll be begging for it.

An Insult too big to ignore, Tabby punches Tyler in the face. Her friends can barely hold her bag, though Faran makes a move to smugly tell off Tyler. He runs up the stairs the bathroom, "A” watching.

Tyler finds the bathroom, examining his bloody nose in the mirror. Whispering the words “fucking cunts” under this breath, he grabs rolls of toilet paper to clean his wounds. Deciding to take the moment to relive himself, he suddenly notices “A” staring at him urinating. He tells him to wait his turn “homo”, but A is in no mood for insults. Hearing Tyler call him retarded proves to be the last straw; “A” lunges at him. He pushes him to the corner of the small wall and bangs his head twice on it. Momentarily disoriented, “A” grabs Tyler by the throat with both hands and drags him next to the bathtub. Tyler struggles to fight back, but “A” manages to wrap the shower curtain around Tyler’s head and finally holds him by the throat, a foot off the ground. His screams are muffled as Tyler dies by asphyxiation. His limp body falls to the bathtub.

Noa and the girls congratulate Tabby for taking a stand against Tyler. Imogen remarks she pulled off throwing her first last high school racer. Noa also notices there was no “A”, Faran sarctiscally saying he probably went trick-or-treating. The girls go inside to break up the party, as “A” comes up from the cellar stairs with Tyler’s wrapped body, depositing it on the back of his van.


Imogen wakes to begin to cleanup process at her house, reminded of the happy memories she had with her mother through hanging Christmas stocks, watching movies and painting nails. She also remembers when she alerted her mother to her pregnancy, who hugged her to comfort her. Imogen leans against a column to support, but composes herself as Noa and Tabby come downstairs. The rest of the girls greet her good morning.

Imogen receives another phone call from the same person who called last night, who knew both Davie and Angela, as well as the latter’s family. They agree to meet, and as she ends the phone call, her friends look at her expectantly.

Mouse arrives home, finding a worried Shirley who scolds her for staying there all night. Mouse declares she needed one night, and apologizes. She understands what happened was scary, but it happened to her and she’s still being punished years later. She affirms he’s gone and never coming back. Mouse print out the photo of her and Steve, adding to an already large collection of her and her mothers, as well as some unidentifiable men, in her shoebox.

Faran receives a phone call from Madame Giry, who informs her Kelly came to see her a wreck. She angrily tells Faran she’s no longer playing the Black Swan and to not speak to Kelly in class.

At the Beasley house, Kelly excitedly tells her mother she’s the lead in the school play now. Seemingly detached from her reality, Martha turns to her daughter and calls that wonderful, but calls her Karen. Kelly corrects her mother, that she’s Kelly. She decides tog et her medication as it’ll make her feel better.

Imogen joins Tabby in her room, softly asking what the thing with her and Tyler last night was really about. Tabby begins to confess that, in the summer, there was a party in the woods. She confesses something happened to her. Imogen confides in her that something happened to her as well. The girls hold hands in unison.



Guest Starring


  • Jenna Kray as Billie Eilish Partier
  • Nicholas McDonough as Bobby
  • Barbara Tirrell as Mrs. Murray


  • This episode depicts discussions of self-harm. If you or someone you know needs help, a special hotline messaging system was set up for viewers to immediately contact a crisis hotline. Text 'Millwood' to 741741 for help.
  • The picture shown on the cover of the script is the movie poster for a 1978 American slasher titled Halloween.
  • This episode takes place between October 28th and November 1st.
  • The homeowner where Angela threw the dog feces onto the door calls out for "Michael" to call the police.
  • The costumes at Imogen’s house party by order of appearance;
    • Imogen Adams - Rosemary Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby.
    • Noa Olivar and Shawn Noble - Morticia and Gomez Addams from The Addams Family.
    • Faran Bryant - Poison Ivy from DC Comics.
    • Tyler Marchand, Greg, and several Millwood jocks - 'Studly’ Smurfs
    • Tabby Haworthe - Ghostbuster.
    • “A” - Jack o’ Lantern Scarecrow.
      • Angela wore this when she threw the dog feces on "Michael's" front door.
    • Mouse Honrada - Wendy the Witch, from the comics and Hilary Duff movie.
    • Kelly Beasley - Annabelle the Doll from The Conjuring Universe.
    • Ash Romero - Freddie Mercury.
    • Chip - Donnie Darko’s skeleton costume.





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