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"Chapter Three: Aftermath" is the third episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It is also the third episode overall. It streamed on HBO Max on July 28, 2022.[1]


In the wake of Spirit Week, Imogen unearths long-buried truths on her past to unmask the mysterious "A." After Sheriff Beasley closes in, Noa, Faran and Mouse weigh their options, while Tabby works to recover vital evidence.


A stunned Imogen is urged by Tabby to run as the crowd disperses - Kelly runs to her sister as Greg is left in shambles. The girls stagger to the hallway, traumatized at seeing Karen’s death. Faran urges her to say what she witnessed - while they all saw Karen in the rafters, she saw a masked man who murdered her. The girls realize they’ve all seen the figure and connect A’s text to the figure.

The girls arrive home to their respective parents’ questioning and worry. At the Haworthe residence, Sidney asks Tabby to affirm if it was Karen who died. With A’s threat in mind, Tabby and Imogen lie that she willingly dropped, accidentally triggering a flashback to the night of Angela’s death. At the Beasley’s, the Sheriff gruffly questions Kelly what her sister was doing up there. Kelly pretends to not know though her father doesn’t believe her. She offers up the possibility Karen willingly committed suicide to his shock. Mrs. Beasley utters an ear-shattering wail.

Sidney recalls the immediate aftermath after Angela’s suicide. In a flashback, she bemoans how Angela was in trouble and they ignored her. Davie assures her it wasn’t her fault - Angela was a messed-up girl. Elodie is shocked that everyone left quickly, though Corey snaps what else they were supposed to do. Marjorie asks if they should call an ambulance, but Davie reiterates it is not their fault and someone will find Angela. Sidney probes what happens they do. In the present day, Sidney breathes hard.

On a video call, Imogen wonders if they should tell Karen’s dad but the girls disagree, as “A” ordered to keep their mouths shut. Imogen realizes that perhaps Karen didn’t frame them, but “A” did for the girls to go after her. Faran is firm in her belief that Karen was a bully who had it coming, and the police finding the bucket up in the rafters will be proof enough. Imogen counters that its fine for them but she knows Karen was pushed by “A”, which is all the more reason to keep quiet and do what “A” asks. The girls bid each other goodnight.

Imogen finds solace with Tabby in her bedroom, and confesses when her mother died, she wrote the letter “A” in her blood. She also points out the letter her mother received with the red “A” on it and now with Karen’s death, Imogen is determined to find out how the 1999 party is connected to everything.


The school conducts a memorial assembly honoring Karen Beasley, describing her as a beloved member of the community. The girls sit awkwardly as they hear the speech, failing to notice “A” lurking underneath the bleachers. “A” reaches out to grab Imogen’s feet, but she luckily moves in time to run to the bathroom. After relieving her stomach, she encounters Kelly. Kelly says she didn’t want to stay home and bear with her mother. Imogen sincerely states her sympathies, but Kelly doesn’t want to hear it. Imogen stops her and asks if Karen knew about the flyer, but Kelly is insulted to hear Imogen is thinking about her mother and scolds her. The pregnant girl is left bewildered.

Imogen joins the other girls in the library, who are surprised to hear Kelly is at school but dismiss her as deranged. They take note of Imogen’s distress and advise her to breath. They’re interrupted by the intercom, who names them one by one to go to the principal’s office.

There, they are joined by Sheriff Beasley who interrogates them about the events that occurred at the theater. Imogen speaks up that they didn’t film that video shown, it was Tyler Marchand who they should be speaking to. Sheriff Beasley states he knows Imogen stole the phone to use to humiliate Karen. The girls confess they did it because Karen bullied them first and wanted to stop her. He nonetheless deprecates his anger at the video and asks who now possesses it, pointing the finger at Tabby. Faran speaks up about the bucket Karen planned to dump on Imogen, but the Sheriff states no bucket was found and only Imogen claimed to see it as opposed to all the students who saw the clip that distressed Karan so much, she killed herself. Faran stops him, saying they won’t say another word without their parents present, though the Sheriff warns them hell do everything in his power to start a criminal investigation.

Faran returns come to find luggage by the door, realizing that her father, Zeke called her mother here. Corey subdues Faran’s snappy behavior and demands she tell her everything so she can fix it. Elodie confiscates all of Minnie’s electronics. Marjorie admonishes Noa for risking her probation. Sidney similarly scolds Tabby for her lack of thinking though she excuses Imogen’s responsibility. She puts a ban to Tabby’s filmmaking and watching and asks if that was the one copy. Tabby lies that it was. Sidney is released, as it can be used as hard evidence for her.


Imogen interrupts a tense breakfast between Tabby and her mother, announcing she’s giving her Tyler’s cellphone with the only copy. Sidney silents stands up to cleans dishes, prompting the girls to look at each other.

At school, Minnie races towards her friend with a newspaper clutched in hand. “BULLIED TO DEATH” reads the headline, with the author hoping an immediate expulsion to the bullies who drove the innocent Karen to suicide, much to the Little Liars’ dread.

The mothers gather at the Adams house, where Corey sarcastically starts the table talk with no one will win the mother of the year award. Marjorie jokes the situation is dire if the great Corey Bryant comes back to town. Elodie remarks that being in Davie’s house feels wrong, and it is too big of a coincidence their daughters are all involved. Corey is unsurprised as the town and school are small, but agrees they need to support their children through the disciplinary meeting. Sidney adds that the boy, Tyler, should be held accountable and she has his phone. She and Corey discuss logistics on how to approach the principal and sheriff.

Imogen sweet-talks the librarian into handing the Class of 2000 yearbook, the year her mother graduated. Imogen finds her mother’s yearbook photo, but offhandedly notices “Y2K Survivors Club” on several students’ pages. Imogen falls into an investigative rabbit hole, successfully finding the location of the rave. Elsewhere, Madame Giry tells Faran the other dancers don’t feel comfortable around her, so she kicks Faran out of ballet class.

Sidney and Corey bring Tyler’s phone to the Sheriff’s office, explaining Tyler’s fault. The Sheriff counteracts that Sidney’s daughter still used it against his daughter, but Corey calls his interrogation of the girl's harassment, calling him by his first name, Tom. Corey questions the lack of other law enforcement in the room, threatening to sue if it was a lie. The lawyer escalates things, but Sidney tries to keep the peace. The Sheriff, however, is adamant their daughters killed his so there is nothing to talk about.

In the locker room, Noa confronts Shawn who’s been ignoring her. He’s angry she lied about relapsing though she denies it. Noa sarcastically thanks him for giving her the benefit of the doubt and storms off. Kelly, meanwhile, tearfully looks at a picture of her and her sister with Imogen.

Tabby is upset that Chip doesn’t have the drive, expressing his uncertainty of it’s even still at the theater. Imogen steps off the bus towards an old harbor warehouse, the site of the tragedy twenty-two years ago. She approaches the front door, finding the message “Abandon all hope ye who enters here” in capital red letters. She enters, finding an aged memorial shrine to Angela. The doors close behind her, sending her into a frightful start.

Curious, she picks up an old copy of “The Scarlet Letter,” finding that Angela Waters took it out multiple times. Imogen takes out her phone to take a picture, but a screech outside sends her running to cover. She takes shelter inside a forgotten van, just as “A” enters the warehouse. A mouse begins to crawl up her leg, causing her to almost scream. “A” slowly steps toward the van, and the moment he’s about to pear in, a man’s dog barks from outside. “A” storms off, leaving Imogen with the opportunity to escape.

At Noa’s community service, the Sheriff explains that he knows Imogen came up with the idea and Tabby edited and screened the video, with the others going along with the idea. He offers Noa and the other two girl's immunity if she gives up Imogen and Tabby, specifically by testing before the disciplinary committee with Minnie and Faran’s backing. He reminds her she has more to lose.

Tabby runs down the stairs, having looked through the screening room at the Orpheum. She asks Wes if he’s seen a flash drive, a question he finishes by asking if it holds the video she showed at the premiere. He admits he swiped the thumb drive before the deputies could find it. She asks for the drive, but Wes replies it’s back home and offers for her to come and get it later. Tabby looks conflicted, before she receives an urgent message from Imogen.

The Bryant divorcees argue about their next course of actions, until Faran protests the idea of pulling out of Millwood High. Corey tries to convince her there’s more opportunities for her in Pittsburg, but Faran is adamant about not leaving her father. Her father scolds her, but Faran does not want her mother to control her more than as she already does. Mother and daughter face off but decide to wait for Friday’s verdict.

Later, Imogen explains to the girls what happened twenty-two years ago, explaining no one discovered Angela’s body til days later. Tabby is shocked no one called the police, but Imogen continues telling her of her encounters at the warehouse, specifically “A”. Her phone rings, scaring the girls. Imogen sees a text from Kelly, inviting her to Karen’s funeral.


Noa holds court with Faran and Mouse in the bathroom, with the other two girls confused why Tabby and Imogen aren’t there. Faran questions Noa why she didn’t invite the two. Noa begins to explain that at the disciplinary hearing, they should pin the blame on Imogen and Tabby. Mouse is outraged as she doesn’t want to turn on their friends, however Faran is inclined to. Mouse believes “A” is testing them and their loyalty, but Faran reminds her it was all Imogen’s idea and Noa confesses she has a lot more to lose and is more afraid of the Sheriff than “A”.

Tabby successfully sets up a hidden camera at Angela’s memorial, but she and Imogen and nonetheless frightened by the appearance of Sidney, whose confused why the girls are there. Questioned by Tabby, Sidney says she comes time to time to pay her respects and turns the question back at them.

At Pinball Pizza, Sidney explains who Angela was - a classmate they tried to befriend, but who was damaged in ways they couldn’t imagine - no father at home and a mentally ill mother. She continues on that Angela jumped at the stroke midnight, and everyone fled. Two days later, Angela was discovered, and her death ruled a suicide. Imogen asks why no one came forward, to be answered that no one spoke of the rave again. Tabby is confused why no one investigated why Angela was at the warehouse. Her mother says if it was anyone else, perhaps but not the crazy girl with the crazy mother. “Less said back then, the better,” she finished. Sidney still goes there to pay her respects and asks what the girls are doing there. Imogen answers that she’s trying to figure out what happened to her mother while Tabby adds she was trying to be a supportive friend. Imogen shows the flyer her mother receives and asks if she felt guilty about Angela, though Sidney reveals her mother was the kindest to that lost soul. Sidney assures Imogen that she can ask her former circle if they sent the flyer. Sidney is ready to leave, but Tabby reminds her she has to pick up her last check at the Orpheum.

Tabby arrives at Wes’ residence, who shows her a candlelit setting to her dismay. Wes says they could start an international film watch every right, tonight being Italian. Tabby asks about the film drive, but Wes says he’ll get it later as first is their dinner and movie. He asks her to pour him a glass and one for herself.

Shawn knocks at Noa’s, who thought he was mad at her. He explains he wasn’t mad but confused and scared for her. Noa reiterates she didn’t fail her drug test and never even took drugs. She begs him to keep quiet as she reveals her secret - Noa was actually covering for her mother, who was the true drug user of the two. Shawn is shocked, asking what kind of mother allows her daughter to take the fall for that. “A desperate one,” Noa answers, as her mother who have lost everything for it.

Tabby begins to panic at the sight of the roses and the candles as Wes rambles on about colors. Mentally she can take no more and finds the thumb drive in a basket. She discreetly leaves with Wes’ back turn to her, who hears the front door shut to his irritation.


The funeral for Karen begins, but Martha can barely suppress her grief and begins to wail. Kelly is forced to take her mother outside, but Mrs. Beasley is shocked at the sight of Imogen among the mourners. Imogen tries to express her sorry and Kelly tries to say she invited her. But an angered Mrs. Beasley call her shameless and prays to Hell Imogen’s child is taken from her like Karen was to her. Upset, Imogen runs away.

In her bedroom, Imogen recounts the events to the other girls. Faran remarks the Beasleys to be more dysfunctional than she thought. Imogen tells them her plans to say it was all her idea at the hearing, with Faran, Noa, and Mouse exchanging looks. Tabby, however, refuses to hear her and volunteers to take the blame as she has the evidence, producing the thumb drive. She should have stopped, Mouse piping up none of them did. After a series of stares, Noa confesses they’re all in this together no matter. Faran agrees, one for all and one for all. Noa takes the flash drive from Tabby to flush it down the toilet.

At the Beasley residence, Mrs. Beasley mistakenly drops a glass cup. Karen comforts her mother and says she has it covered. Mr. Beasley drunkenly enters the room, asking what broke this time. Kelly explains it was an accident and tries to clean it up. He places a hand on his wife’s shoulder, who cries that their baby was is gone. Tom, however, corrects her that Karen as ripped from them. Kelly scolds him for his language as he is about to curse the girls, believing they must feel sorry. Tom tells his remaining daughter they aren’t yet, but they will for the rest of their lives as they will suffer. Kelly is confused. Her father reveals that tomorrow they will be expelled, and jail so help him. “As they took away your sister’s life, we will take theirs,” he vows, “And by the time I am through with them, they will wish they were dead. The whole five of those little… lying… bitches.” Kelly, a glass hard in hand, rises with a hard glare crushing the glass in her hand. Blood seeps to the floor.


The girls and their respective guardians gather in a classroom, Corey advising them to keep quiet and let her do the talking. Principal Clanton arrives, announcing the disciplinary hearing was postponed. He says Kelly Beasley came to him to admit Karen was in the rafters with the intent to harm Imogen and provided evidence. Imogen asks if it was the bucket put the principal refuses to say. He declares the death to be accidental. Sidney asks what it means for their daughters. Principal Clanton says expulsion is no longer an option, but other options are still on in the table.

The relieved mothers dine in joy, happy to accept community service or detention as the verdict and look at their daughters’ table, calling them good girls while remarking they’re sitting at their old booth. Sidney reveals to the women that Imogen said Davie received a flyer of the party in the mail, and that the girls know about Angela. They are shocked, but Sidney assures them she told what everyone assumes to be the truth. The women are once again alleviated but wonder who sent Davie the flyer. Corey believes the incident to be a one-time thing.

The girls, meanwhile, can’t believe Kelly’s change of heart. Imogen says she isn’t a monster and thinks she feels just as awful. Faran remembers they haven’t heard from “A”. Mouse thinks it's because they kept his secret. Noa hopes it’s over. The girls look at a pensive Imogen, who reiterates her mother’s death and how she killed herself presumably out of overwhelming guilt, and Sidney visiting Angela’s shrine out of guilt. She fusses over what their mothers aren’t telling them. The girls all look at their mothers suspiciously.

Mouse collapses in her bed, tired. Elodie knocks at her open door, delving some of her electronics and reminding her she’ll get them all back once detention is over. She explains to her daughter she can’t go through all that again, and Mouse assures her she won’t. Corey is preparing to leave, saying goodbye to her ex-husband and embracing a farewell embrace from her grateful daughter. Corey advises her daughter to move past this, and reveals she threatened her dance teacher. Faran is now back in class and as the Black Swan. She hugs her mother in joy.

Imogen and Kelly sit at an old pair of swings, the latter apologizing for her mother’s actions. They bond over their losses, and Imogen thanks her for speaking up for them. Tearful, Kelly confesses the Carrie stunt was her idea and thus Karen’s death was her death. The girl collapses in Imogen’s arms, crying as Imogen comforts her.

Gathered in front of Karen’s grave, Imogen delivers a eulogy remarking their fighting was not true to themselves and will miss her greatly. Tabby joins in, saying the reason she was up there was because of her, of them. She promises never to pull anything like that again. Noa says she didn’t know her well but know she threw lit parties, nonetheless. Mouse tells Karen she didn’t deserve what happened and wished they could have coexisted. Faran confesses she didn’t like her but admits she isn’t happy she’s gone. She says she will always be sorry for how they hurt her.

Sensing a presence, the girls look behind them and are shocked at the site of “A” sitting in a red van. Mouse stutters and asks if they’re all seeing him. The girls hold each other in fright as the masked creeper looks on.



Guest Starring


  • David Kenner as Father Karras
  • Alex O'Shea as Karen/Kelly Body Double
  • Lucia Spina as Mrs. Bell
  • Barbara Tirrell as Mrs. Murray


  • Although not an official movie poster, the tiara and the bucket of blood greatly alludes to Stephen King's 1974 novel Carrie and the notorious prom scene in the classic 1976 film adaption.
    • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote the screenplay to a 2013 adaption starring Chloë Grace Moretz as the eponymous title character, released to mixed to mediocre reviews.
    • Aguirre-Sacasa's flagship show, Riverdale, previously covered the musical adaption of Carrie in the eighteenth episode of the second season, titled "Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember".
  • The episode takes place between October 4th and October 9th.
  • According to Mallory Bechtel, there are two methods she used to differentiate the twins: Karen always wears heels as opposed to Kelly who wear flats, and Karen listens with her mouth open while Kelly keeps hers shut.
    • After Karen's funeral, Kelly is shown wearing heels, and listens to her father's drunken tirade with her mouth open.
  • Martha smacking Imogen for attending Karen's funeral parallels the events of Mona Vanderwaal's funeral, when Mona's mother Leona slapped Alison DiLaurentis for attending. Both mothers wrongfully blamed their targets, two blonde teenagers, for the death of their daughters. In both cases, the true perpetrator was "A".




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