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To thine own self be true. One bully down. Five more to go. Keep quiet about me or you're next.

"Chapter Two: The Spirit Queen"[1] is the second episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. It is also the second episode overall. It streamed on HBO Max on July 28, 2022.[1]


As Imogen and her newfound friends plot revenge against a mutual nemesis, Karen and her twin sister Kelly hatch an insidious plan of their own.



A truck pulls up outside a house, and teenagers file out to enter the party. In the kitchen, Imogen Adams downs the last of her drink. She screeches happily upon seeing the Beasley twins. She wants to raid their dad's liquor cabinet, but the twins refuse. Their dad will check it when they get back from their church retreat. Imogen wants Greg to get them some, though Karen isn't speaking to Greg as they're in a fight. If the bitches want more, they have to get it themselves. Imogen stumbles off to find Greg so she can ask him herself. She passes the entrance as Tabby Haworthe and Chip enter, the latter being more hesitant about staying. Tabby rattles off a list of movies her should pretend he's in. Or he can get them some drinks. He asks Shawn where the cups are as he heads to the couch where Noa Olivar is sitting. She thinks he should be with his football buddies, but he's happier with her. Imogen finds Greg in a bedroom to relay Karen's message about wanting more beer. He can't even pee in peace. They both know how Karen gets when she wants something. He wants Karen to be more like Imogen as she's a good person. She returns the sentiment. In the kitchen, Karen does a shot when Kelly rushes over. They need to talk about Greg and Imogen. She whispers into Karen's ear nervously. Karen storms through the house just as Imogen finds her. Karen explodes over Imogen, kissing her boyfriend. Imogen protested that wasn't what happened, but Kelly had seen them together. What she saw was Greg kissing her. He comes from the hall, telling Karen it wasn't a big deal as Imogen is drunk. Karen tells her to get out. Imogen tries to explain, but Karen calls her a slut and demands she get out. She then turns to Greg and shoves him before storming off. Imogen walks down the driveway and then pauses, cursing under her breath. She goes back inside the house.


Imogen explains to the Little Liars that Karen had a house party six months ago. It was when Imogen and the twins stopped being friends. Tabby thinks she was at the party, ironically, trying to be a party kid in a cool 90s rom-com kind of way. Noa remembers seeing Tabby there with her boyfriend. Tabby assures them that Chip is not her boyfriend. He's her gay best friend who happens to be straight. Noa was there with her boyfriend right before he became her boyfriend. Mouse heard about the party after the fact. Faran adds that Karen invited her to the party, but she chose not to go. Imogen reveals there is a video from that night that someone made on their phone of Karen. If people saw the video, it would destroy Karen. Noa questions if it would embarrass her. Faran suggests posting it somewhere. Minnie becomes skeptical since the internet is for eternity. Faran rolls her eyes and then asks what they are all thinking - if it's a sex tape or not. Imogen quickly explains that it isn't a sex tape. Tabby thinks she can screen the video by projecting it right before her Jordan Peele double feature. She invites them all to attend. This way, kids would see it, but it wouldn't be on the internet forever. She can edit the video short enough that people don't have time to pull up their phones. Faran wonders where the video is and if they can see it. Imogen has it at her house. Minnie stammers as she affirms that it's at Imogen's house.

Tabby, Minnie, Faran, and Noa wait at the bottom of the stairs for Imogen. Tabby's mom is a real estate agent who says terrible things happen in most houses. But this is an Amityville level of weird. She's getting Poltergeist vibes. She calls up to Imogen, who doesn't respond. Noa suggests one of them going up there, with Faran telling her she should. Imogen appears from beside them, jump-scaring the girls. She has the phone and the charger. Minnie suggests doing that in a more public setting.

The Little Liars head to Pinball Pizza as they question whose phone Imogen has. All they need to know is that he's a douchebag. Noa asks how she knows the password. Minnie admits passwords aren't hard if they know anything about the person. Imogen reveals the password is 69-69. She gives the phone to Faran to preview, who shares it with the other girls in the booth. Tabby wants to know whose phone it is and if he knows she has it. Imogen assures her that he's never said anything about it. Minnie worries this can blow back on them if people feel sorry for her. There's not a single student in Millwood High that wouldn't want to see her knocked down a peg. Faran and Noa vote yes to releasing the video. Tabby gives a brief speech before voting yes to showing it. Imogen suggests sleeping on it as it might be a bad idea. She apologizes for bringing it up.

Faran comes home to her father, who isn't working a double. He got a call from the school saying that his daughter put razor blades in another dancer's shoes. Mouse's mom reprimands her for responding to their urgent call with a text. Elodie asks why the school thinks she put a dead rat in another girl's bag. Noa's mom confronts her for testing positive for marijuana. She should be glad that they called her and not the sheriff. Sidney demands answers from Tabby, who admits they didn't do it. Karen's posters were already trashed when they got to school. She thinks Karen did it since she's a psycho like Jawbreaker. They are just the scapegoats. Sidney believes her.

As each of the girls sits in their rooms, they receive messages from an unknown number with videos attached. Mouse's video is of a rat dying of asphyxiation, Faran's shows A putting a razor blade in a ballerina shoe, and Noa's is of a teapot pouring urine into a sample cup. Imogen asks Tabby if she's watching the video, though the girl is unaware there's a video. They play it to see a gloved person stabbing holes in Karen's campaign posters. All five girls video chat to discuss the videos. Faran knows Karen doesn't want them to explain as it's all a mindfuck anyway. Minnie suggests calling the cops, though Faran points out that's Karen's dad. Tabby rudely dismisses the idea. Imogen thinks Karen's only doing this because she's insecure, toxic, and not a good person. Minnie emotionally describes the innocent animal's excruciating, slow death. Anyone who can do that is a horrible human being. Faran adds that she's also racist, homophobic, and privileged, and she's going to keep being those things for the rights of high school. They have to take her down. Tabby has an idea for the video and they all agree to go along with it. Tabby mutes the group to ask Imogen how she feels. Imogen is in if Tabby is.


Karen walks into school to find Imogen and Tabby hosting a booth. She's hosting a screening at The Orpheum because Jordan Peele is dope and Mr. Smithee is racially biased. He's not the only one. It's also an event to promote Imogen's spirit queen campaign. Karen's surprised that Principal Clanton let her run after she trashed her posters. Imogen thinks he's afraid the pregnant girl would sue the school if he didn't. Tabby adds they didn't trash their posters, but if there's anything she wants to confess, this is her last chance. Karen has nothing to confess. Imogen might give a speech, so Karen decides to come against Tabby's request. Karen grabs a flyer and stomps off.

Minnie dances to music as she puts flyers on the student's desks. Faran tosses flyers into the ballerina's cubbies. Noa sneaks a stack of flyers onto the librarian's desk, then joins Shawn at a table. His phone is blowing up with texts from the football team. They're discussing plans for the dance. Noa encourages him to go, insisting it isn't a test. He's on the football team so he should be there.

Tabby shows Chip the video she made which he's unsure about since it's majorly fucked up. Karen sent out videos before this, including animal torture in Jeffrey Dahmer's style. She's always been a monster, but this week is the next level. Chip always has her back. She thanks him and offers him a quid pro quo. He asks if she'll go to the spirit week dance with him, then, and she agrees as it'll be fun.

At The Orpheum, Imogen and Tabby prepare for the screening while discussing Karen. Wes asks if they are going in, so they do. They sit with the other girls. Meanwhile, A looks through a hole in a wall behind the projection screen. The film starts rolling and Tabby gives Chip a thumbs-up. The video starts with a campaign video to Vote Karen For Queen. It rolls into the video from that night. Karen is drunk and demands affirmation that she's “so fucking hot”. The boy behind the camera wants to see how she is. Karen can't believe that Greg kissed that slut when he has her. The asshole couldn't even stay hard enough to have sex properly. In the audience, Karen demands that Kelly tells her what's going on. She doesn't know. In the video, Karen continues to berate Greg while goading the boy into revealing himself. He agrees to show her but only if she shows him first. In the theatre, Karen becomes emotional and leaves the theatre. The video cuts off to show the rest of the campaign, as Karen runs out of the theatre crying. Kelly runs after her, catching the attention of Wes who enters the screening, just as the movie starts. He looks up at the booth to see Chip inside.

Outside, the Liars wonder if they did the right thing, which everyone thinks they did. They held up a mirror to show everyone who Karen is. When the others leave, Imogen asks Tabby if it's the right thing to do, and Tabby assures her that it is. She goes back into the theatre to find Wes interrogating Chip about the video he played before the movie. Tabby admits it was her video and not Chip's. She asked Chip to show it and he tried to talk him out of it, but she wouldn't let him. Wes tells Chip to go home so he can talk to Tabby alone. They could all get into serious trouble for what she did. She asks him not to fire her as she loves her job. This is the one place she feels at home. She apologizes to him and he can tell she is sorry. This is her only mess-up. She hopes it won't come up again, especially with is NYU professors. He tells her to clean up so he can give her a ride home.

Mouse scrolls through Karen's Instagram and reads her new comments.

Imogen lays awake in bed as she recalls a memory with her mom a few months ago. The Adams family is having dinner when Imogen hangs up the phone with Karen. She has plans to meet up with Karen at the mall before it closes if that's okay with Davie. Davie warns her to be careful as she is who she hangs out with. She doesn't like Karen because she's a bully and a mean girl. She doesn't want Imogen to be those things - she can't ever be those things. Imogen tells her that she won't be. In the present, Imogen gets a text that surprises her.

Karen leans against a tree in a cemetery when Imogen joins her. She knew the video came from Imogen the night of their big fight. Imogen admits she went back inside the party that night to get her sweater. She flashes back to that night when she overhears Karen and Tyler in her bedroom. Imogen rushes in to stop them. She covers up Karen and pulls her away from Tyler. Karen is messy, drunk, and angry. She hates Imogen, which is fine with Imogen, but Karen doesn't want to be on some drunk guy's camera phone right now. Tyler continues to goad them until Imogen grabs his phone, calling him an asshole. She helps Karen out of the room. In the present, Imogen reveals that she handed Karen off to Kelly and made sure she was safe before she left. Karen sarcastically calls Imogen her hero. Earlier that night, she lost her virginity to Greg. The next thing she heard, was that he was kissing her best friend. That's why she was so pissed. Karen is still thinking about how Imogen kept the video because she could use it one day to hurt her. That's the only possible reason. Imogen isn't a good person. Imogen thinks she shouldn't have put razor blades in her shoes or mutilated a rat. Karen is oblivious to her claims. If they aren't going to have an honest conversation, Imogen will just leave. Karen tells her to go, then, but Imogen doesn't think she should be alone. Karen laughs over Imogen's worries about her getting hurt. She snaps for her to get out of her face, calling her a “god damn bitch”. Imogen scoffs then leaves. Off in the distance, behind a set of gravestones, A watches the scene unfold.


Tabby and Imogen walk to school as Tabby asks if she's okay. Imogen admits she met up with Karen late last night in a cemetery. Karen texted her and she felt like she owed it to her to explain. When Imogen brought up the things she did, Karen completely denied them. Tabby has her repeat that Karen is a sociopath. They met in the cemetery because it was kind of their thing.

Madame Giry cancels the full rehearsal since they are missing their lead dancer. She'll teach only the Baron and Baroness today. Faran eagerly offers to dance the part, which would be a waste of Giry's time. Faran and Henry leave as he vents over Giry's bullshit reasons for Faran not dancing the lead. She's the best dancer in the class, and he'll talk with Giry about it. She just wants him to leave her out of it. He tells her not to worry as he'll make it all about himself like he always does. He asks if she's going to the dance tomorrow, but she hasn't given it much thought. He's going and thinks she should too.

One of the Beasley twins enters Principal Clanton's office, and he struggles to identify which of the twins is there. She admits to being Karen. She sits down to withdraw from her Spirit Queen race. She doesn't deserve it. Imogen and Tabitha didn't destroy her posters - she did it herself because she felt threatened by them. She knows it's quite the admission and is ready for her punishment. This is why she truly believes, in her heart of hearts, that Imogen deserves to be spirit queen and not her.

The twin comes home to her teary twin reading comments. She admits people hate her, revealing that she's Karen. Kelly assures her that no one hates her they're just bored. Karen asks what the plan is, and if Clanton recognized her. Kelly admits that he completely thought he was her, Karen. Karen has a week's detention for the posters, and they have to hope Imogen goes to the dance. If she does, then by Monday, no one will be talking about that stupid video. Those bitches like movies, so they'll give Imogen a starring role in one. She's thinking a classic - Carrie.

Imogen is called to the principal's office over the intercom. Clanton tells Imogen that Karen recused herself from the Spirit Queen race. He owes Imogen and Tabby an apology. Karen admitted that she destroyed the posters herself and will be punished accordingly. Since Imogen is the only student in the race, she will be crowned Spirit Queen. He congratulates her, as it's his understanding that it's mother-like daughter. She leaves the office breathless and emotional. She goes to the Little Lairs who have assembled. Karen dropped out of the race and took responsibility for the posters, which means she's going to be Spirit Queen. Imogen is panicking so Tabby assures her they have her covered. Imogen becomes emotional so the girls usher her into the bathroom.

Imogen tells them about Clanton's “like mother, like daughter” statement. She is nothing like her mom. She never would have shown that video. It wasn't just her but all of them. Her mom would have taken a hammer to the phone, not keeping it for months. It doesn't matter that Karen confessed because they messed up too. All she can think about now is what her mom would say if she were there. Karen was right that she is a terrible person. Tabby refuses to let Karen gaslight her. Karen is still a terrible person. Noa thinks it's badass that she'll be Millwood High's first pregnant Spirit Queen. Imogen isn't planning to go. Tabby suggests that the group all goes together as friends. Noa can't, showing her ankle monitor, but encourages them to go as they are young and free and shit. Mouse has never been to a dance in real life. Noa asks if she's ever done anything in real life. Faran doesn't feel guilty at all and will be going since Henry is. Imogen's last-ditch attempt is that she doesn't have a dress. Tabby assures her that her mom can handle it.

Sheriff Beasley gives everyone their assignments for the day but asks Olivar to stay back. She doesn't have much time left on her sentence. He likes that she made a mistake, did the time, and is turning her life around. She also knows how to keep her mouth shut. She confirms his suspicion, as she learned that in juvie. She steps away from his glowering stance. He's feeling benevolent and offers her a choice - picking up trash or priming. She chooses to prime but as he's walking away, she asks him for a favor. It's not for her, but for her boyfriend Shawn. After duty, she happily meets up with Shawn in his car. Beasly is letting her go to the dance so they can go together. The ankle monitor is coming off for the night, as he was feeling benevolent.


The Little Liars arrive at Imogen's door. The group gets ready together by dancing, doing their makeup, and hair, and getting dressed. They talk about their favorite dance movies, with Minnie bringing up West Side Story. Noa always wanted to be Maria so she could jump Tony's bones. The girls laugh before Imogen admits she's going to find Karen that night and apologize. She's going to give Karen her crown or at least try to. The girls agree to help her.

They arrive at the dance and fan out to find Karen. Imogen finds Kelly, who she mistakes for Karen. Kelly admits her twin is around. Imogen wants to make things right, so Kelly agrees to relay her message. She congratulates Imogen for winning against her sister as not many people can do that. She can't wait to see her up on the stage tonight. She flashes back to before the dance when the twins pour red paint into a bucket. Henry finds Faran who is looking for Karen. He saw her when he came in but asks for a dance. Greg spikes the punch with his flask. Ash inadvertently scares Mouse by saying hello to her. She's nervous about the crowds as she has social anxiety. He invites her outside to get high.

They vape together as he's impressed over her being a natural. She tries to play it cool but begins coughing, admitting it is her first time. He promises that next time they'll try gummies. He asks why she calls herself Mouse. Her real name is Minnie, but her moms call her Mouse. Partly because her family is Disney obsessed, and partly because they want to keep her young forever. She has a childhood trauma that is too tragic for tonight.

Inside, Chip finds Taby as they were supposed to meet at the punch bowl. She apologizes as they are trying to find Karen to apologize for the video. He agrees to be her wingman. Noa and Shawn sneak out of the party.

The couple sneaks into a classroom as she praises him for being a wonderful boyfriend lately. She thought he would break up with her when she went to juvie, as most guys would have. He knows shit happens, but also knows who she really is. She kisses him and they begin to make out.

A walks to the high school and pulls open the back door. Inside the dance, the couples sway happily to a slow song. Imogen stands off by herself and Tabby tells Chip it's a Perks alert. He doesn't mind and tells her to go. The girls walk over to Imogen and Tabby extends her hand first, inviting her to have the dance. She accepts and Tabby leads her to the dance floor, twirling her around. The group dances happily as their boys watch, later joining them. Clanton takes the stage to announce Millwood High's Spirit Queen. He calls Imogen Adams to the stage to accept her crown. A spotlight finds her and the crowd cheers loudly. She ascends the staircase to the stage. Clanton places the crown atop her head. Faran sees Karen in the rafters and nudges Tabby, who in turn, gets the attention of the other Liars. They try to scream for Imogen to look up. Shawn gets involved too. Karen smiles maniacally from the rafters as she inches the bucket closer to the edge. Imogen turns to look up at the balcony. She sees a man approach Karen wearing a full-body suit - it's A. Karen starts to look behind her but it's too late, A has ahold of her. He wrestles with her for a moment before pushing her over the balcony. Karen falls to her death with a loud squishing noise on the stage below. The partygoers begin to scream and run in different directions. Imogen stands still, too dazed to move. A pool of blood inches closer to her shoes. The Little Liars all get texts at the same time. It ominously says that one bully is down, but there are five more to go. Keep quiet about him, or they will all be next. The message is signed with -A. Imogen looks up to see A looking over the balcony at her. Karen's dead body lays on the stage, blood seeping out of her face as her eyes stare blankly ahead.

A group of students gets high outside when the rest of the student body flees, screaming and crying. A boy deviates from the group and bumps right into A. He asks who the fuck the guy is supposed to be, but his empty stare scares the boy away. The masked assailant turns and walks into the darkness, a crimson red A carved on his mask.



Guest Starring


  • Nicholas McDonough as Bobby
  • Alex O'Shea as Karen/Kelly Body Double
  • Brandon Keith Rogers as Stoner Kid #1
  • Barbara Tirrell as Mrs. Murray


  • TBA


  • The title refers to the title of the winner of Millwood High's homecoming dance that occurs at the end of Spirit Week.
  • The episode takes place between September 30th and October 4th.





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