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None of you are sure when you look in the mirror. None of you are really certain who you are. I did that. I took that away from you, the same way everything was stolen from me. And now I'm back, and everything that happened before, that's gonna feel like a picnic. None of you are sure when you look in the mirror. None of you are really certain who you are. I did that. I took that away from you.
Charlotte to Mona in "Farewell, My Lovely"

Charlotte DiLaurentis[1] (alias CeCe Drake) was a character on the Freeform series, Pretty Little Liars. She was portrayed by Vanessa Ray. Her character pays homage to the book characters Courtney DiLaurentis and Tabitha Clark.

Charlotte was the best friend, mentor, older adoptive sister, and biological cousin of Alison DiLaurentis. She was also the leader of The A-Team and perpetrator of several crimes, including murders, during her tyrannical reign as Big A. She spent five years in Welby State Psychiatric Hospital seeking intense rehabilitation, with the help of Alison and Dr. Elliott Rollins. On the night of her release, she was murdered by an unknown assailant, which triggered the arrival of Uber A.


Charlotte DiLaurentis was born on May 21, 1988, to Mary Drake at Radley Sanitarium and assigned male at birth. As the child of a psychiatric in-patient and an undisclosed father, Charlotte was placed into the care of Mary's twin sister Jessica and her husband, Kenneth DiLaurentis. Charlotte was raised as Jessica and Kenneth's child, unaware of her true matronage. She believed herself to be the older sibling of Alison and Jason, unaware that she was their biological cousin and adoptive sibling. From the time she could verbalize her wishes, Charlotte asked Jessica to buy her dresses and wanted to partake in the social aspects of being a girl. Kenneth forbade this out of bigotry, and always sought an excuse to get rid of Charlotte.

When Charlotte was six, her mother was playing in the garden with Jason when Alison began crying in her crib. She told Alison she would get help and tapped on the window, though Jessica didn't hear her as she was talking to a neighbor. Charlotte took it upon herself to make Alison feel better. She told her she would run her a bath, as that always made Charlotte feel better. She took baby Alison to the tub and dropped her in; however, Alison started to drown in the hot water. Kenneth ran in and saw Alison in the tub and Charlotte next to it. He panicked as he thought Charlotte was trying to intentionally hurt Alison. He convinced Jessica to admit Charlotte to Radley Sanitarium and effectively erased Charlotte from the DiLaurentis family tree. Charlotte surmised years later that Kenneth sent her away because she wanted to be a girl instead of a boy.

Jessica visited Charlotte regularly and made her feel loved, even though Kenneth refused to visit. Jessica would sneak Charlotte out of Radley so she could play with her siblings, but these visits ended before either child could truly remember their eldest sibling. When Charlotte was twelve, Jessica bought a yellow dress for Christmas, which Alison discovered. The dress was meant for Charlotte, and after that, for every outfit she bought for Alison, she would buy the same one for Charlotte. One night, Charlotte was on the roof of Radley with her best friend Bethany Young. Charlotte wore the yellow dress and a scarf, dancing happily. She sat beside Bethany on the ledge of the roof, where Charlotte confessed her desire to escape Radley. Bethany admitted that getting out is easy, staying away is what's hard. Charlotte thought they should come up with a really great story that was both fabulous and devastating at the same time. Suddenly, Marion Cavanaugh came on the roof and Charlotte hid so Marion wouldn't discover her in a dress. Marion went to the ledge with Bethany and then, suddenly, Bethany shoved her off and then proceeded to blame Charlotte for the event. Everyone believed that Charlotte pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh because she was the boy in the dress with the most to lose. Jessica paid off Detective Darren Wilden to ensure Mrs. Cavanaugh's death was ruled a suicide.

Charlotte was misdiagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder (IED) after the death of Marion Cavanaugh. For the next several years, Charlotte was medicated with tranquilizers until one day, she described that she almost "drowned in her own drool". Charlotte attended a summer camp for troubled boys that was run by her biological father, Ted Wilson. Neither of them knew that they were father and child, but bonded anyway. It was also at this camp that Charlotte befriended Lucas Gottesman, a boy a few years younger than her.

She was let out of Radley for a funeral because the doctors felt bad for nearly killing her with the tranquilizers. The funeral was a ceremonious burial for "Charles", Charlotte's deadname. Jessica and Charlotte buried "Charles" in a grave at Aunt Carol's and Jessica finally accepted her daughter. They agreed to change her name to Charlotte. Charlotte then thought she would be able to go home to her family, but Jessica took her back to Radley and readmitted her under her real name, "Charlotte DiLaurentis". Unbeknownst to Charlotte, Jessica faked Charles's death by overmedication and used the burial as a way to say goodbye to her child. She told Kenneth she "handled it" while he was out of town.

After Bethany lied about Mrs. Cavanaugh, Charlotte couldn't trust anyone and needed to get out of Radley. She dedicated herself to math, which made her feel like she wasn't locked up. Jessica came to visit her and told her that the Board of Directors at Radley had given her permission to attend classes at the University of Pennsylvania. Charlotte thought going to school would be fun but it was easy for her as she already knew what was being taught. Out of boredom, she called in a bomb threat to cancel classes. She used the opportunity to go to Rosewood High School for yearbook picture day where she met Jason DiLaurentis. He didn't recognize her and thought she was beautiful. She didn't go to school there but wanted to get her picture taken as she would be the hottest girl in the yearbook. She introduced herself as CeCe Drake.

In her confessional to Alison, Charlotte admitted that she did date Jason, but that she didn't have sex with him because he was her adoptive brother. She said Jason was mad all the time because CeCe wouldn't have sex with him. She said, "who could blame him because I'm gorgeous". Through Jason, Charlotte befriended Alison and they became inseparable. Jessica didn't know that CeCe Drake and Charlotte were the same people until Alison and her family left for Cape May. Before Alison arrived, Charlotte admitted to Jessica that she wasn't attending classes and instead, was running around Rosewood with Alison and Jason. Jessica told Charlotte that Kenneth believed 'Charles' had died all those years ago. Charlotte, feeling betrayed, thought the grave was for her and her new beginning when, in actuality, Jessica used it to cover up her dirty secret. Jessica swore she did it so Charlotte could finally be herself as Kenneth would have never allowed the transition. After being convinced by Kenneth, Alison, and Jason, "CeCe Drake" went to Cape May.

That summer in Cape May, Charlotte planned on telling Alison that she was really her sibling, but the Summer turned out to be eventful for Alison without the reveal. Her pregnancy scare at fourteen with Beach Hottie rattled both of them. After they returned, Charlotte planned to tell the truth. However, Bethany Young ruined everything when she found out Jessica was having an affair with Mr. Young. On September 1st, Bethany stole Charlotte's clothes and pretended to be her to leave Radley, as Charlotte still had out privileges. Charlotte went to the DiLaurentis house to stop Bethany from hurting her mom. She saw a blonde girl dressed in her clothes - a yellow top and jeans. Charlotte hit her on the head from behind with a rock while Jessica screamed from the window. Charlotte had hit Alison by mistake. Jessica then proceeded to bury Alison thinking she was dead, while Charlotte sat against a tree crying, repeating that she thought it was Bethany.

Jessica paid off Detective Wilden again, but this time, to take Charlotte back to Radley. Their cover story was that she was found nowhere near Rosewood, just on the side of the road out of town. Charlotte thought Jessica would forgive her eventually, but it never occurred to her that she never truly would. When Charlotte returned to Radley, her out privileges were revoked, and Charlotte was alone again. Then, a year later, she met Mona Vanderwaal - a psychiatric patient who had been committed for stalking four girls. Mona was heavily medicated and believed Charlotte was Alison. Charlotte told Mona that she would keep getting better if she kept taking her meds, but had Mona tell her everything about the Liars. Mona told her how much the Liars hated Alison and how happy they were that she was gone. This infuriated Charlotte who loved her sister.

The doctors weaned Mona off her medication and Charlotte stopped visiting her to retain her anonymity. She knew she could never trust Mona as Mona ran over her best friend, Hanna, with a car. Just before Charlotte stopped seeing Mona, she told her that if she helped her get out of Radley, she would play the 'A' game with her. When she escaped, she purposely met Aria, Spencer, and Emily at the Brew. She told them she was friends with Ali and her name was CeCe Drake.

Charlotte then started seeing a blonde girl in a redcoat following the Liars. She thought it couldn't have been Alison, as she saw her mom bury her. However, she knew that Ali would show up if the girls were in real trouble. The night of the plane crash, Charlotte sent a decoy to distract the Liars. The decoy was revealed to be Sara Harvey, in a red coat. Sara was supposed to keep Mona busy, while Charlotte trapped the Liars. However, Shana Fring arrived and set the lodge on fire and the plan went awry. Charlotte saw Mona talking to Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria and asking if they saw Ali. Mona said that Ali pulled them all out of the fire and Hanna said that she might be hallucinating. Charlotte then knew that Ali was alive. She killed Wilden because he learned Alison was alive; he would of never let Ali come back and tell her story. She sent Sara to the church during the funeral as The Black Widow to confirm Wilden was dead. Before Charlotte said goodbye to Alison in New York, she snuck home to say goodbye to their mom. When Charlotte arrived, she was dead. Charlotte believed her mom was the only person who truly loved her.

Charlotte went to France after the Liars thought they killed 'A', who was really Shana, in New York. Charlotte had also learned of her biological family and a long-lost half-sister, whom Wren Kingston helped Charlotte reconnect with. The girls were inseparable and went on double dates, grew close, and made plans together. Charlotte, however, was still obsessed with the A-Game and the drug-like effect it gave her. She was good at the game, too. It made her feel great to succeed at something. She returned to Rosewood at the same time that Alison returned; the latter believed 'A' was gone and she was safe. Charlotte attacked Alison to send a message that the 'A' game was back. Mona infiltrated the A-Team and agreed to fake her death in return for Alison being arrested for murder. She didn't know A's true identity and was ultimately betrayed by her and kidnapped for months. Charlotte than framed the Liars and Alison for Mona's murder. On the night of their group arrest, she kidnapped Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily and imprisoned them in her dollhouse. Charlotte never wanted to kill the Liars; they were her dolls and she loved them.

In "Game Over, Charles", Sara Harvey set a bomb to detonate inside of Radley as part of Charlotte's plan to kill herself and Ali. The Liars saw Sara set the bomb and she told them to flee. However, Spencer disabled the bomb, just as Charlotte pressed the detonation device while Alison begged her not to. Charlotte ran to the roof and got on the ledge, about to jump and commit suicide. The Liars ran to the roof and begged her not to, as Ali begged her to stop. Charlotte, realizing that someone other than Jessica did love her, jumped down from the ledge. She proclaimed "game over".

After surrendering herself, Charlotte was deemed mentally disturbed and admitted to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, under the care of her doctor, Elliot Rollins, whom she developed a relationship with. After five years, Charlotte was released from Welby, thanks to the Liars lying under to oath to get her free. However, Charlotte had secretly remained untreated and was intent on resuming the A-game, only far worse than last time. She was confronted by Mona the same night. Mona threatened to kill Charlotte, but backed down and was attacked by her. After a struggle, Mona had accidentally killed her in self-defense and made it look like a suicide. This led to the birth of Uber A, a heinous stalker who wanted to avenge Charlotte's death.


Charlotte struggled with her identity and emotions her entire life. She experienced neglect as a child and was sent away to Radley Sanitarium after her father mistook her attempt to sooth Alison as trying to drown her sister. The truth, however, was that Kenneth discovered that Charlotte wanted to be a woman and didn't identify with her assigned gender, male.

In Radley, Charlotte was exposed to negativity from a young age, which impacted her mental development in regards to normalcy. After the incident with Bethany, Charlotte was mistakenly diagnosed with IED (intermittent explosive disorder) and was drugged to the point where she almost drowned on her saliva. The trauma shaped her outlook on life, and she was consumed with rage toward Bethany. No one believed that Charlotte didn't kill Marion, including Jessica. Charlotte had abandonment issues from then on and was kept away from her family, which caused her to feel ashamed of herself and the life she wanted.

Charlotte is remarkably intelligent, and finished school faster than most people. She knew the only way out of Radley was through education, and utilized it to get what she wanted. She began to harbor resentment toward Jessica and the life she was being denied. She became cunning and manipulative and snuck out of Radley multiple times to hang out with her younger adoptive sister, Alison. She was protective of her sister and lied multiple times effortlessly to get close to her. She taught Alison how to be cruel and vindictive, and enjoyed watching the chaos that Alison inflicted. Her relationship with Alison was considered toxic by authority figures.

She discovered the A-game from Mona, and manipulated Mona into telling her everything about the Liars. When Charlotte thought the Liars were happy Alison was gone, she was enraged and tortured the girls with a slew of blackmail and physical threats. She didn't hesitate to murder or physically attack people. She even kidnapped the Liars and tortured them, as she saw them as her dolls and not real people. She was wicked and cruel to the liars. Charlotte was addicted to the A-game and despite her effort to stop, she couldn't and had to finish the game.

Charlotte's manipulation of those around her spread into Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, and she created a massive web of lies and secrets to fake getting better so she could be released and restart the game. The depth of her lies created issues for Alison ever after her death. Charlotte even kept the existence of her biological mother, half-sister, and boyfriend a secret, as she viewed them as real people and everyone else as her playthings. She feared that her new-found family would leave her.

Physical Appearance


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Charlotte was a very attractive young woman with golden blonde hair, light blue eyes, and an oval-shaped face. She was noted to look very similar to her cousin and adoptive sister, Alison DiLaurentis, and would often pretend to be her. Charlotte wore her hair in bounced curls or waves. She wore fashionable, feminine, attire with bright colors. She wore several accessories and was always seen with a designer handbag. Charlotte's bold personality is reflected in her confident stance and walk. She often wore ankle boots or heels. She wore heavy makeup until Season 5. When she was on the run, she wore neutral makeup and darker colored clothes. This remained her style until her death.

While disguised as Vivian Darkbloom, Charlotte wore a black curled wig, a large black hat, and a black coat. She wore oversized sunglasses and a bold red lip.

Pretty Dirty Secrets

A Reunion

CeCe and Jason talk. She says she was worried about him and she gets why he thought she had helped Alison run away, before they knew she was dead. CeCe also said she had her reasons for dumping him and that she'd rather not tell him why. Jason then blames her for Ali being the way she was, CeCe tells him he isn't innocent either because of his N.A.T. Club and that wasn't such a wonderful example for his sister. When Jason leaves she tells him there's a liquor store next door and that he should grab a drink. Once he leaves, she is clearly upset with him.

Pretty Little Liars

Season 3



Aria, Spencer, and Emily hear CeCe use a quote Alison would always say. CeCe overhears them and approaches them. She introduces herself as one of Alison's friends and said Alison told her about all of them. After leaving, the Liars note how alike Alison and CeCe are and debate whether it was CeCe that looks and acts like Alison or vice versa. When Emily and Nate were looking for something he wanted to get Jenna Marshall for her birthday, CeCe could tell Emily didn't like it and assumed she had feelings for Nate. Thus, she steals Jenna's number from Emily's cell phone, and calls Jenna saying she was Nate's girlfriend, and wanted Jenna to back off. Emily is surprised, but CeCe thinks she is grateful.

The Kahn Game


CeCe tells Spencer she knows a guy who can help her get into the college she wants because she is an alum of UPenn. After Aria and Spencer ride with CeCe to the party, CeCe plays a round of Truth with Eric Kahn, Noel's older brother. She promises Spencer that she will give her college application to the admissions counselor, but at first it is unclear what she did with it. Spencer suspects that CeCe in fact did not come to the party to give the application to "Steve", but in fact, made him up, so she could hook up with Eric. Later, Spencer receives an email from the college acknowledging receipt of her application, thus confirming that CeCe did, in fact, give it to the guy.

Single Fright Female


CeCe is seen posting something at the front of the school when Spencer asks her what she's doing. CeCe tells her she's trying to spread the word about a fashion show. In a flashback, CeCe and Alison talk in her car, and Alison tells her about how she'd set up Paige by writing her a love letter, pretending to be Emily. CeCe says she's proud of her. When Paige appears for the setup, Alison confronts her and threatens to tell her father, who is the deacon at the church. Paige screams at Alison to give her the note back, but Alison says that she owns her now. CeCe gleefully speeds away from the scene with Alison.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno

317 Cece3.jpg

When Emily finds Alison's old biology notebook, she discovers a photo of Alison and CeCe in Cape May. Emily later goes to CeCe and asks her who "Beach Hottie" is, but CeCe says she doesn't know. When Emily asks if Jason knew, she says if he did he would've done something to the guy for talking to Ali. When Emily ask why, we flashback to a night when CeCe was hanging out at a crab shack and spots Alison, she tells her that she is 2 weeks late and scared she is pregnant because she didn't use protection every time. When CeCe asks her if she told 'him,' Ali says she can't because he would kill her. CeCe then tells Emily that she isn't a doctor, but Ali thought she was pregnant.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted


CeCe is at the Brew when Emily spots her and starts asking questions about "Beach Hottie", She leaves, stating that she doesn't have time to answer questions since she has to get pictures for her store's website. She winds up calling Aria, to ask if she could help with the photos, since the first photographer she hired was unprofessional. CeCe later leaves Aria and Wesley alone to go get some dinner and never returns. She calls to tell them her car got towed, but she is lying because she is sitting in her car while making that phone call. Only minutes prior, Jason and Emily were involved in an elevator accident - an act of deliberate sabotage. In this same episode, Jason relays a flashback to Emily of the night Ali died. He recalled seeing 'Alison' arguing with Melissa near his house, but when he called her name, it was CeCe dressed as Alison.

Hot Water

『 3x20 』.jpg

Hanna sees Wilden put CeCe in his car. He is beyond perturbed that CeCe would go around telling anyone that he slept with an underage girl and got her pregnant. Later, Emily goes to visit CeCe at her apartment and realizes that she is packing. CeCe reveals that Melissa took the photos of Alison, herself, Wilden on that boat and that she is leaving Rosewood. Fueling the CeCe is Red Coat rumors, a red garment is visible in CeCe's suitcase while it lies open on the sofa.

I'm Your Puppet


Spencer finds out CeCe had a visitor pass to Radley signed by Wren, and she was visiting Mona while she was there. According to Wren, he got into a lot of trouble for allowing her a pass at a time when Mona wasn't supposed to have visitors. But he let CeCe see Mona because she was desperate to see her. CeCe also was traumatized by Alison. She apparently got CeCe thrown out of college. CeCe wanted to act as a mentor for Mona. Apparently, it was Melissa who called CeCe to tell her that Mona was in Radley.

A DAngerous GAme

『 3x24 』.jpg

She appears only in photo from when Hanna is showing Malcolm pictures of people who are suspects of taking him to the carnival but he says it wasn't her.

Season 4

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Mona admits to seeing CeCe while being locked up in Radley, but she doesn't remember what they talked about because it was before they changed her medication. At the time due to the medication, she believed she was talking to Alison, not CeCe,

Crash and Burn, Girl!

CeCe does not make an appearance, however when Toby Cavanaugh and Caleb Rivers go to investigate Red Coat's flight plan, they question Nigel Wright a second time, he reluctantly reveals that he was paid to set up an anonymous private flight for CeCe to Thornhill Lodge on the night of the fire.

Into the Deep

CeCe again doesn't make an appearance, however at the hospital, after someone attacks Jenna Marshall, Shana Fring tells Spencer that Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

After Caleb finds CeCe's address from an old cable bill, Aria goes there and talks to CeCe's old roommate. She reveals that Alison got CeCe kicked out of college after she pushed a girl down the steps at a frat party in "The Badass Seed". Jessica DiLaurentis has a flashback of a time when she received a phone call from Radley Sanitarium saying Alison had checked in. When she got there it was CeCe dressed as Alison. Jessica tells Spencer and Hanna that CeCe and Alison's friendship was obsessive, toxic, and that they 'wore' each other's personalities. They realize that the "Alison" Masks that Alison purchased weren't for them, she probably had them made for CeCe.

Bring Down the Hoe

Cece's red coat.jpg

CeCe Drake is seen in an apartment filled with pictures of Alison and the liars, dating all the way back from Halloween 2008. She is seen speaking to someone, saying that she needs them in an urgent tone. The Red Trench Coat is seen sitting on her chair. Red Coat is seen at the dance, and is in a pile of hay, but when Spencer and Emily dig through, all that's left is a red coat. Aria goes to Ezra's apartment, and a blonde in a black hoodie is shown spying on them through the door. This person is CeCe. While It's shown that CeCe has the red coat in her possession.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

CeCe Ali Mask Off.png

A sketch of a blonde woman resembling CeCe is shown and wanted for questioning in the murder of detective Wilden, which is later, reported on the news. At this point the Liars are convinced that CeCe did indeed murder him. As the girls realize that there are in fact two Red Coats while saving Emily in Ravenswood, Spencer chases after one while Aria chases after the other. During a brief struggle in which her Alison mask is kicked off by Aria, CeCe is revealed to be one of the Red Coats, and was at the time presumed to be the evil one that had been working against the Liars. CeCe attempts to escape by grabbing onto a rope, only for it to snap. Aria tries to pull CeCe up as she pleads for Aria to help her, however her sleeve rips and she falls to the ground. As the Liars gather together they are unsure if CeCe is dead or not. While the Liars are contemplating calling the police CeCe’s hand is seen twitching, and when the Liars turn around CeCe has seemingly disappeared.

Love ShAck, Baby

According to Travis, CeCe was lasted spotted in Maryland on the run from the authorities. It was revealed that she made huge money deposits before Wilden died.

She's Come Undone

It is revealed that CeCe witnessed a fight between Spencer Hastings and Alison DiLaurentis the night of Ali's disappearance. Also, Jessica DiLaurentis payed CeCe to be quiet about it.

A is for Answers

2014-03-19 09-31-03.jpg

CeCe is arrested by the Rosewood Police. She tells Gabriel Holbrook she knows who killed the girl who is in Alison's grave, and that person is after Alison. She also mentions she knows Alison DiLaurentis is alive, and that they've seen each other many times. She is later seen being taken away and exchanging looks with Jessica.

Season 5

EscApe From New York


CeCe manages to escape police custody and makes her way to New York to find Alison. Alison asks CeCe how she found her, and CeCe tells her "we don't just look alike, we think alike too". After helping Alison in Ravenswood, CeCe now needs Alison's help. At a diner with Noel Kahn, Alison gives CeCe her passport and plane ticket, and the close friends say goodbye. Having donned a wig and sunglasses, CeCe arrives at the airport with a one-way ticket to Paris, under the alias of Vivian Darkbloom.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Pretty Little Liars S05E13 Cece.jpg

In the Winter Wonderland Maze, the person dressed in the white coat meets up with Alison, and reveals herself to be CeCe Drake, “Merry Christmas, Ali”. CeCe hands Alison a present, and after Alison finds a perfume named ‘Alison’, Alison questions CeCe, and CeCe tells her that there’s a shop in Le Marais that helps you make your own fragrance. Alison thanks CeCe, and not just for the perfume, for coming to see her. CeCe tells her that when you lose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest. When Alison says she thinks her mom is still looking out for her, CeCe says that she’s sure Jessica is. Alison mentions that she had a dream about her mom the other night, she came to warn Alison about Mona, and CeCe assures Alison that Mona can’t hurt her anymore, “you know that”. Alison doesn’t look so assured, and CeCe tells her that she can’t let her guard down, “your ex-friends are here tonight, and I don’t think they came to say Merry Christmas”.

Season 6

Game Over, Charles


She is revealed to A and a transgendered Charles DiLaurentis. She kidnaps Alison and a drugged Jason and Kenneth and takes them to a shrine in one of Radley's rooms. She became "A" to punish the girls for being glad that Alison was gone. After telling her sister her story, she tried to blow up Radley with her family in. When it fails, she tried to kill herself until Alison and the Liars persuaded her not to. She lets herself be taken into custody.

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood


Charlotte is worried that after fives years of treatment, Alison's friends might still be mad at her. The testimonies at her release hearing convince the judge that she is allowed to live with her family. According to Alison, she was happy to be home before she disappeared in the middle of the night. Her body is found by a sextant at The Church where it appeared she committed suicide. Toby Cavanaugh and Lorenzo Calderon recover the body and a funeral is prepared. After the funeral, Lorenzo reveals to the Liars that Charlotte was dead before someone threw her of the bell tower. She was murdered.

Charlotte's Web


Lorenzo informs Alison on more details of her death. In a flashback, Aria remembers her and Ezra seeing who they believe to be Charlotte parking a car and walking into the church When it was really Alison.

Season 7

Hit and Run, Run, Run


It's revealed that Alison was the one Aria and Ezra saw going into the church. She chased Charlotte there. Charlotte found out that Elliot and Alison were seeing each other. Alison tries to explain but Charlotte, feeling betrayed, refuses to listen. Charlotte tells Alison to leave her leave her alone which she does. It is the last time Charlotte is seen alive.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E06.1080p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION 1274.jpg

Jenna reveals that she and Charlotte were friends. In a flashback, Charlotte knew that Archer was a fraud and help speed her release because Jenna hired him. It is revealed that Jenna was helping her find her birth mother, Mary Drake. This leads Alison to believe Charlotte never cared about her and was using her.

Farewell, My Lovely

Farewell, My Lovely (715).jpg

In a flashback, Mona reveals that she killed Charlotte. The meet at the church where Mona confronts Charlotte and knows about her fake recovery and plans to restart the game with plans to expand beyond the girls. After attempting to scare Charlotte by pretending to have her pushed off the belltower, Charlotte recovers and fights back. She cruelly tells Mona that The Liars will never love her, but Mona gets the upper hand and shoves against a wall. A metal rod impales and snaps her spine, killing her instantly.

'Til Death Do Us Part

『 7x20 』.jpg

In a flashback, it is revealed that after leaving New York disguised as Vivian Darkbloom, Charlotte did make it to Paris and it was on that flight she met her future lover, Archer Dunhill; who promised to call her the next day. After arriving, she gets a call from Wren Kingston who tells her her half-sister Alex Drake is waiting for her in the airport bar. Charlotte is wary as to whether this actually is her sister after having found multiple Alex Drake's and being related to none of them, however she is shocked to see that Alex looks exactly like Spencer Hastings and realises the two of them are identical twins.

『 7x20 』 2.jpg

Alex reveals that after meeting, she and Charlotte instantly had a bond and spent their first night in Paris together talking all night. She also reveals that she and Charlotte went on several double dates with Wren and Archer after they arrived in London. However Charlotte began to miss the "Game" of torturing the Liars and decided to return to Rosewood. Another Flashback shows Charlotte and Alex in a bar before Charlotte left London and shows how Alex wanted Charlotte to stay in London but Charlotte was too entrapped by the thrill of the Game to give it up. When Alex suggested going with Charlotte, Charlotte forbid Alex from coming to Rosewood and meeting the Hastings. Charlotte dismayed Alex's feelings of Jealousy towards Spencer by saying that she only saw her other sister as a "doll" to play with. After an emotional farewell, Charlotte gave Alex her favourite Patsy Cline Album as a goodbye gift before leaving for Rosewood. Alex revealed that this was the last time she saw Charlotte alive and the next she saw her she was visiting her grave.

Appearances (17/160)

Season 3 (6/24)

Season 4 (3/24)

Season 5 (2/25)

Season 6 (2/20)

Season 7 (4/20)

Romantic Relationships


Jason DiLaurentis: Broken Up.

  • Started: Before Pilot
  • Ended: Before Pilot
  • Reason: Charlotte lied and said that she couldn't be with Jason due to the fact that he had just lost his sister. However, she was really sent back to Radley.

Eric Kahn: Hook-up.

Archer Dunhill: Broken Up. (See "Charcher")

Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E06.1080p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION 1250.jpg


The Liars


Spencer Hastings (see: Sparlotte) - Spencer and Charlotte first met while Charlotte was under the alias of "CeCe Drake". Spencer was instantly both curious and suspicious of CeCe, as she believed that she was hiding something about Alison and knew more then she was letting on. Despite this, CeCe helped Spencer get into the college that she wanted, find answers, and Spencer helped CeCe with her fashion show. The two become small friends, but never trusted one another. Unbeknownst to Spencer, CeCe was really Charlotte DiLaurentis, and Uber A - the one who had tortured her, made her go crazy and jeopardized a number of her relationships (with friends, family, and romantically). Spencer would later be framed by A for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal, kidnapped by A and taken to the Dollhouse, where she was mentally tortured for weeks. Charlotte made her think that she had hurt someone by drugging her and covering her in blood, which made her believe she was hurting her friends, purposely deprived her of sleep, and much more. Spencer figured out that "Charles DiLaurentis" was A, and was later shocked when she learned that CeCe/Charlotte and Charlotte were the same person. Spencer would later testify to the fact that she wasn't afraid of Charlotte which helped her get out of Welby. Later, Spencer learned that Charlotte was adopted and the pair were biological half-sisters as they shared the same mother. Charlotte knew this but didn't care as she viewed Spencer as a doll and nothing more.

CeCe meeting Hanna

Hanna Marin - Hanna first met Charlotte while she was under the alias of "CeCe Drake", and believed her to be an old friend of Alison's. Hanna helped CeCe with her fashion show once, and considered her to friendly but never trusted her. Unbeknownst to Hanna, CeCe was A, the infamous stalker who had tortured her and put her life in danger several times. She also ruined several of Hanna's romances, friendships, and threatened her social life and her family's financial security. Charlotte once drugged Hanna and put a message between her teeth, forced her to mess with her friends, and much more. Charlotte later framed Hanna as an accomplice to Mona's murder and had her put in prison. During a transfer, she kidnapped Hanna and the other Liars and brought them to her Dollhouse, where she played with them. She put Hanna in a room resembling her own, and played vicious games with her (for example who got water that day), and tricked her into thinking that she was harming her other friends as well. After Hanna escaped her and the other Liars discovered that CeCe was Charlotte DiLaurentis, the eldest DiLaurentis child and Uber-A. Afterward, Hanna returned to Rosewood for Charlotte's hearing and stated that she wasn't afraid of her anymore, which helped Charlotte to be released. Hanna was later a suspect in Charlotte's murder, despite not having been involved in any way.

Emily Charlotte.jpg

Emily Fields - Emily first met Charlotte while she was under the alias of "CeCe Drake", the former best-friend of Alison. Emily found CeCe to be interesting as she reminded her of Alison and knew a different side of Ali then Emily did. CeCe helped her to get Jenna to stop dating Nate, Emily helped her with a fashion show and received information from CeCe about Cape May. Unbeknownst to her, CeCe was Uber-A, the infamous stalker who had been torturing her and placing her life, relationships, and family in jeopardy. Charlotte originally blackmailed Emily with the fact that the latter is gay and then outed her to her parents. Later, she framed the Liars for accomplices in Mona's murder, and then kidnapped them during the transfer and took them to a Dollhouse. At the Dollhouse, Charlotte tortured Emily with games, emotional abuse, and much more. After Emily and the other Liars escaped, she discovered CeCe's true identity of Charlotte DiLaurentis, formerly "Charles DiLaurentis", and Uber A. Years later, after winning the game, Emily returned to Rosewood for Charlotte's hearing and helped her be released. She was briefly a suspect in her murder despite not being involved.

Aria Montgomery - Charlotte and Aria first met when Charlotte was under the alias of "CeCe Drake", the former friend of Alison.


Mona Vanderwaal - The relationship between Mona and Charlotte started negatively, as Charlotte used Mona to get out of Radley. She stole the A-game from Mona and started torturing the Liars as A. Mona suspected that "CeCe Drake" was A, or at least was connected to A, but could never prove it. She was once used as a decoy by Charlotte without knowing it and was temporarily a part of the A-team. However, Charlotte could never trust Mona and therefore, left her in the dark. After Alison returned to Rosewood, Mona got in contact with A and started to plan her fake death. In exchange for her "disappearing" or "dying", Mona would get to meet A and become part of the team, while Alison would go to prison for Mona's "death". Mona planned to sabotage A by finding out their identity, returning, and becoming the hero of the story. However, Charlotte double-crossed her and kidnapped her and took her to her Dollhouse, where she forced Mona to dress, act, and sound like Alison. Charlotte also tortured Mona both mentally and possibly physically, making her afraid of being put in the hole. Mona and the other Liars eventually escaped Charlotte and returned to Rosewood, where Mona helped the girls to discover A's real identity. After the five-year-time-jump, Mona testified at Charlotte's hearing where she told the judge to let Charlotte out and let her come home. After Charlotte was released, Mona confronted her at the church, where she learned that Charlotte planned to start the game over again - this time a much more sinister and deadly game. To protect the city and her friends, Mona threatened to kill Charlotte by forcing her to jump out of the church window, framing her for suicide. Mona couldn't go through with it and instead tried to blackmail Charlotte, who didn't agree. The two started a physical and brutal fight, which resulted in Mona shoving her against the wall and accidentally killing her. Mona suffered a mental break soon after and went on to frame Charlotte for suicide and help the Liars solve her murder (by leading them to Alison). The truth eventually came out, and Mona was sent to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital for one year, where she was able to seek treatment.


Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 243.jpg

Jessica DiLaurentis - Jessica is Charlotte's adoptive mother and biological Aunt. Jessica adopted Charlotte shortly after her birth and raised her as her child. Jessica visited Charlotte as often as she could in Radley but wasn't able to come that often. She also supported Charlotte's transition from male-to-female and helped him do so without anyone's knowledge. She staged a funeral to help Charlotte truly accept her new self and then readmitted her to Radley. Jessica continued to help Charlotte get into college, get out privileges but was angry when she learned that Alison's best-friend and Jason's girlfriend was Charlotte. However, she was forced to support the relationship until it became toxic. Later, Jessica buried Ali and covered for Charlotte after the latter hit Alison over the head when she confused her for Bethany Young. She then sent her daughter back to Radley to continue getting help. Charlotte was planning to say goodbye to her mother when she was finished being A, but instead of saying goodbye she found her mother's body and buried her in the backyard.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 280.jpg

Kenneth DiLaurentis - Kenneth was Charlotte's adoptive father and biological Uncle, whom Charlotte despised as she believed that he hated her for being transgender. She also disliked that he placed her in Radley, as she believed he used her accidentally harming baby-Alison as a reason to get rid of her. Kenneth convinced Jessica to admit Charles to Radley, and never visited her again. He also refused to support her transition, something that Jessica later secretly help Charlotte do. He was then under the false knowledge that "Charles" was dead, having committed suicide and been buried in Carol's backyard. He was later very surprised when he learned the full truth, but never fully supported learning of his child being alive. The only time that Kenneth knew Charlotte was while she was under the alias of "CeCe Drake", the girlfriend of Jason and best-friend of Alison. Since learning of Charlotte's real identity, he has turned his back on her and anyone who supported her. He also did not attend her funeral or help in the investigation after her deal was ruled a murder.

5 Years Forward-207.jpg

Alison DiLaurentis (see Chalison) - Under the alias of CeCe Drake, Charlotte dated Alison's brother Jason, and the pair often hung out together, and later became very close friends. CeCe taught Alison how to be wicked, and Alison told CeCe secrets about the girls. CeCe and Alison had more of a big sister, little sister relationship, but the games they would play caused Jessica DiLaurentis to dislike CeCe's influence on Alison. Jessica said that CeCe would pose as Alison, and they would pretend to be one another. Despite this, CeCe had a distaste for Alison as she had gotten her kicked out of college. CeCe assumed the other girls were in on it to, so they believed she joined The "A" Team to torture them. However, it is revealed that she killed Darren Wilden to protect Alison and therefore was not on the A-Team. It was later revealed that CeCe is Charlotte DiLaurentis (formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis), the leader of the A-Team and the one who was after the Liars and Alison the whole time. Charlotte is Alison's adopted sister and biological cousin. Alison's relationship with her sister is one that takes time, as she finds out that her sister is transgender and has been the one torturing her friends in Game Over, Charles, the Season 6A Finale. Charlotte explains everything to Alison and The Liars. Charlotte is admitted to Welby after the Season 6A finale, with Alison and Jason staying behind to take care of her and to make sure she's okay. Alison later found out that Charlotte is her biological cousin and adopted sister, and that Charlotte lied to her the whole time. Charlotte only made herself known to The Liars as CeCe Drake so that she could watch over them and be 'A', and punish them for wanting her sister gone.

5 Years Forward-209.jpg

Jason DiLaurentis - Jason is Charlotte's adoptive brother and biological cousin, whom she briefly dated whilst under the alias of "CeCe Drake", as she wanted to get close to her family. Charlotte broke-up with Jason after Alison's disappearance and lied to him about the reasons why claiming he was too sad. However, in reality, she was sent back to Radley as she was the one who had hit Alison that night. She later kidnapped and drugged him when she revealed herself as A, using this as an opportunity to tell him her story. Jason was later supportive of his sister's care and helped Alison get Charlotte into Welby. He also took interest in her murder-case and tried to find Charlotte's sister and biological mother.


Alex Drake - Alex is Charlotte's biological sister whom she grew very close to in the years before her death. Charlotte learned of Alex's existence and searched to find her with the help of Wren Kingston. After meeting in London, Alex became Charlotte's best friend, and the two did everything together and hung out a lot during Charlotte's time in France. They talked for hours, shared secrets, and knew everything about each other. Both wanted to know more about their biological family, and this caused them to form a bond. After Charlotte's death, Alex came to Rosewood to seek revenge for her sister's death and became A.D. to accomplish that.

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Spencer Hastings - (see: Sparlotte) Spencer is Charlotte's biological sister, although Charlotte was unaware of this fact for a long time. Before her knowing this, she tortured her as A. When she did find out that Spencer was her sister, she still considered her a doll and had no familial or sisterly affection for Spencer at all.

Mary Drake - Mary is the biological mother of Charlotte. When Mary was pregnant she was admitted to Radley, and ruled unfit to be a mother due to her mental health. Because of this, Mary's twin-sister Jessica adopted the baby. Mary never got to hold her son, as he was taken away before she had the chance to. After being released from Radley, Jessica told her that "Charles" had died, forcing Mary to look for her other child. After learning that Charles was Charlotte, Mary returned only to find that her daughter had been murdered. She then seeks revenge for her daughter's death, although money was plenty of compensation for her. However, Charlotte knew of her existence and the truth about her biological family and had been looking for her birth-mother for some time. She honored her birth-mother by using her name in her alias, calling herself CeCe Drake after her biological mother.

Ted Wilson - Ted is Charlotte's biological father, who was unaware of Charlotte's existence until after her death. Ted knew Charlotte when she was still "Charlie DiLaurentis", the shy little boy that attended his summer camp. The two were friendly, although neither one knew of each other. Ted was informed of Charlotte's existence when Mary Drake came to him seeking refuge after her involvement in the incident at the blind school.

Other Friends

Charlotte, Noel, and Alison

Noel Kahn - Noel met "CeCe Drake" at UPenn, and the two became friends. She blackmailed him into helping her find out of Alison was alive, which she admitted to. While much about their relationship is unknown, he helped her get out of the country when she was on the run for the murder of Darren Wilden, and later was her partner in the Dollhouse. He assisted her with torturing the Liars in the Dollhouse and keeping things under control. He was also one of the few people who knew about Charlotte's real identity and keep it a secret.

Wren Kingston - Charlotte met Wren during an unknown time, and the two became allies and presumably friends, as he authorized visitor passes for her so she could visit Mona Vanderwaal at Radley Sanitarium under the alias of "CeCe Drake". He also knew of CeCe's true identity as Charlotte DiLaurentis and knew enough of her history to know that she was really Spencer Hastings' half-sister. After recognizing Charlotte's long-lost half-sister, Alex Drake, he helped the two meet. The two became close friends after that and went on double-dates frequently with their significant others. Wren also helped Alex become and operate as A.D. and avenge Charlotte's death.

Sara Charlotte.jpg

Sara Harvey - Charlotte first met Sara when she kidnapped her after the latter ran away from home. Charlotte forced Sara to act, dress, and for all intents and purposes, be Alison DiLaurentis. Charlotte kept Sara hostage in the Dollhouse for over two years, and forced her to be The Black Widow and Red Coat whenever the need arose. However, over time, Sara started to work for Charlotte as Red Coat and Black Widow willingly.

Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E06.1080p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION 1297.jpg

Jenna Marshall - Jenna and Charlotte met when Charlotte first arrived in Rosewood while working secretly for Mona as "CeCe Drake". Charlotte made a threatening phone call to Jenna warning her to back-off of her "boyfriend", Nate St. Germain. She was surprised to learn that Jenna had been blind before. Years later, Jenna visited Charlotte while she was in Welby, expecting to be a stranger to her. However, Charlotte knew everything about Jenna (due to her past as A), and considered Jenna to be a celebrity. She told Jenna that she had a sister but didn’t reveal that it was Alex Drake or that Spencer was also her half-sister. Charlotte also asked her to help find her biological mother, Mary Drake. Jenna was unable to find Mary but did help Charlotte's boyfriend, Archer Dunhill, assume the identity of Dr. Elliot Rollins so that he and Charlotte could be together and help get her released from Welby. After Charlotte was murdered, Jenna worked with Noel Kahn, Charlotte's Dollhouse accomplice and former fling, to find Charlotte’s sister believing she had all Charlotte’s money and wanted her to pay for more surgery, so she could see again. Seconds before Jenna could try and shoot Spencer, Jenna claimed that it was just as much for her as it was for Charlotte.


  • Charlotte is a transgender woman, and was born as Charles Drake.
  • After her transition, she went by the name CeCe Drake so that no one would know her true identity. "CeCe" is believed to come from "CC" as in "Charles - Charlotte", while "Drake" is her mother's maiden name.
  • Charlotte was admitted to Radley Sanitarium by her parents when she was Charles DiLaurentis at the age of seven. At sixteen, Jessica helped her to transition into a woman, and faked Charles's death.
    • While she was still Charles, she befriended Bethany Young. However, Bethany betrayed Charlotte and killed Marion and blamed Charlotte. She was then incorrectly diagnosed with IED (intermittent explosive disorder), but it was really Bethany that had IED.
    • However, she was re-admitted to Radley under the name Charlotte DiLaurentis.
  • She knew Mona during her time in Radley, and picked the game up from Mona during that time. Mona told her everything about the girls, but only because she thought she was talking to Alison due to the medication her doctors had prescribed her.
  • Here are some of the things she did as 'A'. (Source)
    • Put a snake in Spencer's dressing room in "Single Fright Female".
    • Drove a car in the Fields' House attempting to kill Emily's mother Pam.
    • Put Emily in a coffin and placed her in on sawmill conveyor belt.
    • Blew up Toby's house.
    • Left a message in Hanna's teeth
    • Put finger bones in Spencer's wedding dress for her mom's bridal show.
    • Kidnapped Mona and faked her death.
    • The body in the barrel was a cadaver she stole from a medical school.
  • Charlotte caused the elevator incident that nearly killed Jason in "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted". (Source)
  • Charlotte got kicked out of UPenn because of that stunt Alison pulled at the frat party in "The Badass Seed".
    • She may have been the reason why Spencer didn't get into UPenn as revenge for her expulsion.
  • She is seen eavesdropping on Ezra and Aria's conversation at the end of "Bring Down the Hoe".
  • In "Into the Deep", Shana reveals that Charlotte is the one Jenna fears. CeCe herself gave Jenna an intense look in "The Kahn Game". Jenna could fear CeCe Drake because of the phone call that CeCe made threatening to "rip her eyes out".
    • It's revealed that Charlotte was the one who hit Jenna on the head and left her in a lake. (Source)
  • Charlotte and Alison were very close friends, and bonded quickly. However, it was pointed out by multiple people that Charlotte was a bad influence on Alison. It was also pointed out how similar they were.
    • Jason didn't approve of their relationship, he thought that "CeCe" was a terrible influence on Alison.
    • In "The Mirror Has Three Faces", Jessica revealed that Charlotte and Alison 'wore' each other's personalities.
    • A doctor at Radley described their relationship as "toxic".
  • Alison and Charlotte were extremely close friends, and had a sister bond. Charlotte was a mentor figure for Alison and acted as an older sister.
    • While under the name of CeCe, the two went to Cape May together. During their time there, Alison had a pregnancy scare. She confided in CeCe, and told her about the beach hottie and board shorts. CeCe then helped her.
      • Charlotte also helped her bully/blackmail Paige.
      • When Charlotte was friends with Alison, she dressed up as her sister and admitted herself to Radley under the name Alison DiLaurentis. However, she was released when it was revealed to be a prank. This could have been one of Jessica's lie because of the information that was revealed in "Game Over, Charles".
  • She briefly dated Jason, her cousin, but only to get to close to and know her family. It was revealed that they were not in a sexual relationship.
  • An important clue that fans have pointed out was that CeCe told Aria in "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted" she owed her one and, later in the episode, "A" is spinning around a liquor bottle to see which liar it lands on. It lands on Aria, but the other "A" readjusts the bottle to land on Spencer.
  • She seemed to be wearing Ali's yellow top, on the night when Ali disappeared when talking to Melissa Hastings, but it was revealed that it was really Bethany that Jason saw, not CeCe.
    • Also during that night, Bethany stole Charlotte's clothes and dressed exactly like Alison did. CeCe was outraged, and snuck out with her, and when she reached the DiLaurentis' household she saw a blonde girl in a yellow top. Thinking it was Bethany, she hit Alison over the head. When she learned that is wasn't Bethany but Ali, she was crushed and thought that she had killed her.
  • When The Liars found Ezra's lair, they found that he had made a money transaction into CeCe's account.
  • In "Love ShAck, Baby", it is revealed that the police believe Charlotte was paid to kill Detective Wilden.
    • It is confirmed in Game Over, Charles that Charlotte did kill Wilden but it was to protect Ali, not for money.
  • In "EscApe From New York", CeCe clears the TSA checkpoint disguised as Vivian Darkbloom with a plane ticket to Paris, France.
    • However, it was revealed that she never really left as she was "addicted to the game", and loved being 'A', so she stayed behind.


Jason [about CeCe]: Everything with CeCe is intense.

CeCe [to Emily]: OMG, I was supposed to text you, wasn't I?

CeCe: Take it from me, you're always better off with a really good lie.

CeCe [to Spencer]: Oh, you're not gonna stop staring at me like a lost puppy until I say yes, are you?

CeCe [to Eric about Spencer and Aria]: These are my ducklings, so play nice.

CeCe: Can I make you guys a drink?
Spencer: Uh, no thanks.
CeCe: Relax, no one's gonna narc on you. I've seen cops do way worse in this room.

Jason [to CeCe]: You and Ali... always playing people. You really deserve each other you know that? You didn't care who you hurt, did you? The moment she met you, she took a step back from the rest of us.

CeCe [about the Kahn brothers]: Does douchebaggery run in the family?

CeCe [on a phone call]: Hi, is this Jenna? The better question is who the hell are you and why are you going out with my boyfriend?
Emily: Whoah!
CeCe: Oh, you didn't? Cause I think you did know, and just didn't care.
Emily: Stop!
CeCe: Here's what I know, if I ever see you near Nate, I will scratch your eyes out. [CeCe hangs up]
Emily: What are you doing? She used to be blind.
CeCe: Oh...well, it needed to be done. It's not like we shot a unicorn, we're helping your friend out.

CeCe [to Emily]: Americano, straight. Well, the coffee at least.

CeCe [to Emily]: See you around, Americano.

CeCe [on a phone call]: I am sure as hell not going back to Rosewood.

CeCe [to Dt. Holbrook]: I know who killed that girl. The one they thought was Alison DiLaurentis.

CeCe [to Dt. Holbrook]: Maybe nothing, maybe everything. You're the cop. That's for you to figure out.

CeCe [to Alison]: We don't just look alike. We think alike, too.

Charlotte: Don't be so dramatic, Ali. They're not dead...yet.

Charlotte: Lord help the mister that becomes between me and my sister.

Charlotte [to Alison]: You were like my own living doll. And when my dolly was sad, it made me sad too.

Charlotte [to Jessica]: I'm your child too.

Jason: Do you even go to school here?
Charlotte: No, but I bet I'll be the prettiest girl in the yearbook.

Charlotte: One day, the classes were cancelled. Okay, I called in a bomb threat.

Mona: I did everything you asked me to.
Charlotte: I'm proud of you.
Mona: You are?
Charlotte: You're getting better. Just keep taking your meds.
Mona: I will, Ali. I promise.
Charlotte: Now tell me more about the girls. I need to know everything.

Charlotte: Game over.

Charlotte: I just wanted to be with my family.

Charlotte: Oh sweet Mona! You don't have the guts!

Charlotte [to Mona]: None of you are sure when you look in the mirror. None of you are really certain who you are. I did that. I took that away from you. Just like everything was taken from me.

Charlotte: Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls.
Archer: No, I do not. Charlotte Drake, I will be calling you. I'm not going to wait three days, I'll ring you tomorrow. Enchante, Mademoiselle.
Charlotte: Au revoir.

Charlotte: Oh my God...
Wren: They're identical...
Charlotte: Twins.


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  1. After being formally adopted by the DiLaurentis Family, her surname is legally DiLaurentis, not Drake. She also legally changed her first name to Charlotte after transitioning.