Chloe Roland was Emily's new friend in Twisted. Chloe has moved from Charlotte, North Carolina with her family to Rosewood. She is currently living in the former Cavanaugh house, across from Spencer's. Emily meets Chloe when taking a break from coat check at Mrs. Hastings' party, which, incidentally is being thrown to welcome the Rolands to the neighborhood. Chloe has a baby sister, Grace, who she often helps take care of.


Chloe's father has connections at the University of North of Carolina (UNC), so at first, Mr. Roland seems a promising way for Emily to obtain a swimming scholarship to college after all. The Rolands also seem like a good opportunity for extra cash, as they invite Emily to babysit Grace. One night, Emily comes over to hang out with Chloe and help babysit Grace; Chloe gets drunk on champagne, which Emily first takes as a positive sign on a friendship ritual, for which she is a sucker. She is especially touched when Chloe hugs her. But, Chloe falls asleep drunk, and Emily falls asleep as well; Mr. Roland takes advantage of Emily's sleeping on the couch to kiss and fondle Emily, who leaves startled. Later Chloe apologizes to Emily for being drunk and confides in her about her drinking problem.

At Rosewood Day School, Emily shows Chloe the ropes. They lunch together in the school cafeteria, and there, obnoxious Ben brings up Emily's sexuality, leaving Emily to reveal more than she was ready to Chloe at that moment. They share more secrets with each other, such as Emily's delivering a daughter the past year and Chloe's parents recovering from a strained marriage, wherein her mother suspected her father of cheating. Emily is nervous to hear this.

Mr. Roland comes to Emily's swim meet with a UNC scout to see if Emily is right for a scholarship, which the scout agrees to. Chloe was supposed to come to the meet, but couldn't, as she had other plans. However, Mr. Roland corners and fondles Emily again, and, at that moment, Chloe enters the scene, feeling betrayed by Emily.Later, Emily's parents throw her a surprise party, celebrating her earned college scholarship. The Rolands have come to celebrate of course, being such pivotal characters in the process. Emily speaks privately to Chloe, who is cold towards Emily and no longer wants to be her friend. Emily convinces her not to reveal her secret about her past pregnancy, which she has confided in Chloe, and Chloe agrees on condition that Emily keeps her father's infidelity a secret. Emily thinks they have made up, but Chloe is contemptful, and does not want to be Emily's friend.

Physical Appearance

Chloe is described as having eyebrows in need of plucking, little makeup, and sporting a Gap dress. Emily likes the fact that she doesn't seem to be trying too hard.

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