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Mike: Connor? What are you doing here?
Aria: I'm helping him with his English paper. You going out?
Mike: Yeah... what does it look like?
Connor: Hey, have fun.
Their first on-screen dialogue in Under The Gun

Cike is the hate pairing of Mike Montgomery and Connor.


Connor was never was mentioned in the series before his appearance in Under The Gun. They are friends, and both are on the lacrosse team. However, it is unknown if they are still friends after Connor kissed Mike's sister, Aria and called her a slut.

Season 4

In "Under The Gun", Aria goes over to help Connor, a new worker at The Brew who is friends with Mike. Connor asks Aria to help him with his English paper, to which Aria hesitantly agrees. Aria helps Connor with his paper but is interrupted by Mike, who seems angered by his presence and leaves. Connor and Aria finish with the paper. As Connor leaves, he kisses Aria, who pushes him away and tells him she isn’t interested. The next day, Mike angrily tells Aria in the school that Connor is telling everyone that she and Connor hooked up and Mike believes him. Aria runs down into the boy’s locker room and confronts Connor in front of his friends who reveals that he knows about Aria's relationship with Mr. Fitz and calls her a "slut". Later that day Mike approaches her in her bedroom and says that he should have known that Connor was lying and apologizes. Later that evening someone in a Rosewood High jacket (possibly Mike) smashes Connor’s car, which is parked outside the Brew. When Connor sees him, the hooded figure runs away revealing "LIAR" spray-painted on the side of Connor's car. Mike admit to Aria that he was glad someone took a whack to the car like an pinta.