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I'm so tired of being Sara's friend. It just sucks the life out of you.

Claire is a character first introduced in "Who's In The Box?". She is a friend of Sara Harvey although she expresses that she hated Sara. She is portrayed by Skyler Day.


Claire is a friend of Sara Harvey, a young girl that went missing around the same time that Alison did. She had mixed feelings about Sara - she was her friend, but Sara also treated her unkindly, and she confesses to Emily that she wished that Sara was dead before she disappeared.


Who's In The Box?

Claire first appears with her friend, Tina, to discuss her missing friend Sara Harvey with Emily and Hanna. She later appears at The Brew, wanting to talk to Emily. She has mixed feelings about Sara, and she is envious of the "fact" that Alison is dead. She wishes that the whole Sara ordeal was over like Alison's is supposed to be. She confesses that she had wished that Sara was dead even before she had gone missing. She tells Emily that she thinks of herself as a terrible person and then leaves The Brew.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Claire comes back to Rosewood and meets Emily at the Brew. She tells her that she wants to see Sara because even though they had some hard times, she was still her friend. Although Emily doesn't seem happy about Claire's visit, she offers to tell Sara about it and let her decide whether she wants to meet her or not.

Later, Claire, Sara, and Emily meet. They have a talk about what was going on in Claire's life, while Sara was gone. Claire invites Sara for dinner and also offers her to stay at her house. Emily tries to convince Sara not to go, but she eventually decides to live with Claire.

Last Dance

She is briefly mentioned in this episode. Emily asks Sara to prom but Sara gently turns her down, explaining that she'd already agreed to go to her old school's prom with Claire and her other old friends.

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