Claudia Greco was Hanna's boss until she fired her in Do Not Disturb. She would make Hanna do ridiculous tasks as well as usual tasks relating in assistance, especially getting gum for her, something which she seems to be obsessed with.


Season 6

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Claudia is first mentioned by Hanna at the Brew. Spencer asked the girl about the Fall fashion collection and Hanna replies that her non-disclosure agreement is eight pages long and that Claudia would literally chase her if she let anything slip.

Do Not Disturb

She calls Hanna to have her return to New York and have her help with a new line she is getting ready for.

Hanna shows up at her job and offers to help Claudia find something that is plain red, but discovers that she hired a new assistant and put all of Hanna's things in a box. Hanna sees the way Claudia treats the new assistant and says that she can't talk to people that way. Claudia says that she's stressing her out, causing Hanna to say that she does everything and then some for her but all she does is get torn apart. Claudia says that she'll have to start over at the bottom and demands she apologizes; she might consider having her be a second assistant. Hanna challenges "Is that the best you've got?  If you're trying to scare me into staying, you're gonna have to do way better" and Claudia says that a bunch of girls are waiting to take her place and Hanna says "Great, let them. I've been pushed around by a lot worse than you" and walks out.


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