Hanna! We missed you in P.E. today!
Fulton to Hanna

Coach Fulton is the coach of Rosewood High School's varsity swim team coach and also a gym teacher there. She has a close relationship with Emily and admires her commitment. She finds Paige to be a nuisance.


If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

When Paige tries to win her teammates over by giving them beaded friendship bracelets, Coach Fulton cuts off her pep talk and encourages the girls herself, angering and embarrassing Paige.

When Emily is chosen to be anchor over Paige, Nick McCullers comes to school accusing Emily of being chosen because she's gay. Emily complains to Spencer about her troubles, who then lets Coach Fulton know that Paige is giving Emily a hard time.


The two are called into the girls locker room to discuss, but Emily denies that any wrong beyond a misunderstanding, and so, Coach Fulton lets them go, disappointed. Later, Emily is upset with her friend for bringing Coach Fulton into the equation, but Spencer is surprised at Emily's secrecy until Emily makes Spencer realize that she has let Coach Fulton in on her sexuality before Emily has confided in her coach about it herself.

As gym teacher, Coach Fulton later gives Hanna detention in for skipping out of gym, ignoring her made up excuse about being injured. Hanna says that she has to speak with Mrs. Montgomery but Coach Fulton tells her that it would have to be after detention.

Je Suis une Amie


Paige and Emily tie for best time during swim practice, so it is left undetermined who will serve as anchor the following day. So, Coach Fulton arranges for a swim-off the following morning to figure it out later. When Emily relates the plan to Spencer, she scoffs at Coach Fulton's tactics of pitting two teammates against each other right before a match. Coach Fulton is nonchalant when she informs the crew the next day that Paige had gotten into a bike accident and so Emily will be anchoring.

Swim team

Coach Fulton and the rest of the swim team cheer on Emily as she swims and wins the race for her team.

Inexplicably, the Sharks seems to have a new swim coach in "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares" when Emily is at first barred from rejoining the team.

She's Better Now She appears at the school's 10k.


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