Us band of ex-boyfriends have to stick together!
Toby about the three boys

Cobra is the relationship pairing between Caleb Rivers, Toby Cavanaugh, and Ezra Fitz. The guys often help The Liars to figure out who A is and stop him/her. The three are good friends who have formed an interesting and close dynamic over the years.

Crash and Burn, Girl!

Caleb Rivers and Toby Cavanaugh are first seen working together in "Crash and Burn, Girl!" to find out who Red Coat is, who burned down The Thornhill Lodge and where A is in all of this.

For more information about The Incident at Thornhill Lodge, click here.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Ezra joins the team in "Welcome to the Dollhouse" to find the missing van that A stole, with The Liars in, with no luck. After Caleb talks to Tanner at the police station, he gets access to a police computer where he later tracks the missing van. They find the van's location, and where 'A' is watching the girls, but have no luck in finding the girls.

Game On, Charles

In Game On, Charles the guys get together again to find the girls. This time, Alison helps them. While Alison is at her home with the police, Caleb and Ezra call Alison to make it look like it's A. While Alison is locked inside a room (so that she's safe), the police try to find 'A', who is revealed to be in the house. Even though it's all just a trap set by Ezra, Toby, Alison and Caleb, Alison manages to escape and gets into Caleb and Ezra's car. Alison then gets out and is lured, by A, to A's dollhouse, while Ezra and Caleb trail behind her. They end up finding the girls and they escape.

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