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How many points for the word "slut"?
Connor to Aria in "Under The Gun"

Connor is a Season 4 character who is a classmate of Mike and a new worker at The Brew.


Under The Gun

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Connor makes his first appearance as a new worker at The Brew who Emily is training. Connor drops some cups and plates and Aria comes over to help, recognizing him as one of Mike's friends. He asks Aria if she's Mike's sister, which she confirms. He asks Aria for help on his school assignment and, after some hesitation, she agrees.

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He later goes to her house, where they work on the assignment together. Mike comes across them when leaving the house and appears rather suspicious when seeing the two together despite Aria's explanation she was only helping him out with his work. When they are done, Connor tries asking her out although Aria kindly turns him down. Despite this, he kisses her. Aria pushes him off saying, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested like that." Connor is quietly upset and leaves.


Later at school, in the boys locker room, Connor tells the boys about his visit to Aria's house, but lies by claiming he hooked up with her. Mike is furious, believing the lie, and confronts Aria. She confronts Conner in the locker room, attempting to set the truth straight, insisting that he kissed her and she declined. But Connor remarks for her to quit the "innocent virgin act" by revealing that everyone knew about her affair and relationship with Ezra, and even calls her a slut. Ezra appears behind her, having seen her pass him, and simply tells Aria that she shouldn't be in there. As she leaves, Ezra stares at Conner, who is suddenly wordless and unable to look him in the eye. As a result of the rumor, Aria quickly becomes branded as the 'school slut' and receives dozens of messages from boys who expect sex from her, even asking if they're not "old enough" for her.


Later at the Brew, during the Open Mic Night, Connor passes by Aria carrying the garbage. Emily tells Aria she has put him on garbage duty, hoping it will make her feel slightly better. As Connor takes out the garbage, he finds his car being smashed with a baseball bat. Connor shouts out and the vandal (who is believed to be Mike) runs away revealing "LIAR" spray-painted on the side of Connor's car. 

Crash and Burn, Girl!

Although Connor is not present in this episode, it is mentioned that he accused Mike of smashing his car.


Aria Montgomery: Kissed. (See "Coria")

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  • Happened in: "Under The Gun"
  • Reason: Connor had a crush on Aria so he kissed her, but she pushed him away and told him she wasn’t interested.

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