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I know you dug her grave. Now I'm digging yours. Kisses,

Cover For Me
Season 4, Episode 22
Air Date March 4, 2014
Written by Bryan Holdman
Directed by Michael Grossman
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Cover For Me is the twenty-second episode of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on March 4, 2014.


Spencer is back from rehab and taking her clothes out. Veronica comes in and Spencer comments that she did not need so many sweaters. They talk about the days in rehab and Spencer kicking out her drug habit.  Suddenly Spencer gets distracted and drawn back into a flashback from ‘That Night.’ We see her taking a shovel and chasing Ali. We hear them argue. She is brought back to the reality by Veronica who asks her to sleep and they will discuss important things in the morning.


Aria is at a fraternity party making out with a guy.

Veronica tells Spencer she's not going back to school right away and won't have access to phone and internet. She's hired a drug and alcohol abuse counselor named Dean to live in the barn and watch over Spencer 24 hours a day. Spencer argues but she fails to make her mother change her decisions. Spencer wants to call Toby but Veronica said that she already talked with him and he understands that Spencer will be unavailable.

Aria calls Emily from Syracuse. She's there for a college visit and doesn't tell Emily about the new guy Riley. Aria and Riley blow off the campus tour and go to eat pancakes.

Hanna and Emily talk about Aria and how she is hurting.  Emily asks Hanna if they will go to Spencer’s house later and Hanna says that she called and Veronica told her that no visitors are allowed.  Emily says to Hanna


that she spotted Ezra’s car back in school parking lot. They see Mike and Mona arguing about their relationship. Ezra also sees this and after Mike leaves they exchange a glance.


Emily approaches Ezra in his classroom. She drops off her homework and leaves, telling him to make sure her assignment finds its way to a "real teacher."

Holbrook shows Hanna the anonymous letter he got about Alison being alive. She says it wasn't her and he says it's probably just some crackpot.


After a nap Aria and Riley, rehash their evening before heading back to bed.

Spencer wakes up with dirt in her bed. Inside the pile is


a letter from A saying "I know you dug her grave. Now I'm digging yours."

Hanna tells Emily about the meeting with Holbrook. She spots Travis and invites him and his family to dinner. He responds by asking her on a date.

Dean is working with Spencer on her diet and sleep habits. She tells him about what she thinks might be hallucinations. He thinks she could be repressing and suggests exercise. On her way to the shower Spencer steals the cordless phone and tries to call Toby. Dean catches her.

Holbrook and Tanner approach Hanna, clearly convinced she wrote the letter. Hanna walks and Tanner tells Holbrook she thinks she's lying.

Riley tells Aria his parents and siblings are all Syracuse alums. He'd rather go to music school in California but his parents aren't keen on the idea. She tells him about her recent breakup.


Jessica DiLaurentis drops by Spencer's place to ask Veronica about a fundraiser. When she leaves the room Spencer apologizes for her behavior.

Riley tells Aria he's leaving the weekend early to head home. He tells her good-bye and they kiss.
Mike is upset Aria isn't answering his calls or texts. He complains to Emily, telling her that Mona dumped him and saying he thinks Aria is behind it.

Spencer and Dean go for a jog. During the run she spots a shovel and starts flashing to chasing Alison. She brings the shovel down on Alison and blood hits her in the face. She tells


Dean "I think I know what I did." Inside she tells him she's using other people memories to fill her the blanks of her memory. She cries but stops short of telling him what she thinks she did. He gives her a letter from Toby and leaves the room.


Jessica runs into Hanna on her date with Travis. As she walks away Hanna spots her leave with Holbrook and Lt. Tanner.

Aria drops by Ezra's place. Aria tells Ezra he needs to leave town "for good." She doesn't want to ever see or hear from him again. Ezra asks Aria to read his manuscript. He says he thinks there are things that could help her. He tells her when he was in New York he returned the publisher's advance. But it's too little, too late for Aria to go back with him again.

Mona tells Emily she initially wanted to stop Ezra after Emily confronted her. The deal she mad


e was she'd help him if he edited out the part about her. Mona admits to dating Mike so she could get closer to Aria. Ezra wouldn't let her out, but she broke up with him to save him. She says Ezra thinks he knows who stole the game from her at Radley.

Aria reads the manuscript after reaching home.

Hanna cuts her date with Travis short after receiving texts and calls from her friends. He asks what is going on but she doesn't say much. She kisses him before leaving.

Emily tells Aria about Mona. Spencer says she's better. Aria tells them she's read the book and found something that he wanted them to know. He thinks A is Alison's mother. Hanna doesn't buy it. The girls don't think Spencer could have done anything to Alison. Hanna takes Emily aside and asks her if she told Paige that Alison is alive. Emily looks guilty.

Aria apologizes to Mike for what happened to him and assures him she had nothing to do with it.

Spencer comes home and Veronica yells at her for having her phone and being with her friends. She asks about her parents covering for her the summer she had drug issues. Veronica doesn't tell her anything.


Before going to bed Spencer looks out her window. Mary Drake appears behind her briefly but disappears when Veronica comes into the room.


  • Mrs. DiLaurentis is stopped by Holbrook and Tanner, and Hanna sees it.
  • Spencer wakes up in the middle of the night with dirt at the end of her bed and a note from A.
  • Hanna goes out with Travis.

Title and Background

  • The title refers to Spencer and a line she says in this episode: "You guys said you covered for me that summer". It means that Spencer's parents covered for her the summer Ali disappeared, what they covered is unknown.

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