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Cracked Up is a place in Rosewood where you can literally buy a pile of plates to throw towards the wall, smashing them to bits. It is meant to relieve frustration and stress.

Season 4

In "Close Encounters," after witnessing her daughters heartache over the break up of Caleb Rivers, Ashley takes Hanna here to throw and smash plates against a wall. She assures Hanna that it will make her feel a lot better since she herself went here to smash plates to get her frustration out after Tom left her for Isabel. Hanna doesn't seem to understand how this will help her and is reluctant at first but Ashley assures her that it really helped her get over Tom after a friend recommended this place to her. Hanna gives in and ends up enjoying herself and wanting to throw even more plates. It does help her feel better, as Ashley suggested.


  • Cracked Up appeared for the first time ever in the fourth season on episode "Close Encounters."
  • Ashley took Hanna here to get her frustration out over her and Caleb's break up.
  • Ashley first went here after a friend recommended it to her after she split with Tom.
  • The name “Cracked Up” might be a reference to “The Crack-Up,” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1936 Esquire series.
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