Damian Hayes is a reporter getting info on the election campaign of Veronica Hastings and is also investigating Charlotte DiLaurentis' murder.

Season 6

The Gloves Are On

He attempts to question Spencer about Charlotte's murder but is brushed off. Later, at his work station, Spencer sees a reminder to call Mona Vanderwaal. He informs Spencer that Mona tried to get a job working for Veronica's campaign; the same job Spencer has. He is perplexed by the notion of her own family keeping secrets from her.

We've All Got Baggage

He is at Hollis College as an undercover student where he meets Emily and he gets her to have coffee with so they can talk some more. Just as they meet, Emily is informed of his real position. He accepts Emily new proposal to go to dinner instead.

Appearances (2/140)

Season 6


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