Nothing stays secret forever.
Dana to Caitlin

Dana Booker[1] is a recurring character in the television series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. She is portrayed by Klea Scott.[2]

Dana is the new head of security at Beacon Heights University. She is determined and perceptive almost to the point of omniscience. After Nolan's murder, she keeps Alison, Mona, and the Perfectionists on their toes.


Dana Booker was an agent for the Federal Beauru of Investigation a year before "Pilot". She was tasked with investigating Michael Jalali, who committed embezzlement and numerous other crimes. The investigation led her to the only remaining member of the Jalali family, Ava, who was left behind by her parents. She interrogated the girl multiple times as she thought that Ava knew her fathers' location. Dana became obsessed with the Jalali case, which led her to break the rules. Consequently, Dana was fired by the F.B.I. She was soon hired by Claire Hotchkiss as BHU's newest head of security. Her first case was investigating the murder of Nolan Hotchkiss and bringing his killer to justice.


Strong-willed and a quick thinker, Dana is used to solving major crimes and dealing with criminals. She is coy, manipulative, and has a loose moral code with little-to-no regard for other people. She is obsessive, perceptive, and driven by her desire to catch the guilty. While Dana prides herself on being a member of the law and believes she is above those who break it. However, this belief is hypocritical, as she has broken countless laws in her pursuit of the Perfectionists.

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Sex, Lies and Alibis

Dana attends Nolan Hotchkiss' funeral when Ava Jalali recognizes her from across the aisle. She makes her way over to Dana, assuming she is there for her. Ava calls Dana a low life for using Nolan's funeral to question her about her fathers' case. Dana calmly states that she isn't an F.B.I. agent anymore and is BHU's new head of security and is investigating the mysterious murder of Nolan Hotchkiss. She then promises The Perfectionists that she is going to find Nolan's killer no matter what it takes.

...If One of Them is Dead

The Ghost Sonata

The Patchwork Girl

She interrogates Mona to get information on Alison by using her knowledge of what she did to Mary and Alex Drake until Mona turns the tables and reveals her knowledge of Booker's firing from the F.B.I.

Later, she emerged from the shadowed woods and revealed herself to Ava. Dana had pretended to be Michael to lure Ava and the embezzled money out of hiding. She planned to blackmail Ava into giving up which of her friends killed Nolan. When Ava refused and Booker doesn't see the money, she taunts Ava of possibly her killing Nolan because he found out about the money.

Lost and Found

Dead Week

Hook, Line and Booker

During a faculty meet and greet, Mona learns that Dana's sister killed herself after being bullied and became a cop so that something like that never happens again.

She later attempts to blackmail Dylan into helping her find out where they all were that night Nolan was murdered. She unknowing admits to fabricating evidence on a recording which the group is ready to get to Claire.

Lie Together, Die Together

After the plan to fire her backfires, Dana cracks down on the group. She manages Ava's stolen money and reveals Mona's affair with Mason which leads to the former's termination from BHU. While gloating to Dylan over her victory, Dylan startles her when he brings up what could happen to her if she's wrong about him and his friends.

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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Season 1 (9/10)


  • I. Marlene King asked fans to choose the name of a female nemesis character, in which one of the options was Dana.[3]
  • Klea Scott, the actress who portrays Dana, previously portrayed Jillian Howe in Pretty Little Liars.
  • Dana attempted to turn Ava into a mole by resorting to blackmail.
  • Dana is currently in possession of Mason's phone.
  • She was placed in on Caitlin's hit and run case by Claire Hotchkiss in "Lost and Found".
  • She was seen giving out business cards to people she met in "Lost and Found".
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • If she could bring back on deceased celebrity it would be Amelia Earhart after she went missing.
  • Dana became a police officer to get justice for the bullied. She went into law enforcement because her sister was bullied in high school and committed suicide and the bullies got away with it.


Dana: I will find out who killed Nolan Hotchkiss.

Dana (to Caitlin): Nothing stays secret forever.

Ava: She thought that she could break me. That I would turn on you and Ava - and Alison, too.
Dylan: It's like she' playing some sick, twisted game.
Ava: Well she might get off on playing us like it's a game, but she's dead serious about winning. Dana Booker does her homework. And she picks on you over and over again until you have no choice but to bleed.

Dana: A teenager out for a joy ride thought he hit a deer. He turned himself in when he heard you were in the hospital.

Dana: You all have secrets, that's clear. You need to ask yourself if your secret is safe with the others.



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