Danielle is Lucas' love interest in Season 2.

Season 2

My Name Is Trouble

She is working on the yearbook appendix, while Lucas works on the photographs. Hanna comes to find that Lucas has a crush on her. In response she convinces Danielle to go out on a date with Lucas by playing up his sex appeal, claiming that she is hardly over him, and couldn't handle the competition with the other Junior-Year girls. Unfortunately, that plan works too well when Danielle thinks that Hanna is all over him and that Lucas has feelings for her too.

In the end, with Caleb's help, Danielle comes to realize that Hanna isn't interested in Lucas in that way and feels less threatened. She tells Lucas that she likes him and reaches for his hand when she is no longer intimidated by Hanna.

It is unclear if Danielle and Lucas are still dating, as she was never mentioned after the episode. They broke up off-screen in a few seasons.


Hanna (about Danielle): Does the appendix have a name?

Hanna: Did you tell her you have a crush on her?
Lucas: We barely said two words to each other.
Hanna: Well, if those two words were "you're cute..."



  • Danielle is a very minor character. To date she has only appeared in two episodes in which did not dive into her personal life or past.

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