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"There is nothing on this earth more prized the true friendship." Shout-out to Sidney, Marjorie, Corey, and Elodie, my forever friends!
Davie's yearbook quote

Davie Leigh Adams[1] is a recurring character in the upcoming television series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max. She is portrayed by Carly Pope as an adult and Ava DeMary as a teen.

Davie was beautiful and imperious in her youth, the leader of her popular friend group. When a senseless tragedy upends all of her friends' lives, Davie was the tie that bound them all together. Grown twenty years later with a child of her own, Imogen and her were always just two against the world, but a chilling reminder from Davie's dark past upends both of their lives.


At the time in 1999, Davie was a beautiful 17-year-old senior who was the leader of the most popular girls at Millwood High School, which essentially made her the Queen Bee. Davie strived to live her life recklessly, to the fullest and without consequence. According to Sidney, it was Davie's idea to invite Angela Waters, a lonely girl at the bottom of the social caste, to hang with them. But she did not do it out of the kindest of her heart or from pity at the social pariah - Davie essentially found a new worker bee to do as she was told.


Back in 1999 as a high school senior with the future endless and the world at her hands, Davie refused to bow down to limitations and lived rashly and carelessly. Her status of the most popular girl with her own clique left no short of admiration and attention. She loved her friends dearly - but the moment one of them stepped out of line brought forth her hidden domineering and authoritative side, demanding they step back in sync with her.

Angela's death, though leaving her traumatized, did brought out genuine guilt in her but a bigger denial of culpability.

Twenty-two years, fifteen of those living as a single mother, heavily matured Davie though her sardonic sarcasm never went away. The focus of her life became Imogen, whom she did not judge harshly when she became pregnant and sought to support her and her unborn grandchild.

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On the night of August 28th, 2021, Davie is having dinner with her pregnant daughter, Imogen. She insists Imogen drink her milk to her protest, as she needs the calcium. Davie reaches out to her daughter’s hand, asking if she wants to burn ‘’her’’ things in revenge for being a fair-weather friend. “And a stark raving crazy bitch,” Davie finishes, to her daughter’s sarcastic objection. She shortly walks to the main foyer, where Imogen receives Karen Beasley into the house. The two exchange short greetings when Karen hands Davie a letter that was out front, with the “A” in her name red. Davie opens the letter to find a flyer for the rave that occurred 22 years prior, to her utter shock. Imogen notices her mother’s discomfort, but Davie brushes it off and tells the girls to head upstairs. As they leave, Davie flips the flyer and reads the message;


Davie flashes back to that night, staring at Angela's body.

In the short interval that Imogen is with Karen in her bedroom, Karen is about to exit the house furiously when she notices the hallway floor wet. The girls slowly walk to the source of the water; the bathroom. Imogen softly calls out to her mother. She pushes the door open, basking in what’s in front of her: Davie, dead in a tub overflowing with bloody water, the letter “A” drawn in red ichor on the wall. Karen screams in horror as Imogen gasps.


Season 1


  • Prior to filming officially commencing, Davie's surname as well as Imogen's was "Able" before being changed at some point to "Adams" for unknown reasons.



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