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The Demented Doll is the anonymous character being tracked down by "A" in Pretty Dirty Secrets. She tried on a Demented Doll costume (which got her the name). She first appears in the fourth webisode "I'm A Free MAn", where she walks out of the dressing room wearing her costume, eavesdropping on Noel and Garrett arguing about Jenna. In the seventh webisode "CAll Security", "A" is seen copying the Halloween store camera footage. They pause and zoom in on the woman wearing the demented doll costume, implying "A" might not even know who she is.

This character has not appeared on the actual show, so it is unknown if this character's identity will ever come to light, but it was confirmed by media she is Queen of Hearts's first costume which would make her Melissa Hastings.


Pretty Dirty Secrets (2/8)

Season 3


  • It is rumored that Demented Doll may be the Queen of Hearts, which would make her identity Melissa Hastings.
  • Since CeCe is revealed to be "A" and wasn't sure if Alison was alive. It can be assumed she thought it was Alison.