Detective Breyer is first seen in "The Badass Seed". He is another investigator assigned to the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. He first becomes involved in questioning the girls after they report what looks like Ian's blood-covered trophy to the police. After it becomes clear that the trophy is a hoax and the blood belongs to a rat, Detective Breyer goes to Rosewood High to break the news to the girls and to escort all four of them to the Rosewood Police Station for investigation.


A Person of Interest

He questions each of the girls individually. After they explain why they think Ian is guilty, Detective Breyer wants to know Officer Garrett's take on things. He assumes they are lying, but can't find a motive as to why. While questioning Spencer, he clearly shows his doubt about an accomplished jock risking his career for a 15-year-old. He is harsh and judgmental in his interrogating, much like Detective Wilden.

Appearances (2/160)

Season 1 (2/22)


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