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I just want to make sure I'm being clear. I may not agree with the way Ezra lives his life, but I'm not going to stand by and let you ruin him.
Dianne to Aria

Dianne Fitzgerald (née Springer) is the mother of Ezra and Wesley Fitzgerald. She is portrayed by Mary Page Keller.


Dianne Fitzgerald is a rich and ruthless woman. She is set on having her children lead a certain life, which she is willing to ensure through extreme means. She is estranged from her son Ezra, because of the cruel way she handled Maggie's situation, the girl he accidentally got pregnant the summer after they graduated from high school: using money, she bullied Maggie into disappearing and keeping the birth of their son quiet. As a result of this incident Ezra rejected both his family's money and name (although he was unaware of what Maggie eventually chose to do at the time). 

This does not seem to have humbled her, however, as she tries this again with Aria. Indeed she believes that Aria's relationship with Ezra is "ruining" him, so she offers to pay Aria to break up with him. Aria is infuriated with the offer but also deeply troubled at the prospect that what Dianne has said might be true. In a further attempt to break the couple up by putting stress on their relationship, Dianne claims that a car Ezra sold for money is a family heirloom, and forces him to buy it back. Because this is something that Ezra, being jobless, cannot afford, he is seemingly forced to borrow money from her.


Season 3

Stolen Kisses


Aria meets her when visiting Ezra in his apartment, and is seemingly kind to her. Ezra doesn't seem as happy with his mother's visit, though. Later at the art gallery, she shows her true colors. Dianne hits Aria's achilles heel and brings up the sore subjects of her parents' divorce and Mike's troubled past. How she knows about Mike's record is unclear. She then attempts to buy off Aria, saying their relationship is "ruining" Ezra. Aria dismisses this by claiming that she loves Ezra and no amount of money could buy her off. Despite this, she's worried that Dianne may have truth in that accusation.

The Kahn Game

Wesley hints to Aria what happened with Maggie. Ezra then later explains what his mother did to Maggie.

Dead to Me

Wesley mentions that he tries to get himself expelled from his school, but his mother uses money to make it go away.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Aria gets a call from Dianne questioning about Wesley's whereabouts. She says she doesn't know where he is and Dianne hangs up. Wes revealed that Dianne found him at Ezra's at 7am and she called Aria at 12 pm to test her.

Hot Water

Dianne 320.2.jpg

She meets up with at the coffee shop Aria to thank her, as she was the reason why Wesley went back home to her. She also tells Aria that her past actions against her have been in Ezra's best interest, but Aria says she thinks Ezra should have been involved in the decision.


That night, Dianne is arguing with Ezra when Aria walks in and sees a gift basket for Malcolm on the table. Ezra says he's not going to apologize for loving Aria and kicks Dianne out.

Season 5

EscApe From New York

While not making an appearance, Dianne is informed of Ezra's gunshot incident by a nurse in the hospital. She will fly from Sydney, Australia to be with him in New York.

Season 7

'Til Death Do Us Part

'Til Death Do Us Part (370).jpg

The night before Aria and Ezra's rehearsal dinner, Aria mentions that Dianne and Ella were in a tense situation when they were discussing the seating chart. The next day, Dianne calls Ezra and when he cuts the call jokes with Aria by saying that his mom was ready to kill the party planner. At the rehearsal dinner, Ella jokes with Dianne by suggesting that what she is giving to the guests are cocktail wieners, but she takes offense and says that she would never give that to the guests, and that they are foie gras nuggets. Ella tries to appease the discussion by saying that they are delicious and that it was just a joke, but Dianne says it wasn't funny and leaves. Some time later, Dianne attends Ezra and Aria's wedding.

Appearances (3/160)

Season 3 (2/24)

Season 7 (1/20)

Book Comparisons

  • Dianne Fitzgerald does not exist in the books. In the books, none of Ezra's family is introduced and we learn nothing about his background.


Dianne (to Aria): Well, you certainly know about the dedicated teacher, the struggling writer, you fit right into that world. You get to be the muse.

Dianne (to Aria): Don’t diminish yourself! You’ve a very important role in this!

Dianne (to Aria): Your parents are divorced, right? Recently?

Dianne (to Aria): As recently as when you are seeing Ezra? Seeing him romantically, I mean.

Dianne (to Aria): Oh, but it’s such an interesting family! Your brother’s arrest record, your romance with a former teacher, the way your mother moved out over your father’s infidelity… You can literally chart the cracks and strains!

Dianne (to Aria): Aria, you act as if I’ve hurt your feelings. It was unintentional.

Dianne (to Aria): I just want to make sure I’m being clear. I may not agree with the way Ezra lives his life, but I’m not going to stand by and let you ruin him.

Aria (to Dianne): I. Love. Him.

Dianne (to Aria): OH YES! It’s all romance and sacrifice in your little Paris garret. Except you determine what gets sacrificed, not him. You’re the only one that made it impossible for him to stay at your little high school. You’re the one who got him tossed out of Hollis. I want to make sure you understand your own motives.

Aria (to Dianne): I don’t have any motives!

Dianne (to Aria): Everyone has motives.

Aria (to Dianne): Maybe in your world.

Dianne (to Ezra): Oh, is she gone? Maybe it’s past her bedtime?