Dillon Sanders was a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood who made his debut in the Pilot episode and was portrayed by Luke Benward.


His ancestors were part of the Pact, however, he escaped the Pact by making a deal with the preacher. He sacrificed Olivia when Miranda died in the car accident.


In Scared to Death, we learned that Dillon is working with Max to get "The Five" killed.

In My Haunted Heart, it was revealed that he is the killer of Charles Matheson. In the end, he died after being hit by a train. He followed Max who told him she would help him get away, but instead, she took him to the train tracks.


Dillon is described as a good looking, loyal, and sweet small-town American teen, who will serve as a source of comfort and support for his struggling girlfriend. It is revealed his ancestors were also part of the pact, so he tried to stay alive by sacrificing the Five. 

Physical Appearance

He is tall (about six-feet), dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a round, boyish face.

Appearances (8/10)

Season 1 (8/10)



  • He killed Olivia and Luke's father.


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