Sometimes, patients get worse before they get better.
Dr. Freedman to Hanna, Emily and Aria

Dr. Freedman is a minor character on the Pretty Little Liars television series on Freeform. He is the owner of Welby State Psychiatric Hospital.

He is portrayed by Troy Vincent.

Season 7

The Talented Mr. Rollins

Since he's in charge of Welby, The Liars aproach him to announce their concers regarding Dr. Rollins's treatment on Alison DiLaurentis. Dr. Freedman admits he didn't know Elliott is treating her wife, but is sure everything is under control. Seeing he's not cooperating, the girls threaten Dr. Freedman, by telling him they'll file a complaint against him and Dr. Rollins for having knowledge about the situation and neglecting to do anything about it. The doctor sees the girls are serious, so he tells a nurse to announce Dr. Rollins that his assitance is needed on his wife's room.

While Alison is asleep, Elliott comes with her report that indicates Alison's state is getting better. Dr. Freedman is glad when he finds out she is treated with a low dose of clozapine and the vital signs are stable, not knowing Dr. Rollins faked the report.

Appearances (1/160)

Season 7 (1/20)



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